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  1. May 13, 2014
    Story: Ninja Theory actually put more effort on its story than any of its predecessors did. You play as Dante who has been brought to the Order (an anti-media cult) to help expose the demons that control the human population, while at the same time, poking fun at real life media (FOX news, sprite, a certain news reporter, etc.) in the process. If you've seen the cult film "They Live", then you know what the story is about. I found it unique how Ninja Theory made the demons able to control the humans with hidden cameras, poisoned sodas, corrupted news stations, and other unique ways. The characters however, are weak (especially when compared to the original 4 games).The new Dante's look is more of a punk teen rather than an emo, but his personality still sucks as he acts all selfish and tough around the rest of the cast. Plus, his one-liners suck compared to the original Dante (also hated how Ninja Theory basically insulted the original DMC series with that awful wig joke). Vergil is also weaker compared to his DMC3 counterpart not just in look, but in personality as he also acts selfish and does some controversial actions during the game (won't say as it'll spoil it). Kat (Dante's love interest) is also forgettable as she doesn't do much in the game. The rest of the characters like Mundus, his wife, and most of the bosses are also forgettable. The only interesting guy is Bob Barbas, but only because of how much of a hilarious jackass he is. The dialogue and voice acting aren't great either, and the ending was predictable (especially if you've played DMC3). Overall, this may be the best DMC plot, but that ain't saying much. 6/10

    DMC is by far the EASIEST DMC game of the franchise, so if you're expecting a challenging hack-and-slash game, you'll be disappointed. There are 5 weapons in total: Your Rebellion sword, 2 angel weapons (fast, agile, and useful on crowds), and 2 demon weapons (slow, powerful, and deadly against single enemies), and swapping from normal, to angel, and to demon is as simple as holding a trigger. There are a few firearms (including Ebony and Ivory) in the game, and all of them are weaker than they've ever been. Luckily, there's a good amount of enemies to keep the gameplay entertaining. One big change to the gameplay is the style system. It's true you could "button-mash" your way to an SSS rating, but you're better off mixing up your combos as using the same move lowers it's value more. I really liked the skill system in this game since you could invest in a new combo, and you could remove that point to relocate it to some other combo all for free. This game does get challenging once you get to "Son of Sparda" mode and other higher difficulties (there are some exploits that make the combat more easier). You also get to use angel whips (pull you towards targets), and demon pulls (pull targets towards you) to make for some well made platformer sequences, along with the return of "Devil Trigger" (special ability). After a few updates, Ninja Theory added "Bloody Palace" (type of survival) mode as free DLC, so you'll be busy for a while after completing the story mode. The gameplay is great, but not at the same level as DMC3 or 4. 8/10

    The game's graphics are above average. The models look decent, the textures look decent, the lighting is solid, and the environments look okay. 6/10

    The game has a good score. There are some songs by Combichrist that are my personnel favorites, but there are some songs that didn't stick inside my head after I finished playing. The in-game battle sounds are really good though. 7/10

    Only leaderboards.

    This reboot isn't as bad as everyone's saying, but it isn't the best DMC out there (I still recommend you get the HD collection 1st before this one). At it's current price, you could pick it up, or rent it if you like. Despite my thoughts on this, I'm still down for an improved sequel in the future.

    Rating: 7/10
  2. Jul 30, 2013
    It seems like NT release a new game every 3 years. If you're a fanboy who dismiss this game just because Dante looks different, then quit being little babies because you're missing out. Instead of letting Capcom slap something cheap for DMC5, which fanboys would've called it the best game ever made, they let NT develop the game so that it can appeal to Western gamers.

    A lot of companies
    like to expand their business and while the change may feel like a middle finger to the hardcore fans at first, they should really give this game a chance because it's really good. It runs on 30 FPS but there's no slowdowns and the action is smooth so it does feel like the game is running on 60 FPS. It's free style combat is over-the-top, stylish and just as engaging as the previous DMC games.

    It's ok to compare new Dante to old Dante but in the end, you should judge him for who he is and whether or not you like him. Not just say "oh, this isn't the Dante I know and love", it's called a reboot. A lot of these fanboys can't accept new life in their beloved franchise, even though it did something different, but they bash on other franchises for releasing the same thing, not going to name names.

    The graphics, art style and level designs is stunning, it's just so good to look at. The game is also backed up by it's awesome rock/electro soundtrack. As soon as you complete the first mission with the "Never Surrender" soundtrack playing in the background that's been used well for the first level, you'll be instantly hooked into the game.

    Change is great, even if it's not as good as the old DMC. NT is great when it comes to story, does Heavenly Sword or Enslaved ring any bells? The story is simple but what lies within the story is a complex theme of corporation and capitalism. The whole idea of Dante fighting demons in Limbo feels a bit like Inception, which is awesome. Puzzles are replaced by platforming bits that were well made, although there is a Spider-Man thing going on when Dante swings from one platform to another.

    Dante swears a lot in DmC and he's more of a sexual deviant but the new Dante is just as confident and fearless as the old Dante, so DmC and DMC, while DmC is quite different, does have a few aspects in common that does DmC justice to the original series. One being the character and the other being the fast, energetic and intense action.

    While hardcore DMC fans might find the lower levels less challenging than DMC, since it pretty much hands out S ranks, it's a great way to introduce new fans or casual gamers who aren't particularly a fan of the franchise or the genre in general and maybe those who find DMC games, especially 3, too hard.

    There are a variety of difficulties so for hardcore DMC fans who didn't find DmC challenging, try Heaven and Hell and then try Hell and Hell but you'll have to unlock it first which shouldn't be a complaint since it's really rewarding. After all, you wouldn't want a game that hands out stuff to you.

    Heaven and Hell is not as easy as haters say it is but it's certainly not impossible. The idea of having to constantly switch from Angel Mode to Devil Mode gives both weapon types an advantage and disadvantage instead of just upgrading weapons to make them stronger like most games do.

    The game is not without it's flaws though. There's no lock on feature which sucks because it would have been useful, especially while I'm fighting a group of demons both aerial and ground enemies. You can pretty much defeat bosses easily by using the same strategy that you use when fighting common demons, though boss battles, especially Bob Barbas, are creative.

    Capcom's retarded sale tactics of releasing a couple of skins as DLC are another issue, because one of which is the classic Dante. There's no taunt but that's not really an issue since Dante already has a bad mouth in the cutscenes.

    In the end, DmC pulls off an unlikely reboot that feels fresh while holding on to what makes DMC so good. It's probably the third best game in the franchise. If you want to hold on to old Dante, why don't you just play the previous games. Original and 3 are still the best anyways.

