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  1. Sep 6, 2011
    + atmosphere
    + the way online Co-op works
    + great environments & graphic overall
    + almost unlimited exploration area
    - cutscenes & poor animation
    - bugs (textures, edges)

    But overall: I love it.
  2. Sep 6, 2011
    I was getting intrigued with this game as of the magnificent trailer that game out a few months ago and I have followed it ever since. Ijust couldn't figure out what to expect from it. Compare it to dead rising or left 4dead? Leave this train of thought behind you (as well as the horrible cutscenes) and you have a very descent single-player experience on the consoles (I heard something about the dev version circling around on steam for pc that had a lot of bugs..) slashing through hordes of zombies is hust a very satisfying way of spending time if you play the game in short bursts but if you cleared a weekend for this I think it will get you a "rinse and repeat feeling" after a few hours. online has a lot of bugs still but I think if they will fix this then the online coop will be a blast to play with friends. give it a rental before you buy it to see if this is you cup of tea. Expand
  3. Sep 6, 2011
    As close to a perfect idea as I've played in a while! Mixes aspects of Fallout and Dead Rising along with some unique new and different ideas! Pretty much a must buy for any fan of the shooter/rpg genre!
  4. Sep 6, 2011
    A fantastic game for zombie lovers, anyone who loves RPGS as well. The combination of RPG elements with the realistic combat is awesome with an arsenal of weapons from electric knifes to just a shotgun! I see the one drawback would be the aiming with guns is a little off, but I'm sure that's intentional as the characters in the game aren't exactly military special ops ha. But really I love the game and anyone who loves zombies have to own it! Expand
  5. Sep 7, 2011
    For the PS3 specifically, this game has delivered for me, and handedly so. It IS like Fallout 3/Dead Rising 1+2 and Borderlands and Left 4 Dead 1+2 (only from what I have read on the last 2) in the very best ways. It IS NOT like Black Ops zombie expansions, and that is again a VERY good thing.

    Even from a single player run through, you can tell this game was designed for at least 2 but
    preferably a full 4 players. Missions scream out that they need a point man, two flankers and an engineer (or as I described it here in the office "a killer of things, two watchers for things and a doer....of stuff). Fans of rpgs and even MMOs can appreciate this class/job structure for sure. On the topic of RPG and MMO elements, the item/crafting and weapons system is pretty slick for its straightforward approach. You have components for items scattered all over the land, from duct tape, nails, soap. All pretty innocuous and on their own useless, but take them to the work bench and you are met with the ability to craft --if not a totally realistic, at least moderately believable -- weapon. Have a wooden weapon? Add nails to it (bat, stick, etc, it doesnâ Expand
  6. Dec 17, 2011
    Excellent game. Better than Left 4 dead. Like borderlands and rage, but with zombies and less distance driving. Get given quests (and sidequests), go there, get this and that, fight zombies and find loot on the way, get rewards, increase skills ... then repeat. Took me about 35 hours to complete. A lot more addictive than most games i've played. Its the first game I've played through twice in a long while. More than that, those play throughs were consecutive - while MW3 sat on my shelf unplayed!

