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  • Summary: [Playstation Network] CellFactor: Psychokinetic Wars is a fast-paced first-person multiplayer shooter where you choose your side in the battle of technology vs. humanity. Manipulate your environment and kill your enemies with your choice of gunfire and/or telekinetic superpowers. Use your mind to rip objects from the environment and smash them in any direction or use your powers to create a bullet-proof energy shield. Flying, teleporting and accelerated speed give you countless ways to kill or be killed. Take on the three single-player challenge modes (one mode for each character) or battle live enemies throughout the world in one of four multiplayer modes. Countless ways to kill your enemies: Guns, telekinesis and superpowers combine to offer you unparalleled battle options. Use your environment as a weapon: All maps contain objects to hurl at your enemies, including pipes that can be ripped off of walls, rocks, concrete blocks and many more. Massive online battles in four multiplayer modes: Death Match, Capture the Flag, Team Death Match, and Assault. 30 single player challenges: 10 for each character. 7 unique environments: From lava pools to ice storms, the environments impact the gameplay and give the warrior exciting options. Weapons: Pistols, sniper rifles, shotguns, assault rifles, small bombs, and rocket launchers. Powers: Telekinesis (summoning objects from the environment and chucking them at enemies), shooting lightning rods and energy beams (can kill in one shot), ability to blind your enemy, bullet-proof shields, teleporting, super jumping, flying, and accelerated running speed. Unlock rewards as you progress: As your score increases you gain access to rewards such as faster stamina regeneration, increased fire power, invisible to radar, longer super run, enhanced teleporting and more. Customize your character: Choose your armor and customize your look with a range of color schemes. [Sony] Expand
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  1. 85
    CellFactor is an incredible game. With easy to learn (and use controls), cool psi powers and action that is faced-paced and addictive, it is an excellent addition to the PSN and XBLA.
  2. But for even the most reserved Unreal Tournament players, the PSN version of CellFactor: Psychokinetic Wars is well worth the price of admission. It’s a blast through-and-through, and one of the best multiplayer experiences on PSN.
  3. 80
    CellFactor is a surprisingly enjoyable shooter. It doesn't do anything new for a retail game, but there are few great online shooters on PSN. And for that reason alone, it may be worth $10.
  4. Cellfactor is a solid online game that ticks all the boxes. If you ignore the basic presentation and grab some mates for some old school FPS arena fighting you are in for a treat.
  5. The graphics are solid, the level design more than adequate and the game itself surprisingly fun. Plus it’s AU$15.95 – so unless you loathe tournament shooters you might want to grab this one. [Sept 2009, p.79]
  6. You get what you pay for with this budget first-person shooter.
  7. Cellfactor: Psychokinetic Wars is not a bad game, but we've seen it all before. I have a hard time imagining that anyone will still be playing this online in a few months. There are better online-FPS on PSN (Warhawk, for example) and even though Cellfactor is affordable, it is still nothing special for the hardcore FPS fan.
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  1. JakkR
    Dec 29, 2009
    I downloaded the demo and played one challenge and ended up buying the game because it's a good FPS for friends to battle on with multiple players. One thing I believe they should have added was Bot support for online matches. I really enjoy the game, great graphics (It uses the unreal engine needless to say) it also plays a lot like Unreal Tournament 3 which is also another great game. I recommend this to anyone whose looking for a good time passer, one downside to the PS3 version of this game ,XBox 360 has it also I believe, is that I've not seen one single player online at all, kinda dissapointing if you ask me, but the game is great. Expand
  2. randy
    Jun 13, 2009
    My review is on the demo, not the full version game , yet just from playing it I can tell this is a niche game with alot going for it. I will admit I was hesitant to even dowload this game, being another A) FPS and B) looking like an UT cookie cutter game, but I am glad I did. The game has 3 unique characters with well balanced game mechanics for each. The aspect that gives this game something different is the psi weapons. You can either choose a characters that just uses psi (using debre around you to get kills) or use someone that just relies on duel weilding. If that doesn't work for you there is a character that can use one weapon and has weaker psi powers. With little extras of single player goals to customize your player and gameplay that is smooth while fun to play, why would I not give this game a 10? The reason why is there are better choices for what I call "health/gun pick up FPS's"( in the vain of quake and UT series) with so many FPS's out and lots more to come this game will be left for the hardcore gamers that want a game to remind them of when FPS's had the cliches that we remember foundly. For $10 there is no reason for a fan of games like UT3 to at least try the demo and then putting down the money for an underground hit. Expand
  3. coreykeaton
    Jun 12, 2009
    Cellfactor: Psychokinetic Wars is a very straightforward fast paced FPS. The game is basic yet still very fun and offers classic CTF, one-way assault, deathmatch and team deathmatch modes. The game allows you to pick from a variety of unlockable upgrades to power up your character's skills and appearance to suit your playstyle. Expand