• Publisher: CCP
  • Release Date: May 14, 2013
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Mixed or average reviews- based on 214 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Negative: 63 out of 214

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  1. May 14, 2013
    So much promise in this game. The large scope and massive immersion into the game is really rewarding. Looking forward to the game mechanics getting better. Great start to a FREE game! I also agree that if you enjoyed MAG, you will love this game.
  2. May 14, 2013
    The game as a whole is great fun. Find a corp, run with a squad, this is where Dust 514 shines. Decisions and battles actually matter in this game.

    Team Work Focused
    Real consequences for actions

  3. May 16, 2013
    Simply put, DUST 514 tries to run before it can walk.

    CCP needed to play-test and refine the FPS mechanics before adding any of the MMO elements into this game. It is now released, and the game feels like it runs at a peak of 15FPS. Meanwhile, the controls are maddening, and you feel like you're fighting the controller more than you are fighting the enemy. Add to it, a buggy, laggy,
    match interface, and extemely annoying map bugs, and you'll find yourself wanting to break your PS3, since there is no Disc to snap in half.

    Currently DUST is pretty bad at what it is trying to accomplish, and CCP has failed to correctly identify and produce that which FPS gamers enjoy about their genre of choice. Most importantly, regardless of things like balance, and P2W arguments, the game fails entirely at being a decent FPS game, and this is the foundation on which everything else in the game rests on.

    I personally want DUST to succeed, but as it stands, DUST doesn't even deliver on the most basic elements of FPS gameplay. Maddening controls, clunky interface, poor optimization, and broken mechanics, all serve to frustrate and work against any experienced FPS gamer. These players are very unlikely to stay, and these seem to be the target market for CCP, considering their push to release on a console.

    -It is free.
    -The Tranquility server.
    -The potential is boundless.

    -Horrible, rage inducing, controls
    -Poor optimization, 15FPS is not acceptable in a modern shooter.
    -Uninspired maps, each cluttered with bugs.
    -Cut and paste CoD game modes.
    -Linear, and uninspired skill progression.
    -The free player grind.
  4. May 14, 2013
    The game is awesome. After years of hard working, CCP give us (IMFO) a really good online shooter on PS3.
    Long life to you- CCP!

  5. May 14, 2013
    If you are looking for a battlefield simulator look else where. This game is underwhelming and is a challenge to enjoy even when playing with friends.
    Controls for ever facet of the game is clunky and akward. There is little freedom in the game and most fights are just a subpar mix of CS and BF merged into a badly sitched together game. the game has more features than what is really
    needed forcing you to be a noob till you have had a account active long enough to catch up skill wise (they train in real time) forceing casuals to use real money to try and even the playing field.
    Look somewhere else your time will be better spent playig another game.
  6. May 15, 2013
    Its complexity will likely turn Call of Duty fans away, but for a free game there isn't really any reason not to at least try the game. There is a micro transaction system in place, but instead of being pay to win, its more of a pay to get it faster situation. Buying mercenary packs isn't necessary to survive a fight. Being in squads and using team work is more important. CoD fanboys wouldn't understand that. Expand
  7. May 14, 2013
    All the people that gave this game a 10 are going off of it's potential. A potential that has yet to be realized. Fanboys are trying there best to save the game from getting bad scores or from being seen negatively by the public the game is bad plain and simple. Besides a 10 would mean it's perfect and you and anyone else who would rate Dust a 10 are lying to yourselves so you can feel better about Dust.

    While I would realistically rate this game a 6 to 7 maybe 7.5 on a good day it's core shooter mechanics are not tight at all it's a mess, graphics improved while I'm not looking for BF3 graphics this game is as poor on graphics quality as MOH:WF, frame rate never goes over 15, lag, poor hit detection.

    Maps are to big for player count, maps are to big for the current weapon ranges, things don't render properly, SP takes to long to accumulate to earn better gear, game modes are uninspired and not original Skirmish is basically BF conquest, no true weapon variety all weapons with in a certain class all look the same but they do different things...

    Instead of making an AR with single shot, semi auto, and full auto variants wouldn't it have been easier to make one gun with a select fire switch? They then could've focused on actually making more weapons different designs.

    Lack of weapon customization! This is a big one not only does my weapon look exactly like the guys standing next to me I can't make it my own. Fitting the way I want no I'll have to wait 6 months to a year for that and this game has been in beta for 1 year but in development way longer than that things like that should be here already.

    Dust has promise but it's a half baked FPS with no soul. If CCP would've tried to actually develop the game before putting it in beta it would probably be in a much better place right now! The only thing unique Dust offers is PC but who wants to fight over planets if the core of the game is sloppy?!
  8. May 14, 2013
    So much promise for the future of this game. Cant wait to see what this game would be like in 10 years and with the community we have now, we have a chance to get there.
  9. May 14, 2013
    A Free to play game, that links two games together in a huge universe, with Intense Corporation battles, Skill tress, and a dynamic First Person Shooter experience, makes this game one of the most innovative games in the past few years.
  10. May 14, 2013
    This is the best shooter I've played in years. It's still a work in progress, but this game has more potential than any other game out there right now.
    Take it from someone who was in the Planetside 2 Tech Test, and still plays it occasionaly today: THIS is the MMOFPS you want to be playing.
  11. SMC
    May 14, 2013
    Ive been playing this game since the closed beta, and just frankly....wow. The game's developers have actually listened to there beta forums which i'm sincerely impressed with, having an input into a genre I love has been pretty cool. This game has come on in leaps and bounds. Don't get me wrong, there are still some issues, but with the game being set in an already well established universe and CCP's already sterling record with their persistent MMORPG, EVE, this game has the potential to outlast the current clone FPS's available.

    The fact that this game is F2P, and with CCP doing there level best to ensure that this is the case by not allowing gamers to buy there way into something that isn't achievable by the hard slog of gaining skill points and earning the in game currency called isk is great. (Trivia fact: also Iceland's national currency, the home of CCP)

    I think i'm safe in saying that this game will impress anyone looking for something more meaningful than the 7th time they've just unlocked the AK47 (i think you know which game i'm talking about).
  12. May 15, 2013
    Finally a fps shoter that does not treat you like you're a moron. Tons of customization options and battles actually MEAN something. Took me a few days to learn the upgrade system but now tht i have it is like a game in itself!I recommend this game to anyone who like me was feeling like there was no point in playing BF3 or COD. In all honesty I had premium for BF3 and I sold it once I got into DUST! So to summarize try this game out it may take a few days to learn but once you do you may never go back, I haven't! PS THE UPRISING UPGRADE CAME OUT ON MAY 14th THE GAME IS COMPLETELY DIFFERENT NEW GRAPPHICS NEW CONTROLS STREAMLINED INTERFACE. If you tried ths game before and didn't like it come back download the update and give her another shot, you've got nothing to lose besides that burnt out feeling you get from most FPS's...PEACE! I'm out. Expand
  13. May 15, 2013
    the postive of of this game deep customization and depth
    the negatives very gear based, very poor aim mechanics, frame rate is horrible graphics takes forever to render, poor hit detection and core gameplay sucks
  14. May 15, 2013
    This game is really amazing. It looks/feels like triple AAA game and what is more interesting is that the concept itself promises so many things can be done further with future expansions/patches. I especially like the part where you need to corporate with teammates to win the battle. It requires strategy/teamwork to win not with item purchases. This is truly a free to play game and love it! Thanks for CCP making this game! Expand
  15. May 15, 2013
    This game is average at best. It is a free to play but pay to win type of game. Avoid it unless you want to be paying $60-$200 in order to survive. It is free to download though so I say give it a try. Who knows, you may just love it.
  16. GNN
    May 14, 2013
    a great and unique F2P concept that is already a good shooter with depth and customization never seen before in a FPS. Dusts connection with eve will push it past what shooters have ever attempted as long as they set a good foundation. the game still badly needs a solid new player tutorial [a must with the high learning curve] bigger and better grouping, better corp tools, proximity chat and a command structure similar to what MAG had [right now allied squads are completely cut off from each other and 16 voices in teamchat is a nightmare] with free updates this game can grow to be great if it tackles its few hiccups in the next two updates. Expand
  17. May 15, 2013
    This game is a poor mans FPS. Literally since it's "free" Now here is 2 major things you need to know about this game. It's free as long as you love the grind. And I mean korean mmo grind! You can shorten that grind by getting boosters, and boosters cost REAL CASH.

    Now you can play the game without paying a cent. but it will take awhile to unlock anything. like EVE kinda while.
    Yup, and here's the second thing.. If you never gave a rats ass About EVE ONLINE, or found it BORING then this game will be boring to you as well.

    As a FPS it's has some horrible mechanics. As a mmo. It does shine tho. Like a nerd is staples you'll love how much you can customize. EVE lore for one that cares nothing for it, will leave you playing a game thats a 4 out of 10.
  18. May 15, 2013
    The main game-play of Dust is ruined by terrible, frustrating controls. The rest of the game becomes irrelevant because it is all based around the player's ability to enjoy the FPS aspect; which is made impossible by the sluggish, syrup-like aiming mechanic. It could have been great, but potential does not make a good game.
  19. May 15, 2013
    This game is amazing its lagfree and its shooting mechanics are great. Just kidding this game is awful because it is laggy and the shooting and movement are very clunky. Not only that it is hard for new players and casuals to enjoy because they will go like 1-11 because of gear disadvatage. The only thing enjoyable about this game was the inertia dampener.