    I think the attraction is the sandbox nature of the island - you can just drive ignore all the quests and around exploring if you want. My only complaint is the amount of bullets it takes to kill a zombie! At level 30 you can be facing a level 40 zombie. The zombie can kill you in 2 to 3 punches, but it takes you 30 to 40 rounds to the head and chest to kill it. C'mon if its a 'zombie movie' then one or two to the head should do it.
  7. Sep 10, 2011
    Have been playing this game since it came out and can't get enough of it. Sure it has its issues as most games these days do, but for what it is it is awesome. The most annoying glitch reported is sometimes your save will kick you back in the game. However, I have yet to witness this myself. The physics are good and the weapon structure and balance is great as well. Wish there were more weapons, but the ones provided get any job done. Expand
  8. Sep 15, 2011
    Dead Island is a beyond solid game that should be in any FPS/RPG gamers collection. Sure there are technical flaws but they will be patched and im not making an excuse for yet another dev to release a glitch filled product. There are enough negative reviews on here with the main issues so im going to tell you about the postives instead. Dead Island really tries to avoid all of the mainstream gaming cloned ideas and creates a unique experience that you will want to participate in. From running over groups of zombies with an abandoned vehicle, hearing a distant scream then moments later having a hungry zombie pack charge you, having your weapons degrade and break in the middle of combat, scavaging the beatiful landscape for items to survive with and partcipating in the games numerous quests/side missions is just a very small list of things to do in this open world game. It plays like Fallout 3 and Dead Rising 2 had a baby but trust me this is a game you will want to play for hours on end until you turn into a zombie yourself. Expand
  9. Sep 11, 2011
    Dead island is a load of fun. I never though I would see an RPG style zombie game but it's here. This is not a true RPG but it does have some great elements of the genre. The skill tree is huge and varied and really allows you to decide how you wish to level up your character. I enjoyed figuring out how I would use my skill points each level I gained & combining your skills with your characters basic proficiencies can make for some great combat. The graphics have a few minor issue such as textures taking a moment to load but to me this is not even a real issue. The game does an amazing job of conveying the sense of being trapped on an island infested with the walking dead. These are not your average zombies either. Sure some of them shamble along and appear to be aped right out of a Romero flick. However there are a ton that upon seeing you come running at you top speed, arms flailing and even throwing hand weapons at you!! This immediately conjured up memories the movie 28 Days Later which is a great thing IMO when it comes to a zombie game. The one thing this game does best is force you to think and act like it's really you trapped on the island. In the later stages of the game I found myself honestly considering at times if I wanted to take on a group of the undead I spotted at the end of the street or try and avoid them to continue on towards my objective. This was the best thing about the game for me in that you feel like a zombie apocalypse survivor, not like your sitting in your living room playing a zombie game. I have spent limited time with the online which appears to be quite good and a lot of fun. However, this game is worth the purchase price just for the campaign alone. Expand
  10. Sep 11, 2011
    i dont know what these reviewers are saying. i have this game and was instantly addicted, i beat it in 2 days and am now half way through my second play through. i did not run into any glitches that make the game unplayable, in fact i haven't ran into any at all. the graphics might not be the best but buying a game for its graphics is like watching porn for its story... this is easily the most underrated game this year, if you are thinking about getting it, then don't listen to the bad reviews make your own opinion. this game is one of the only games i wont be trading in Expand
  11. Nov 2, 2012
    First Person action game, rol-playing kind, absolutely full zombie experience.

    Best zombie game I have ever played, bloody, survival horror.

    Very good atmosphere, great self made weapons, you can even drive cars,.... big number of things to do helping people against non-dead.

    Extensive map, sandbox stile

    Excellent lighting and graphics, involving sound
  12. Sep 19, 2011
    Okay...Time to go over Dead Island. I have a feeling that the low scores are from 360 trolls so here is an honest opinion and review of the game. All I have to say is that it is Borderlands meets Zombies. It isn't really survival horror by any means. There are energy drinks scattered all over the place, weapons and cash are abundant. So yeah. It is not survival horror. It will make you jump from time to time though. There were a couple of times where I was walking along and what I felt was a fully dead body sprung up and grabbed a hold of me. Story wise it is somewhat lacking. You have five characters you can choose between and there is a back story as to why you are there but for the most part you wake up and the zombie outbreak has already happened and of course you are immune to the virus so you have to do fetch quests and clear areas for the survivors. Graphics wise it does have a little bit of dating to it but for the most part it fit the game and I didn't notice anything that was overtly ugly. Now, the texture mapping does take a few seconds to fully come to life after you die. That's really my only complaint graphics wise. Over all, much like Borderlands, I had a blast playing this game and I will be doing multiple playthroughs.

