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Generally favorable reviews - based on 69 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 45 out of 69
  2. Negative: 0 out of 69
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  1. 58
    The game is filled with lots of good and well-executed ideas, but they all seem to exist independently of one another. It's a popcorn movie that clearly took a good deal of talent to pull together, but comes up short of creating the grand adventure that it seems to be trying for.
  2. Dante’s Inferno doesn’t play the same league as Visceral Games first gem, Dead Space, but it’s a nice old school Hack and Slash. The game works like an interactive compilation of God of War mechanics, but at the same time Hack and Slash action fans should ignore its references and enjoy it for what it is: A good action game.
  3. The fatal flaws of Dante’s Inferno are not even its dated graphics or depressing lack of originality. It’s monotony and endless repetition that will drive you nuts.
  4. There are a lot of interesting things about Dante's Inferno. Unfortunately, these positive elements are somewhat undermined by a sketchy camera, an unintuitive right thumbstick control, an excess of unnecessary falling deaths, a series of frustrating timed puzzles, and a default difficulty level that's higher than it probably should be.
  5. It fluctuates in both difficulty and quality, never quite realising the potential of such a ghastly setting.
  6. It's about eight to ten hours of pure, fast-paced action no one should look down on, unless you're just not a fan of the genre. With such an appealing story and addictive gameplay, Dante's Inferno's only sin seems to be its shameless similarity to Sony's celebrated franchise.
  7. A copycat, yes, but when it's this thrilling, brutal and frankly, awesome we don't care.
  8. If you can get this game on the cheap or rental you’d be damned not to check this game out - even if it is for stunning CGI sequences, epic bosses, the odd boob shot and the brainless bashing of the undead.
  9. Decent clone of God of War but barely any innovations.
  10. You can see glimpses of what could have been, but it is spoilt by some bad choices and a sloppy ending.
  11. You're not going to find a wholly original gameplay experience with Dante's Inferno, but that doesn't mean it's not a hell of an entertaining package -- it's one that fans of action shouldn't miss.
  12. Dante’s Inferno fails to rise above its peers, the punishment for which is not damnation, merely a place in limbo.
  13. Despite its visual aspect that was a bit below the standard ofn the genre, Dante's Inferno is able to provide fun and hold you until the end of the game. For some it can become repetitive and uninteresting, but it is a great choice for lovers of the genre.
  14. A nice action game with a great setting, but far too similar to what we've already seen in the God of War franchise.
  15. One of the most intriguing action games of the last years. The setting is great, and despite the similarity with God of War this product can entertain for many hours.
  16. In basics Dante's Inferno might only be a standard run, but it has its own unique challenges and dynamic atmosphere to keep you interested until the final confrontation at Lake Coeytus.
  17. If you are looking for a slightly darker and edgier version of God of War then look no further than Dante’s Inferno. What it lacks in gameplay originality it more than makes up for with style and substance, painting a dark and sinister portrait of a literary classic and creating a gameplay experience that you won’t soon forget.
  18. Dante’s Inferno features some interesting aspects (like its combat), but early innovation loses out to repetition. The game’s biggest strength – Visceral’s recreation of hell – wanes during the second half. Some entertaining unlockable content adds to the replayability, but for most gamers, Inferno doesn’t have enough new ideas to warrant a return trip through hell.
  19. Another major annoyance is the save system. You can only save at designated statues, and there are only two or three per level.
  20. For once gamers can honestly believe the hype. Dante's Inferno lives down to expectations in spectacular fashion
  21. Obviously, critics will obsessively compare Dante's Inferno to other games, or complain about the quick time events, but don't let those nitpicky issues prevent you from experiencing this imaginative and fun adventure. It's one Hell of a good time..
  22. 80
    Because most gamers aren't familiar with the Divine Comedy, the devs were free to safely take creative liberties but that doesn't absolve them of the burden of crafting a coherent narrative where your actions actually matter. Dante's doesn't do that particularly well and while the combat and level architecture is interesting enough that I stuck with it to the end, I was never fully invested in the story nor did I ever come to truly care about Dante's quest.
  23. While the level designs deserve plenty of praise for creatively exhibiting the Nine Circles of Hell, Dante’s Inferno really has nothing else to offer itself other than its obvious comparison to God of War.
  24. Dante’s Inferno copies God of War in every way possible, except the part that makes God of War really good: the epic scale, the fantastic build-up and original puzzles. These elements are simply lacking in Dante’s Inferno, and what remains is a brown version of the game that it was inspired by. EA could have done better with the source material.
  25. A brutally entertaining interpretation of the classic poem with some really inspired backdrops. We don't care who they stole the basic concept from.
  26. Fans of the genre should absolutely experience Dante's Inferno, at least through the first seven circles of Hell.
  27. If you can look past the fact that Dante’s Inferno is a very loose adaptation of the classic poem, the game offers eight to ten hours of fun occasionally interrupted by unnecessary annoyances. Though it’s an entertaining game, it doesn’t do anything original, and feels like it never quite reaches its full potential.