    The pros: inertia dampener

    The cons: everything
  20. May 14, 2013
    A fun fps, very in dept Skill system that appeals to the hardcore gamer, but with room for the casual. the only draw back that really need mentioning is the rather steep learning curve for a player new to the game. But once core elements are understood a very satisfying experience is to be had. well worth checking out.
  21. May 14, 2013
    Awesome game. Loving the progression, complexity, longevity, graphics. Tip: Please join a corporation. You will love this game even more. Voice chat is always fun and dynamic with good people and you will always enjoy matches and planetary conquest then!
  22. elm
    May 15, 2013
    just horrible lack of core mechanics in shooting and just lags such a grind to win game

    pros: nothing
    cons: lack luster, poor hit mechanics, you get stuck on every thing.
  23. May 15, 2013
    This game, just like anything CCP will ever make, has great promise. Unfortunately, it was released way too soon (even after having been announced on August 18, 2009). I don't know what CCP was doing with the nearly four intervening years, but they certainly weren't playtesting their own game on anything but their RAM-equipped developer hardware. The game is all but unplayable using either controller or mouse, and this is before you consider the unspeakably bad framerate you experience whenever you commit the sin of merely look towards an empty battlefield. Worse than this is how obvious it is that they are already upscaling the game's resolution from something pitiful.

    These criticisms aside, I would go so far as to say this game is important to the industry. I am not aware of another game that attempts to merge two games from the same universe in such a way that adds such depth to both. Having the fortune of being a CCP customer in the past, I am completely confident that CCP will iterate the hell out of this game (and for free, no less) while continuously working to fix what needs improvement. 9/10 for CCP, 5/10 for releasing this late-stage beta as a supposed "AAA title".
  24. May 15, 2013
    Such wasted potential. A lack of maps and game-modes, horrible controls, blurry graphics, and terrible weapon balance. Will the game eventually get better? Of course, but the game is now out of beta and in full release so there is no point holding back anymore. Everyone should download this game and give it a shot (it is free after all), but CCP blew it on this release.

    All that being
    said, the game is somewhat fun if played in a squad. The gameplay is full of hiccups but for the most part it's polished. I am only giving this game as high a rating as I am because of it's "potential" for future growth, which right now seems pretty bleak considering that this last patch was a downgrade in terms of gameplay and weapon balance. Expand
  25. May 14, 2013
    Its a very nice game a very nice improvement from the Beta

    but some weapons dont have a good aim and also there's alot of bugs and lack of maps dont know about EVE Online has those maps but yeah) it almost everything are microtransactions and the weapons are consumables like the dropsuits, but hey its free and if u like games like Battlefield and Planetside 2, then u should totally
    try out this game especially since it can go up to 16 vs 16. But this game is almost Pay to Win because the advanced/mid items and consumables involves Aurums, which u can get more in real cash.
    Overall this game has a lot of potential and since i heard that all their expansions will be free then i see this game can even be better then the Planetside series
  26. May 15, 2013
    One of the worst shooters I've ever had the misfortune of playing. Gameplay is so bad, it makes you wonder what the eff the developers were thinking when they were making this game. How anyone can think the actual core gameplay of this game such as shooting, movement, and driving vehicles is fun and not broken is beyond me. Guess they've never played one of the approximately 3,282 other shooters on the market that are mcuh better than Dust 514. Even at the low price of "FREE", I will not be playing this game. Life is too short to waste it on really bad video games. Expand
  27. May 15, 2013
    An Free MMOFPS that is part of a persistent universe shared by another MMO, where your battles actually count for something?

    Sign me up!

    The EVE online formula has translated well, we finally have a multiplayer FPS with RPG elements with enough depth and motivation to last us a long time. Also take into account that the game is continuing to be expanded (another thing take from EVE)
    so you never will run out of content.

    The fact that it can be played with a mouse and keyboard on the PS3 (which does seem a bit overpowered) plus the fact that it was free was what bought me into it (other then the reasons stated above)

    Gone are the days of "run-and-gun unlock everything and quit" FPS'. Dust 514 is the future.
  28. May 15, 2013
    this game flawed in some many ways the hit detection is so bad its just bad the textures takes 10 years to load paid to win concept not noob friendly and baddies look good in this game just because they get to wear op gear because this game is the most gear based game ive ever played.
  29. May 16, 2013
    Played the Beta.... tried very hard to give it a chance, hated it. Decided to download it when it came out Tuesday for free and give it a second chance (this time playing it online with my girlfriend). We both tried very hard and gave this game a fair chance to impress..... it is junk. I guess this isn't really much of a review as much as it is just an honest score. I actually did quite well too, I had many more kills than deaths and my team won most of the matches I played. No wonder the game is FREE... you get what you pay for.. or don't pay for. Expand
  30. Jul 12, 2013
    I do not know what the CCP was thinking when they made this game. I still not have a clue what they are doing now, this game is a dried turd. it spits in the face of anyone willing to try now. 2013? looking for a level fairness? Hah you can better find it elsewhere. this game is so bad it has my entire family concerned, it has literally turned me into a prick.

    I warn anyone reading
    this DO NOT PLAY a game named DUST 514 Expand
  31. May 15, 2013
    Since this game is forever evolving hopefully your first few weeks of play, you can look past the clunky movements and inconsistent aiming mechanics, Maybe by the time you read this the developers may have improved on the in game mechanics as well as adding forever free updates, (As they will continue to do for years to come).. CCP is an amazing developer, and this game has huge potential, especially with the new Instant battle academy, that came with uprising, even as a new player you will be going up against people of like skill and gear lvl.. Spend a few weeks in the game advance your gear and find a good corporation/squad to gun down your enemy with! Soon you may be able to experience the Corp Vs Corp battles for planetary conquest! Expand
  32. May 15, 2013
    I'll start off saying this is not a well polished game. It has plenty of hiccups that need to (and will) be worked out in future updates. Currently the issues include clunky controls, the occasional game-crashing bug, and uneven matches where experienced players simply crush relatively new players (though CCP fixed this somewhat with yesterday's upddate).

    Now the reason I gave this game
    such a high rating is because CCP can be trusted to spend the next decade or so improving the game and adding content, and I consider its cross over with the EVE universe to be a truly innovative concept.

    What makes Dust 514 special is the meta-game that comes with it. Being able to band together with other mercs to fight for control over planets in the EVE universe adds a layer of strategy and political intrigue on top of the normal shoot-the-other-guy-in-the-face excitement of an FPS. I also love the fact that making dropsuit fittings requires some careful consideration. Having to fit weapons and modules that maximize performance while remaining within the powergrid and CPU limitations of the suit, and keeping costs down enough that I can still profit from the fights definitely has kept me nerding out over this game.

    If you are considering this game, be sure to look into player corporations, where you can squad up with people. This is a game that rewards teamwork.
  33. May 15, 2013
    Free. Deep. and a lot more than just running around in circles pulling the trigger at the first thing you see. Its incredibly addictive. While a few areas still need to be ironed out, you can be sure they will with constant free updates.
  34. May 15, 2013
    this game is so bad reasons why poor gameplay hands down this game feels so broken even the worse fps made in history makes that game look 10 times better
  35. May 24, 2013
    Maybe in 10 years CCP will have finally fixed the core mechanics of this game.
    - Hit detection broken
    - Unbalanced weapons, do yourself a favor and just spec into a TAC AR.
    - SP Cap 0_0
    - You get what you pay for, F2P.
  36. Sgs
    May 26, 2013
    This game is complete and utter garbage plain and simple...There is soooo much wrong with this game I don't even know where to start really. For starters the basic shooting mechanics are laughably bad and most encounters involve players practically dancing side strafing attempting to hit each other. Most of the maps are simply far too large for 32 players granted most of them have a nice mix of open and enclosed spaces but they are simply far too large. This also leads into one of the other biggest problems gun ranges...most guns simply don't have enough range making snipers dominant. The skill system in this game is simply appalling as well after your free beginner skill points and bonus SP matches give you barely any sp almost forcing you to buy boosters from the cash shop. The game is heavily unbalanced as well players who already have highers tiers of weapons and drop suits absolutely slaughter the newer players and the climb to get a point where you can even be competitiive simply isn't worth your time. Overall this "game" if you can even call it one is a pretty half baked shooter that doesn't stand up the countless other shooters out there and the much lauded connection to EVE online is nothing but an illusion. Don't believe any review over a 5 some people are most likely trying to justify there wasted time on this garbage. It's a good thing it's free because this game isn't even worth 5 cents in its current state. Expand
  37. May 26, 2013
    hmmm where to start. DUST 514 a Shooter so incredibly unremarkable and mediocre its actually kind of extraodinary. Its as if the devs at ccp all went "hey! lets make the most boring and generic shooter we can and tie it into our anything BUT generic mmo!" yeah great idea tom! that being said the only thing you can really say about this game is "its a shooter" in a more specific tone this game is absolutely rife with bugs and the core shooting mechanics are "questionable" at best and the ingame cash shop is pretty insulting (pay to win yay!!). about the only good thing about DUST is that its free, other than that this game is mediocre or worse than mediocre in pretty much every aspect. not even worth your time Expand
  38. May 31, 2013
    My main problem is the game simply isnt fun to play. Its actually very boring & feels like a real chore to play more then a few games Terrible Lag & Frame rate which hasnt improved one bit since i first played the Beta June last year CCP keep claiming you will experience MASSIVE EPIC BATTLES well where are they?? cos i dont class 16v16 massive scale Still haven't seen the 24v24 they been hyping on about for the last year or so

    From my experience CCP promise ALOT of things but never seem to go thru with them
  39. Jun 2, 2013
    Similarly to many people who have played EVE Online, I wanted this game to succeed.
    Sadly, I think that this game has failed miserably, it is a train wreck of a game...
    Surely, the persistent parts can be interesting, the character progression with new skills and new gear.
    But, it fails absurdly as an FPS game, and the graphics are horrible, it feels like it is upscaled from 320x180...

