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  1. Sep 15, 2014
    The best stealth game in years. The setting is dark and matured. The characters are interesting with their own motivations and goals. The story is also dark and based on your approach / decisions it gets even darker /more hopeless later on. If you kill many guards in one level then the next level will be guarded heavier with more guards (There are also other changes which I won't spoil). It is possible to solve the game without killing anyone. The good thing is the variety in the levels. Most times there are multiple ways or approaches for a task. When I replayed a level I often find different routes (A lot easier than my first choices). This gives a good replay value for a second or third play-through. The graphic and sound are really fitting and helped to created a dark / realistic world. This game deserves a lot of praise and I hope there will be a Dishonored 2. Expand
  2. Sep 12, 2014
    Disappointed with this one, I was expecting a GREAT game based on a lot of reviews and videos, I felt like I played a very good game but not that great. It is actually hard for me to explain why, I like the graphics, music, characters, story, gameplay is great. I guess maybe I was not in the mood for a game with a lot of stealth, I don't know...You can play this game with a lot of stealth or just run through enemies but in my opinion first option is more interesting. Expand
  3. Sep 7, 2014
    this is the best first person stealth game i have ever played. the power are awesome. you can play the game in whatever way you want. cool story. the graphics are really awesome, what else you want in a game? so i give it a perfect 10.
  4. Jul 28, 2014
    Bethesda has never been one to be known for there excellent sneaking systems and this felt like they were trying to improve on their popular series with increased stealth options and ended up making an entire game to develop it and still failed. The games style/atmosphere tries to stray into steampunk and misses the mark. Music is highly forgettable, colors are washed together, the story is shoddy, bad controls, laggy, and none of the characters stand apart since most of the models looked extremely similar. Do not purchase. Expand
  5. Jul 4, 2014
    The most important quality of Dishonored is that it doesn't treat you like a tool. Instead it offers a toolbox of techniques and powers that you can apply as you prefer on each mission. The second most important quality of Dishonored is that it is FUN. It is a game, not an interactive movie or a tech showcase. It is game design refined for the highest possible amount of fun inside the otherwise rather grim game environment.

    These qualities combine with an ambitious storyline and an exceptionally well realized game world, and the result is a rare mix of fun and immersion.

    The graphics are more cartoony than the title or cover-art, but with PS3s capabilities, the art fits the constrictions and set the bar low enough to stay outside of uncanny valley and out of the ordinary. It is thus one of the best looking games I've played on PS3.

    It has no multiplayer, no alternative game modes (unnecessary since it already can be played in many ways), and the ending is abruptly anti-climatic. I was overall satisfied with the story, but it could have built up the gameplay setups more rather than reiterate on the same basic challenges.

    I kind of want to give it 7/10, but it's rare that you play a game and have to figure out your own way through each challenge. For that, it deserves recognition.
  6. Jun 30, 2014
    Total gameplay choice. Total.Did I say total? This feature is often touted in games, but is rarely ever delivered. Dishonoured is one such game that stays true to its word. A twisted revenge narrative, embedded within a rich, fresh steampunk aesthetic provides a strong and rewarding backbone for the game. The sandbox nature of the assassinations combining both stealth melee and supernatural powers (like teleportation, time distortion) makes the game a winner and sure as hell, intoxicating.

    Sure, you can leap into every single bloody confrontation, flash your blade and slit some throats – but you’ve got God Of War for that. What’s the fun?

    The only way to enjoy this killhouse is to meld into the shadows, (painstakingly) working your way through the 9 levels (short, I know – but definitely worth replaying). Even killing ONE single person made me feel that I failed my mission. Never has one game made me feel so badass by NOT killing anyone. I felt like a true assassin, silently making my way around the unbelievable gorgeous environment, listening in on peoples conversations and hunting for clues. It’s a thrilling game – rewarding you for doing the things so many other games mindlessly encourage.