    The game may be a commercial failure but that's because fans boycott the game, not because it's bad. Call of Duty breaks world record sales on day one, does that mean it's the best gaming franchise ever made? Recommended for those who aren't a fan of DMC. Recommended for hardcore fans as well but a lot of them are still skeptical so it's best that they rent the game or borrow my copy from a friend.
  3. Jan 22, 2013
    When a game is rebooted, it means that the previous games had a lame plot, or for making new fans. I think previous Devil May Cry games were actually awesome games. I didn't understand the reason of this reboot, but it's done already, so let's face it: the old storyline is over (for now!!).
    I will analyze some points of the game:
    Gameplay: Always engaging, the only flaw is the easiness
    of making high rank, but it's compensated by the various difficulty of the game.
    Sound: the idea to mix old rock-metal songs with some dubstep tracks isn't so bad at all. I found them exciting at some point.
    Video: some bad textures and some bad shadows doesn't ruin a game, but they are however flaws.
    Story: that's the most important thing of all the game: how to make a better story if the old story is awesome? Ninja Theory transposed the character of DMC saga in a new, more politically focused story, trying to use some plot device modern, using things like debts, mass media to explain while the demon are ruining the city.
    When I first play this game, I noticed a detail: the new-Dante is like a younger Dante than the DMC3 Dante, more insecure, but always a **** demon slayer. The separation between world and limbo (another dimension parallel to the world where there are demons) is a cool idea,but I always liked the idea of demons among us.
    Eventually I have a advice for all of you: if you never play old DMCs, but you like the hack/slash game, then buy/rent this game (the story is short, but there are a lot of things to do ingame, and 7 difficulties, changing the mobs you will find and the skill sets of this mobs) and play it; if you are a fan of the old DMC, grab this game, because the atmosphere overall will satisfy you, the thing of making like a parallel story (marvel/ultimate marvel style) isn't bad at all, and play it till the end, there is a surpise ;)
  4. Jan 22, 2013
    Yes I'm a DMC fan and I've played all DMC games up to now. I have to admit the first two were okay (though DMC2 was pretty bad), the 4th was so-so but the 3rd rocked solid! This new reboot takes the good additions from DMC4 and brings back good ol' Dante. Yes he's looking different, but the character feels alot more alive that the first ones. Gameplay is really nice on top of that! The only point I dislike a little is that you have 2 dodge buttons and no lock-on button.. Nevertheless, this game is very worth playing!! Expand
  5. Jan 22, 2013
    whilst not the most original game to come out in a long time, DMC is nothing more or less than what it appears... a glitzy, fun action game. Oh and Dante got really hot with this makeover...
  6. Jan 23, 2013
    Thank you Ninja Theory for building a new foundation for DmC and it's characters to grow. Not only did you bring back the characters we loved but made them deep and gave them growth throughout the story. After beating this game I can only imagine what Ninja Theory could bring for the next DmC games. Please, keep it up. Don't be mislead by the angry user reviews (I honestly don't know what they are crying about) and play. this. game. DMC fan or not, it's a blast. Expand
  7. Jan 25, 2013
    I been a DMC fan since the first game and this version of DMC was good and interesting about changing the half demon to nephilim. But the only thing that I thought that it was to easy were to fight the bosses including fighting Mundus and Vergil. I think that it should be more difficult than fighting than the previous ones. The music was great , good graphics , interesting stories( a little confused with the previous ones but interesting the point of view) , but the combos were a little easy. And Vergil looks like an idiot with that hat . Expand
  8. Jan 25, 2013
    I was very septical when I've heard about the new DMC. First of all, I've enjoyed all previous Devil May Cry (1 to 4). The new DMC is clearly different, but is definitely a masterpiece. I had the opportunity to play the PC version that had a great framerate. I've heard that the console versions had few problems. The story, the gameplay machanics and the graphics are simply amazing. It has slightly less combos than the previous ones and the game difficulty might be too easy when not playing on hard, but I think it's great that way. Veterans can play on Hard... And harder and still have some challenges. The musics are even better than the previous games. I'm giving a 9 out of 10. Expand
  9. Jan 27, 2013
    Don't listen too all the negative reviews because this it not as bad as it is claimed to be. Being a big fan of the 1st and 3rd game, I gotta say that this game is pretty damn good and it has a lot of qualities that make it sometimes better than the main series. My play through of the game was on hard and this will be more of a comparative review to the other games.

    GAMEPLAY is good,
    smooth, solid and the whole 30fps thing doesn't make any difference when playing, it doesn't chug or look terrible in any sense. There is not a lock on mode this time around which may sound like a bad choice but the auto lock is done very well, I had no problems whatsoever targeting those I want to hit even when they are way in the back of a horde of monsters. Devil Trigger isn't that great this time around, before using the DT would enhance your abilities and holding the DT button before activating can give way to some strategic energy blasts for clearing clusters of enemies. Now the DT just blasts the enemies in the air for you go combo crazy for short amount of time and just, for me, serves as nothing more as a 'get off me' button. This game takes some elements from the 4th game where you can grapple enemies to either bring them to you or you to them but thankfully doesn't make it piss easy as Nero makes it in the 4th game with his OP instakills arm abilities. The ranking system is much more forgiving in this one but at the same time isn't as rewarding either which kind of makes it pointless this time around.

    WEAPONS are a bit lackluster when compared to the 3rd game as this one only has 3 guns and 5 weapons; 2 Angelic which are quick and good for groups but deal less damage and 2 Demonic which are slow but good for single targets and deal a lot of damage. You don't have to worry about which ones you want to bring each mission as you will always have them on you. Rebellion in default, holding R2 will bring out Demonic weapons and L2 for Angelic weapons which makes having which one you want out a breeze.

    LEVEL DESIGN is absolutely awesome this time around, much, MUCH better than the previous games. The designs are beautiful and varied unlike the string lined, claustrophobic and generally dull feel of the originals. There is a little bit more emphasis on exploring the levels as the lost souls, keys, and secret rooms are hidden throughout the levels and sometimes inaccessible until you get later weapons to add a little to the game for the next play though. The mostly takes place in LIMBO where the real world gets ripped up and twisted which give the developers freedom to do just about whatever they can think of making for some awesome experiences.

    CHARACTERS and STORY is better overall this time around with the demons in control of everything from behind the scenes through the media and whatnot unlike before where the story boils down to "They are opening the gate to the demon world, we have to stop them!". I thought I was going to hate this version of Dante but they have come through and did a pretty good job. He reminds me a little more of Nero than previous Dante, like Nero being more serious but will occasionally joke and insult here and there. Vergil on the other hand is a bit jarring, basically take Vergil from 3 and turn his character around, I did not like this version at all but is a decent character at best on his own merits.

    ENEMIES and BOSSES are pretty good here as well and I overall prefer this roster of enemies more than the previous games, starting off a little too easy but later on offering up quite a challenge without being annoying or feeling cheap and dirty. The bosses in this game, though not very difficult, they felt fresh and were not as annoying, frustrating, or boring like a lot of the other bosses in the previous games. While I still prefer the bosses in 3 I do like the overall designs of DmC's bosses way more than games 1, 2, and 4.

    MUSIC surprised me here, I thought it was going to suck. I thought it was going to be the most annoying, stupid euro pop crap I was gonna ever hear based on the old trailers but to my surprise they kept it very similar to the 3rd games style. No complaint here but I do wish they would have had some of those angelic themes and piano themes from the 3rd game but that is just me.

    OVERALL I think Ninja Theory did a fantastic job here and in a lot of ways improving what the previous team(s) kept failing to improve. Better than 3? I don't know I am still trying to figure that out but I do like it way more the 1, 2(lol) and 4. Give it a shot.
  10. Jan 28, 2013
    Highly enjoyable. Despite a few audio glitches, this game succeeded in surpassing its predecessors nicely. Great story, voice acting and themes. Ending was a little predictable.
  11. Feb 2, 2013
    This is my first review here and i just registered to defend this game!
    All those haters voting it with a 0,i mean u have to be very immature to rate any game with a 0 and this game doesnt deserve any rating under 7! U may not like the new Dante,or the new style,but even if u dont like how it looks,this game is still fun to play!
    Ninja Theory did an awesome job with the reboot and
    brought us one of the best games in the genre. DmC is one of the best games i ever played and yes,i was a huge fan of the "old" DMC too.
    Get ur head out of ur a** and give it a chance,u wont regret it.
  12. Apr 15, 2013
    I am a big fan of the devil may cry series on the PlayStation 2 and I do not care that the new Dante does not act like old Dante. Does anyone realize this is a reboot and not part of the original series! The story this time around is basically a retread of the first Devil May Cry, but instead of an island and a castle this time it is a city. The story actually makes you care about Dante and his brother Virgil, as it becomes a more of a personal tale. The gameplay might be easier, but that does not mean it is not fun. With the multiple weapons and combos there are limitless option for dealing damage to your enemies. The SSS ranking has become really easy to get, but bump the difficultly up and then try to achieve it. There are not enough boss fights in my opinion, but one stands out. I will not spoil it, but it's about half way through the game and is probably the most unique battle in the game. The graphics are not really impressive but are cool in their own right. The soundtrack is not my type of music but if your into heavy rock/metal you will enjoy it. This new Devil May Cry is just plain and simply "cool" and it makes you want to come back and chase the leader boards for a higher score. Expand
  13. Feb 6, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Pros:Gameplay is fun and enjoyable, new characters Kat and Phineas are interesting, and (Personally) I thought the soundtrack was amazing. Cons:Does not live up to it's promise of a great storyline and gameplay while fun, does feel like a step-down from the Style System from DMC3 and 4, games feels to easy and quite frankly I felt some missions were so short. The only reason they were counted as separate missions. Was to try to make the game seem longer. Also the new Dante is just plain boring, compared his classic counterpart. Largely due to the fact he lacks the original's witty humor and flamboyant personality. Overall a fun game, but a bad Devil May Cry Expand
  14. Feb 14, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. lol writing this as i'm listening to Combichrist xD Great music.