    I played it with the DualShock, Move and Move Sharpshooter, so who knows, maybe it might be playable with mouse and keyboard, but I don't want to play a console game like a PC one.
  40. Jun 2, 2013
    OK, first off; I'm a long time (since 2003) eve player. I get EVE.
    This is an attempt to bring 'grond combat' to the EVE universe using many of the same rules as EVE.
    Good Idea, awful execution.

    Really, at the end of the day, this is no more than 'pay as you go' UNREAL. Interaction with EVE universe is minimal. There is no great reason to 'care' about your race, team, or other
    events in the universe. There is stupid skill level limits per week, and an ongoing attempt to get you to buy their real money 'arum'; which in itself isnt bad; but overplayed here (many good items in the shop are only purchaseable this way).

    There is no player driven market (unlike eve).
    There is lack of enviornment.
    There is slow load times
    There is long 'waiting' times for games to begin.

    On the postiive side: There is excellent set of weapon options, and the (same as EVE) skill tree is welcome to see in a FPS. There probably is excellent potential going forward, but who knows how long this will take. (EVE Took a few years to get 'interesting'... suspect this will too).

    ..but at the end of the day; all actual 'gaming' is no different than UNREAL which is free to play and better executed anyways (oh yea, this uses the unreal engine, so I guess that is no surprise...).

    So in summary: Great potential, horrible near term execution. This review isbased on the curent state of the game as of June 1 2013. Wish CCP well in improving this...quickly.
  41. Sep 21, 2013
    After 15 minutes I still had no idea what a hell was I doing in this game. After 20 minutes I QUIT. In my opinion this game doesn't worth all gigabytes that was required.
    Anything positive? Yes, the graphics were okay. The rest I didn't like it.
  42. May 25, 2013
    Dust 514 is like a hardcore shooter, designed as an MMO. MMO players generally aren't the type to be hardcore shooter players, and hardcore shooter players generally aren't the type to be MMO players. That's just the type of the iceberg, but I'll leave it at that.
  43. Jun 6, 2013
    This is clear proof that CCP is a one trick pony. The controls are absolutely horrible, and even the worst FPS games seem to be easier and more natural to control your player. This seems to be a horribly implemented money grab where you're supposed to have effects on some larger world, but have zero insight into it.

    Free is not worth it.
  44. May 15, 2013
    Good game, good mechanics, needs a little more work. Still some issues with matchmaking in some rounds that makes one team clearly better than the other, but this game really shines in the corp v corp battles, not the instant action. People shouldn't judge so quickly if they haven't experienced all that this game has to offer.
  45. May 26, 2013
    Shows lots of promise (pretty to look at) and has a very novel concept (grand scale), but the fun factor gets lost in over complex systems and glitches. The controls are also not easy to get the hang of, and once you do you never loose the feeling that they are awkwardly trying to teach you some new muscle memory that you don't need or want. I feel like they were trying to be innovative with them but fell flat. Not bad for free, but not good enough to merit my very valuable time. Expand
  46. Jun 4, 2013
    Just a disappointed. Thats all I have to say.bad graphics horrible control. If sony chareged for this it will suck worse then hell.people has said that this game will beat halo, well for a bit I was afraid it will score better then halo 4, but I had absolutely nothing to worry about.
  47. May 16, 2013
    I am a huge fan of PlanetSide 2. I can't see a way that Dust is better than PS2, but it is a great F2P game that will worth your time.
    1.Team Work
    2. sound
    3. Not Pay2Win
    4. Fun gameplay

    1. Too complicated
    2. Controls
  48. Jun 18, 2013
    Excellent shooter, because of al the depth and customization. The game has improved tremendously after beta, and continues to improve. I love the fact that you can make a character to your liking, with endless strategic and tactical opportunities.

    I don't agree with people saying that it's "pay to win", because your abilities to increase more powerful items increase depends on
    experience, which can't be bought. Paid items are great to test a better weapon before you want to sink your hard-earned experience points in the necessary upgrades, but as paid items are lost when you die, playing pay to win-style is a VERY costly exercise! Expand
  49. May 23, 2013
    You don't rate A game by it's "potential" You don't rate what is suppose to be a FPS game by it's potential.
    And a FPS game it is. Not MMOFPS. 16Vs16 matches. you don't wonder anywhere.

    And as FPS, Or I should say "PAY to ADVANCE" FPS. This game is a 7. but since so many here want to throw down 10 for "potential" .

    I'll give it a 1 for FPS FAIL.
  50. May 15, 2013
    I have been playing this game for nearly a year now I would probably be described as a fan boy but i will be objective

    this is a game for people who want something new and are bored of killing for killings sake the sheer number of skills and items available make almost every player different in some way, It was worked out that is will take about 6-8 years to max out the current
    available skills so don't expect to be top dog quickly it will take you maybe 5+ mouths to get the stuff you really want.

    Gameplay is fun it is not a "smooth" as COD or BF3 but get your self into a corp(clan) and work with them this is a team game

    Map number are "limited" and yet bound less I will try and explain currently there are 6 basic terrain maps each of these can have 1 of 6 skins (grass,rock,desert) and then the building on the map are socketed so on big maps there are 1 main building and 2/3 small buildings, these are currently 3 main types of main building (not sure about the small ones) and each of these has 4 rascal versions.

    as it stands there are 3 levels of battles, public battles, factional warfare is affects EVE online players, and planetary conquest this is where corps can take planets over and try and hold them. PVE will be added but there is no confirmed time fame for this yet.

    this game is worth a try but just go in expecting something different from your regular run and gun FPS and don't expect that just because you can go 15-0 in other game that you will be going this straight of the bat here.
  51. May 15, 2013
    The gameplay itself is average. The part that makes this game REALLY shine is the complexity of the fittings of the suits and the vehicles. I can spend so much time tweaking what I want. When I "test" my fits I earn skill points so I can train for other things I want to test. It is an endless cycle of fun. Also the Planetary Conquest is AMAZING! It just came out and already my Corporation and a few others are fighting for control over these planets to gain more power. It is awesome Expand
  52. May 15, 2013
    DUST 514 is schizophrenic. It has awoken, nominally, on May 14th, not knowing who or what it is supposed to be, and as a result, is an unfortunately mediocre experience. Before I get into the meat of the discussion, let me give the following disclaimer:

    I want to love this game, and I want to see it succeed.

    The PS3 was, in my opinion, one of the worst decisions. Not because I
    dislike the console, or Sony, or because I prefer other platforms. It is at the end of its development cycle and lifespan, with the PS4 on the near horizon. More importantly, the core audience of people who would be receptive to a game like DUST don't own a PS3, or weren't willing to purchase one on the hope they would like one free to play game. I think it is fair to state that a hardcore, complexity-craving, long term audience is most likely to be found on the PC platform, a platform which is incidentally the most receptive to a FPS game.

    The game on the PS3, with controller or KB and mouse just does not handle well. The movement is not visceral, the gunplay is stiff, and you feel as though you're struggling against the controls rather than the opponent you're fighting.

    The game is set out to be a sort of a hybrid of MMO and FPS, and it excels at neither. Character progression in an FPS doesn't work in an MMO styled system, and it shows in DUST. Your starting mercenary will scantly be able to spec into a worthwhile build with the 500,000 SP that you are granted. You can specialize into a decent weapon or suit; not both simultaneously. This as been somewhat addressed with the introduction of the instant battle academy,a special match making queue for "new" players, but the problem runs deeper. Being objectively weak compared to older players is fine in say, EVE Online, because you don't contend with those players until you're ready, and EVE functions on an asymmetrical basis, where a dedicated swarm of new pilots could easily topple a more established player or players. That doesn't work in a 32 v 32 setting, simply put. If the other team has an SP advantage, they are objectively better suited to victory than you, something which does not sit well in the palate of an FPS player, where skill, tactics, and reflex should determine the winner.

    Additionally, weapons have vertical progression. The militia variant is outclassed by standard, standard outclassed by advanced, and advanced outclassed by prototype. The seeming variety in the weapon and skill trees than is little more than flat upgrades with two possible "side" upgrades, usually an assault or tactical variant.

    With the release of the game and the addition of Scrambler rifles, Flaylocks, and a few other toys, the weapon diversity has improved, but it is still the case that a the assault rifles rule supreme. They offer more versatility and damage than any other weapon class, and this imbalance stifles the unique and innovative weapon categories that CCP built, developed, deployed, and then decidedly handicapped.

    Though the game doesn't have a class system, it does have specializations you as a player will move into, basically: Light, Medium, or Heavy, with sub groupings, such as Scout, Logistics, and Assault. Simply put, it's a long long road to end up into any reasonable specialization, which would be okay if you wouldn't be fighting players in these roles in the more meaningful factional warfare and planetary conquest game modes (which don't offer disparate gameplay from instant action, I might add).

    Vehicles are present, though the ceiling to access them is quite high, except for a light scout vehicle which every player may employ for free. It is a testament to the poor fundamental gunplay that in public matches, it is often more effective to ram opponents to death with a free car than shoot them with the gun you've spent 500k SP to get to a playable level. Tanks have received a much needed buff, but along with the consistently nonperforming dropships, are basically only playable as luxury items a single HAV or Dropship loss can cost as much as 10 matches worth of rewards to replace.

