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  1. Jun 22, 2011
    Good game, nice story, lots of loot and there is nothing else like this right now.
    Playing the PC version with xbox gamepad, otherwise the keyboard mouse controls are horrendous.

    Graphics is OK, but I found a strange bug, changing the Texture quality from low to highest, changes nothing and the game looks the same.
    All 4 texture size settings look the same, its like its always showing
    same size of textures, i checked my VRAM and the size of used memory stays the same.
    I donâ
  2. Jun 24, 2011
    As others have noted, I too am unclear as to why there is such an unmitigated flow of hatred for this title. Anyone rating this title lower than a 6 needs their head examined. For instance, a score of 3 would put it on par with the Wii's "Babysitting Mama" title. And fools are throwing 0's around, are you kidding me? Let's get it right, 0's are for completely broken and unplayable titles. The graphical polish alone makes this title deserving of a 4 -5. The controls are not completely broken, I don't know what that griping is all about, no it's not as point and click as Diablo, but... who said it was going to be? Use your keyboard and mouse and it's fine. There's a fairly deep character building system here. It's not just a talent tree that you put points into. There are multiple abilities that you unlock, once unlocked you can put points into them in one of two ways generally leaning the skill towards offense or defense. Abilities can be "mastered" allowing you to perform even more powerful versions of those abilities with different effects than normal. The pace, though generally a little slow, can get quite manic in large battles. The fact that you can't just click click click spam spells or attacks through combat is refreshing; you need to be a participant in battle in order to restore your focus (mana) and block attacks (so you don't get your ass beat) There is no potion quaffing here, the best you can do is your character's heal over time spell. I guess I can't really say anything that hasn't been said, check out Game Informer's review, it's pretty legit. DO NOT LISTEN TO THE HATERS, this title definitely belongs in the 7-8 range, which is what you'll see from nearly all professional critics. The title is solid, it's not broken, and while it doesn't do anything amazingly well, it doesn't do anything completely wrong either. There is room for improvement, but as it stands it's an enjoyably fun dungeon romp, especially with friends. Expand
  3. Nov 2, 2011
    I'm a huge RPG fan, so I decided to give Dungeon Siege 3 a try, even when I never played any of the previous games. Let's say it has been a mixed experience. You have 4main characters, all with their own unique skills and upgrades. The game can be played alone or with a friend with local or online co-op (online has 4 player limit while offline has 2). The co-op is not that interesting, mainly because the camera has a mind of it's own while you can't zoom in or out anymore, ...when playing alone though, you are able to zoom in very closely. I personally prefer to see my character and enjoy the armor he/she is wearing. That brings me to the next point... the armor isn't interesting since many look-a-like. Weapons are ok, but have the same basic attacks. Another negative point is the dialogue, most of the voice acting is fair or even bad, especially one of the main characters, Katarina, one of the worst in my game history. Also when having a conversation with characters, your back is always turned towards the camera, and there is almost no movement of any of the characters, they just stand there... talking. So the conversation isn't that compelling as (for example) Dragon Age. .... Don't get me wrong though, not EVERYTHING is bad about this game. It still has a fun combat system, though a bit repetitive after awhile, and the RPG elements qua choice are all there. You realy feel your choices have an impact on the story progression. In the end, the game feels ok but could've been much better, especially if they'd improved the co-op experience. If you can get this game cheap, then give it a try... because it's not realy worth the full price tag. Expand
  4. Jun 21, 2011
    Not sure what game the people on the left column are playing, but it must not be dungeon siege 3. The best thing I can say about this game is that it's pretty, which is why it gets a 3. Voice acting is **** storyline is poorly delivered, boring and very skippable, controls are clunky at best and the multiplayer is really frustrating. With better controls and thought out multiplayer this could be a decent game to tool around in with your friends. I don't really see why anyone would want to single player this though. Expand
  5. Jul 1, 2011
    Better than FFXIII. Cums across as a bit designed-by-committee, but there's still enough there 2 entertain an RPGer til Skyrim.
    There seem 2 b a lot of PCers complaining that it's dumped down 4 consoles & looks like it should have ful out 5 years ago - get ova yourselves! The visual style is reminiscent of Baldurs Gate & suits the mood of the world - not every game has 2 test the power of
    the new graphics card mummy & daddy bought u.
    Sure this is flawed, but still good fun - something many high profile titles 4get about.
  6. Sep 19, 2011
    Do not give this game the time of day, especially if you have high expectations for dungeon crawling as the title suggests, plus it's not a free-form, exploration CRPG, its more of an adventure/action game and only 10 hours of it at that. Wait for Skyrim before buying this game, and rent this tripe if you have to check it out; never lay down the full asking price for this game. I can't believe the people who gave this a 10, they must lead very shallow lives or work for the company or know someone working for the company. There's no depth at all to the game, no global sense of what you do in the main story (are there other paths to follow than the main story? Why argue about the main story if that's all you can do?). I've played plenty of CRPGs that allow you to follow other paths and put the main story aside until you're ready to pursue it, and they cost a fraction of what this title goes for. All this game may be good for are the neophytes to CRPG'ing; but even then, would you introduce someone new to this tripe? It would be cruel to mislead a newbie with this pure junk, they would hate you later once they discovered some real CRPGs (of which I won't mention because if you don't know them by now, you deserve this pure junk of a game). Expand
  7. Jun 24, 2011
    I Love The Smell Of Incompetence In The Morning....