    Okay, so i hear alot of hate about this game, why? DmC is a great game, and if you ask me, better than the previous ones. You see, this game focuses alot on more hack and slash than constant puzzles which in my opinion slowed down gameplay. Levels are also more linear so you don't have to worry about getting lost. Now Dante has changed alot, and he is in my opinion, pretty badass. Yes he swears, but this game also takes place in a more modern time, so deal with it. His hair is rather boring, but after i completed it once, i replayed it on Son of Sparda (which is a kick-ass mode btw) with the white hair (that is slightly longer than the black hair). Many fans claim this game is easy, well then play Son of Sparda you idiots. Level design is amazing, better than anything i have seen before. "HURR 30 FPS" Shut the hell up, it doesn't have any effect on the game itself. Fighting is faster than ever, and with unique and epic enemies that require different strategies, this makes combat awesome. Speaking of strategies, Dante now has an angel and demon mode (blue and red). Angel weapons are faster, demon weapons are stronger (Dante can hold up to 8 weapons). And now it's time for the devil trigger. Honestly it's not a big deal, i like it.

    That was basic gameplay, the story is kind of strong i guess? I never care about stories in games, but i could feel it in this one. Voice acting is also okay, well maybe not Dante, he sounds way too hollow. (SPOILER AHEAD) But characters themselves seem very weak, unlike Dante, where you will get info about him the whole game. But Kat and Vergil? NOTHING. First of all there's not a clear back story of Kat, and I never found out why Vergil hates humans so much. Like why the should I fight Vergil at the end? "HUMANS ARE OUR SLAVES, NOW THE BOSS FIGHT BEGINS" c'mon that's just stupid.

    Speaking of bosses *sigh* bosses are easy as Dear Ninja Theory, if the normal enemies are more difficult to kill than the bosses, there's a slight problem. ^^

    So generally speaking: Great game, great combat, great atmosphere, great level design, good story, allthough weak characters and easy bosses. "DmC Devil may Cry" gets my solid 8 out of 10
  15. Feb 16, 2013
    DmC is a game that has been getting a lot of negative attention since its reveal a couple of years ago. Fans of the original games have been raging over Dante's physical appearance and how the story and aesthetics have completely changed. Now DmC is finally and its is awesome! Its a dark and more mature story this time around and Dante is not a cheesy character. Level design in the game are some of the best I've ever seen, with environments shifting around and beautiful destruction. This all comes with great graphics and an awesome blend of colors. Combat is a ton fun and its satisfying. I couldn't wait to get to the next horde of the enemies to come attack so I could beat the crap out of the them. My only gripes with the game were it was too short and getting SSS were a breeze. With all that being said, DmC is a blast. If you still haven't pick it up, I highly suggest you check it out soon. Fans of the franchise are giving this game 1's and 0's. This is insulting as I have played game that are that bad and Devil May Cry is not a 1! Do not listen to those babies. Expand
  16. Feb 16, 2013
    Some times the community is a complete This game is AWESOME and a liked it very much Only the cinematics from the game are a stand alone movie... For me just go buy it ..But if you are not sure check out some videos on YouTube :D
  17. Apr 21, 2013
    Ok, first off, to hell with anyone who gave this game below a five. Most of you guys wrote the review on the day of release. my thoughts? they all are a preemptive assault to try to slander what is a GREAT game. so please, you are a coherent human being, avoid the hooting dick-holes. and to said hooting dick-holes; grow up and off.

    REVIEW TIME: this is an AWESOME game. over the top
    action and furious style are dealt in spades here. absolutely stunning level design and combo chaining the likes of which the DMC 3 and 4 have trouble contending. if you're a fan of the series, give it a go. the aesthetic ma be different but the game is all DMC all the time. Expand
  18. Mar 2, 2013
    Just a good game it can't be called Devil May Cry. Too easy, weak bosses, bad camera, bad graphics, the weapons aren't as cool as the old ones and although we can use some great combos we don't have a good variety of them and we can get a SSS rank repeating the same attack a lot of times... Thanks to destroy one of the bests franchises I've played...
  19. Mar 22, 2013
    DmC is a decent reimagining of the series. The game has a good flow to the combat, and even though its been dumbed down since previous entries, it is still the selling point of the game. Other then that the story just seems too angsty, like it's trying to seem hXc. The length is also sinfully short. Beat it in about 5 and a half hours. That amount of gameplay just isn't worth $60 any more.
  20. Mar 23, 2013
    Pretty game, but not at the same level of the older games of Devil May Cry and way too muchu heasy. The new Donte is nothing compared to the old dante and the story isn't that awesome, i'll give it a 6 only for the nice gameplay :S "nice" a little too much :S
  21. Mar 26, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Some other people give this game some very under rated ratings. I give it a 10 out of 10 due to how well it explained how everything started, how Vergil and Dante began to hate each other and how all the demons came into the real world and Vergil became the leader of the Demon World. The combos are still the same and so are most of the weapons and powers. The new weapons are fantastic. Thank you for another great game. Also most people rate this game so low because of how young and different Dante is. Expand
  22. Mar 30, 2013
    While I can't see this being a great DMC game, I can see DMC as a good slasher game. First of all, combos and fighting is very fluid. Decently complicated, but not impossible, the controls start off simple, and the levels ease you into learning new tricks and getting new weapons. As for the story, the same can't be said. If this hadn't been a DMC game, it could've been better. The story tries to fit the classic characters (Virgil, Dante, etc) in, but simply can't do to the lore that has already been presented in previous DMC games. Another thing is that some mechanics could use more work. I am not a fan of having to play through a level 5 times just so I can unlock everything. But, despite the weak story and some bad mechanics, DMC is still a solid slasher, and shouldn't be discounted just because of fan's reactions to the reboot. Expand
  23. Apr 3, 2013
    It's a great game. I've been a fan of Devil May Cry since it demo'd long ago with another Capcom game. But I feel like they lost direction after the original. Devil May Cry 2 was great to play, I like Dantes look and the art but the story was That's when I started losing interest. I still bought and played all 4 games, but didn't care for it as much as I did when playing the original. Although I like Devil May Cry, I actually thoroughly enjoy the reinvented DMC: Devil May Cry. The story is great, characters are fantastic, the acting and reactions, the gameplay, the art and feel, the amazing soundtrack fits very well in my opinion. It's annoying when fanboy/fangirls don't give this game a real chance. Stop that it's not just like the older Devil May Cry games. It's not a remake, it's a reimagining! I will admit I liked the idea when I first read about DMC. Then after awhile I was starting to worry. Thinking it might be mediocre like 2, 3 and 4. Well 3 was decent. But DMC caught my eye and I thought they did an amazing job. It's great, A new, fresh beginning and I feel it will get even better with the sequel. Expand
  24. Apr 6, 2013
    Great combat. The different weapons flow very well together and makes juggling fun. Fast paced with nice puzzles. Ive been a dmc fan from the start and this didn't disappoint. Music fits very well and the story is just amazing. My only gripe is it felt like a true prequel rather then a reboot. Either way i hope to see more.
  25. May 5, 2013
    I liked this game, yeah. I'm a real big Devil May Cry fan. I love the mythos, the lore, the characters. etc. It was hard to play this game with everything so different. But as a Hack 'n Slash game, its really good. Other than the fanboy in me about Dante & Vergil's changes, I can't help but dislike how simple & bare-bones the combat was in the other Devil May Cry. The story also is nothing to special, just the old They Live plot in a different setting, and the characters...well, I don't like them, surprise? In general, as a Devil May Cry fan, this game does not do it for me. But, as a fan of the Hack 'N Slash genre, its pretty fun, but too simple & easy. Get it if you want. Expand
  26. Apr 4, 2014
    This is a low 8/10. I didn't complete nearly half the content the game has to offer. For the simple reason that this type of game really doesn't appeal to me. Now why would I give a game that doesn't appeal to me an 8/10? Well first off this is my first entry into the devil may cry franchise. And for what it is, they did a really good job with this origin story (as far as origin stories go). I couldn't get into doing the secret areas. I couldn't really get into the environments. I didn't really like alot of the characters. The game is hampered by it's low resolution of 720p...which is a real pity.

