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  • Summary: Dirt 3 takes Codemasters' off-road series back to its rallying roots.
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 50 out of 52
  2. Negative: 0 out of 52
  1. Jun 1, 2011
    Dirt 3 has modest game length; the concept over all does not grow tiresome which is great. It has solid fun gameplay from single player experience, to multiplayer online or even split screen multiplayer. Dirt 3 may not please everyone out there, what game does really? Dirt 3 is a solid addition to the series, which keeps rally car racing as the coolest thing out there.
  2. Aug 7, 2011
    Overall, Dirt 3 is nothing short of stellar. The sheer amount of variety – in race events, tracks, and vehicles – makes Dirt 3 a racer that you'll keep coming back to again and again, long after you've completed the Dirt Tour. Whether you're a fan of sim racers, arcade racers, or heck even Mario Kart, you should definitely check out Dirt 3.
  3. Helping you keep that momentum is a masterful handling model. [June 2011, p.96]
  4. 90
    DiRT 3 is one of the most pleasant surprises of this year. Enhances all that its predecessors had done well, but at the same time brings back the gameplay as a major success factor.
  5. May 24, 2011
    In the end, the slight step back brought the series a nice leap forward. The more realistic handling and greater variety of cars make DiRT3 a definite must-have for old-school rally fans, while the new Gymkhana-Races cater the X-Games-Lovers.
  6. May 31, 2011
    DiRT 3 has some rough edges but remains a worthwhile purchase for longtime fans who crave more of the racing action that has made the DiRT series the premiere rally series on the market, but newcomers should go with one of the prior games. Partly because rally racing isn't for everyone, so if you're new, go with a prior game, preferably DiRT 2 and see if the series is for you. Multi-platform owners should get the 360 version. Its controller feels better for racing games, and you can use your Avatar as a prop hanging off of your in-car mirror, which may not make for impressive ad copy, but sure is amusing to see and will get a few laughs out of you.
  7. Jun 14, 2011
    In the end, Dirt 3 is a game with slick presentation, beautiful cars, stunning environments, and solid racing, but no depth. It's a game that does nothing wrong, but never wants to achieve anything greater.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 16 out of 21
  2. Negative: 2 out of 21
  1. Jul 1, 2011
    wow..Im blown away with this game...Ive not played Dirt 1 or 2 so i cant compare it to those , and to be honest a game should stand on its own merit really, so Dirt of the best driving games I think Ive played, a great sense of speed with this game, the Internal views , and all the cars have them, just add an immense sense of realism to the game, Plenty of different types of races not just point to point rally's and in different types of weather, racing in an Internal view on a snow laden track / road with the snow hammering down really is impressive. The so called "twitchy" handling I think is just right, because cars are "twitchy" at high speeds, it gives you the feeling that you can make a mistake at any moment, and that's true to life. Codemasters have proved yet again what they are good at..Dirt 3 is masterpiece of adrenaline fueled racing, plenty here to keep you busy for ages. What a game. Expand
  2. Aug 18, 2011
    Top notch driving game here , presented well , looks stunning , drives like a dream , gymkhana is a great addition and wicked fun ,,

    and for
    all the "twitchy controls " and " bad handling" remarks , i say go get a new controller cause yours must be busted ............ Expand
  3. May 25, 2011
    The "Twitchy" that some people complain about are there to give the game it's edge. If you are a quitter and press "Restart" every time you crash your car then do not buy this game, you will not have a good time. If you do like to invest in a game and at the end be rewarded with ultimate car control then this for you. Master the controls and you can pinpoint your car trajectory and be amazed while watching the replay ... but beware ... you are always 1 second away from totaling your car.

    This game is so good, that I absolute hate my job right now. I want to go home and play DiRT3. I wished they had released it on Friday :-(

    Codemasters have done it again... they truly master the racing genre. Thank you for DiRT3 it is worth every penny.
  4. Oct 13, 2012
    Is there anyone who can beat Codemasters when it comes to make Racing/Car games? Seriously doubt it. Dirt 3 is all good from beggining to end. My only dislike (but it's a matter of what i like and don't) is the Gymkhana series. I can see it´s good for those who like it, only not for me. The tracks are awesome although i preferred the ones in Dirt 2. Expand
  5. Jun 26, 2011
    Very enjoyable game with a lot less of the gung-ho, US-centric X-games inspired rallying that was Dirt2. Still has a long way to go top be truly authentic to rallying but more of the classic cars has at least delved in to the history of rallying since the '50's.