    So step lightly, stay out of sight and plan ahead – you’ll be rewarded tremendously!
  7. Jun 29, 2014
    A truly phenominal game. I played through a no kills and no detection run and I've got to say this game is amazing. Dishonored is perfectly designed the world is thought out and very details. There has been so much lore built into the game it makes the story incredibly rich. The way that your actions alter the environment and the eventual outcome is really well thought out. It's perfectly paced and the missions are understandable and objectives are easy to follow and the sheer multitude of ways to complete are second only to games like Hitman. I was dubious because of FPS stealth but they pulled it off. Definately going to play through this a couple more times. 9/10 Expand
  8. Jun 12, 2014
    As to near Ahnk Morpork as I've seen in a videogame that isn't a discworld game and that's coming from someone who lives in Gloucester where they filmed one of the Discworld live action series. Dunwall is an amazing place in terms of the way it incorporates elements of steampunk with a victorian feel and setting a pace that wouldn't normally suit a 1st person action game but it just flows so well and the artwork on the characters is stunning but sadly let down by a bit of collision detection which is hard to ignore, combine all this with a satisfying story you get a really decent game with plenty to get stuck into. Expand
  9. May 22, 2014
    I've spent about 64 hours, and frankly I want more :). This game may look cartoon-ish, but please don't be fooled by this - the game tests your humaneness from its 1st second till its last one: you may kill everyone you see, or you may kill no one at all - it's up to you. And like Sir Isaac Newton said, every action has a reaction (simple form) - I mean, whatever you do in the game, all your actions will have a consequences.
    The main part of the game is dedicated to Corvo. Alas, he is silent, which I don't like. But in the add-ons (The Knife of Dunwall, Brigmore Witches), you're playing as Daud, who is much more talkative. Well, Michael Madsen, as Daud, is fun.
    For those who love stealth games, especially Thief 1&2&3: IMHO, this game is even more Thief-esque than the last Thief (2014). It has a good story, a nice NPCs and their dialogues, a lot of perfectly hidden stashes with loot, and you're free to hide from your foes and neutralize them in old Thief style - by sneaking from behind. Also, the game has a lot of tributes to the Thief series, so you'll definitely smile every time you see them.
    Bottom line: it's a must-have.
  10. Apr 17, 2014
    +Great artistic graphics
    +Fun to use powers
    +Strong stealth/combat/strategy gameplay.
    + Decent story, many possible endings
    - Slightly weak swordfighting
    - Could be a little longer
  11. Feb 21, 2014
    This game is one of the best stealth/action games i have ever played, the graphics are artistically well done, the controls are smooth and efficient. The options of doing a high/low chaos playthrough are utterly well done and thought out. the level design is extremely well thought out and offer a myriad of ways to go about your mission. The storyline is thought provoking and quite layered. You also acquire certain tools/weapons and special magical abilities to aid you in your mission ahead. On my first playthrough with me being in all modesty a true gamer took me about 15 hours to complete. arkane have outdone themselves and with that i will be buying future titles by them. Expand
  12. Feb 9, 2014
    Great game! FPS with freedom of approach. Got some Half Life 2 vibes when playing this and it´s a good thing. Voice acting and art design are top-notch.
  13. Jan 22, 2014
    Dishonored is so close to becoming a memorable game. Instead, only months after playing, it starts to fade into the other games. But this game is not bad by any means. Dishonored is fearless, it has a great story and a great stealth engine which is surprisingly hard to come by these days. Dishonored feels and plays a lot like Bioshock Infinite, which I believe is the game of the year, but the difference between the two is simple; while Dishonored starts beautifully and has a great core, the ending is short and not that interesting. The game seems to drop off out of nowhere. The story itself, besides the ending, is solid. It's a bit slow until you make it to the big twist, and then it gets fun. The game pulls you in and give you loads of options and ways to complete the level. Bioshock Infinite, even if it did seem a bit dull through the middle portion, was awe-inspiring and beautiful, the engine was near flawless and the twists were mind-blowing. In the end, I wish Dishonored was a bit more like Bioshock in the sense that it spent more time developing its ending and story. Expand
  14. Dec 29, 2013
    I really loved this game and it ate up a lot of my time. The story is amazing and can definitely be played through multiple times. Although it may be a bit overly gory, the way your actions shape the outcome of the game is brilliant. The game can really be unpredictable with lots of excitement at each turn. You can take the road of stealth and try to sneak past guards or you can fight through them, either being lots of fun. The game is overall an amazing game and definitely a buy for gamers alike. Expand
  15. Dec 26, 2013
    Very good.

    Excellent setting and story (particularly if you play the 'knife' and 'witches' DLC). Good overall gameplay. Interesting, long and varied missions. Enemy AI is a bit dull stay hidden long enough and surviving enemy return to their routine, rather than hunt you down but no more so than most other stealth games.