    So who out there has played the demo..? any one ? ok good, if you answered yes keep with me here. now who all has played ds1 and ds2 ...still with me? great! you are doing very if you think im being patronizing its not directed at any one as a whole, more like at the industry and those who make it valid to have games like ds3
    even in existence...that is a sorry excuse of a game, even more so a ds title...and before any one jumps up my output let me say, i did START to play the full ver...I could not even get past what would have been more or less the demo with a dif "char" and i use that term so lightly it could pass as a none solid. This my friends is not even a dungeon crawling game..there is no char development to be spoke of. all game this days throw a "rpg" element in there just to say " we have player customization" !!! i know where the dev team comes from they have done some good work but come on there is little ground for me to stand on on saying this is good work for ANY dev team...i dont know what hair flew up AAA companies lately but turning over head strategic dungeon crawling rpgs into hacking and slashing fun time with the boys hey do you know what sounds good right now **** and beer story less char less skill less dump of really bad ideas with or with out the fact that its a game or not experiences. enter Dragon age 2 Diablo 3 is told to go back to its room...god blizz dont let me down now... Expand
  8. Jul 9, 2011
    Very good game, especially in the more pictures of the player ... And fees and beaten pretty nice also Problem in the beam is not large in the control and also the number of duplicate a little monsters

    by adil khojah
    from saudi arabia - jeddah city
    10-07-2011 sunday
  9. Mar 1, 2012
    In a way I feel kinda bad for giving this game only a 6 rating. Much of what is there is actually quite good but I have no patience at all for sloppy software and this game gets severe reductions for two issues. The first issue is a brutal camera that has a mind of its own and waivers around at its own will. Nothing about the camera deserves praise at all. Secondly and maybe only I experienced this is the installation of this game was the source of my PS3 stalling and not being able to hook up consistently to the Playstation Network or even internet. My system test indicated internet connectivity but not PSNetwork connectivity. When deleted everything restored and ran as usual. So thumbs down to Obsidian. Such a sloppy company. Ok, there is good i liked about the game- the skill trees and player choice in how to build their characters and customization was generally exciting and varied. Fantasy wise the enemies and creatures encountered made for some great gameplay. If one had more patience than I had I might actually speak well of this title. For me, I will reaquire the game when it is $15 or so and maybe try my luck again hopefully there is some patching or updates which fixed the issues I mentioned. If they solve those this game is worth a look then. Expand
  10. Sep 5, 2011
    Fun and interesting game, I don't feel like the graphics are good but they aren't terrible they're just outdated. when I think of something having good graphics I think of something like crysis 2 those are good graphics. anyways. Gameplay is like diablo or baldurs gate. ability system is ok. feels classic. controls are ok it's a typical hack and slash rpg so it's kind of hard to mess up controls in a game like this. there could be a different way of using abilities but half of them suck anyways so it's not a huge deal. story isn't bad but it's not going to change my life in any way shape or form. dungeon siege 3 isn't the best game ever but it's still fun to play. it feels like a lot of the old school hack and slashers that seem like a rare commodity these days. it's at least worth renting. Expand
  11. Jun 22, 2011
    This will be my first review in a different way, I will now review by if you should buy it no matter what (10), give it a look if you're interested (7), Rent ( 5) or don't even buy it (0). Now dungeon siege is in between a seven and a five because it has problems but it is still an okay game. Dungeon siege is a unique offline multiplayer game which i enjoyed, but everything else was bland. It's not bad or terrible, it is just that there are older games that are better and cheaper. So you should rent this for maybe a week because it's not worth sixty bucks. Dungeon siege is definitely a five because you can get this if you want, but I advise you to rent it. A little background to why is that the story is uninteresting, the characters don't built, and multiplayer online has some problems. Collapse