    I would continue, but am rapidly approaching the limit for this review. I will finish by stating the following:

    DUST 514 tries to be an MMO with the depth and complexity of EVE, as well as a tactical "battlefield" shooter such as BF3 or Planetside, and in doing so excels at neither.

    The gunplay will leave you wont to hop onto a more polished game, and MMO aspect is still shallow compared to EVE.

    The reason I give this game a very very generous score of 7 is because of the promise. It is my hope that a lukewarm reception will for CCP to look long and hard at this game, and create a new niche that thrives on both the hardcore nature of their player base, buthas rewarding, enjoyable, and meaningful core gameplay.

    Thanks for your time, and I hope this guides your decision before deciding to reward CCP with your hard-earned money.
  53. May 15, 2013
    Ground breaking concept merging console and pc fps & space mmo into one universe.
    Takes the FPS model and adds meaning and value into the effort. You're fighting for something, with someone, leaving a lasting impact.
  54. May 15, 2013
    My review may be a little biased, but I will try to be as neutral about this as possible.

    Dust 514 is a game in which you are a cloned mercenary payed by the highest bidder whether it is an entire faction owned by NPCs, or a Corporation or Alliance run by players, to fight on the planet-side of EVE and assume control of the planet.

    In this, you start out with 500,000 skill points
    and four free militia suits which are infinite, but highly unwieldly and not nearly as efficient and as deadly as the prototype variants. The four variants are Militia (MLT), Standard (STD), Advanced (ADV), and Prototype (PRT).. In order to use STD, ADV, and PRT, you must get your skills for the corresponding item to I, III, V in that order. This process can take a while, but the reward is great, in my opinion.

    As you travel up the ladder of skill points, you fight a very hard battle. But within one million skill points I was already dominating the field in a Semi Standard-advanced Assault suit using an advanced weapon with standard suit modules.

    - To say that you stand no chance against a prototype suit in a lower tiered suit is completely false. Granted, the challenge is greater but not impossible. The feeling of reward that you get when you've killed someone who you know is running a proto suit with proto weaponry while you're in a much lower tier with much lower skill points is amazing. Knowing you cost them a good 100k ISK (Game currency) for their one suit, whereas your suit only cost 10k ISK.

    The game has four modes which are similar. Ambush (50 Kill Team Deathmatch), Ambush OMS (80 Kill Team Deathmatch with turret and module support), Skirmish (King of the Kill, with 3-5 points to control, or you can wipe out the enemy teams 150 clones (whichever comes first). and Domination (Skirmish with one control point.

    Having played a Heavy and an Assault both, I can say that this game does offer some level of customization where you can completely specialize into one weapon, or specialize somewhat in a few weapons or just become able to use everything. The latter isn't recommended, but that's the beauty of it. The choice is yours.

    Soon to come, the battles you fight will decide the sovereignty of solar systems in EVE. EVE and DUST will form a mutual symbiosis where one will depend on the other in a healthy way. The Economies of both games will be merged, and CCP talks of more integration between both games. But that's not what makes the game great.

    It is true that the game has many flaws, you can get stuck on some surfaces, the loading screen will fail to initialize into battle, there are balance issues, sometimes things will not render completely, and the controls are a little sluggish as well as an aim assist issue. The range specialization of weapons was completely dropped and I agree with this move as it made MANY other weapons worthless at any game mode unless you were able to draw your opponent around the corner. Which if you waited for, was a bad idea as you will be flanked, and the person you hoped to kill will just get better positioning on you.

    Thus, the range skills were removed, making the game once again currently balanced for all weapons to a much better degree than what it had previously been.

    What is truly wonderful about this game is that all content releases are completely -FREE-. If ever there is a new map pack, or new gear or skills to use it will always be free. You will never need to pay to win in this game. Pay to win dictates that you must pay to use gear which is advantageous over the other players which in essence is not true in this game. You can pay for items which are of the standard grade that never run out. But you will never find proto gear that you have to pay for that will never run out.

    There are weapons that cost Aurum (ingame real money currency) that allow you to use suits and weapons earlier if you lack the skills for their higher tiered variants, but this too, in time you are garunteed to attain. Whereas in Pay to Win, you MUST pay to ACHIEVE the desired result.

    Once again, as you're skilling up going match after match with similar load outs, you, as the adaptive player, become better and better with that load out and as you get better, so does your gear.

    I feel that this game, considering its origins, is very well put together and puts an adaptive learning curve for seasoned and new FPS players alike that challenges themselves to push their skills just a little further with every match. I find this game quite entertaining, and I look forward to the many, many content patches that will follow in the years to come with DUST 514.

    PS, when EVE started, many players complained about how it played, back in the day in 2003, records were set for 5000 players on a single shard... Now, after many, many content patches, EVE today reaches 60,000 players on a single shard. If history repeats, DUST will be one of the bigger competing FPS's in the future which will receive a PS4 update.
  55. May 18, 2013
    Dust 514 is like a bad politician; Lots of promises, lots of ideas, and absolutely no delivery.

    CCP promised a lot of things with Dust to date it's delivered on almost nothing. Supporters will tell you to give it time ect..... but after a year of development the end result is a barely functional FPS. Aiming and frame rate are awful. The skill system is artificially complex, trying too
    hard to mirror EVE Online without considering whether that's an appropriate design decision. To date there is no player market, no PVE and a huge skills gap for a new player. The graphics are last gen at best and the art design is vanilla sci-fi. It's nominally free, but you'll need to buy boosters if a new player wants to advance at anything faster than a snail's pace. Expand
  56. May 17, 2013
    A half baked attempt to jump into the FPS market. Frustrating awkward controls, poor frame rate, graphics that look last generation. Lag and hit detection are also sub-par. This comes off very much as a poor man's FPS. Mediocre at best and a flaming wreck at worst, despite all the EVE fans trying desperately to up-rate it. Mediocrity combined with the pay to win monetization system. The touted link to EVE is really just a gimmick and that won't save this game when the core gameplay is so poor. Expand
  57. May 19, 2013
    Dust 514 is an FPS MMO RPG by Crowd Control Productions and take place in New Eden under the same stars as Eve Online. The backstory for the world is expansive and opens with the discovery of a neural implant that allows the transfer of consciousness at the moment of death. Combined with cloning technology and the advanced Sciences already employed by the four factions of New Eden, you are one of the first of the immortal army of clone soldiers in an intergalactic war across the stars.

    The RPG element of skill progression moves at a constant speed but can be boosted by use of boosters (1.5x skill gain) and by combat (bonus skill points are gained by contributed to battles and drained from your pool of potential bonus points). Your skill points are spent to augment your loadouts by letting you use more advanced gear or learning how to get better performance out of the gear you have. This game is what you make of it the more you give it the more you'll get!
  58. May 26, 2013
    Say what you want about the potential this game has, it makes little odds to the state it's in now. An egg has the potential to be a tasty breakfast but unless you do something with it, it's still just an egg.

    The same can be said about Dust 514. As an Eve player I really liked the sound of this game when I started to watch the videos about it but it's just seriously dull.

    are awkward at best. The graphics are in line with pretty much any other bog standard shooter out there and some of the actual in game abilities are broken.

    Best one I can think of is the "Nanite Injector". It's supposed to revive a fallen ally but you are lucky if you can find the correct spot to stand and activate it. Normally by then you've been killed by whoever wounded that fallen clone.

    Another annoyance is that people that played from closed beta have all the skill points and wealth they have accumulated since then. So you are essentially cannon fodder for this guys.
  59. Jun 2, 2013
    Terrible FPS based on a broken-but-beautiful MMO.

    It's hard to understand what the logic was here with CCP Games a few years ago when they decided to embark on making another game other than the only game they had ever made in 10 years; EVE Online.

    CCP could have branched into tablet games, mobile games etc, or even, worked on making another MMO, which ironically they actually own
    the rights to do for the unfamiliar-to-the-man-on-the-street-vampire/supernatural-series: "World of Darkness". Anything but enter a market where the competition has years of R&D into making a decent FPS, and understand how to market it also, and are aligned with publishers who can pay for extensive marketing.


    Instead they decided to embark on penetrating the most saturated and exploited genre known to gamers and directly link it into their existing game. This would be fine if the game was something akin to gaming nirvana but it's not. Far from it.

    The visuals look like PS2 graphics, which if you realise the game engine used is the Unreal 3 engine, is practically unforgivable in 2013, when games released (in the same genre) two years ago look significantly better than what this 'modern' game does. Any doubters please see: Bulletstorm which also used the Unreal 3 engine. Release Date: February 2011.

    Sound is a mix of blandness, lacking all quality you'd expect when firing projectile weapons; and again the competition solved these aural issues years ago for FPS. To this day I have more fear of the sound of some of the monsters in the original Quake (1996) than I do of anything I hear in this game.

    'Cheap' best describes the sound, like the visuals.

    Even the opening of the game has no real tutorial or 'training grounds' for new recruits. It just dumps you in a room, and then you select what you're going to do all the time with no context or meaning to any of it, or what the implications are for winning and losing. Practically a hanging offense in 2013.

    CCP have got problems. Their MMO is getting weaker and thinner as each year passes due to more content additions, which diminish existing content, watering everything down; and the cost of maintaining EVE and now Dust514 will outstrip the revenue it generates which in the latter is already zero thanks to the F2P market.

    Way to go CCP on making people care about your games. You alienate your existing player base by creating a new game an a platform they do not use for your existing game, and, you alienate potential new comers to your party by making one of the worst games ever. This also made your existing fans angry if they actually went out and purchased a PS3 to play this tripe.