    New locations and weather have added a great feel to the game with places like Finland, Norway and Kenya keeping the "spirit" of rallying fully evident - as well as added snow and night rallies. The super special stages are exciting to play in splitscreen multiplayer - another aspect of the game which outdoes the previous iteration.

    However - there are a few unforgivable problems still such as:
    1 - tracks are only varied slightly by different bits of bunting placed at some corners, but overall the same stage is used for each location. This very disappointing and lazy in my eyes.
    2 - Drifting on dirt?! Really??
    3 - Stages are far too short - how about some 5 minute stages where concentration is required for longer than 140 seconds?
    4 - Driving physics are still nowhere near the Richard Burns Rally quality that I always set as the benchmark. The physics are better than Dirt 2 however, and I realise they need to be pick-up-and-play for the masses.

    So overall a vast improvement but still stopped short of my and others high expectations. Introducing periodic DLC tracks and locations could be a big winner.

    Buy it however as this IS the best rally game available on this generation console.
  6. Jun 11, 2011
    Dirt 3 is without a doubt an excellent racing game, if you are at all familiar with the previous instalments then this is a no-brainer: you'll want it. People are going to be divided on this issue but i personally appreciate the move away from the very americanised style of D2. The sober triangular menu system is functional if a little staid, it would have been nice if a side effect of this was fewer load times but alas not. I like the British lady and Australian guy chatting between races but the American guy has to go. The soundtrack is, apart from the odd teeny-punk track, surprisingly bleak ("I am a man with a heavy heart"???), very British in a dubby and string sample-y way, and it really grew on me and i can now honestly say, i like it. Graphically it's superb, pretty much exactly what you'd expect from a Dirt2 sequel, it's a bit more colorful as well thanks to a wider variety of locations. Kenya and Norway are just, wow. I for one also really appreciate the wider variety of cars, especially the inclusion of more classic rally cars like the Lancia Fulvia. Alpina A110 and Mini Cooper, this is something i personally just am into. I really wish Porsche didn't give their licence to that nemesis of the racing genre, EA, because this game would have benefited fro the inclusion of one or two of those. Gameplay-wise it feels like the handling is a tiny bit more noob-friendly, there are a lot of assists that you can select and on the whole it feels to me as if the force feedback is a bit less violent than in 2, I may be mistaken about it though and need to uncheck some assists or something but i miss that sense of danger a little bit. As always, the flashback system is there, and this something i've never liked because it influences how you play, you're not careful and strategic, you just make a mistake and go, 'Oh well, i'll just rewind'. Consequently you just kind of power your way through the career mode with one or two races that you need to retry along the way. I can understand why it's necessary but i feel it cheapens one's experience of the game.
    Gymkhana events are surprisingly fun (coming from someone who routinely sucks at things like Drift trials) and the Battersea Power Station sandbox is brilliant.
    Tiny nitpick, i would have appreciated if the car setup would default to the last one you used, currently, if you want to use the same one you used last you have to reselect it. Also, the shortest gear ratio setting feels a bit extreme and unnecessary, any car using it will be redlining in 5th within 2.5 seconds.
    All in all, nothing short of an excellent racing game, i would give an 8.5, while i don't think it's the revelation some reviewers are making it out to be it's a solid, enjoyable and polished experience.
    Now, the bugbear, which you may argue does not reflect on the quality of the game: the VIP pass, or more specifically, how the developers chose to rub your face in it at every given opportunity. I have no problem with, in fact i'm completely in favour of, an online pass system as a way for developers to profit from second hand sales of their game. But to rub your customer's nose in it every time the game starts up is inexcusable. If, like me, you bought the PS3 version at launch, you wouldn't have been able to redeem your code owing to circumstances beyond your control. Codemasters choose to ignore the fact that some consoles are simply not online, those gamers will still be prompted to redeem or purchase a code. This, to me, is the equivalent of a DRM system that punishes the people who actually paid for the game. It's letting external political factors encroach on the experience of your product and i really think Codemasters need to be castigated for it.
    A similar hassle is the fact that the insufferable Daniel tells you after each win: "You GOTTA upload that to Youtube, amigo, your fans will go nuts!". I won't deny that the youtube functionality is neat, for the handful of expert players out there, but i really don't think anyone wants to see my races and thus i never intend to use this feature, don't shove it in my face after every race!
    Again, i understand that these questions are peripheral to the issue of whether Dirt3 is a good racing game or not, because it really really is, but i do feel they intrude on the game experience and therefore are pertinent reasons to knock he score down a notch or two.
  7. Aug 5, 2011
    beutiful graphics, nice cars and great music can't make up for the fact that you can't keep your car under control and therefore can do absoulutly nothing with this game Expand

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