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Mixed or average reviews- based on 18 Ratings

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  1. James
    Apr 27, 2010
    A game that had massive potential and engrosing story lacks what would be called standard for games now a days. The single player is not enough to hide the lack of bonus extras (specifically costumes etc), and a lack of potential game modes for example: - a Challenge mode for the the dog Shadow (similar to Batman's AA except using Shadow to get the fastest time possible or no kills.) - A co-op where one controls Shadow and one controls Jack going through the story - A surival game where they have to survival round of enemies either PIt fighting style or with guns. As I said there is potential in this game but it was not captialised on its release. This game is by no means bad, the experience is good, unique and fun, but after you've completed the story and finished off the last trophies/achievements there is nothing left for you to do. DLC has been annouced for around June but is it too little too late? Full Review »
  2. Aug 26, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click full review link to view. Holy dog balls! this game!
    It is both awesome and admittedly kind of silly. The story is about a cop named Jack slate and his wolf monster (I mean dog) shadow trying to investigate the murder of Jacks dad and what connection it has to the rapid increase of crime in the city. The game play is Pretty good though it is kind of repetitive shadow can be unleashed onto attacking enemy's and has his own stealth sections. speaking of that the enemy's have some variety. There are heavy guys melee guys sniper rifle guys. Oh yeah and in the last level you commandeer a 10 foot tall war machine (Why are you not buying this game already!). Over all the game is okay if you need to vent some frustration then it is worth your money
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  3. Aug 8, 2014
    A feeble minded 3rd person shooter video game that lacks originality and motivation to repeat. The voices are solid and playing with the dog is sometimes fun, but the story falls in short of being good. Full Review »