    Why the 8? The game is absolutely beautiful...even with it's 720p handicap. The enemies the weapons....Dante's movements....the physics...everything is top knotch. The acting is even pretty good (alot better than resident evil). Like I said I didn't feel the need to learn all the combo's or complete the higher difficulties or do the secret areas. It just didn't appeal to me. I played to advance the story while marveling at how cool the fighting in the game was. That said, you can pull off some really brutally satisfying combo's in this game. Combat is fun in this game, period. There are a ton of weapons and it's satisfying to vary your attacks. Also the slow motion final blow to the enemies in the area is just awesome every time. It's fun.

    My major gripes with the game were that I felt (when not in combat) like I was on rails most of the time. I didn't feel any connection or understanding toward the environment I was fighting in. So it was hard to feel anything toward the universe past the individual characters in the story. The boss battles were all very satisfying. The music was superb.
    1 problem was the ranged weapons, mainly ebony and ivory the iconic dual pistols of dante. They are terrible WEAK in this game. Their special powers ad combo's do next to no damage they are there to look badass and increase style points (the point system). I get what they were trying to do though. Being able to kill everyone with your pistols would detract from the game. SO their only real use is to look badass and to keep the style meter going (which is important).
    I really really enjoyed the final boss fight in this game. It was just so well done and so satisfying to play. It really made me want to go out and buy the sequel on the offchance I might get to experience another boss battle like that. The game didn't appeal to me, but I can appreciate a good game when I see one. 8/10.
  27. Jun 10, 2014
    This game is awful. This is extremely boring. All the chapters looks like the same.
    If you like to beat the same monster and demons, the same scenarios, etc, you should buy it!
  28. Mar 20, 2014
    Wow, for anyone who hasnt played devilmaycry this is a must play game. The crying fans need to be quiet, if this hadn't been called devilmaycry, it would of score a 9 all over the board for amazing gameplay, graphics and story alone.
  29. Jun 17, 2013
    The Game has solid overall gameplay but the characters are far too different from the original characters, The original games are much better but this game is very good but should have gone with a different title because it is too different from the original games
  30. Jul 24, 2013
    Devil may cry 4 was a HUGE flop, they MUST reboot the story, and the new style is AMAZING.
    The gameplay is pure fun,
    all the weapons are useful, not like in the others, when you can play ONLY with a sword.
  31. Jul 2, 2013
    DMC does nearly everything right. Cool graphics, very fast and motivating gameplay and great characters. I can't understand, why the old school- fans are crying about the new dante. Furthermore, the overall style of the game is just great. Did you even play it? Just do it. you will get some of the (graphically) best designed levels ever.
  32. Jul 1, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. DmC is a decent action game but clearly inferior with the previous Devil May Cry.

    The weak point of this game is the story, horrible writing with awful characters. A main character who says "My name by the way is Dante, but you can call me Dante the demon killer, has a nice ring don't you think and saying ****
    If you compare the new Dante with the old, the reboot is totally garbage in personality and feat.
    All cutscene are boring, nothing cool, impressive or memorable.

    The gameplay is a downgrade and you can button mash, gun damage is weak, 2 stances with blue vs blue/red vs red... 2 dodges buttons, no manual lock, 30 fps,...It's feels like Heavenly Sword, the demons and boss are too easy and uninspired.

    The soundtrack is ok for the theme of this game.

    The good point is the artistic design but inconveniant is full of colors orange, blue, green(Unreal oblige) with a lot of repetitive platforming.

    The game is in developpement for 3 years, you can finish this game in 7 hours, it's very short. The replayability is not very good, too easy and not challenging.

    The ending of DmC is bad and rush. "i don't know who i am anymore"

    Nice try Capcom and Ninja theory but this DmC has bad influence with teen like swearing. The franchise already appeal western gamers, Devil May Cry and Dante don't need a reboot.
  33. Sep 14, 2013
    Dmc its not bad like everyone think! Open your mind. Dante its back, and has a fantastic gameplay and better than the previous games! I played all the DMC's, and when I beated the game, I realized that Dante will be as it once! Before saying anything about the new Dante, know that Capcom wanted to change his style, and changed for the better in my opinion, because there were many mistakes in the other games that made Capcom remade the entire franchise! If you play the entire game noticed that it is rather a Devil May Cry, passing the story, Dante demonstrates why his personality changes, thus becoming the Dante we know! The same happens with the story of Vergil, who this game is weaker than Dante, because if you play the DLC Vergil's Downfall notice that the power increases Vergil and leaves to see how will be the continuation! The next game will be much better, and rejoices all fans of the series! I also think that you guys had liked the change at the beginning! No, and now I realize that everything is moving towards better! Gives a chance and wait for the new game! Ninja Theory is very cool, Capcom made ​​a great choice! 8.9 is the note I give! The rest if you ask me, if you can buy the game and play! Will not regret it! It's better than promised! Expand
  34. Sep 3, 2013
    Can I just say, Reboot. I am a fan of the original games and of this one, for all the haters that seem to bash it reread the fifth word a time or two. They did an amazing job with this game. I'm a fan just as much of it as of the original ones. So lay off and think of it as a new light on an amazing set of classics.
  35. Feb 6, 2014
    DMC is a total reboot of Devil May Cry franchise, done by a new team. I played the other games in the franchise, and though I enjoyed them all, none of them truly wowed me. Honestly, neither did this--but I probably liked it more than any of the others.

    Prior DMC games have plots that are usually only about half-way coherent. DMC is a step up in the this regard, creating a story
    that is mostly coherent, if not stunning. Dante and his brother Vergil are terrorists working to bring a Demon King that is secretly controlling the world. This is somewhat underutilized, since Dante only fights demons during gameplay, facing human opponents only briefly in cutscenes. Nevertheless, I was okay with it. The world is also reimagined, focusing on the realm of Limbo, where demons drag Dante to try and kill him. Overall, the most fleshed out of any DMC world building to date.

    The game's graphics are solid, but nothing special. Just about average for a PS3 game.

    It's fast, continuous action. The sheer diversity of weapons and actions sometimes almost seem too much to me. You can string just about anything into a combo, which actually kind of made me feel there was less depth than there could have been. Still, when it works, it can be fun to swing from one enemy to the next, assaulting them with a barrage of nonsensical demon and angel weapons. As usual, the moves are totally over-the-top.