    Thankfully, the online aspect of existing FPS games more than fills in the holes which CCP attempted to plug.

    Whatever genuine talent is left at CCP is suspect will now take a shower of shame, and move on, like Nathan Richardsson did, and Mike Read.
  60. Jul 8, 2013
    This game is absolutely frustrating to win there are no cover mechanics, the customization is lackluster, the "leveling up system" is confusing as hell and therefore the tutorial also fails because if you are new to this game 99.9999% of the time you will be spending it on the tutorial learning the basics of the game and that's a HUGE no no! If it's a free to play why is there a tutorial? at the same time the market place has better weaponry and better much of everything. But they even fail at that to if you want the best guns, the best armor and the "perks" for your character you have to buy it off on the PlayStation store with your CREDIT CARD if this is a free to play game why are they charging us to buy weapons and armor since there are guns to buy in the in game marketplace? wtf? that is so confusing spending fake cash and at the same time spend real cash on items that sooner or later you will not even need

    if people say this is a great game they are obviously trolling you to get this game so they can see you die like a million times then forcing yourself to buy from PlayStation Store with your credit card
    and at the same time tearing your hair out and after you threw your damn controller at the TV

    Lastly even though there is an in game economy in order to get that particular gun you have to manage and pick the right skills for your guy and therefore spend hours and hours on end trying to find the right fit for your guy so if you are a new player to the game you will have a hard time succeeding and it's just
    a BIG GRIND getting to the winners circle just pass on this game and play MAG that game does it better
  61. Aug 17, 2013
    Games premise is its a version of quake wars with micromanaging, problem is it gets both wrong.

    Gameplay is poor, rarely do you get tug-of-wars, every game 1 team just simply dominates most often to the point where one team will be spawn killed over and over. Only way to escape this is the tdm mode, where again a more experience player with better stats will win every time 1on1.
    you start it places you in simple matches, but after a few games you are thrown into the deep end and well most players will drown.
    Maps themselves are not that good, everything is stretched out way to much with the most dull graphics seen in a ps3 fps.

    Game simply isn't worth your time when can play similar modes in refined games like Battlefield 3
  62. Oct 25, 2013
    Has some promise but ultimately not a very fun game. There are simply other F2P titles where teamwork is easier to coordinate (such as League of Legends) or combat is more fun, skill-based, and less biased towards high level players (such as Hawken).

    The game's economy is not great, every piece of equipment you buy gets used up every time you die so you have to constantly restock
    everything but the base armors, weapons, etc. Skills take forever to unlock. A player who is higher level then you will cream you with advanced weapons, armor, vehicles, ORBITAL STRIKES! This leads to matches being completely unbalanced. Ultimately, the shooting mechanics work but that is about it. The game simply is not fun in its current iteration. With an improved economy and some balanced matches, it would be on the road to fun. This is one to avoid unless you enjoy painful grinding, in which case, have at it. Expand
  63. Jul 7, 2013
    I like sitting down to play a multiplayer FPS and shoot people from around the world, and Dust 514 let's me do that for free. The MMO elements are nice, the shooting is tight, and it can be a lot of fun. The main problem with the game is that it's just another multiplayer FPS. Yeah it let's you create a character that suits your own play style and let's you approach any situation as you see fit, but the problem is the gameplay is about as generic as it gets. It's fun to play and has some nice maps, but the graphics are dated and the action familiar. I appreciate that this isn't a pay to win kind of game. If this weren't free to play I'm not sure I could've recommended it, but it is free to play. So if you're looking for something to scratch that multiplayer itch give Dust 514 a look. The fact that it's fun and only costs you $0.00 to get makes it worth a look. Expand
  64. Apr 26, 2014
    I cannot in good conscience recommend this game to anyone. CCP works on EVE Online, and has planned another MMO called World of Darkness. Now they've added Dust 514, and EVE Valkyrie, and cancelled World of Darkness after years of work. Just completely scrapped it too in a single announcement, so having confidence that this game is going to succeed seems very unlikely.

    At this point,
    you'd need to play for about 100 consecutive hours with skillpoint boosters and win at least 50% of your matches to be able to even use the weapons or the armor with it comparable to other players. Or let your account sit for about 3 months, which is a minimum, since every character gains skillpoints passively. But if you let your account sit, you'll still be behind since everyone else is playing and also getting the free skillpoints.

    Also, the skill tree has terrible explanations of the bonuses, and the items' stats are ambiguous and don't explain very well either. So putting points into a skill (which is permanent, once you place points in a skill there's nothing you can do to change or undo it.) means that you just spent a week's worth of points to use the bare minimum of a weapon, or a month's worth of playing to get a single weapon group to max level.

    Then there's the equipment, which is consumed with each time you die. That's right, when you die you need to repurchase everything to use it again. So the more expensive build you have, the less often you can use it. Unless of course, you have players in EVE who funnel you money. In D514, an extremely expensive build would cost you about 1mil isk (the currency in game) but in EVE, people can make 100mil isk in about an hour, or even 30 minutes. So giving someone 25mil isk to their dustbunny isn't unheard of, and they get the massive bonus to their Dust character because of their EVE subscription.

    Also, the load times are terrible, the graphics lag, the servers lag, and the controls are really a piece of **** compared to other fps games on consoles. Don't bother getting a sidearm weapon or any support items other than something you deploy. Swapping weapons takes a second and you can't look or turn your camera while swapping.
  65. May 24, 2013
    I had very high hopes for this game, having followed it since it was annoucement way back in 2009 as I feel the PS3 really needs an FPS like this. Unfortunately this is not the game that many people are hoping for and there are two main reasons for that.

    First of all the very heart of the game, the shooting, is bland and soulless. It lacks any identity of its own, hovering awkwardly
    somewhere between the fast paced Call of Duty and the more deliberate Killzone 3. Most FPS's can hold my attention for a short while but within three days of joining the early beta I was completely bored. I returned to the game more recently hoping that the constant stream of updates would have made a difference but I could honestly see little improvement.

    The second major issue I had with Dust is with the equipment system. I consider myself to be more than competant with an FPS but I frequently found myself in situations where I could not triumph over opponents simply because they had better weaponry than me. Skill became irrelevant as I was repeatedly obliterated by players who either had a lot of time on their hands to earn XP or simply bought all of their weapons. This is a real shame as the equipment system is deep and holds a lot of promise for those willing to invest their time

    In my opinion this game does not deserve any amount of long term loyalty, however the game is free to play so if you are still interested you should give it a go, just be aware that you will need to invest money in your equipment to have a rewarding experience.

    It is also worth noting that the graphics of the game do not even approach the levels seen in any of the teaser trailers, but are at least functional.
  66. May 22, 2013
    This game is not for everyone. It's dauntingly complex and chock full of tutorials and menus. It's difficult to approach, especially without someone helping you. But once you get past that initial wall of figuring everything out, what you find is a veritable goldmine of depth and complexity that goes as deep as you are willing.

    What makes Dust most different for the average player is
    the resource management system. While most shooters simply have your weapons appear on your character without much thought to how they got there or why you have them, Dust is completely different. In Dust you must buy your base suit, buy whatever modules (extra shields, armor, speed, etc.) you want on your suit, buy your weapon, your grenades, and so on. While this may sound tedious, Dust has a fantastic interface to make this a breeze. A single basic suit may cost 20,000 ISK (in game currency). Buying ten of everything on that suit makes it so you can die ten times while using it before you run out of it. Then you'll have to buy more (easily done in-match). Since match payouts are generally about 200,000 ISK, rarely will you find yourself running out of ISK for suits unless you move to more advanced levels of suits. There's nothing quite like killing a tank that cost someone over a million ISK to fit...

    Another defining factor in Dust is corporations. While Dust can be played alone it is not recommended. Find a corporation and sign up with them as quickly as you can as being in a squad with others improves the game much. Being in a corporation also opens up a window into Planetary Conquest (PC) and the political intrigue of EVE. PC allows corporations to control territory on planets and to capture other corporations planets. It gives meaning to what would otherwise be battles for simple bragging rights.

    That said, the game is not without flaws. The base gunplay can sometimes feel lackluster, and the game sometimes suffers from lag. Both of these issues are being addressed with constant (practically weekly) updates that make the game better. With a development cycle planned to last 10 years, this game is only going to get better, and it's great fun right now.

    Finally, addressing how the game is monetized. CCP allows players to buy Aurum with real money. Aurum can be used to buy boosters, which increase the rate of SP gain, permanent versions of ISK items, or items one level above your current skill. The game follows the "pay to grind less" strategy, and it's done well. I played the game for free for my first month of playing and really enjoyed it. I decided to pay because I felt it was worth it and wanted to support CCP for making a game I liked. In no way did I feel I was at a major disadvantage for not paying.