  12. Feb 23, 2013
    Hack n' Slash, dull story line and characters. You are led by the hand through an extremely linear game that you would expect in rpgs from the PS2 or PS1 generations. Hard to believe this game was released in 2010 because it looks like it was designed in 2004. You can't zoom in close to your one of four pre-made characters as you are kept at a sizable distance. Your AI companions only seem to come along with you just so you can constantly revive them. You'll waste your time in disappointment on this game. Expand
  13. Oct 5, 2011
    I loved it for the first 3 hours or so. Nice graphics, nice cutscenes, a lot of dungeon crawling and loot to procure. But then it just got a little... "meh". I just could not stand it on the last hours and just wanted to get through with it. I actually don't know what it's missing, though... maybe more personality, I don't know. I hear they plan on releasing a DLC to expand the level cap. But... is anyone playing still this? Expand
  14. Jun 28, 2011
    This game doesn't hold the same feel of the original D.Siege series. It has a semi-linear skill leveling mechanism where all playable characters will have, eg. Attacking skill, some buff/de-buff skill and healing skill. However this games have its own share of pros, this game presents its story telling quite interestingly. Graphic "whores" might enjoy this game as well as the graphics are sharp and colorful, however its character model's could have been better. Overall, this game's gameplay, storytelling and mass amount of loot had done enough to entice some veteran RPG players like myself. 6/10 for me Expand
  15. Jun 21, 2011
    Ok lets start here. If your expecting a Dungeon Siege game with this 3rd installment. Your not gonna get it with this title. What made DS 1&2 does not make it into 3. However so far of what I have played on it it seems to be a fairly solid RPG with really good graphics. Now back to what's not in the game if you were expecting DS3 to at least be somewhat like DS 1&2 1) Death - Don't die it's game over and back to last save point.

    2) Save Points - They are in set area's you can not save and exit the game where ever you want.

    3) Skills - You no longer can just use w/e weapon you want and build your character from their. The Hero you pick as your starting character will determine what abilities and gear you will be using.

    4) Large groups - Nope not here. Party size is limited to 2 characters.

    5) DS2 was fairly linear in terms of where you went especially compared to DS1. However that's nothing compared to how straight DS3 is. One of my most beloved aspects of DS1 was the world, and picking different ways to travel to various locations.

    6) Controls are way different in this versus the others

    All in all it's not a bad game or rpg however I do dislike them using the Dungeon Siege name to sell their title. As pretty much everything that made Dungeon Siege what it is. Is not in DS3
  16. Jun 22, 2011
    I'm thoroughly enjoying this hack and slash adventure, and would recommend it to anyone looking for a good romp through monster ridden wilds. I didn't go into this game with any real expectations; I've never played a previous Dungeon Siege title and was really just looking for some Diablo-esque action. While this game doesn't break any new ground, it also doesn't have any glaring flaws and it maintained a strong fun factor through to the end.

    Graphics: All in all the game is presented fairly well. The graphics are a little weak for a next gen system, but it's also an isometric camera driven game so I can forgive the semi-bland character models. The environments and spell effects are all beautifully done and create a very fun world to traverse.

    Sound: Your standard RPG fare here, orchestral backdrop pieces set the mood, and every action has a gratifying effect to back up the visuals. Combat noise is on key and responsive to the action happening on screen, though the voice acting is a little hit or miss. Some characters are very well done and fun to listen to, while others are flat and just reading lines off of a page.