    Combat is quite deadly for you, so sneaking is really
    worthwhile most 'bosses' are significant threats in face to face combat, but far easier to overcome with some serious stealth.

    The graphics are a bit cartoony (like borderlands or amalur), but thats easy to get used to. Sound/voice is excellent.
  16. Nov 21, 2013
    Really unique and fun experience with this game. Graphics are dated and cartoonish, but this is offset by the amazing gameplay and decent revenge/redemption story.
  17. Nov 12, 2013
    Wonderful! I had so much fun playing this game I was a little disappointed by how short it was even when i did the side quests, all and all its still a wonderful game.
  18. Nov 9, 2013
    On my top five of games!
    If you want a rewarding and fun, first person, action adventure, stealth game then Dishonored is a game for you!
    You are the royal protector of the Empress, when she is killed and her daughter Emily is kidnapped, you get accused of the murder and kidnapping. After 6 moths in prison you break free and seek revenge upon those who have dishonored you. You'll get
    cool gadgets and pretty awesome powers to destroy or not even touch your enemies, you choose whether or not you want to kill everybody or nobody! It's a great game! Expand
  19. Oct 30, 2013
    This game does not live up to its potential at all. The idea of a psychic assassin taking down a group of tyrannical usurpers in a semi-steampunk setting should be enough to fire the imagination of a good group of game programmers. This game, however, misses the boat on every level. The story is pat, the missions are way too linear, the controls are flabby, and the visuals are far too cartoonish to take the setting and story seriously. The balance is off too. If you decide to fight your way through the game, you will get through it in a few hours. Go for stealth, and you will die a thousand times.