    Dust 514 is definitely a game worth your time, and one that can easily be lost in. I highly recommend it.
  67. X0R
    Jun 26, 2013
    I play EVE, but I just can't get hooked into any FPS, although I thought Dust514 might be the one. It's tough for me to go from sandbox to limited area, kill, die, kill, kill, die, repeat Some accurate reviews here, good & bad, so no need to duplicate. I'll just stay up in space.
  68. May 24, 2013
    Game Trailers gave out an extremely garbage review and the person reviewing did not even bother to do some research and i quote ''you can only get scrambler riffles by paying" which is not true there is ISK scrambler riffle weapons and the prototypes which are the best you only need ISK to buy them, also Did this guy even bothered to mention planetary conquest nope. There just goes to show how ignorant the person from GT was. even a monkey could of had done a better review. Dust takes some time (not alot) to get to a high level this is not just a pick up and play game to obtain everything in less than month like call of duty does. Expand
  69. May 15, 2013
    I have been playing Dust for almost a year. the progress with every update has been quite amazing and right now it is a pretty imprezsive shooter. What i think is the best part is the customization and the persistance, i feel like my character is real, not just unlocking items in a row, decoded by the developer.. ccp is not launching this game intending to get dlc down the road, it will all be free. and for a free game, it is quite amazing. it is definitely not pay 2 win, i welcome the fact that i can keep up by buying sp boosters because i cant play every day and still keep up. all items are available in isk, there is not a single item that can only be bought for real money. what it lacks in polish, it more than makes up for by being free and fun. if you dont like the game right now, just wait 3 months, and come back, it will be better, and you will have accumulated sp to spend on new skills and items. you cant lose. Expand
  70. May 18, 2013
    DUST 514 is a mixed bag. On certain occasions, it will prove to be a fun and unique game on most occasions, it will feel like a chore to play. The game has it's enjoyable moments, but it's negative ones stand out far more. The balancing of much of the game's equipment helps cause this issue. Often times, you will feel like cannon fodder, who's sole purpose is for the enjoyment of DUST's veteran players being helplessly slaughtered, with very little chance for resistance. Of course, the equipment isn't the sole reason for this imbalance. Older players have far more perks and skills, that can effortlessly beat a player with lower skill points, into brutal submission.

    From my own personal experience, I started playing late into the closed beta. Very little has changed, in the balancing of the game. While many weapons have been weakened, in the process, several of the previously-weak weapons, have become overpowered. A perfect example of this is the Tactical Assault Rifle. The weapon quickly went from one of the least used weapons in the game, to one of the most common ones. It doesn't help, that only skilled players have access to it as well. Along with a grotesquely poor balancing, the game itself suffers from a myriad of technical issues; for example, character movement is often impeded by invisible 'bumps' in the terrain. That is only one of the many common glitches, found within the game.

    For the most part, the game has solid mechanics, if not unconventional. Aiming is incredibly difficult at times, as it often feels wonky turning the camera. This is only made worse, through a hectic hail of gunfire and explosions. Hit detection is also another issue, as some shots quickly register, while others practically bounce off your opponent. Equipment is handled as an expendable kit. For every life you have, your equipment will be expended in your custom 'fit'. Customization of fits can become very deep, allowing for a high number of possible combinations. Unfortunately, as you lose your fit with every death, this can make certain matches unbelievably frustrating.

    Spawning only to be killed repeatedly, without any chance for self-defense, can be very discouraging you not only lose your fit, but the value of your end-of-match reward becomes increasingly less; giving a poor amount of ISK (the games currency) and skill points. Because of poor match mechanics such as this, the game practically encourages the losing side to give up retreating into defensive sniping positions within their own spawn, as those who actually make an effort to try, are consistently penalized, by being camped by the enemy team.

    Despite many of these glaring issues, DUST 514 is not objectively bad. The game itself is still under development, and will continue to do so, for at least ten more years. CCP, the developers of DUST, have acknowledged many of these issues, and are trying to collaborate with the community to fix them. This doesn't exactly excuse the quality of the launch-day product, but it certainly softens its negative condition. While the game may declare itself to be 'finished', DUST is still very much a game in beta. Many speculate the sole reason it was released officially, was so it could launched on day of 5/14/13. It wouldn't hard to argue that it was a petty-marketing stunt.

    DUST happens to be integrated into another game, called EVE online. The two communities can only interact in a very limited form, at the moment. But that is subject to change, further into development. Regardless, this has helped to provide most of the game's hype. I myself was initially intrigued by this concept. DUST's current implementation of this integration is currently very rough, as much of the game is. Yet, as it stands, it has a decent base for it.

    For many people, the game's steep learning curve, (for a shooter), along with it's imbalanced and unpolished gameplay, will drive them away. For the few who do stay, they will find a frustrating yet somewhat enjoyable experience. The game is free, so it wouldn't be too difficult to try it. With all of its issues, DUST is still an endearing game a pure and utter vexation of a game, that just so happens to have an incredible amount of potential.
  71. Jun 17, 2013
    not familiar with the eve universe, but dust 514 is a good starting ground for even more potential, although I found the interface and customization a but messy and some maps very plain the gameplay and toned graphic's make dust 514 a playable fun fps free to play game, which has alot of potential to evolve
  72. May 22, 2013
    So, DUST 514 is far from perfect.

    I enjoy the game thoroughly, don't get me wrong, and this title shows immense promise. However it did feel a touch rushed to full release, aiming on the move and driving are still the slightest bit wonky.

    That all said, you owe yourself to at least try it, it's intensely unique, pulling in the best qualities of the Battlefield games and MAG; but
    giving you a massive sense of personal responsibility and investment in the character you build up over time.

    Like EVEOnline, every piece of equipment needs to be paid for and carefully trained for, every loadout you design is tailored to your taste and needs, every LAV and transport uniquely your own.

    Some people decry the Aurum system, but looking deeper into it you see it only bypasses a needed level or two of skill (at the cost of real-world currency), which is at most a few days of focused effort to unlock for free.
  73. May 23, 2013
    DUST 514 have flaws in it, specifically some random bugs or the framerate can be annoying sometimes, but is really that bad? No, it is not.

    The game is a little bit complex compared to other shooters on consoles, and is even more complex to explain the other MMO game running behind DUST 514, which is EVE Online. And the game only explain with limited Tutorials and a video about this,
    but not full in depth.

    DUST 514 suits better for those who wants a FPS with team gameplay in it. But it goes beyond that, it is a MMO with RPG elements that is merged with another MMO Universe (EVE Online) in real time and can communicate each other in the battlefield.

    * Revolutionary and innovative way to introduce 2 different type of MMO's in 1 Universe and battling at the same time for an objective, first ever in a console and for PC.
    * Team gameplay required to win the battles.
    * Skill tree is extensive
    * Mouse and Keyboard along with PS Move is compatible
    * Real Pay to win model? No.
    * Takes a lot of persistence
    * Risks exists, each potential action can be a consequence to win or loose the battle, therefore a battle can determinate the domination of the district of a Planet, then the whole Planet, therefore the power of the Corporations or Alliances.
    *The Expansions and DLC's will be free, always evolving with new content. Example: Maps, Graphics, Gameplay mechanics, technical advancements, new features for free.
    *Great communication across different channels in real time. You can speak with your Squad, Team, Corporation or Custom channels via Voice chat and text, clean and easy, like a MMO on PC


    *Bugs, and framerate sometimes can broke your gameplay experience.

    DUST 514 will be evolving with the expansions, new features, fixes, massive content and even graphics.

    Most of the reviews of Metacritic and along with other sites will be outdated eventually when they launch future expansions.
  74. May 24, 2013
    Its free to play, it doesn't really require reviews. Get in and make up your own mind!. And ignore the crap about pay-to-win. Its not true.

    Thats being said heres my opinion:

    A potentially great game mired by the developer mismanaging expectations and playing it safe CCP are trying to appeal to too many people at once and as a result appealing to a very small minority of eve nutters
    with PS3s and MAG refugees. CCP also seems content to fiddle with small details rather than finishing thier obviously half done game (and as a result often break more than they fix). CCP has also poorly managed the PR behind its microtransaction model, allowing misinformation and rumour to penetrate even official reviews.

    The Cons

    Dust 514 also lacks immersion and an open world feel that Eve does so well. Despite the gorgeous mercenary quarter environment, as a player you are inexplicably teleported to and from battlefields with little explanation about how you get there. It all feels half assed and lazy. The game as it stands is a increadibly cut down shooter, with very little to do beyond fight on the same four to six small maps and theorycraft "killer fits". The games modes are lack luster and unexciting. Even the new planetary conquest mode is just more fighting on the same battlefields with ownership of those same maps being ascribed on a database somewere.

    The Pros.

    The light at the end of the tunnel with this title is that it is free to play (why not spend a few hours playing it, ignore the reviews and give it a try!). Development has been promised to continue for 10 years of free expannsions! Eve when it started 10 years ago was a heap of rubbish too. Now its actually a fun game to play. The gun play, when not being destroyed by development is actually rather good. You do often feel though that the aiming and controls need work.