    Gameplay and Presentation: The combat was actually quite fun, despite the limited character progression paths I enjoyed the way that combat forces you to be active. You need normal attacks to fuel special attacks, and special attacks to fuel defensive abilities (heals, etc.) There are no potions, and no mana, so everything is based around this circle of combat and I felt it all worked very well and kept you engaged in what you were doing. There is a story working in the background, predictable and straightforward as it may be, that serves it's purpose to drive the game forward. Short and simple, if you're looking for a replacement for your old Dark Alliance games on PS2, look no further. This is a good, old fashioned, linear hack and slash title just like those. Little known blurb for everyone, actually. Obsidian Entertainment, the developer for DSIII, was formerly known as Black Isle Studios, the publisher of the Dark Alliance games. My only real qualms with the presentation were a slightly claustrophobic camera angle and the lack of focus on the visual appearance of your character. You barely ever get to see your hero, and when you equip new gear it's always for stats, not vanity. In fact you can't even see your character in the equipment screen, so what a new piece of gear looks like is inconsequential compared to it's stats. I would have liked a little more personalized of a loot system, but alas, c'est la vie.

    Performance: Everyone sees the brand Obsidian and immediately thinks bugs and glitches. Thankfully we're spared the brunt of that this go around. While there was some texture pop in and quirky camera moments, for the most part the game runs smoothly. Even when in heavy combat with local co-op the game showed little to no slowdown regardless of how much was going on at one time. Now, I can't speak for the 4 player online but I at least know that it handles couch play well.

    So, here's where the bias kicks in, small rant for me here - from what I've seen everyone who's ever played an older Dungeon Siege title is flaming this game into the 7th circle of hell because it's a departure from the franchise. All I have to wonder about that is... did these people do NO research on the title before playing it? If you watched one gameplay video you'd see it plays more like Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance, Champions of Norrath and Diablo than the old Dungeon Siege titles. I feel as though the game is getting a lot of undue hate from people who were expecting something different, when the fault is on them for not researching their investment. In closing it's a fun game, with good local co-op if you're jonesing for a hold over until Diablo III, or just wanted some good Dark Alliance play back on a next gen system. It doesn't raise the bar or do anything revolutionary - but it's an easily accessible hack-and-slash with an intuitive combat system and a world that serves it's purpose long enough to sate your palette.
  17. Jul 28, 2011
    Really liked it a lot, and there are no similar games out at the moment. Controls are good, only the camera gets a bit shaky sometimes. Graphics, music and sound are really nice and give the game a good atmosphere.
  18. Jun 26, 2011
    Have had the game for over a week and still have not been able to play it because it will not even start. Have been dealing with Square Enix support since day 1 and still cannot play the game. As I have a recent ( less than year old) Alienware system fully up to date having the game for over a week now without any progress in playing is inexcusable.
  19. Jul 24, 2011
    This would have to be the worst game I've played in a very long time. It was aimed for the console to begin with. However, they released it with no control support, broken co op, and a half-assed.. 10 hour story. You'd best put your money elsewhere. It's one hell of a let down..
  20. Jul 23, 2011
    I usually read up on metacritic before buying a game and the mixed reviews on DS3 really made me question whether or not this game would be worth the asking price. But then I started reading to reviews that had the score 0, and found out that most of those where from people who had played the demo on PC or who hadn't gotten the game to start at all! So I went with my gut feeling and boy was I glad I did!

    DS3 offers a truly rewarding single player campaign, with a solid main plot and lots of subquests. Sure, It's fairly simple, and the breadcrumb system points you exactly where to go but that's the way with most quest based games today. The combat system feels simple at first but when you start experimenting with different equipment and stances, it becomes clear that there is depth and strategy involved, especially at later levels. The graphics and sounds are awesome, and I really like how that game is colorful and vivid compared to most modern games.