    To address those that have complained about the game not saving or hanging up and what not. On my PS3 I have not had a single issue for this. It has always saved and started me exactly where I have left off. I took the game with me to show some buddies and what I thought was strange was that the game was unplayable on my friends slim ps3. I am still running the 1st gen 60gb model and have had no issues. On his there was serious issues with game freezes every minute or so. It didn't make sense to me as to why it would work on mine and not his. Then I tried it out on my other friends ps3 and it played fine. Maybe there is an issue with the ps3 slim and this game? I don't know and I personally don't care. I get to enjoy this game to the fullest because it doesn't have any of the bugs that other people have mentioned. I fully give this game a 10 out of 10 for pure enjoyment factor as I did with Borderlands as well.
  13. Oct 5, 2011
    I didnt know what to expect when I picked this up, once I began I couldnt stop, everything about the game was fun as hell. I thought the graphics were great as well as the frame rate. Controls were tight as well as the hit detection. I would without a doubt recommend this title.
  14. Sep 9, 2011
    what game are you guys playing? I rented this off redbox and i freaking love it i stop playing only because im getting it on pc and wanted to play all over from the start buying a game the day it comes out almost always comes with bugs unless your valve or blizz only two companys i know of that will hold off on a game till its almost flawless so no need getting all bent out of shape over bugs unless they do not fix them with in the first week or two..... then again maybe i want you to run down the score so i can get it cheep on a steam 50% deal or somthing Expand
  15. Sep 7, 2011
    Fallout 3 mechanics with Zombies. Most of the bad reviews are so nit picky I didn't even notice the issues until reading these reviews. My copy is PS3 and haven't seen any screen tearing. the odd visual bug maybe, but that is to be expected from a game of this size. It's rumored the campaign is 20-30 hours long, with drop in/out multiplayer to take on quests with people when you want and dominate zombies solo when you don't. I owned LFD 1 & 2 and this game blows it away. In Left For Dead you run along the same linear path over and over and over, while in Dead Island you're free to explore. this freedom makes the game much more intense and scary. The combat is mainly melee but you can throw any of your weapons, with guns being added later in the game. Also, VEHICLES! What's more fun than demolishing hordes of zombies in your truck with your 3 buds? Nothing. Expand
  16. Sep 23, 2011
    Ive got to say im surprised at how good this game was, I mean there are a few problems with the acting and the animations of the characters when they are speaking but that to me is only minor. The graphics are very decent for saying it is such a vast open world that you can explore. I love the first person melee style it uses for the combat, you can pull off some cool looking combos and i like how you can kick the zombies away. You can make your own weapons and pick up most things you find which is great. I found myself doing all the side quests just to gain extra weapons or money, whilst exploring the island. I like a game that is long and worth the money! So thats another tick because i spent many many hours playing this before i completed it. The co-op is interesting, it has like a Demons Souls style multiplayer where a player can randomly join your game and visa versa, in order to help each other through the campaign. Overall a very decent game and one i will keep! Expand
  17. Sep 11, 2011
    The best zombie game I've ever played and one of the best games I've played. Pros: graphics, gameplay, atmosphere, weapons editor, is different from other games, the island is really big (a lot to do), and of course the zombies senseless killing. Cons: I can think of other than minor bugs. I recommend purchase.
  18. Oct 13, 2011
    Great Game! Yes there are bugs, but in the end the ability to beat a zombie senseless with a boatoar makes you forget about those. Definitely an online game, though playing on single player gives you more of a challenge. This game has a ton of replay value, with four different characters to play with. Kinda wish that you could have made your own, but oh well. This game reminded me of a cross between Grand Theft Auto and Left 4 Dead, and in my opinion combined great aspects of both. Another way to think of this game is a BETTER version of Boarderlands, a game in my opinion was boring and unplayable. Worth every penny, and later patches should fix alot of problems, don't listen to the haters, go out and but this game you will not be left unhappy. Expand
  19. Nov 10, 2011
    I'm very upset with Gamestop & Techland for not getting me my preordered copy of Dead Island. But I loved the game. If you love zombies & games like Fallout 3, Oblivion, Skyrim or Borderlands or the movies like Mad Max or just a fun intense game. This is a must own. It's a shame to see the bad ratings & cheap price now. I probably put eighty hours into it to get the platinum. Not sure if I want buy the add on content because I was not given it with my preorder nor did Techland respond to me on their own facebook. Most companies do. What a shame. I have proof of purchase and I won't buying the next one without a limited edition free add on content version. Bring on Dead Island 2 & show more love to those who buy the damn game and put money in your pocket. Expand
  20. Nov 24, 2011
    If you give this game a chance its a really great game and you should definitely consider buying it, It has a creepy atmosphere and the zombies actually sometimes make you jump of course the further on in the game the harder it gets but its also more entertaining that's why you should give this game a chance, it by no means deserves the score its got, sure it had a few bugs but nothing that couldn't of been fixed by a small patch. The graphics are pretty average but there are some neat little effects like the realistic damage to the zombies, once hit they will reveal muscles and insides and when they are hit in the head there head will basically splat and blood will spray everywhere, its really satisfying killing a zombie with one or two hits. The missions are varied to avoid boredom and are sometimes challenging and after each mission you will receive a award which would most likely be a weapon or money to spend on upgrading your weapons which can be done by walking towards a work bench, its all very easy to pick up and you'll get the hang of this quickly, i recommend this game to everyone and especially rpg and fps fans. Expand
  21. May 23, 2012
    This game may be a little rough around the edges, and the characters are completely 2D, but it is an enormous amount of fun to play. The manual melee system is intriguing, and although it didn't work for me, swinging the analog sticks like weapons is a cool idea. I played this game post-patch, and really there hardly any bugs or glitches left. The plot is predictable and the voice-acting laughable, and yet I couldn't stop playing. The action is non-top and frenetic and the controls generally fair very well. The drop-in multiplayer coop is a blast and levelling up unlocks awesome abilities unique to each playable character. The weapon generation feels a lot like Borderlands, but that is no bad thing and it is a rush to find a high level chest with a chance of finding one of the rare weapons inside. Overall, ignore the haters and play away, this game has hours of zombie-mashing mayhem crammed into it. Expand
