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  1. Feb 4, 2011
    Amazing game that is constantly being updated. Don't rely too heavily on the reviews you see from gaming sites since they review and then forget about it. Yes, the game had it's issues when it was released. Hell, World of Warcraft was unplayable when it came out, but the DCUO team has put out constant updates and it's really turning into an amazing online MMORPG.
  2. Nov 26, 2011
    This is a fantastic action/adventure MMOAG that should not be missed by anyone who's a fan of DC comics and open world game play, online or otherwise. Vibrant aesthetics, familiar charachter voices, authentic DC inspired stories/charachters and locales. Easy and fun gameplay. Tons of customization and rewards that continue to unlock the more you play. Distinct hero and villain campaigns that demand multiple playthroughs. Expand
  3. Jul 13, 2012
    Dc universe online is a great game...There are some problems though just like most mmo's there can be lag and glitches but the game is fantastic.dcu is a action game that also has rpg in it as can customize gear,go on quests and do pvp/raids and just have a great ol time with thousands of people online.the game is free to play now but if you want all the goodies become a Legendary member and the game gets even better. Expand
  4. Jan 16, 2011
    Ok, these guys aren't Blizzard who have been doing MMO's for a while they are new at it. Seriously what game out there can you be a super hero along with your childhood favorites. I am a child of Batman. What about you? The only thing holding this back from a ten is the server problems, and the download time spent when I got the game. Other than that this is the best game RPB MMO in a very long time. Let's just hope they take the advice from us the players and upgrade a few of the bugs. Expand
  5. Feb 23, 2011
    I'll start by saying this is the first MMO I've played, so I can't really compare this to other MMO's, but It definitely lives up to all of my expectations, I would say it even surpasses them. Two things I would say to take into consideration before buying this game: 1)Enjoying comics will improve your experience tenfold. 2) Playing with friends will do the same. If $15 a month isn't too much for you, go ahead and immerse yourself. You won't regret it. Expand
  6. Jan 14, 2011
    It's really annoying that when you first start the game, it takes over an hour to download about 13gb. What's the point of using a bluray disc if you're just going to have to download the entire game anyway(or at least a large part of it)?
  7. Feb 13, 2012
    This game is great, the controls for the PS3 were great, easy to play and do missions, very good for that is not ultra-fan of MMO, the criaçãode character is a bit limited, but no more worlds are great and the skills and powers as well .. Super recommended
  8. Jan 22, 2011
    LittleBigPlanet 2 summed up in one word is 'Amazing'. For some reason official sites didn't like the story mode too much, but personally, I have been playing with another person and it was extreamly fun. The community of people creating levels are brilliant. There are a few problems such as long load times, but they do little to nothing to hinder the experience. 10/10
  9. Jun 23, 2014
    Game was amazing until F2P hit then slowly went downhill still a great game wish i could another mmo that got me hooked liked dcuo did.Game goes down as my all time favorite mmorpg and i have pretty much played all the major mainstream ones.
  10. Jan 20, 2011