    It was a fairly fun way to pass the time, but it never elevated itself to memorable levels. 7/10.
  36. Sep 15, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Heavy spoilers here, so don't read this if you plan on buying this game, or are currently playing and haven't finished it yet.
    So, when the demo was released I played it to death and enjoyed it fully and I bought the full game on release. I thoroughly enjoyed this game right till the very end.
    I'll be reviewing all of the game now.
    The Story: The story was very cliché with major plot points such as: This person predictably got killed, or, the bad guy did something bad and predictable. What I'm getting at is the story is very predictable, even the 'Surprise' final boss that I'll get into when I get into it.
    The Combat: The combat was very fluid and had a lot of crazy combos, the controls were easy to get a hand of in about 30 seconds and it was so easy to switch your weapons. While removing the lock-on system from past DMC games, it is one of the best combat systems I have used, and is almost identical to God of War's, which is incredible.
    Gameplay: Because most of the gameplay is the combat, and you've already read that (hopefully) will not be covered here. The movement isn't too fast, and isn't too slow, but there was quite a lot of unnecessary platforming, which disrupts the flow of the game.
    The Bosses: The bosses were (mostly) fun to fight, SO. Bob Barbas is one of the best bosses in any DMC game, he is a dick to you throughout the game and then you get to fight him about 1/3 through the game and then you fight him IN THE NEWS (how awesome?), this boss is so well designed during the battle, you have to smash these red spots on the floor to bring down a shield and then attack him, and you feel the need to kill him because in the middle of the fight, Bob reports that The Order is being raided by SWAT teams, who are targeting Vergil and Kat. This only angers Dante, while Bob taunts him that they cannot hope to defeat Mundus, which drives you to kill him At the end of the battle, Dante shoots Bob Barbas' human form, killing him. Saying 'Breaking news Bob, you're fired!'
    Mundus, the person you've been wanting to fight since the beginning, is a Re-skin of a boss from one of the first levels, who was hard because you didn't have all the awesome upgrades and weapons at the start, is now re-skinned and easier than ever.
    And then you fight Virgil, who has been the bad guy in previous Devil May Cry titles, This fight brings no skills you have learnt throughout the game and is straight up fighting, and is BORING.
    But with all its flaws, it still is an awesome game and I highly reccommend buying it. 8/10
  37. Oct 12, 2013
    DMC is a great hack and slash game, the art style is amazing and it kind of has a dubstep feel to it. The voice acting is great, the soundtrack is amazing, boss fights are really good. From having all those good things DMC also has its downfalls such as Ninja Theory changing Dantes and Vergils character models. DMC also focuses too much at talking and forcing you into Limbo. During some parts in the game it almost feels like Ninja theory is trying to disrespect the first four games, it just seems like Ninja theory dosint give a crap about the Devil May Cry fanbase. The reason i call the new Devil May Cry DMC is because this is not a Devil May Cry game to me, its just a great knockoff. Th ending is pretty unexpected, although i should've expected what Virgil does. I think Capcom is trying to disrespect Devil May Cry just like they did to Mega Man. Expand
  38. Sep 28, 2013
    No se enojen conmigo por una opinión personal pero... Para mí "DmC" es un juego fenomenal y divertido. Se notan cambios menores, pero el juego de Ninja Theory es, para mi gusto la tercera mejor entrega de Devil May Cry y, además me agradó revivir la experiencia que lo empezó todo desde la primera y mejor entrega.
  39. Oct 11, 2013
    An excellent, well-rounded game with superb graphics, epic gameplay and an intriguing story. For a reboot, they paid homage to old traditions in DMC, while bringing so many new and fresh things to appeal to the modern and current generation of gamers. This game is great for new fans, and old fans alike who are willing to actually play it with and give it a try. This reboot brings new life and fresh blood into the franchise, and I look forward to the prospect of a sequel. Expand
  40. Jan 3, 2014
    For the record, I played DMC1 and DMC3 and enjoyed them very much I had low expectations of this game given the shown trailers, but found it a very enjoyable experience. The story, very much in line with the series, is again completely non-sensical, even if it tries to take itself seriously. The fighting, which is the core of every DMC game, is actually better than in other DMC games. The customisation has been tuned down a bit, but there were very few people who could master 8+ different weapons and their combo's anyway (as in DMC3). So it's a good thing they simplified it.
    Combo's have been streamlined in between weapons, which makes them a lot more logical to execute.
    There are at times also tips given on how to deal with certain times of ennemies, but very gradually which is a welcome change.

    The characters: The main antagonist is actually pretty well crafted and believable, but you can't say the same of Dante. For the main character, he's incredibly childish and non-believable.
    There are however a few pretty good jokes hidden in the game, but there's also a lot of 14 year old chatter.

    Graphics are OK, but design quality varies greatily in between levels. There are a few masterpieces of design in the game, but there are also a few questionable (albeit original designed) and tasteless decision choices on two bosses (in my opinion), which was a bit offsetting.

    But all in all, a good experience.
  41. Jun 1, 2014
    Now, I don't say this often. But this is, simply put, the best game I ever played in my life.

    I've played lots of games. Tons amongst tons, but nothing ever drew me in like DmC: Devil May Cry did. The soundtrack is outstanding. With dubstep pieces from Nero and nice Metal from Combichrist. Both of these artist combined to make a soundtrack that pumps the game to a whole new level. The
    gameplay is at the top. It's simply the epitome of "Perfection". With a slash here and a fist slam there, all moves flow together to create a symphony of SSSensational combos. The story is also well made. The demons run the world through the media. From bankers to news reporters, every character shines brightly, even though, they're quite dark themselves. Dante, being revamped and all, is wonderful. Being a potty-mouth suits his look and style. His one-liners are also very amusing as well. There's never a dull moment with him. Vergil and Kat are really great supporting characters too. Kat is a nice semi-love interest and Vergil is one of those guys who you know will show his true colors later on. All in all, the game is simply PERFECT and everything flows together in one stream of fluid, swift and sweet goodness of a third-person action adventure game. Pick this game up, you won't regret it. Expand
  42. Nov 12, 2013
    I dont know why everyone is hating. I am an fan f the old games, played them all, loved them and their classical style. Ninja theory tried something new, and it was awesome. Sure Dante is more edgy but thats the whole point of making a younger dante. The combat is perfect, I actually use the other weapons, you have too on some enemies!! Before in other games, I felt i had to go out of my way to use the another weapon just for the sake of changing it up a bit. Before, rebllion proved so strong, that it was pointless to use other weapons for dante. The firearms on the other and were not that great for this DmC, i have to admit. the charge shot wasnt really selling it for me at least. As for devil trigger, i like how colors and surrounds sort of change, but the way demons just rise up is annoying, by the time i bring them down, DT is half gone, and your only using it on one enemy. the slow m when killing the last enemy is really nice touch, and love the grapple hooks addition to the game. The story is pretty simple, building up to the last boss fight, but at least you are not thrown into fighting demos in the previous games without knowing who is what and whats your goal in the game. Its a bit of a cliche making the brothers enemies in the end, we all knew a fight was coming, but dont make it the last and final. It just ruins the story. Plus the dlc, I didnt buy that vergil just went evil after spending all his life fighting demons and searching for his brother. Dante may have sightly betrayed him, but only to ensure humans have true freedom from demons. they shouldve went with dante vs. vergil fight on mission 19, and later mundus fight as the final boss. I dont why everyone is hating on vergil too, hes still badass here and actually has a goal and some character development, in dmc3, you have no idea why you are fighting vergil, just because he wants more power, please... all in all, it was an amazing game, superbly made, in support of unreal engine. The plot does need a little more mystery, characters, and a satisfying twist. Expand
  43. Nov 19, 2013
    Fantastic game! I really didn't expect to have this much fun when I started playing. It's making me want to take it slow and enjoy the awesome world depicted in the game for fear of finishing it too fast and not finding something else as good. I created an account on metacritic just now to write this review for one great game. One of the best of this generation.

    If you notice all the
    'Negative' reviews on here are for fans of the PS2 games dissing it for no good reason. The game improves upon the older games in every aspect. Yes, I have played the older games and I like this one a lot better. Expand
  44. Feb 5, 2014
    This game is better than I expected. Combat is mostly pretty smooth and still feels pretty good when you play on higher difficulties and pull something elegant off. It's much easier on the whole though. There are very very few real bosses and none of them are really at all difficult. Odd for a game that's entirely action based.

    The atmosphere is excellent in terms of visuals, stage
    design is creative but platforming is simple and less imaginative. The characters range from bland to somewhat likable but Dante is cringe worthy until about the middle where he sort of fades out.