    Imagine what this game could have been if they had taken a little more time with it. Imagine this concept with a grittier atmosphere in a truly open-world setting. Instead, we get what should have been a ground-breaking experience ending up being just kind of... Meh...
  20. Oct 10, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. dishonored is a stealth-action game based around stabbing folks in the eyeballs, choking them out or using your super magical powers of death to explode them. the story in dishonored is generic but interesting and the two endings are also good, after one playthrough you will more than likely want to play through it again to get the other ending, the game follows corvo attano the former body-guard of dunwall's empress. The empress gets assassinated and her daughter kidnapped and you are blamed,
    you escape from prison with help from a small group who help you track down and kill those who are to blame for the assassination of the empress and her daughters kidnapping (eventually you find her daughter). the gameplay in dishonored is fantastic, some of the best I have ever seen, in your right hand you have a short sword/dagger and in your left you have a gun, crossbow or magical powers and they all work perfectly in combat and/or stealth situations.
    Final verdict:
    Great gameplay, interesting story, interesting powers and interesting locations 9/10
  21. Sep 23, 2013
    Made my mind to buy this for the PS3. Thank goodness i wasted my money for good. This game sets up a new level of graphics, action, in game mechanics and etc. The storyline's epic. I love the surrounding scenery. I love to make use of those super powers u get.
  22. Sep 16, 2013
    First thing first, this game is pretty tough, but that's why i loved it so much. Maybe it's because i have a soft spot for the Stealth Genre but between the unique powers and collectibles this makes up a very fantastic product. The campaign was a little short for the $60 price tag but it was well worth it.
  23. Aug 23, 2013
    It's a great game. Some of the best stealth I've played in a while. Probably since Metal Gear. It's just fun and time-consuming. I expected a mediocre game but got something else: a worthy GOTY candidate.
  24. Aug 12, 2013
    This game takes stealth-action games to a whole new level. It's one of the best games i have ever played. It offers tone and tone of choice and, replay ability. It's story is interesting, its setting is something i have never seen in a video game. And it is a beautiful game. Recommended for everyone.
  25. Jul 28, 2013
    This is possibly one of the worst games I've ever played. The graphics are not up to par with other titles that came out around the same time, the voice acting is horrid and the story is lame. It isn't made obvious that your choices influence the game in any way, shape or form until the end. Why anyone thought this game was good is beyond me.
  26. Jul 24, 2013
    I have not played a better game than Dishonored. I loved the freedom to do as you wish. It has beautiful graphics that give it an arty feel. Not a very long story but i played through it about 4 times and didn't get bored. It has an interesting story that you get to decide the outcome. The powers you acquire are really cool and give you even more ways to approach levels.
  27. Jul 8, 2013
    DIshonored was one of my favourite games of last year, maybe even my favourite. It's very cleverly constructed and features huge open levels to explore. Dishonored is one of the very few games I played through twice, and both playthroughs were very different. I think the game strikes a great balance in difficulty, it's not easy to take on a large room of men so you can't just charge through, but it's also not easy to sneak past them all, I really appreciated that there were some challenging moments but it never felt like an endurance to complete. Graphically the games not very impressive, and there are muddy textures to be found on the PS3 version at least, but the games steam punk art design is amazing, it really does elevate the average graphics that game has. The world that the game is set in is great, it's original and compelling to explore. The game has a huge amount things to read and collect, it really is a giant amount of reading to do if you find them all, and it's all pretty interesting stuff. The story the game tells is a bit disappointing, it's serviceable but it's disappointing that it's not more original or interesting. Dishonored is a joy to play, I'd certainly love to see a sequel in the future. Expand
  28. Jun 16, 2013
    I got this game because of how much the critics loved it and in its moments this game delivers some of the best gameplay that I've experienced but unfortunately its not always like this. The first couple of levels are a bit dull story-wise but it picks up and has a couple of very interesting plot twists, the ending was a bit weak though but that could have been due to my high chaos playthrough. I definately recommend a stealthy play style for this game because that is when the gameplay is at its best. Combat is alright but gets quite repetitive. I should definitely do a low chaos replay of the game because I have a feeling it will be more fun and challenging. Overall the game is mostly good but has its up and down moments, it is still highly recommended though if you like stealth, action games Expand
  29. May 20, 2013
    Dishonored is something fresh and new according to it's combat. It's combat is unlike anything i have ever seen in any other video game. You have these supernatural powers which help you play the way you want to play. Even if that means going in a stealthy approach or guns blazing. Decision making is also important, they will determine everything you have been fighting for. Just remember that karma is a Though this game suffers from shortness, there are only 9 missions in total. But each of them are fun and unique because of their level design. You will do doubt replay this game more than once. This is a must own for everybody. Expand
  30. May 9, 2013
    Good game! I do think that more attention should have been payed to the story and the characters, but the awesomely brutal combat and the numerous ways to assassinate each target definitely makes up for the stories shortcomings and some underdeveloped characters!
  31. Dec 7, 2012
    Dishonered is a easily one of Bethesda's best games in recent years and it seems more polished then one of their last games, Skyrim. Although there are some simular game play elements to Skyrim (the sneaking and the sword fighting), Dishonered can be quite linear. The open world game play of Bethseda's previous games has pretty much been put on the back burner to concentrate on the storyline. The gameplay mainly involves traveling from your base (where you can upgrade your tools and abilities) to mission levels. There are some clever consequences put into play depending how how tackled previous missions. The more guards you kill on your first visit to one of the districts of Dunwall, results in more Weepers (zombies) and rats appearing on your next visit to that region. If you were to takedown guards using non-lethal methods, then this can be avoided. This is only a couple of examples of the action/consequence elements of the gameplay.

    As a fan of games like Fallout 3, Fallout: Las Vegas, Skyrim and the Deus Ex games, I really enjoyed this game, but I felt that the game itself was not long enough and that the "Blink" ability (teleportation skill) was a little unprecise to use. In the heat of battle, trying to teleport to a rooftop to escape combat can sometimes result in you mis-targeting the rooftop and teleporting into a crowd of enemy guards etc. Highly recommended, but don't expect a long journey.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 35 Critics

Critic score distribution:
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  1. Nov 27, 2012
    Well, Arkane, you did what so few games have done this generation: you got me to want to come back to play Dishonored annually. Very, very few games have that honor, but I just can't imagine ever getting tried of Dunwall. What a wonderful game.
  2. You can combine Corvos weapons and superpowers in an almost infinite of ways, which can result in some pretty satisfying outcomes. Throw a proximity mine, called a spring razor, on a rat. Then take possession of the rat and walk up to the nearest guard. Then watch the limbs fly. [November 2012, p.66]
  3. Oct 31, 2012
    It is a major accomplishment and for all its ambition it succeeds where it counts, by transporting you to a world and empowering you to do with it you wish, creating unscripted and unexpected moments that feel unique to you. It is at these times that it becomes more than just an enjoyable stealth action game, but something truly special.