    I've played DC Universe Online for about 50 hours now and I really, really like the game. It handles great using the PS3 controller and the whole world immerses you into the DC Universe perfectly. The character customization allows you to create your own Identity while keeping the stat bonuses of a strong piece of armour which is very important. I have yet to meet anyone who looks like my character except for people using the same colors and I've meet thousands of people in my 50 hours of play. The DCUO community is very friendly and joining a group is very easy. The gameplay is very addictive and there is hundreds of quests to do along with PVP game modes and other multi group activities. The choice of which mentor changes each playthrough in such a way that starting a new character with a different mentor and power changes the story and gameplay so much that it feels like your playing a different game altogether. If your an MMO fan then you should at least try the game out and if your a comic fan then you should definitely get DCUO. It doesn't disappoint. The game has a few issues right now with some minor bugs but considering the scale of the game and the fact that its a new MMO I'd say in 3 months the game will be perfect from every point of few.â Expand
  11. Jan 18, 2011
    If you can overlook the technical issues, DCUO has the potential to overtake the WoW juggernaut. Playing a superhero (or villain) alongside the greatest heroes and villains is a comic book fan's dream come true. Any MMO is going to have trouble at launch, but with Sony and DC working together, there's a lot to look forward to. Fast-paced combat with great customization options. You could spend an hour just building your character. There's not as many custom options as City of Heroes, but it's definitely enough. A must-play for any DC comics fan. Expand
  12. Jan 21, 2011
    Fired up this MMO last night on the PS3, didn't really know what to expect as the only similar game I've played is City of Heroes on PC. Got to say that once you've done the downloading n stuff - this really is a superb gaming experience!
    DC Universe Online empowers you and delivers the feeling of 'being' a superhero better than any console game to date (I liked Crackdown, inFamous and
    Batman AA too but none can touch DCUO).
    After playing the first few missions I'm absolutely hooked, can't wait to see what happens next in the story - I'm working for Lex Luthor and having a blast taking down cops, minor superheroes and capturing innocent people on which to 'trial' a new drug...
    In fact I'm itching to get back on it already - don't think I'll be doing much else this weekend!
    The PS3 has become the new place for fantastic MMO experience - highly recommended!!
  13. Apr 14, 2013
    Great game i have been playing for two years just now gettin tired of it .but i always return back because it always have dlc world is huge also lots of pvp modes its just all around great game. missions do get reptitive sometimes its best to do legendary and pay monthly
  14. Jan 19, 2011
    The first MMO I've played and actually enjoyed playing. I played a bit of WoW, which was nothing more than a Chore. I played CoH/V which was pretty good and had great customization, but the gameplay and looting was lacking. I then played Champions online which was just OK. I swore off MMOs for good at that point since none of them satisfied me. Then I heard the praise it was getting from a video game site which usually hates every game so I decided to give it a try. After waiting 4 hours for it to install, I finally jumped in. To my dismay, I was unimpressed, but I kept going. After an hour the game's fun meter jumped. I suggest you play it if you are even somewhat interested. The customization isn't as deep and rich as Champions or the City of X games, but the way the powers combine is amazing. Also, you can walk on water if you have acrobatics. Expand
  15. Jan 22, 2011
    Fantastic game. Much better than I expected from a launch MMO. Chock full of content. Gameplay is refreshing and very easy to get into. Love the "No Grind" style. A Few bugs to be patched, but so is the life of an MMO. I will definitely be playing this for a while. I have found my WOW replacement.
  16. Jan 13, 2011
    First Review! (which is surprising)