    The plot is simple and paced fairly well. Plus it was the rental for last month so not a bad deal for ps+ users. For free you might as well try it if you like action and have time. Otherwise, it's something you can afford to miss.
  45. Dec 5, 2013
    Ok, let me set this record straight. Yes, this game has no real connection to the original four Devil May Cry games. It is set into a different universe with a different origin story of the two brothers. However, as a stand alone game, it's not bad. Technically that's what it is. What this game does is tell an alternate story of Dante. This is actually no different than the Legend of Zelda games. Think about it, there are three different timelines after Ocarina of Time, now take three games from each timeline such as Twilight Princess, Wind Waker, and the Adventure of Link. These three are separate universes and DMC is the same when it comes to Devil May Cry. People are judging this because it doesn't go for the same plot, it doesn't have the same look for the characters, but is that really such a bad thing? This is Capcom working with Ninja Theory for the first time, and sure, it's not the best but it's not the worst either. The only reason I didn't give this game a full 10/10 is because of a few things: there are a few plot holes, the game was ridiculously easy, and the game didn't have as many bosses as its alternate-universe predecessors. But judging it because it doesn't follow the story or the same portrayal of the original games is petty and annoying and I'll thank you to leave Dante's look or the story out of your complaints. Expand
  46. Jan 22, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Ok, have to clear this up. this game deserves much more than a 4.9, which is the current user score.


    I'm a veteran of the devil may cry franchise, been playing since the 1st one. While I'm very attached to the old dante (as attached as you can be to a character you know so little about), as a video game (and DMC) enthusiast, I can't let that get in my way.

    This game is technologically and critically head and shoulders above previous installments in the franchise. While I think it may have happened a little bit too soon, I really hope to see a sequel to this game.

    I never felt attached to old Dante. He was always just some badass in a red coat with a sword. and that was awesome. I've always felt that the DMC story line was obscure to mask a lack of coherence. With the Reboot, we're able to know the characters so much more. You get to watch this young, lost badass become the **** talking demon hunter we know and love. You get to watch him build a bond with his lost brother and then see this bond torn away, wo witness the borth and growth of characters and relationships like previous DMC games never even thought about doing.. old DMC never made me feel anything, except "that was awesome". With Neo-Dante, it's so much more awesome, and also emotional. great story, great fastpaced and open ended frantic action gameplay leave most people behind. it's too "hardcore" for some people. and with better story telling and game play.

    This game is great. anything below a seven is unwarranted, submitted by an uneducated and/or stubborn and/or ignorant and/or narrow minded fanboy
  47. Mar 6, 2014
    O.K for the sake of being honest I have played very little of the other DMC games mainly watching my brother playing it. So as a newcomer I liked this game I found the others to hard and would generally would not play this kind of game, it was the main guy Dante who pulled me in and there lies the controversy of this game.

    Die hards of the game will hate the new look and new attitude of
    Dante but as a newcomer it does not bother me to much. The game is a lot easier than previous entries in the series but if you still want the challenge there are plenty of difficulty's to choose from including the Dante must die mode and heaven and hell or if you are really hardcore hell and hell.

    But this is a GOOD game and if you have not played a DMC game before and if you are not a fan of fighting games (normally I hate them) I would still recommend it.

    The Good- Excellent level design the world feels like it wants and actively tries to kill you
    The Bad- Negative scores given by fanboys unfairly scoring this game 0's 1's 2's
    The Ugly- Oh Ninja Theory why would you do that with the wig hair joke you really thought that was a good idea?

    Final Verdict: 8/10 A Dam Good Game
    Have a look at it even if you generally don't play fighter games like me.
  48. Jan 3, 2014
    First things first: I'm a very big DMC series fan. And I was a fan who no longer give much importance to the series. Now thanks to this game: Dante is back and in shape! GoodBye Nero (was that the name?). DmC is a very cool action game!! I really loving this game! I'm writing this review in half of my progression in the game and I want to play a second time.. maybe third.

    The Gameplay
    (10/10): super smooth, very fast and very rewarding! super mega big combos with lots of weapons in the air in the gound where ever you want! I think is the most rewarding dmc game in gameplay! Big smile in my face when I hear "SADISTIC" in a hollow voice lol. very cool. Really, this game makes me laugh of pleasure. To the fans they should play in nephilim mode, is more difficult and it's not very easy to reach the SSS rank (only once in my playtrough). Man the weapons are a delight!!! Nice addiction the training mode, very useful!!

    The Graphics (9/10): put this simple Limbo is a very beautiful place.. shame is full of demons the producers gave much love to this city very colorful and is always changing top down bottom up! cool the city changes when we walk on it! seriously often stopped just to rotate the camera and see the scenery. so much happens in those landscapes that we can not see due to the frantic combat.

    The Sound (9/10): in my opinion the best in the series. period. i remember playing dmc3 and was boring always the same music. Now yes this is a soundtrack. Heavy metal with electronic music. cool stuf with many different tunes that give perfect balance to what we see on screen. The music is dynamic to, depending on your performance in combat and style. The voice acting is great!! great job!!

    Conclusion: Ninja Theory respects DMC and is fans: as we play the game we understand it. Thanks to their imagination the series will not die because it seemed to be the destiny of Dante. The world of gaming has changed a lot and DMC needed to change to. I dont understand that low scores!! why?!!! Dont want the newcomers to play this amazing action game?! Now make yourself a favour go play this game and have a hell of a good time (hell man!!) with style!!

    Dante is back!! with lots of style! never thought I'd say this again!

    Almost forgot: Dante! very nice kid. super style and bad ass!! always mocking! I was tired of that kind of japanese super hero/manga/anime from past games. this dante is more human. much more human. very well designed with great attention to detail. and is story is simple but fun and better than past games. And Vergil is very cool to. For me better than dmc3.

    Cons: I can not give a 10 I wish I could because this game got it all, but I cant because is a little to short. Some missions are way to small (like make a few jumps and kill a few demons) but on the other hand this game screams repeatability all the way. I just finish and I must play two or more times to finish everything I left behind. And it's fun to play so it will not be boring. Another thing: where's the taunt button (this one is personnel)?!

    PS.: that Devil Trigger is cool stuff.. again the "cool" word!!
  49. Mar 16, 2014
    Not being a fan of the original games, and frankly, hardly giving them a chance is what may make me seem rather bias throughout this review. However, I still feel I am entitled to what I have to say, so here I go.

    DMC is, at least in my eyes, a decent game. Is it great? No. Does it have innovative, revolutionary mechanics? Far from it. Is it fun? Definitely.

    DMC takes you through
    multiple environments, allowing you to hack, slash and bash your way through using a score based melee system. The game contains multiple collectibles and challenges, the former mostly in the form of keys, and the latter in the form of doors, opened using said keys. Each challenge is effectively a little combat or platforming section, in which you must navigate or battle your way through to an objective. Rather uninspired, but quite a lot of fun.

    In terms of characters, they seem rather unlikable and not all that unique. Full of cliches and phrases which only seem to be achieved through Western developers, they offer very little to the plot, and only serve as stepping stones (and occasionally, obstacles) in what seems to be the games heart; combat. Don't be expecting A-grade writing on the story, either; just another cliche which feels rather tiresome and dull.

    The killer feature of the game is it's combat system, which is fluent and almost perfect, making use of multiple weapons and equipment, with a set of upgrades purchasable from the store. The environments also feel unique; leaping through limbo in the style of a news broadcasting station or a dance club is rather entertaining.

