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  • Summary: The game takes place on Sanctuary, a world of dark fantasy. Unbeknownst to most of its inhabitants, Sanctuary was saved some twenty years ago from the demonic forces of the underworld by a few brave and powerful heroes. Most of those warriors who directly faced the armies of the Burning Hells -- and were fortunate enough to survive -- went mad from their experiences. And most of the others have buried their haunted memories and pushed the horrors from their thoughts. In Diablo III, players will return to Sanctuary to confront evil in its many forms once again. Expand
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  1. Positive: 40 out of 43
  2. Negative: 0 out of 43
  1. Sep 3, 2013
    A beautifully designed game that packs intense action, memorable set pieces, and some of the best couch co-op play you'll find. Wickedly brilliant.
  2. Sep 16, 2013
    Blizzard has done an outstanding job in bringing Diablo III to consoles, so much so that I was still getting engulfed by its addictive nature even after putting in over 100+ hours on the PC.
  3. Sep 26, 2013
    Even if you already own its PC brother there is something incredibly refreshing and revitalising about playing the game offline with friends, each with a controller, together on the same screen.
  4. Aug 29, 2013
    Diablo III is a great game. This action-RPG game from Blizzard works perfectly on consoles thanks to a good control system, a redesigned interface, and a fun co-op local multiplayer. It's an amazing experience.
  5. Sep 3, 2013
    Diablo III is the best journey Blizzard has ever made in the world of console gaming. The control system is perfect and the flavour of slaying monsters on your sofa, with a joypad in your hands, is sometimes better than the one you feel with your PC. Graphics, though, remain better on a good computer.
  6. Sep 11, 2013
    Diablo III Is a solid sword and sorcery dungeon crawling adventure. Just push the direction you want to go and then hack 'n' slash... how simple and fun.
  7. Sep 2, 2013
    Diablo still contains enough impulsive monster-slaying to entertain, but the trek from its home on PC has left it diminished.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 77 out of 122
  2. Negative: 35 out of 122
  1. Sep 3, 2013
    If you're going to play Diablo 3, the console version is the way to go. Everything that's wrong with the PC version isn't present in the console version. No more Auction House & Real Money Auction House trolls who buy their way to good gear. It's just good old fashion grind-and-loot! That's how it should be! Collapse
  2. Sep 4, 2013
    Ok: the console version of D3 is probably the best ARPG ever that graced this platform. Couch play is incredible. A family that plays together stays together and Diablo3 makes for a MUCH needed change on console play: Grind and adventure into the darkness of Hell on the 4 player sofa Expand
  3. ERB
    Sep 3, 2013
    At least this game has improve much better than the PC version of this game.And what important about this game is that you no longer need to connect online.I mean that is awesome .Plus the game play mechanics is good and awesome!Well that is all I have to say but I recommend you guys to buy this game and try playing so that you can forget about the horrible things about the PC version of this game.And I know that after you have played the PC version you would be really disappointed and maybe you would come here again to try and put negative scores.But first,before scoring a game you should try playing the game first then you can score it.But I won't blame you guys if you still hate this game.Okay that is all. Expand
  4. Sep 9, 2013
    Never played a Diablo game before but when I saw gameplay of Diablo 3 on console it got me interested despite all the hate the game got from PC gamers around the world. I wasn't sure if I'd like it or not so I originally planned to wait for reviews to come in and a price drop before buying it. I ended up changing my mind, got it on release day and I don't regret it.

    The reason behind the 8/10 score I gave it is due to the story and gameplay. The story isn't the best ever told, it can be predictable at points but it definitely is worth paying attention to. As for gameplay, killing monsters is incredibly fun especially as you level up and equip better loot, unlock more powerful attacks and runes which increase your power and abilities. This seems to me what the game is all about: farming gold and finding powerful loot so you can become stronger and kill enemies faster. this is why I took away another point in the score. Maybe there is more to the game than this and I'm missing something but overall the game is really fun and addictive but it gets tiring after a while, at least for me, but the thing is after you take a rest from the game for awhile it's that thrill over taking on a hoard of monster, killing them within seconds and seeing all their corpses at your feet that makes you just want to load it back up and kill some more!
  5. Apr 5, 2014
    The game has it's ups and down but it is still fun and addictive. The co-op is great to play with friends, story is good, multiplayer is decent and there are not problems that have occurred to me as I played Diablo 3. It could be better but it is decent and if you are a person that don't have high expectation when it comes to having fun, Diablo 3 is one of those game just to enjoy, with friends or just by yourself. Expand
  6. Sep 5, 2013
    Raped and abused style and lore, more like a comic than a gothic and realistic theme.
    Terrible PC launch, unbalanced and not polished like
    they said.
    Totally untested high end difficulty, that showed even more the underneath unbalance.
    The story was a 6 score, but it's not the main feature of and action rpg. But the lack of hardcore (or at least not casual) content, long term engagement, poor designed loot in addition to a legalized way of cheating (aka real money action house) killed it on PC.
    It took old blizzard style defects (long release times, terribly long on fixing design issues that makes a game engaging and fun) and new Blizzard defects (money fun and masterpiece games).
    It's fun for a month, not for so long like diablo 2.
    Seriously a PvE environment with no additional content over time, focused on grinding gear from mobs i can already kill for no purpose, not even PvP, just to get a plain +1 main stat and near 100% trash loot? What's the meaning of white common items constantly dropping if even uniques are garbage and maybe you will get a decent drop in half a week of chinese farming?
  7. Jul 2, 2014
    Really disappointing game , after so much wait and hype even after BETA this is just a mere disappointment , Blizzard really messed this up . Yes I know that the game itself as the previous franchises is a grind but Diablo 3 currently is a **** . Story feels just sucked out of a finger . Except for the 1st Act it was great , what follows up is basically **** and grind . No end game content and if they added some its **** . Expand

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