  28. Games Master UK
    One hell of a ride that loses impact because so many others beat Dante to the punch. [Mar 2010, p.82]
  29. It’s not the poem in game form by any stretch – but it is a gorgeous action game – one of the best looking games you are likely to play and if you’re a 360 gamer who has never experienced a God of War game then it’s actually a fairly easy sell. However, those who know Kratos will quickly realize this is mere imitation.
  30. Dante's epic quest loses momentum long before you reach the end.
  31. All in all, it was a fun trip though hell, even with one circle being lackluster and the game feeling rather short, I still have no issues or moral objections to recommending Dante's Inferno for fans of this genre.
  32. Dante’s Inferno is an incredibly fun game with exciting and fast-paced gameplay. However, with a dull storyline experience, Visceral gives me no choice but to call the overall experience of the game mediocre. Of course, if you’re looking strictly for the fun of the gameplay, you can be assured that they’ve delivered on that end.
  33. Dante’s Inferno has taken a bit of flak from the gaming community for borrowing a lot (and I do mean a lot) of gameplay elements from God of War. But when it’s all said and done, Dante’s Inferno is a fun experience.
  34. Dante’s Inferno would be a much better game if it had spent a bit more time in development. The last half of the game isn’t very imaginative, the final two levels are just terrible, enemies are reused far too often and it really feels like there should have been two endings (one for each alignment).
  35. Maybe some recently released games are quite the same (Bayonetta or Darksiders), but none of them entertained me that much. The creepy sound effects, the great graphics and the story make this game to one of my favorites. We will see if God of War III can handle this one.
  36. Much like how Saints Row is a damn good GTA clone, Dante’s Inferno is the best God of War clone yet that should be enjoyed be all.
  37. 75
    Dante’s Inferno takes a bold, visually impressive take on a literary classic and adds in an intriguing action focus to create a different kind of action title. Unfortunately, some derivative combat sequences and a shallow combo system prevent the title from becoming a truly great experience.
  38. 70
    Ultimately, our issue is simple - if you’re going to shamelessly riff on a formula popularised and pretty much perfected by another massive game title - yes, God of War in this instance - you better be damn sure you do it better. And, sadly, aside from its excellent combat system, Dante’s Inferno misses the mark in almost every way.
  39. Dante’s Inferno feels a lot like God of War, but in the end it is a great game to play!
  40. 70
    There’s nothing broken about Dante’s Inferno, and much that’s enjoyable, but it’s more an act of homage than a game in its own right. Like the shade of the Roman poet Virgil, the Ghost of Sparta keeps Visceral company throughout its underworld adventure, but unlike the former, Kratos casts a very long shadow.
  41. Kombo
    God of War fans will enjoy Dante's Inferno but will most likely pass it over right now given the timing between the adventures of Dante and Kratos.
  42. Yes, they took God of War and put it in the cauldron with Prince of Persia but they made it with their own hellish and dark style. Classic literature rocks! [Feb 2010]
  43. Beyond the similarities with Kratos saga, it's an intense and frantic hack'n slash with brilliantly artistic graphics. Too short and without innovation, Dante's Inferno has what's most important: fun.
  44. Dante's Inferno is a decent action game packed with 60 frames per second and a lot of fun. Some problems related to the gameplay, the story and balance of difficulty prevents it from being on par with the best action games around.
  45. 78
    On the whole, the game has enough extras to keep it from being too dull - puzzle levels for example - but apart from some of the boss battles the combat as a whole is a little underwhelming and a bit same-same, even on the higher (punishing) difficulty levels.
  46. 75
    Dante’s Inferno is an enjoyable and technically impressive action game which is otherwise blighted by its unappealing aesthetics and wholesale lack of originality.
  47. Play UK
    Falls just short of brilliance, and that's its greatest sin. [Issue#189, p.72]
  48. It sets itself apart with its story and environment.
  49. Playstation Official Magazine Australia
    Derivative and simple, but well-produced and very playable. Please, just go to Hell. [Mar 2010, p.68]
  50. Playstation Official Magazine UK
    Dante's set its own standard in levels of exploity, B-movie style unpleasantness. [Mar 2010, p.112]
  51. Dante's Inferno offers little new to a genre dominated by franchises like God of War, yet it's graphical depiction of Hell helps create an interesting, and entertaining experience. As a game that took an awful lot of liberties with the original story, more liberties should have been taken with the gameplay to set it apart from its competitors.
  52. Playstation: The Official Magazine (US)
    A hell of a good time. [Apr 2010, p.72]
  53. A Kratos in Crusaders clothing, Dante's Inferno isn't much more than a carbon copy of the God of War series, which is a pity since the setting is impressive and the series has a lot of potential. Dante said it best himself: "I cannot well repeat how there I entered, So full was I of slumber at the moment. In which I had abandoned the true way".
  54. 89
    With Dante you go in to the nine circles of the hell and you have to beat a lot of strange creatures and huge bosses. The game is a copy of God of War, but it is a very good one. Everything in this game is great, the only thing that’s a little bit poor are the graphics. Do you like hack and slash? Well, this game is a fantastic one.