    Overall, the game is lacking quite a bit, but I still feel it isn't deserving of the drastically low scores people seem to be giving it. It's an okay game; not terrible, not great. I can see how it may be insulting to an original DMC fan, but the best cure for that is to not think of it as DMC at all, but a spinoff, an extra, a little sideshow.
  50. Jan 8, 2014
    To all who hated the DmC: Devil May Cry game listen this game is a remake of the old Devil May Cry and as a loyal fan I think it really, but Dante's character could had been better written instead of him being a or "Emo". Although DmC: Devil May Cry has a few issue like gameplay, easily getting a triple S (SSS) ranking, the no aiming system, and a few other things but if you guys have face issue please comment them. This game is really amazing and Ninja Theory please as a fan to the series all of us DmC: Devil May Cry fans and Devil May Cry fans we want to see more and oh my god if we get to play with either DmC: Devil May Cry with Dante's father, Trish, Lady, and even Nero and guys side note here the chick from the second Devil May Cry isn't memorable as Lady and Trish. Ninja Theory we can't wait to see what you can do for this next generation of gameplay hell it would be amazing to see including a Devil trigger a Angel Trigger oh my god that would awesome or even other new gameplay features we never got in the old Devil May Cry. Expand
  51. Jan 9, 2014
    This is the first time I've posted how I've felt about a game online b/c it's the first time I thought I really needed to, I feel this way because the game had really great reviews from critcs but sold a million copys under what capcom was expecting and for some reason people who played the game didn't like it no idea y though, all these reasons make me fear the are not going to continue the reboot and make a DmC 2, now onto how i feel about the game, the games been great so far decent graphics coupled by excellent gameplay and the story was pretty dam good, the old dmc for me was mediocre excludingg 4 wich was prty good I didn't really enjoy Dante as a charecter in the old. One but I liked him in this one ( I did this on an iPad so I apoligise in advance if it's hardto read. Expand
  52. Jan 24, 2014
    DmC is my biggest surprise of the year, and it is a shame that short-sighted fans have condemned the reboot simply based on Dante's character design.

    To start, I have played all the Devil May Cry's and DmC is my favorite. DmC is more fun, more clever and more stylized that all the DMCs before it. Switching between weapons mid-combo is a blast. You never know what to expect in limbo,
    and it is awesome to watch levels transform as you make your way through them.

    The most important thing to note though, is that the new Dante is so much more relatable than the old Dante. The first time a ridiculous demon appears and the level transforms, and Dante says, "What the **** **** You will be right there with him.
  53. Jan 29, 2014
    This game has everything you want from the devil may cry series and more. The third installment in the series left me a bit stale but after playing this game I loved it. The weapon system, style system, item system, further content afterwards. EVERYTHING about this game was done right. Keep up the great work.
  54. Feb 8, 2014
    This game is fun as hell. Sure it's not the same as the first 3, (I played those as well) but it's still a great game. The voice acting for Dante is kinda meh at points but the game was still really fun. **** the negative reviews.
  55. Mar 2, 2014
    I loved the old games, and this one certainly did not disappoint me. A reboot is not supposed be about making the exact same thing over again, like Halo 1. Let the masterpiece be before you mess with what is perfect. If you don't like it just don't play. They did a great job with a new story and some very well developed characters. The game is still wide open to take alot of the same roads as the last one. I am looking forward to the sequel and stealing the hair cut! Expand
  56. Apr 1, 2014
    I don't undestand all the bad/evil critics...**** awesome game..Varieted gameplay, lots of weapons and cool combos to use. Just don't get a 10 because I didn't liked the end.
  57. Mar 25, 2014
    great game. Combat system is very addictive but kind of repetive, storyline is not very satisfying ( not what i bought the game for though), soundtrack is amazing, and the weapon unlocks, and special moves are pretty cool too.
  58. Apr 6, 2014
    I played because it in PS plus, and woah! I really like it. Full action packed game, challenging combats that makes you think how to beat enemies that have weak and strong points. I also found characters more charismatic than in the former games.
  59. Apr 30, 2014
    I myself like the game entirely. Graphic wise it was a piece of art. The game style and the play remind me a bit of infamous so I could jump in right away. Also its a new story so any one could jump in and understand a bit what is going on.
    Overall I give this game a ten since even after you play it over and over its still pretty good and the hardest difficulty is really amazing, a good
    experience. Expand
  60. May 4, 2014
    An absolutely fantastic and true addition to the DMC universe. Being a dedicated fan od the original series that has played through all versions multiple times (especially 4), I can honestly say that this game fits in almost perfectly, and I dont say this in a negative way. Everything from the combat, environments, soundtracks and storytelling fell DMC, but they refreshingly are not just more of the same. The combat fundamentals I suppose are easier to master, however the endless possibilities for strategies and of course combos are what sets this version apart. Being able to switch weapons instantly mid combo is such a leap above having to pause the game there isnt much argument here. The wide open level design with floaty platforms are such a pleasure to float through with the angel lift, and the atmospheric soundtracks really add to the sense of flying. The story pays so much to the original lore a true fan cannot helped to be moved by it. I m quite upset that I, like many others, passed this title up originally just on the character redesign (which actually plays so nicely into this prequel). I can only imagine how incredible a sequel would be from NT, heres hoping capcom gives them the opportunity. Expand
  61. UCA
    May 5, 2014
    It's a diffcult game. But I think this game is too simple because you really only can be two skills, dodge an attack and attack with your weapon or magic.
  62. Jun 5, 2014
    This game is criticized heavily by the haters mostly due to the fact they are too in love with the previous Dante to appreciate a new one, which I'd be all too sympathetic with if not for how much a tool he was in Devil May Cry 4. If anything a reboot saved the original Dante from any further degradation. While DMC may never take the place of devil May Cry 3 in my heart, it has a lot to offer that people going into it wanting the game wanting to hate it will unfortunately miss. The combat was very fluid, and chaining hits together was easier and significantly more satisfying than in previous titles, admittedly the game had no manual lock on, but that was never as much of a problem as some people would make it out to be, enemies didn't suddenly disappear off-screen leaving you at the mercy of your blindside as the camera was responsive and seemed to know exactly what you wanted to focus on. I found new Dante had more depth as a character and developed a lot more over the course of the game than previous Dante who seemed to subscribe to a single personality trait (cockiness) through most of Devil May Cry 3, only showing an ounce of humanity near the end while it counted and through ALL of Devil May Cry 4 where he was a complete tool. The levels were well designed, and often tried to mix it up with a bit of platforming, which was cool. Devil trigger was awesome, a huge improvement, though I think the way new Dante obtained it was quite lack luster compared to original Dante. My only real issue with the game was the story, it felt very disconnected? Like there was the main objective of the game, which is obvious from the start, but to reach it you had to go through a lot of random and unconnected events, on top of that, while bosses that were in it were good, there seemed to be fewer than in the previous Devil May Cry's and I don't think they are as memorable as them in all honesty. The weapons were boss, you could attain some insane combos swapping between them, and I don't think there was a single one I didn't get on with, though I did favour the Aquilus, I won't lie.
    That's pretty much it to be honest, it's unfortunate this game got so much stick and while it has it's bad points, it's got plenty more good points to make up for it. This game won't be for everyone, if you're one of those people who is practically in love with original Dante and are completely against the idea of him changing then steer clear of the game, you'll go into it with a bad mindset and look for reasons to hate it. If you're more open minded, and like me favour original Dante, but can accept the idea of a reboot after they practically butchered him in DMC4, give it a try, it'll be like a breathe of fresh air. Though be prepared for some cheesey puns, because they were CRINGE-FULLY cheesey.
  63. Jun 30, 2014
    Finished the game & the Vergil's Downfall DLC. I must say, i'm impressed. Haven't play any of the DmC game before, so this is my first experience with the series. This game is awesome. Story of Dante & Vergil, the son of Eve & Sparda, Angel & Demon. Makes them a being called Nephilim. The only race that could defeat the demon king, Mundus. The story is quite simple though, just Dante, seeking revenge for killing his mother, while Vergil is trying to find "Freedom".

    Plus point:
    - The new Dante is super badass! Like the coolest action hero for 2013. He is totally a memorable character.
    - A great battle system. Combo, combo, & combo. You can make your own combination and make an endless combo.
    - Well weapon style that can be upgraded, brings the battle to a whole new level. Maxed out all of your weapon level and you will have a superb Dante.

    Minus point:
    - While the story is okay, the DLC's story was just crap. I mean it's cool that we get to play as Vergil, but the story itself is a total crap.
    - I don't usually play this kind of game. I started with the Demon Hunter difficulty, and it proves to be real hard for me. I guess the game itself is hard enough.