    To enjoy this game your going to have to be future thinking, and focus on what this game could be. Rather than what it is now. That being said as it stands this game is a 6/7 at best.
  75. May 26, 2013
    Great game, greatly improved in the last release. CCP seems to be very efficient in upgrading the game and I can't wait for the next expansions. I trained for vehicles and I am having huge fun. I got recruited into a corporation and I have received excellent support from my corp, mates, who are very active.
    I look forward to exploring the depths of EVE online and the interconnections
    between the two games. And by the way the game is free. This is a major point for me, but I have to say that I would have purchased the game in any case. Highly recommended. Expand
  76. Jun 7, 2013
    The game does come a little to strong to new players, after so many years of dumb reactive first person shooters our brains are atrophied to the boring formula of FPS we have been complaining for so long now. Dust514 brings new blood to the mode and a huge breath of fresh air to otherwise jaded gamers, the adding of a economy to a FPS, the interconnection with the huge MMO EVE online, and all that for free.. is just freaking amazing.
    But it does comes at a cost, been only multiplayer the game can be really cruel to new comers, but for the player that is looking for a revolution of the genre this is the game, and if CCP is telling the truth, the game is only going to get better over the years.. and for FREE!!!
  77. Jun 8, 2013
    This is a pretty solid game, people who give a bad review either didn't play for more than a hour or just left bad reviews based off of other bad reviews, I have yet to encounter a problem, and just using the starter suits I'm always positive on my kills and score, maybe the bad reviews also didn't complete the tutorial and/or suck at the game? There's a lot of depth to this game, more than your typical camp fest like call of duty and this game actually relies on team-work, I'm kinda glad the people that left reviews aren't playing this cause I'd hate to paired up on the same team with them! Expand
  78. Jul 6, 2013
    Dust 514 is an ambitious shooter with a strong player base and plenty of room to expand. While not the most polished or refined shooter out there, it is backed by strong developers that have great ideas and game creation ethics. It can be somewhat intimidating to new players, but the official Dust 514 forums offer great help from the community to newbies. Dust still lacks proper EVE integration and can be buggy in Planetary Conquest, but it holds immense promise and long-term play for those who are patient enough for this true work of art on the PS3 to reach its full potential. Expand
  79. Jul 29, 2013
    This is a pretty good game. The controls feel a bit awkward at times and it is not a 10/10 game, but it is a good way to kill some time and it is free so if you hate it, It's not like you lose anything.
  80. Mar 13, 2014
    I downloaded Dust 514 as soon as my friend told me about it. A free-to-play FPS? What's not to love about that? ...Not much, sadly. Almost everything has been said by other reviewers-- the maps are horrible, the movements are choppy, the gameplay is unbalanced (mainly because it's play-to-win)...I could go on, but I won't. I don't recommend this to anyone, don't try it unless you like watching your team get spawn-killed by some dude with an overpowered minigun.

    P2W should not be in an FPS game- it ruins the entire game.
  81. Oct 15, 2014
    Just because you take a dump in a box and call it an FPS doesn't make it so.

    So much hope and potential for this game... Epic fail.

    Shooting mechanics are brutal
    Unbalanced gameplay
    Bad graphics
    Complexity that boils down to time or money spent on your character.
  82. Jun 24, 2014
    I really wanted to love this game, to get immersed - take a persona to a sci-fi battlefield and have fun, but like Eve the reality is that I might as well be banging my head against a wall. For all its excellent visual design and promise, the game amounts to PvP deathmatch monotony with the added kick to the nads of robbing you of your equipment on death. Several months after closed beta (a frustrating exercise that allowed me to do very little except get sniped by some jackass every 5 seconds) the Academy arrived, allowing me briefly to enjoy some smaller, manageable battles. Soon after, I was thrown back into the main game, where the snipers had gone, and was constantly being run over by some **** in an armoured car. Uninstalled, gladly. Will give Project Legion a go if/when it appears. Expand
  83. May 16, 2013
    The games fps mechanics are really bad in combination with the lag and bad hit detection. CCP has sooo much on their plate just in terms of fixes, that I am not sure they can pull it off in the next year or whenever they make the game good again.

    There is so much positive but too much negative that after playing the beta for a year I am now (after release) not playing anymore, im just
    sitting in the mcc gaining free sp untill it gets good again.

    Hope this game gets gud before ps4 or it is a gonner.
  84. Jul 11, 2013
    Dust 514 is refreshing in the shooter world by giving purpose to your combat. the better you do the more you earn in both skill points (xp) and isk (in game money)

    almost everything you use in dust 514 is something you must buy, from your armor to your gun. on the flip side, every time you kill another person they lost that as well. from tanks to aircraft to men on the ground every kill
    is a loss to another player.

    one of the biggest things in dust 514 is the skill point system, every battle you earn SP and you put that SP into many different skills that improve you in different areas or allow you to use better items. progression in dust 514 is very exciting and is more like MMO's are on PC.

    Dust 514 isn't perfect, but it's pretty good. the game is still getting support from developers and will be for at least 3 more years with free DLC and content patches, so if you support free DLC then download that game.

    Oh yea, dust 514 is FREE on ps3, it's one of the best and least talked about ps3 exclusive but a game everyone should download.
  85. Sep 10, 2014
    Dust 514 pros: customization, social aspects, New Eden universe, passive and active skill point system, F2P without P2W.
    Cons: Updates are infrequent, graphics do not push the limits of 2012 technology much less 2014.
  86. May 16, 2013
    For potential, 10/10. For concept, 10/10. For the revolutionary formulary of tying it into a persistent universe with pre-established lore in EVE Online, and connecting the two games together, 10/10. Why 8? As it is now, it has bugs. But so did EVE. As it is now, it has balance issues. But so did EVE. As it is now, it lacks content. But so did EVE. The biggest disappointment is the lack of a 'solo' experience, and I use that term loosely as you are never truly solo in EVE Online, but the difference is, you can still go and make something of yourself without the need to engage in direct PVP combat in EVE. DUST, for the moment, is purely PVP with no PVE elements in it, and that's where it loses points for me. But, I expect they are on the drawing board, and continue to enjoy the game as it is for the moment. Without that PVE content however, it will eventually just become the same old thing match after match. Hell, it already is, but it's still an enjoyable "same old thing", especially if you've got a good solid team. Expand
  87. Oct 26, 2013
    ok i'm changing my review of this game from 10 to 6. why? well here's something i realised. it lacks content! i've been playing this game since closed beta and it's only turned out to be dissapointing. you know when the game got the uprising update and was officially released i was expecting all or at least MOST the content to be in the game. they promised many new weapons, dropsuits, vehicles like new assault rifles types which, oh god this game desperately needs. i think they only have one or two different assault rifles which is terrible! the devs have promised new content with patch updates, but so far there have been three updates with NOTHING. i've given up on this dissapointing game and i'm sure everyone else will soon. Expand
  88. Jul 16, 2013
    Dust 514 has the potential to be a lot of fun. It's a free, well-made FPS, with a lot going on. Unfortunately, there's little incentive to play it for non-EVE players other than love of the genre. The graphics are decent, the controls are solid in my opinion, it's increasingly difficult to take someone down, but that seems to be a weird trend in shooters these days. My biggest issue is that, when deciding on what to play between this and most games, I'd rather just play something else. Expand
  89. Jul 21, 2013
    It's a solid RPG based shooter, but expect nothing more.

    CCP has done an average job at converting the universe of EVE into a massive F2P shooter known as DUST 514. Core mechanics are present in the game: Strafing, grenade cooking, aiming down sights, and sprinting. This game also introduces an RPG like element in the game so players can spend Skill Points earned during battles into
    skills like Weaponry, which gives access to better handheld weapons like Assault Rifles or Mass Drivers (Grenade launchers.) Or maybe the player would like to start wrecking the battlefield in a more menacing way, speccing into tanks. Or maybe the player is one of those selfless kind and ops to spec into medical gear to revive and heal teammates. The skill system gives you a blank canvas and says, "well, how the hell do you wanna play this game? You wanna snipe while having an active scanner to find and call out enemies or do you wanna be in a Heavy Suit mowing down baddies? Well?" The choice the game gives you on how to play this game is...dare I say... astronomical.

    It does not contort to class based shooting, i.e. medics, snipers, heavies, but rather, it conforms to more of a hybrid shooter. It all sounds good on paper... however the premise ultimately falls flat.

    Skill Points is VERY hard to obtain in this game. Playing a game only nets you around 6 thousand skill points a game, assuming your on top of your game and the game lasts less than 15 minutes. Oh yeah, the matches here are very, very long. (but it wont be if your kicking ass) But being on top of your game means you would have to beat all the explosive BS and cheapness associated with this game along with the unfair matchmaking for new players. Yes thats right, oft times you will end up going against people 10x stronger than you and thats done of purpose, there is no custom search for equal skill level in this game. it just throws you into a random match and says welcome to New Eden.

    Speaking of new Eden, the maps in this game are a fresh of breath air...at first. As you continually play this game (if your a masochist) you'll notice that maps are just recycled over and over with no real good chokepoint spots or memorable locations, it's just ultimately bland.

    I wont even go over balance issues, you can go check out their forums for that.

    Again, while this is free to play, there are a massive amount of bugs still present in this game. It's playable, but expect nothing more than just a RPG Shooter, cause thats exactly what it sounds like, nothing more, nothing less.
  90. May 21, 2013
    It's a typical FPS that tries to be different but flaws in one major area... bullet damage it's uneven it takes one to two shots for a sniper, yet about a full clip with the assault rifle. The game would be fun if they would have only evened out the weapons a bit.
  91. May 6, 2014
    A persistent game with great customization. Easily one of the most ambitious titles ever on console. needs compartmentalized team communication, bigger battles, more game modes and slightly better framerate in close firefights but the foundation is solid. If you liked MAG this could be a worthy predecessor if it improves.
  92. May 17, 2013
    Just to clarify a bit more about the 'pay-to-win' it's not.

    It's more like 'pay-to-have-a-gear-that-requires-lower-skill-level-to-use', the best gears can only be bought by in game currency which is ISK. With real money you can only purchase standard grade dropsuits blueprints and weapons that match the same tier (same stat), and you need to earn ISK to buy Advance and Prototype suits.

    However the gameplay design (aiming, weapon balance) is still awkward compare to others FPS in the market right now, but the potential is clearly there.

    If you are looking for a jump-right-in-and-shot-stuff FPS, Dust 514 might not live up to your expectation. Dust requires you to spend some time on browsing market, selecting your equipments, test dropsuit, plan skills etc. It WILL take you some time before you know what you're doing. However if you are someone that enjoy gear customization, roles on battlefield, teamworks, tactics, consequences, destroying other people's expensive gears with your starter gears, then Dust 514 is for you.
  93. May 17, 2013
    Being new to console FPS, I have no "drag" with controls learned elsewhere. In fact playing with the normal Dual shock controller felt so awkward, that I had to get myself a Splitfish controller during the closed beta, before the keyboard/mouse was an option.