  22. May 29, 2012
    Dead Island is a game that many people were waiting. The game set on a dark island with a first-person perspective. What immediately strikes the eye is a pervasive atmosphere that was created with great consequence, because the danger lurks everywhere. While the graphic is average at best, a combat system with zombies is incredibly exciting, adrenaline and giving us an unforgettable experience. Dead Island is a solid action game with elements of horror, anyone who likes games with zombies, love her at first sight. A nice addition is the game in co-op for 4 players max Expand
  23. Jun 30, 2012
    I think after seeing that amazing trailer for this game a ways back peoples expectations were high, sadly that mood of the trailer doesnt really follow into the game but it isnt a bad thing. The game can be played co-op with 4 people and this is recommend for some serious fun. The game has maps that are pretty big in size and only load when going from one map to another, anywhere from the tropical shores to a ruined ghetto city to a thick jungle. The cut scenes are awkward and kinda find yourself holding your hand over mouth from laugh cause some scenes are just silly and glitchy looking. The graphics in game are pretty good the gore from punching zombies in the head with a metal pipe never gets old. The game starts off slow, but give it a chance and youll be having a ton of fun and not wanting to put down the controller Collapse
  24. Sep 9, 2012
    This game started great with awesome trailer, but the best waited for gamers after the release. It's a great adventure full of exploring, killing zombies and trying to survive. Solo or with friends you'll find hundreds of hours of fun and all of this for a great price. Now, after Techland announced that the chars from this game can get exported to the new one - Riptide, there is no excuse, but buy Dead Island and have fun. Expand
  25. Sep 20, 2012
    this is an awesome game if you like zombies. the only downside is that theres no BIG groups of zombies, the max ive seen together is about 6 zombies in a group but other than that it's a very well done game.
  26. Oct 3, 2012
    This game left me playing for hours; the game is so very funny and smart with the customizes your own weapon, and when the game is finished you just replay and get better!
    The multiplayer system is made so very good that you can play with anybody and still feel happy about it!
  27. Jan 21, 2013
    It's not meant to be serious, just fun and that's what it is, open world RPG zombie killing fun. Playing the game from the perspective of all characters is great, crafting is a treat and dispatching an angry zombie in any one of hundreds of different ways is awesome, or you can just drive around mowing them down in your truck. The graphics are well done and polished, kind of like far cry 3 with zombies, and don't tell me that the voice acting sucks, has anyone actually played far cry 3 and listened to the acting, "it's awful ay bro" but the game still rates very highly so don't take the bad acting seriously and you'll be fine because its meant to be that way to give you a laugh in between mashing zombie heads with a broken paddle. Expand
  28. Dec 5, 2013
    I have played the GOTY version 1.3.0 and experienced no major bugs. The map doesn't always show the best way but you can find our own way around anyway, yes there's respawn but it didnt bother me much and i never got any warnings that i'd leave the game area. I had a lot of fun smashing those zombies, graphics are good and there's lots of content, missions and weapons to keep you busy. Sure, it's not at the same level as Fallout 3 but still a nice game and definitely worth the 5 bucks i spent on it! Expand
  29. Aug 18, 2013
    Thrusts you into the game quickly, but executes it with in a clean and concise manner. The game nicely utilizes the setting nicely, and does not implement loud and gaudy music into its score. Very fast, very immersive, very cool.
    Well played....
  30. Aug 30, 2013
    I had hope for this game because we need a combination of RPG,Zombies,Open World, And Dead rising 1st person, and thats exactly what we got, well except for All the bugs and boring zombie- graphic related problems. I got this game on the X-mas of 2011.And today August 30th I have 108Hrs On this game. This game is something that you dont see to often these days with fun gameplay, spectcular co-op and 1 great DLC called Bloodbath Arena.(sorry ryder white). Most of the missions are fun except for the overwhelming amount of fetch quests and the forgetable story. you can use almost anything as a weapon from A pan to a cleaver and it goes really well with the RPG elements in the game. The blueprints are cool too like fire axes that are really on fire and poisin bombs, it makes you feel nice and warm and fuzzy inside slicing heads with a electric sword too. One thing about this game is that its reminds you of Dead rising 2 in peticular with open world and a leveling system and upgrades and weapon combos but thats not a bad thing. The upgrades in dead island is what ties the whole game together with some really cool upgrades. Overall this is dead rising 2 but 1st person and its bigger and more bugs.ect Expand
  31. Nov 24, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. --Read my review if you are undecided. i'l;l write it the way I'd want to read it..
    --1st off This game is a HOME-RUN.
    --THE GAMES GREATEST strength is LOOT! Farming for weapons in the chest is soooo addicting. And you will get sucked into this and hit up the deadIsland WIKI for tips and hints on where this & that is..
    --The game is like a giant treasure map and finding the UBER stuff is sooo rewarding..
    --This game goes into my ""SPECIAL" CATEGORY for large games I run around and sandbox/open world play in FOR MONTHS. that category is SKYRIM/Oblivion,Fallout,,Farcry and Batman,... the reason this game is/was soo awesome is they made killing zombies soo much fun..And the controls are soo perfect.. In deadRising 1 &2 those zombies were whipped out with less impact,,DeadIslands zombies are more like a 1 vs 1. Yeah you'll get good enough to 1 hit kill em, or decap their heads but its more FPS/3ps THEN hack n slash..
    --Theres also the addicting crafting bench. very simple and highly addictive. And the weapons all do something fun. Like homerun is a wooden baseball bat and it cracks the zombies and sends them flying 50 feet and even takes out another zombie if they are in the way. It feels good just like getting a perfect connection with a fastball..
    --I convinced my little brother to play this and 1 year later he was the websites moderator.. jUST A GREAT GAME..The sequel killed the fanbase because weapon farming was nerfed,86'd,killed,removed..grr! goes ta show you how much fun weapon chest farming is..Everytime you leave the huge map and go inside a door or area and theres a "load screen" the chest all reset and you can run around and open them again.. and you get good at this once you memorize where they are..

