Generally favorable reviews - based on 45 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 41 out of 45
  2. Negative: 0 out of 45
  1. Packed with extras, World At War is a fast, frantic, exciting and emotionally draining shooter. This is how a war game should be. [Dec 2008, p.66]
  2. The white-knuckle thrill ride of the year. [Summer 2009, p.60]
  3. Treyarch has taken all their expertise with the COD engine and borrowed all of the fantastic multiplayer tech from Modern Warfare to create the ultimate military shooter, a shooter so satisfying and complete you won't care what war it is you're fighting.
  4. In all its blazing glory, Call of Duty: World at War powers up with the Call of Duty 4 engine to push the boundaries of the franchise.
  5. 93
    I cannot emphasize enough how great this game truly is and how much respect I have for the team to make a game that not only impresses on a technical level, but somehow manages to make playing in this overdone war fun again.
  6. 92
    This is a solid, confident shooter with plenty to offer the casual and hardcore alike.
  7. Treyarch did a remarkable job of breathing new life into the WWII shooter. They followed the conventions outlined by Infinity Ward to a tee and, as a result, created a shooter that is every bit as good as last year's entry. Of course, there isn't a whole lot of innovation this time around, but the increased Multiplayer options, new settings, and great enemy A.I. should more than satisfy all but the most jaded Infinity Ward fanboys.
  8. While Call of Duty: World at War definitely borrows heavily from it's predecessor, it still remains a damn good follow up to Modern Warfare, and well worth taking the time to check out.
  9. A stunning game that doesn't miss a beat from start to finish and includes one of the most feature packed multiplayer components of any game released this year.
  10. Perfectly staged WWII shooter with impressive audio-visual quality. Nevertheless, we want a new, refreshing scenario for the sequel!
  11. World at War also sees the implementation of four-player co-operative gameplay online, and two-player split-screen, with options for a meta-game or just regular co-op. Despite its smooth running, the co-op isn't the most effective we've seen - getting further in the game on co-op won't unlock those missions on Solo - which seems a bit backward compared to other titles.
  12. World at War is just as solid as Modern Warfare, with interesting missions, fabulous immersion and the competent (but mostly familiar) multiplayer options. And zombies are fun!
  13. The single-player campaign involves a riveting and emotional story, and the inclusion of co-op is fantastic. The game itself however is heavily weighted towards multiplayer, as was its predecessor.
  14. Perhaps the guys at Treyarch haven't surpassed its predecessor's bar, but it really was too high. Nevertheless, this does not mean Call of Duty: World at War is not a very good game, it is indeed one of the best of its genre, and no shooter fan should miss it.
  15. 90
    Strikingly similar to CoD4 in many ways, while offering enough variety to recommend it to anyone who might be growing tired of last year's game. Although the campaign storyline isn't nearly as engaging as the one seen in CoD4, there should be enough memorable set pieces and intense sequences to keep you riveted throughout.
  16. But still, even flawed, World at War is fun. [Jan 2009, p.70]
  17. 90
    Developer Treyarch did a fantastic job of not reinventing the wheel with World at War. Rather, they took the best elements of Modern Warfare and expanded upon them. The end product is a thrilling experience that injects some of the visceral punch back into World War II.
  18. Even though Call of Duty 4 took the series out of World War II, developer Infinity Ward raised the bar significantly, and that has left stand-in Treyarch with a lot of work to do. In the end World at War hasn’t topped that effort, but it has at least benefited from the attempt, with the result being another really good, very comprehensive WW2 shooter.
  19. World at War finally gives us a reason to visit the Pacific Theater with its fun cooperative and multiplayer modes. But the “been there, done that” single-player missions and overall derivative tone keep this very good game from achieving the greatness of its predecessor.
  20. World at War is a great new entry in the epic saga. The new Call of Duty just misses the inspiration that Infinity Ward brings to every project, and which Treyarch still aspires to. This new game offers everything we were waiting for, and has better value in its co-op campaign.
  21. World at War is actually Call of Duty 4 in disguise. Not every change is an improvement, but fans of Modern Warfare will probably enjoy its follow-up just as much, given that they aren’t tired of World War 2 by now. The multiplayer remains addictive, and the online co-op mode is an awesome addition, and together they make this one of the surprises of 2008.
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  2. Negative: 19 out of 81
  1. MysticStrummer
    Aug 2, 2009
    Wow... I wonder if the people who gave this game such low scores even played it. You guys must REALLY suck. This is a great game. I know WW2 games aren't for everyone but I enjoyed this more than CoD4. I played through solo and co-op on Hardened difficulty level and had a blast. Those that say this is CoD4 re-skinned are correct for the most part, including the crappy online connection problems. Host leaves, game over. Stupid. As for realism... since when has realism been a concern for CoD fans??? It's an arcade shooter just like all the CoDs, and a damn good one. I just bought this recently and wish I had bought it sooner. Shooting Nazis never gets old, and shooting Nazi zombies is even better. You low score people are sad. What happened to the real gamers of the world? They've been replaced by whiners. Full Review »
  2. KevinW.
    Nov 15, 2008
    If you enjoy the online part of call of duty, GET THIS GAME!!! Its similar to Call of Duty 4 but at the same time its different and its TIGHT!!! Trust me, this game is definitely going to keep me occupied until the next call of duty or hardcore shooter comes out. Full Review »
  3. Feb 7, 2012
    Thought the campaign was good, not great. The graphics were good. Yes it is the same copy and paste game but thats the same with all COD games. My only hate of this game is the multiplayer. The multiplayer was fun until the hackers infested it. Full Review »