    I find the depth of the game exhilarating, having played EVE Online for years and stopped due to lack of time, this was an
    opportunity to sink back in to the world of New Eden without having to sink hours and hours into it. And I love it. After almost a year of game play, I still love it.

    Oh yeah, New Eden. It's filled with lore and history. The EVE Wiki alone is amazing source of back stories, but they've also published three (3!) books based on the universe. And countless of Chronicles delving deep into the life of the citizens, soldiers and capsuleers of the various planets and star systems.

    It is continually evolving and getting better, don't let the whiney kiddies tell you otherwise. See, you actually need to learn this game, spend time with it and get to know what works and what doesn't. After sinking some of your hard earned Skill Points into one of the various support skills, you go and buy the new modules you now have access to and then spend hours finding the best combination to fit them to your dropsuit. Did I mention there are several different kinds of dropsuits?

    If you like depth and immersion, this is your game. If you have the attention span of a goldfish, try Crayon Physics, might be a better match.
  94. May 19, 2013
    A fresh new concept that's very interactive and very exciting and engaging. Not to mention the enormous customization. So many dropsies and weapons.
  95. May 25, 2013
    When I played this game's open beta, I was noticed a LOT of issues in the game. Now that the game is out, I notice some improvements to the game, but problems still exist. First of all, the update time is completely unacceptable. I don't know if its my internet or not, but it shouldn't take a game 5 hours to update! The guns in the game are under-powered and takes forever to kill another player even when their shields are down. I think this game would've been better as a PC exclusive instead of the PS3. Might not be the EVE game we were hoping for, but at least its something. Expand
  96. Jun 17, 2013
    This game is ok. It offers no new experiences in online competition, but does offer some fun gameplay. My main issue is how under-powered you are at the start of the game compared to those who pour money into the game. No doubt the guns are bad and take a bunch of bullets to drop and enemy. For an action, future shooter, the gameplay is slow and lacks much progression.

    There is a clear
    lack of game-modes and limited amounts of variety. I do not think this is a generally good game, decent at most. Free-to-play is not an excuse for bad quality. Unfortunately, that's what this game is. Bad quality and rushed. Expand
  97. Aug 24, 2013
    I feel bad for those readers caught between the people trying to defend DUST and those whole look down on it. I will get to my personal take on the game in a bit, but there are some basic things I feel an interested player should know, regardless:
    1) Due to passive skill-point (SP) accrual, plus the fact the game is free to download and play, I highly recommend installing and creating a
    character, as to provide you with a massively expanded pool of SP should you ever come to play the game later in the future, be that a week or in 3 years. You don't need to play even a single match, you can even uninstall it afterwards for all that matters. Not to sound too bitter, but at least one of you reading this will not heed my advice, and when you go to play the game later, you'll be wishing you had more SP to work with. I will not feel bad for you.

    2) DUST is growing. That is essential to know despite what anyone says. Though I do support the game personally, I'd gladly be the first to point out its flaws (I'm not, but still). Honestly core mechanics need tweaking, and weapons and suits are constantly being adjusted to the point of annoyance (these are just a few things, but I have limited text). However, my point here is that they're actually being adjusted, and deliberately at that. Other shooters will only provide updates to their game for a limited time, very inconsistently and very minimally. The standard AAA shooter has a "Field" life of one to three years before it is obsolete and you're being asked to fork up another $60+ for the sequel. For example. Activision abandoned Call of Duty 4 long ago, they got their money out of it and they could care less about it at this point, despite what bug and exploits may still be active. This is one thing that appealed to me above almost all else about DUST. CCP has been maintaining and developing EVE Online for over 10 years now; No sequels, No paid DLC. DUST 514 will be the same way in that you will never see a DUST 2, only a DUST-update 2.0, and a DUST 3.0, 4.0 and so on. The game's lineage progresses solely on FREE updates, not paid DLC content packs, and not sequels. CCP listens very closely to its fan-base, and when ["Armor is under-powered compared to shield"] they don't ask you to wait until the sequel to see the changes. Now let me point out that this isn't a great example. All games commit to a certain amount of tweaking, but only on the surface, they might modify specific mechanics here and there (ex: MAVs in Battlefield 3) but the core mechanics; the engine and structure of the game is left alone until the sequel comes out. In contrast, EVE, for instance, has had its core graphics engine redone 3 times now, that's impressive. DUST will be the same way. Yes, the game desperately needs fixes, but those fixes will come, and improvements will be made. As it stands (v1.3), the hit detection isn't very good, and upon hearing this, CCP immediately set into work to fix it and this will not be a small token fix, this will be an in-depth patch to the way the game works. What I want the reader to take away from this is that what grievances you might have today won't be there forever. Be it a month, or 6, CCP does care, and they will fix and update the game as needed for years, perhaps decades to come.

    3) The rapid fire releases and general homo-geniality of today's top AAA shooters between their original hits and their sequels makes it very easy to say that the big dogs of the industry are making games solely for the money of it; it's not that they don't care, its just a sense of pride in their product is hardly their main concern. CCP has a track record on the contrast though. Yes, CCP Games is a corporation, corporations want and need money for good reason, but CCP holds a level of integrity nowadays you see nowhere else. They're making DUST with the intentions that, yes, it will be profitable, but almost unique today, that it is something they can be proud of.

    4) Microtransactions are a topic many have voiced their concern for. It is important to remember that the weapons/equipment you buy with real money always have a in-game money equivalent, note World of Tanks, in which the highest end content can only be reached through real money, this is not the case in DUST. People also point out annoyance at the fact this gear purchased for real money isn't permanent, and is lost upon death. First off, the gear is extremely cheap, depending what you're looking at, it generally is a matter of cents per unit, however the fact you don't get to keep what you buy is very important as it provides balance. Nobody is going to outclass you by throwing down $20 and using it to pimp out a ton of high end suits, because dying would mean losing that money, which is a fear I feel is very important for "Wallet-warriors" to have.

    As I am out of text to use, please, expect BETA quality now, but know the game is growing and improving. Complaints you read now may already be obsolete
  98. Dec 19, 2013
    Dust 514 has a problem. It tries to do too much at once. Being a good shooter and being free-to-play just doesn't work for this game. It's a shame, as it has so much potential.
  99. Feb 24, 2014
    this game has a lot to say about itself it is very ambitios and ah.............well mediocore experience really this game has 2 massive flaws
    1 is its lack of team balancing i found that alot of the times i was placed in a team of comlete newcomers going against dust veterans
    and 2 is the pay walls the best weapons are locked of by a seperate currency that you cant earn or if you can it
    would take years to earn enough for a isk booster
    this game has probably one of the most inovated battle mechaniques ever making it feel like a mix between killzone battlefield and planetside 2 and the graphics are amazing
    its key selling point was that the servers were linked up with EVES servers but really all it is is a excuse and backround for warbarge strikes and even then i rarely see those
    over all this game was very ambitious maybe with a team balancing feature more weapons for isk and remove the fact that you need 1million 599thousand isk just to setup a corperation and more game modes will bring this game up to scratch this game is good and the fact that its free to play means that its a good hour waster before a party or something
  100. May 24, 2013
    Its free to play, it doesn't really require reviews. Get in and make up your own mind!. And ignore the crap about pay-to-win. Its not true.

    Thats being said heres my opinion:

    A potentially great game mired by the developer mismanaging expectations and playing it safe CCP are trying to appeal to too many people at once and as a result appealing to a very small minority of eve nutters
    with PS3s and MAG refugees. CCP also seems content to fiddle with small details rather than finishing thier obviously half done game (and as a result often break more than they fix). CCP has also poorly managed the PR behind its microtransaction model, allowing misinformation and rumour to penetrate even official reviews.

    The Cons

    Dust 514 also lacks immersion and an open world feel that Eve does so well. Despite the gorgeous mercenary quarter environment, as a player you are inexplicably teleported to and from battlefields with little explanation about how you get there. It all feels half assed and lazy. The game as it stands is a increadibly cut down shooter, with very little to do beyond fight on the same four to six small maps and theorycraft "killer fits". The games modes are lack luster and unexciting. Even the new planetary conquest mode is just more fighting on the same battlefields with ownership of those same maps being ascribed on a database somewere.

    The Pros.

    The light at the end of the tunnel with this title is that it is free to play (why not spend a few hours playing it, ignore the reviews and give it a try!). Development has been promised to continue for 10 years of free expannsions! Eve when it started 10 years ago was a heap of rubbish too. Now its actually a fun game to play. The gun play, when not being destroyed by development is actually rather good. You do often feel though that the aiming and controls need work.

    To enjoy this game your going to have to be future thinking, and focus on what this game could be. Rather than what it is now. That being said as it stands this game is a 6/7 at best.

Mixed or average reviews - based on 31 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 5 out of 31
  2. Negative: 3 out of 31
  1. Thankfully, navigating through the poorly designed menus is not the only thing Dust 514 has to offer. You can also shoot each other in a body region of choice on poorly designed multiplayer maps. Even with 31 other player joining the fray, you will have a hard time finding even a single adversary. [June 2013, p.86]
  2. Dust 514 is ropier than a Japanese adult movie marathon. Movement is clunky, combat feels archaic, and this war takes place on worlds so drab they look like a rip off of Futurama’s Neutral Planet. This is yet another paid DLC bear trap. [September 2013, p80]
  3. Jul 28, 2013
    Feels like it is in desperate need of a decade of evolution, to move out of the shadow of its peers. [Issue#137, p.114]