    --final words--For anyone who had a fun routine in any open world game where you went in youre giant path or circle,,snip this guy,,stealth that guy, get this,that, retuen home and sell it etc etc.,.Dead Island fits that mold..plaus theres something beautiful about the sound of seagulls and the surf and tropical birds and parrots. with a good 1080P and surround sound the ambiance does it for me...I bought this game LAST YEAR at Black Friday. I year ago this coming Friday., at wal mart for $7. and it sat on my PS3 shelf for 6 months unopened. Major replay value on this game too...So when it was $5 the PSN Store Halloween week, I got it cause its easier to play a installed game without the d@mn disk.. its under $10 and the psn store still...
  32. Jun 30, 2012
    I think after seeing that amazing trailer for this game a ways back peoples expectations were high, sadly that mood of the trailer doesnt really follow into the game but it isnt a bad thing. The game can be played co-op with 4 people and this is recommend for some serious fun. The game has maps that are pretty big in size and only load when going from one map to another, anywhere from the tropical shores to a ruined ghetto city to a thick jungle. The cut scenes are awkward and kinda find yourself holding your hand over mouth from laugh cause some scenes are just silly and glitchy looking. The graphics in game are pretty good the gore from punching zombies in the head with a metal pipe never gets old. The game starts off slow, but give it a chance and youll be having a ton of fun and not wanting to put down the controller Collapse

Mixed or average reviews - based on 41 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 19 out of 41
  2. Negative: 2 out of 41
  1. May 21, 2012
    Dead Island may lack that top level of polish, and even have its own awkward moments, but it's a game worth playing, and easily worth your money. The gameplay is deep, the visuals can be breathtaking (at times), and every bit of it is fun. This game earns itself a spot in the ranks of the best zombie games and RPGs around. There's still plenty of fun to be had with zombie games.
  2. Nov 27, 2011
    While the trailer might have been a case of style over substance, the final game is the polar opposite. [Issue#210, p.84]
  3. Nov 17, 2011
    Techland doesn't disappoint here by hitting most of the points necessary to make a good RPG and adding in some new ideas.