  55. PSM3 Magazine UK
    Solid action that's let down by a weak story and lack of momentum. [Mar 2010, p.74]
  56. An enjoyable game. But a forgettable game.
  57. As it is, we have a solid and very playable game which will no doubt entertain genre fans, but never dares to do much more than parrot good ideas that came before in a slightly grosser way. It’s hard to dislike, but for the same reasons hard to love, too.
  58. Dante's Inferno is not an innovator of the action genre, but a game that can entertain until the end credits. The gameplay is solid and the great design is an added value, able alone to raise the level of the production. Ultimately a title not brilliant as Bayonetta, but perfect to be played waiting for the upcoming king Kratos.
  59. But these hopes were dashed in the final third where poor design, repetitive waves of enemies and button-bashing gameplay took all that my enjoyment and curdled into a numbing disappointment.
  60. Yes, purists might not appreciate the changes made to the source (and Dante will be turning in his grave) but as a gamer I had a blast.
  61. It’s a game that doesn’t commit any great—wait for it—sin, but it’s so dead-set on copying a superior game that it’s destined for mediocrity.
  62. Despite its refusal to innovate, its blatant copying from the God of War rulebook, and its missed opportunities, Dante's Inferno is nonetheless a solid title. At the very least, it's an engaging prospect for Xbox loyalists who've never played a God of War game. However, with the likes of Darksiders and Bayonetta on the market (as well as God of War III in our sights), Dante's Inferno is the weakest proposition of the bunch.
  63. 80
    If you like this type of games you won't be disappointed, but the genre is crowded enough and you should consider it depending on your budget.
  64. With some impressive combat mechanics, an excellent game world, some of the most disturbing enemies ever seen and tight production values, Dante's Inferno delivers the goods.
  65. 70
    A ballsy take on literature that worships at the altar of God of War.
  66. Playstation gamers will probably turn their noses up at this whilst Xbox followers finally get a chance to play a game like God of War.
  67. Overall, I see Dante's Inferno as a noble effort and interesting spin on a made-for-gaming body of work that falls short of the rarified air enjoyed by other legendary action titles.
  68. 82
    Dante's Inferno offers an unique experience with an excellent story. It's too bad the gameplay and graphics can't reach that level. But it remains a game you should definitely consider.
  69. 80
    There is no doubting that Dante's Inferno owes a lot of what it does right to a certain other franchise, but honestly who cares? The game is an action thrill-ride that will entertain anyone who enjoys action games at all.
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 281 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 31 out of 58
  2. Negative: 6 out of 58
  1. Apr 20, 2011
    yes it is similar to god of war, and yes it is using one of the greatest poems of all time as its story. THATS WHAT MAKES IT F-ING AWSOME. itsyes it is similar to god of war, and yes it is using one of the greatest poems of all time as its story. THATS WHAT MAKES IT F-ING AWSOME. its not like getting more god of war stlye games is bad, and this one stays close to the inferno's descriptions and story. that and how many people have READ THE POEM?
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  2. KostasI.
    Mar 23, 2010
    Ok i will say this first, the game is a complete copy, a clone if you like, of God of war albeit it unfolds into hell and the 7 circles of Ok i will say this first, the game is a complete copy, a clone if you like, of God of war albeit it unfolds into hell and the 7 circles of the 7 deadly sins. The game has some good moments going for it and you will most likely ador the setting especially if you are a little bit of a religious person but the game has 3 severe flaws. 1. The combat is shallow in the same manner (if not more) as God of War. Just millions upon millions of hellish demons to be slain. Cheap shots from them are common, there is no stagger system or a good counterattack system let alone some of the more subtle mechanics that games like Devil May Cry, Bayonetta and Ninja Gaiden are blessed with. Its just functional in a way for you to clear the path and thats about it. 2. Camera system is flawed. Its completely set and you can not move it in any way and it does not like to capture the action to help with the combat. Instead it makes it difficult and enemies will be stringing attacks on you just because the camera fails to show you what it should. Same with the jumping and QTE sections, you will die more than once because its not immediately apparent where you should be going next despite the linearity of the game and you will often plunge to your death. 3. Deceptive difficulty. No matter how much you pump up the difficulty curve the game never makes it fair for you. Its completely out of your hands and controll of how you will perform and yes the previous 2 flaws do account for many of the third flaw. All in all, Dantes Inferno is a good game but i would not recomend a buy for it. Rent it first, play it and then decide if you want it in your collection or not. Full Review »
  3. Jul 26, 2012
    Hey let's play some hack'n'slash!
    Like GoW? Yes,but i have and xbox so let's play Dante's Inferno!
    Cool! So any of copy-yelling user out
    Hey let's play some hack'n'slash!
    Like GoW? Yes,but i have and xbox so let's play Dante's Inferno!

    So any of copy-yelling user out there,not everybody can afford both xbox360 and ps3,so if you got and xbox then you don't deserve to play games like GoW?

    For the game it's really awesome nice graphics,epic bosses,sometimes hard as hell,but a decent game.And it even got into Portable version!(PSP with some drawbacks of couse)
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