    All in all I could recommend this game to almost anyone looking for a solid and fun experience!
  21. Sep 25, 2011
    This game is really fun to play and quite engrossing, me and my girlfriend played this thoroughly we both loved it and she couldn't get enough of playing co-op with me. I really look forward to getting the DLC assuming it is not just a one mission DLC and is a whole new story branch. Would have been better having a four player local co-op though otherwise rather good game.
  22. Oct 28, 2011
    Game started out ok and it's fun to get lots of loot drops. But it reaches a point where you're doing an awful lot of running back and forth looking for another quest. So 14 hours in I was getting tired of just running around. Graphics are good and I liked the abilities, but I got bored with all the walking looking for the next step. The interface for changing gear is cumbersome and it would be better if it highlighted more clearly which gear item was an upgrade. Of course you figure it out but it feels like time wasting to scroll down to highlight a useless item as viewed and be constantly going back to the gear screen to see if a drop is an upgrade. Expand
  23. Jul 31, 2013
    A very simplistic, yet strangely addictive game. It's nothing compared to DS 1 and 2, but if you can get this game for a good price, you can sink about 10 hours into the campaign.
  24. Apr 15, 2012
    Probably the most fun Co-op game I've played in a while that is not a Shooter, The game feels almost tailored like it was intentionally made for split screen, because that is the only reason to get it. Dungeon Siege III online was so horrific to the point that stabbing my self in the eyes with rust HIV ridden needles would make me happier, the biggest problem was that the gold is mutually shared between everyone, my friend and I found this out when we tried online and lost all of our money when someone came in for 2 minutes and suddenly left after visiting the vendor, at least in split screen you can turn to you friend and viciously maul them while implementing their cat as a flail, but online you pretty much have to bend down and take it profusely in the ass. One of the things the game has going for it is that you have a moral choice system that isn't so black in white for example; you can either chose to spare a villain because they could prove to be helpful to society and they are part of a dying race, or your could kill them because of an old tradition that believes in justice highly above all else and to punish them for the crimes they commit. 1 point in the games favor as well is that certain items are character specific so selfishness goes out the windows when it comes to opening chests. Overall if your having a friend over and you need to find a way to spend $30 and 10 - 12 hours of your time instead of drawing obscene images of genitalia on each others faces with sharpies when the other one passed out drunk you might be in luck. Expand
  25. Aug 15, 2012
    Wasn't a stand above the crowd great game, but it wasn't horrible either..
    1 play through is enough to get everything done, doesn't have any replay value at all..
    the visuals are average, the combat is average, the story is..... average, it's just an all round average game..
    Lot's of loot, but eventually you just feel liked your picking up trash, I didn't buy this game to take up a
    partime job as a janitor, (spoiler) and all the best gear can be bought right before the final boss, so no real point buying stuff in the game..

    If you see this for real cheap, pick it up, you won't be disappointed, but you won't be astounded either, just a few hours of fun, something a little different and nothing more..
  26. Jul 9, 2013
    The locations that you travel through in Dungeon Siege III are beautiful! However, I doubt you will find anything else in this game that will impress you apart from that. If you haven't played this game yet, you will be better off waiting two months for Diablo III!
  27. Feb 7, 2014
    Picked it up very cheap a few weeks ago. I love this game. Played it single player with "Treasures of the Sun" DLC too. Very good story and attention to detail. Didn't find one bug while playing it either. I cannot understand why there's so much hate? Ten from me - one of the best rpgs I've played in recent years . . .
  28. Jun 22, 2011
    This will be my first review in a different way, I will now review by if you should buy it no matter what (10), give it a look if you're interested (7), Rent ( 5) or don't even buy it (0). Now dungeon siege is in between a seven and a five because it has problems but it is still an okay game. Dungeon siege is a unique offline multiplayer game which i enjoyed, but everything else was bland. It's not bad or terrible, it is just that there are older games that are better and cheaper. So you should rent this for maybe a week because it's not worth sixty bucks. Dungeon siege is definitely a five because you can get this if you want, but I advise you to rent it. A little background to why is that the story is uninteresting, the characters don't built, and multiplayer online has some problems. Collapse

Mixed or average reviews - based on 52 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 21 out of 52
  2. Negative: 1 out of 52
  1. Oct 30, 2011
    If you like high-fantasy realms, but are willing to overlook alterations to what are ultimately some pretty arbitrary conventions concerning weapon types, and you have like-minded friends who'll play with you offline, Dungeon Siege III is definitely worth your time. If you're going to go it alone strictly for story and gameplay, then know that you've already played this game before in similar form, probably a dozen times.
  2. Sep 14, 2011
    It doesn't push the envelope aside from experimenting with gameplay but if you like this type of game you'll probably enjoy yourself as long as you speed through the story.
  3. Aug 11, 2011
    In short, Dungeon Siege III is a morass of flat characters, a story as dull as dishwater, and combat that manages to be both frustrating and boring.