    I enjoyed the game, although i'm not a fan of that genre. 8/10 for a great game.
  64. Jul 15, 2014
    Few games manage to make difficulty a genuine selling point, but the Devil May Cry games are an example of just that done well. DmC is not just a difficult combat driven game though; by re-envisioning the game series from a more western perspective, the game has been more grounded in western culture and as such this iteration has a far more engaging story compared to previous games in the series,

    Gameplay wise, this is as you'd expect. There's a multitude of weapons, various different styles of combat and movement, and all of this is mapped to the controller in such a way that you'll need the use of every button. It's masterfully crafted, and while some changes are made, such as the guns being far less powerful in this incarnation of the series, it's all still very skill focused. There are less moves in this game compared to Devil May Cry 4, but what is here is plentiful and true mastery of these combat mechanics would take years. Any DMC fan wanting the challenge of previous games will not be disappointed, particularly with the additional difficulties unlocked after the first playthrough. Level design is very well set up, with storyline reasons behind the otherworldliness of the levels. Platforming sections break up the action well and fit nicely with the controls. Lastly there's the boss battles all of which fit the theme, require specific tactics and mastery of the controls; actually change their patters and tactics on different difficulty levels; and are genuinely inventive in design.

    Storyline wise, whilst nothing groundbreaking in fiction, the story is a good example of an anti-corporate story in which a disenfranchised anarchic man-child learns to put his abilities to use to take down the corrupt corporate world powers who are, in this case literally, demonic evil. It's very reminiscent of They Live and has elements of George Orwell's 1984. Derivative sure, but well written, well paced, and an interesting attempt to tell an engaging story with a franchise that had previously never attempted to be more than a cheesy over-the-top animé.

    All in all this is one of the best action games made in years and barring a few textures issues, slight screen tearing during cutscenes oddly though thankfully not during gameplay; this game has no real notable flaws. It's sad really that this site will be filled with pathetic squawking fanboys rating it unreasonably low because the developers changed Dante's hair colour (something they actually did for a story purpose that as a fan of the series I quite appreciated actually). If you see this game get it, the easy difficulty is accessible but still challenging for new players, while the extended difficulty modes will keep veteran fans going for years; couple that with a decent and well told story and you can't go wrong. An easy recommendation.
  65. Aug 22, 2014
    Okay, so I'm usually against giving 0 scores, very few games deserve it, but this is one of the few. Now, I'm not basing this on the games thematic content, at least, not entirely. There's plenty of games whose content, characters and/or settings I find objectionable, but who's game play makes up for it; examples being Bayonetta and Jet Set Radio: the oversexualization of Bayonetta seemed like it was pandering to under sexed nerds and Jet Set Radio revolved around a bunch of taggers and graffiti "artist", that being a medium I despise and seems to only attract the scummiest people; but both those games exhibited amazing and addictive I really can't say no to them. DmC, however, does not have good gameplay.

    I was even kind of excited about this game when I first heard Ninja Theory was doing it; of course I didn't like the douchey/eurotrashy look of Ninja Theories Dante, and I certainly didn't like the Combichrist on the soundtrack (you know, that band that people working at the Hot Topic think is industrial) but I had played Heavenly Sword, and the first half of Odyssey To The West and my general view was that both these games ran out of budget, and could have been great, given they had the time and money to finish them; so naturally, I thought "oh, but now they're getting a Capcom budget, so they'll have the time and the money". Sadly, as events unfolded, and the director got the spot light on him and more was revealed about his "philsophy" of game-making it became apparent that the flaws in these games were not due to circumstance, but were, in fact deliberate. They're one of those studios that buy into that accesible/cinematic/character driven form of game making, which I think is completely asinine, because, you know, just make a **** move if you want to do that **** So the combos aren't shallow in their games because they didn't have time to make a better fighting system, the platforming isn't easy and obvious because they didn't have the budget to develop it more, and the level design is bland because "they don't want to detract from their characters personality by making the world the focal point". And they brought that exact philosophy to DmC. It's easy, it's boring and it's simple, exactly like all Ninja Theory's games, and now they don't have that budge/time excuse to fall back on. Sure it looks nice, graphically (not so much design wise), but what's that thing people say about form without substance?

    The most horrific thing about this though is that this the polar opposite of what Devil May Cry was, and what fans really wanted; just how different is almost unfathomable. All the styles, and the moves and the huge arsenal, they're all non-existent, or reduced to a fraction, in this game; and why not? This games so god damn easy that you'd never need to use any of that, which is also a serious departure from Devil May Cry. Also, the frame rate has been halved from the last game, and it's a different engine (unreal), which means you can expect textures popping in and out all over the place.

    And, of course, I do have to talk about the characterizations and story a little bit; it's just so stupid and juvenile. Dante has no flair, or style and is completely unlikable as a character; he looks like one of those white kids you see begging for change in Berkeley California, you know, the ones that are just rebelling against their rich parents. And, actually, everyone in this game is pretty unlikable; it's like they took all the characters from the original series and intentionally made them their polar opposites.

    And that's probably kind of what they did. The director had no problem telling people he didn't like the Devil May Cry series for its gameplay or it's content, so he had no problem bastardizing it and inserting what he thinks is "cool", because, you know, he knows best, obviously; and what's cool is, apparently, juvenile and asinine behavior from man-babies. It's actually kind of funny, if you look at a picture of this guy you'll see how big his ego is; his Dante is, essentially, an exaggerated version of himself, from the clothes to the haircut.

    I just can't understand Capcoms decision to hand this franchise over to such a young company that had no love for the series. There's an episode of South Park about the fourth Indiana Jones movie, you know, the one we pretend never happened. In the episode Stan, I think, has a nightmare where Lucas and Spielberg corner Indiana Jones and, literally, rape him...and that's what this game is: it's a eurotrash director who listens to bad contemporary industrial music and has a stupid haircut taking Dante, bending him over and raping him; raping him til' he's angst-ridden and obnoxious.
  66. Oct 17, 2014
    DmC: Devil May Cry

    Game-play:The game play of this game is very good with fast combos and lot of weapons with the new weapon select system that is great and fast but the game is easy very easy even in the hardest difficulty level and the boss fight are not that good as it was on the original Devil May Cry.

    Story:The story is fun and interesting the only thing that ruins the story of
    this game is the character development that sucks the Dante have nothing in common with the classic Dante the only female in the game Kat is uninteresting and the Virgil one of my favourite characters in the original sucks as well.But the reboot in decent it gives us some completely different story from the original and that is partly good,it will keep you about 7 to 8 hours.

    Graphics:I do not thing that the graphics in this game are so special.

    Notes:I hate Dante's new look and the biggest mistake that i think this game done is the completely change look of the ebony and ivory the two bad ass should buy this game if you are a hack n slash fun especially when it get a price drop.
  67. Oct 2, 2014
    The gameplay itself and some of the design is pretty good, however the storytelling is extremely cheesy and I personally couldn't get immersed in the story at all. Character development feels rushed and the "plot twist" is barely a twist.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 40 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 37 out of 40
  2. Negative: 0 out of 40
  1. Jul 30, 2013
    If nothing else, DmC is sure to entertain with many hours of button hammering, fizzing combat. However, the experience as whole has hugely benefitted from a reboot and those who are familiar with the series will appreciate the new features and relish the opportunity relive Dante’s origin story. DmC, as a combat driven action title has held together the soul of the franchise, while enhancing all in-game features to create a unique experience for everyone.
  2. Ninja Theory deserves credit for not only delivering smooth combat and telling an entertaining story, but also for crafting detailed character models without lip-synch errors, who show real emotion and wear clothing that moves along with them. This is what a 2013-game should look like. [February 2013, p.72]
  3. Mar 12, 2013
    Ninja Theory are calling the DMC shots now and they're doing it well. The fighting mechanics are a little bit easier to master and perhaps not as deep as before, but on the other hand the storytelling is improved with skillfully crafted cutscenes. Put up with a rather dull introduction and you're in for a great game.