    I have played many MMOs and not many have been able to hold my attention. The only 2 to hold it has been WoW and Final Fantasy 11, and now DC Universe Online has my attention. I think the combat is fun and actually makes you feel like your are controling a super hero with super powers. The amount of customization is great as well as the choices
    for classes (fire, ice, mental, etc).

    I was skeptical about the control scheme on a console but I believe they managed to pull it off. With a press of L2 or R2 your abilities or spells are right there at your disposal, also with a gadget and consumable at your fingertips. The only problem that I have with the game is that the menus IN game are a little clunky and slow, hopefully they will fix this problem. But I am looking foreword to the inevitable content patches and expansion packs. I look foreword to continuing this game and trying out the end level content. If you are a fan of MMOs I highly suggest this game, especially if you are a DC fan!

  17. Jan 17, 2011
    This game is AWESOME. The level of customization for your hero or villain is deep in fact I spent hours creating characters which is tons of fun. They absolutely nailed flight control for your hero. True it took 2 hours to download the game but so what. The graphics are amazing the voice talent is incredible. I have played WOW, Warhammer online and Everquest and this is by far the most entertaining MMO i have ever played. My only complaint is the in game menu is slow awkard. Expand
  18. Jan 21, 2011
    The four MMO I played and, I think, at this moment, the great (though I haven't played WoW).
    This game is perfect for me. I don't like medieval atmosphere much and the slow paced combats in others MMO tired me quickly. The game system combat is similar to Phantasy Star with more complexity and a wider range of combos and abilities, the atmosphere is better than City of Heroes or Champions
    Online and, finally, graphics are solid and even impressive in some circumstances or locations.
    SOE, still, has to do some working to fix the bugs and add more content, but this is an awesome beginning for a MMO.
  19. Jan 24, 2011
    This is a fantastic action/adventure MMOAG that should not be missed by anyone who's a fan of DC comics and open world game play, online or otherwise. Vibrant aesthetics, familiar charachter voices, authentic DC inspired stories/charachters and locales. Easy and fun gameplay. Tons of customization and rewards that continue to unlock the more you play. Distinct hero and villain campaigns that demand multiple playthroughs. An active community with someone always willing to help you beat a level in PVE or take you on in PVP. Lots of endgame content already with more to come. Nevermind the hater reviews that played it for 5 minutes and rated it down because they couldn't even get past the first mission LOL, or that complained the servers were down a couple hours because the game is so popular the developer needed to add additional servers. This has been a very smooth MMO launch which by nature are usually rough (ie Warcraft). Getting online on the console is easy and hassle free after the initial install, and once online the controls and combat are so easy, intuitive and effective that even kids could enjoy it. The first must-play of 2011. Expand
  20. Jan 25, 2011
    I've played about 10 mmorpgs. you'll love this one if you like action and twitch combat. You won't if you like wow. Loads of fun, bit of a gank fest but you get to kick some serious ass & the powers/travel system is very immersive
  21. Jan 28, 2011
    Wow! I love reading negative reviews, you can tell two things about these reviews! 1. They never played an MMO before or don't know how an MMO works! 2. They haven't really played the game. I read how people are complaining about the install, yes, it does take a while, welcome to the world of MMOs! If I were to install City of Heroes or World of Warcraft right now, I wouldn't be able to log until 4 hours later. MMOs are huge and for a console MMO this game is amazing. Now about the bugs and servers going down. Every MMO starts out rough, I bought City of Heroes at Launch and it was going through maintenance like crazy, people should be happy that this game is constantly being worked on 24/7! Besides, they shut down the servers at 4 am for like an hour, even the most successful MMO gets worked on and servers go down for maintenance. GET OVER IT!

    I'll give you two points of view for this game. Myself - I've played two of the top MMOs, I'm a console and PC gamer and I know the basic knowledge of DC characters and their background. My friend - hes never played an MMO, he's a hardcore console gamer and probably knows a little more about DC than myself. I bought the game at launch and convinced him to purchase it a week later, since then we've been hooked! The game is addicting and FUN! Some people say its repetitive, but what MMO isn't? IE. go collect 10 items, go kill 20 thugs, go kill 10 trolls, etc. Seriously, you don't even notice because every story behind each mission is different, plus, its bonus playing with the characters you've grown to love!

    The graphics are amazing, the control is great, they just fixed voice chat, teaming up with other heroes/villains and watching their powers collide is AWESOME! You will definitely love this game if you're a fan of DC! I'm a huge Batman fan and I get excited every time he contacts me for a new mission or when I get to fight along side him!

    Its upsetting to see people bad mouth this game when it IS a GREAT game! Is it a contender for WOW? I don't think any MMO can step in the ring next to WOW, but I do believe its a top 5 MMO and its only gonna get better!
  22. Feb 3, 2011
    This game is perfect for DC fans as well as casual and hardcore MMO players. Beautiful graphics, awesome soundtrack and a brand new batch of new content already set to come out this month. There are bugs just like any other new MMO but they will be worked out with time. Love it!

Mixed or average reviews - based on 46 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 15 out of 46
  2. Negative: 5 out of 46
  1. Apr 6, 2011
    DCUO, as first console-MMORPG, can be considered a good start; it's basically a Hack'n'slash, with an interesting history and RPG elements, but some missions are repetitive and there are a lot of graphic bugs. However, the monthly major updates promised by Sony On Line justify the subscription, especially for DC Fans.
  2. Mar 23, 2011
    Superb when everything comes together, hugely frustrating when it doesn't. [Issue#107, p.96]
  3. The fighting component, however, is where the game hits a stumbling block. More depth to the combat could have really made this a winner, as you really only have a dozen or so regular attacks and "specials" (and that's when you level cap out at 30) combined, so it can get old after a while. SOE may be hard pressed to sustain interest. [April 2011, p.76]