• Publisher: SCEA
  • Release Date: Jul 30, 2009

Generally favorable reviews - based on 53 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 42 out of 53
  2. Negative: 0 out of 53
  1. Fat Princess presents a captivating world, an absurd premise and classic gameplay in a very well balanced and original game that is both amazingly funny and fun to play.
  2. Fat Princess is a gem that's marred by some issues that would otherwise make it the best game on the PSN.
  3. This is without a doubt the most enjoyment I have had with an online-focused game in a long time and cannot wait to go back and play some more. There is something for everyone and it will not take you long to get accustomed to the controls and be essential on the battlefield. It might only be August, but what we have here is by far the best downloadable game of the year and one that should not be missed.
  4. It's one of the better reasons to own the system at this point, and certainly a lot of fun to play.
  5. Fat Princess offers some of the most addictive and rewarding gameplay in recent times and can be a fantastic joy to play with friends online. Over time, it wouldn’t be at all surprising for Fat Princess to get better and better as players settle down into their roles and really engage with the teamwork – much like has happened in Killzone 2’s multiplayer.
  6. 90
    Figuring out why the bombs of a worker are awesome, lighting your sword on fire, and knocking open your castle's front door just long enough to shoot someone in the face are great experiences.
  7. Either single player or online, Fat Princess delivers excellence in every way. The single player is quite short and should be looked at more like a tutorial for the very deep multiplayer aspect. If there were one thing I’d like to see added to Fat Princess it would be split-screen local multiplayer, other than that I can’t complain.
  8. 90
    Fat Princess is one of the defining games of the PSN. The style is outrageously cute and gory and the gameplay is simple enough that it is infectious to play.
  9. Fat Princess' charm and sense of humor prevails throughout, and it's backed up by a completely honest, simple, and thoroughly fun war game that contains not one pretentious bone in its body.
  10. Fat Princess is a great multiplayer experience that will only get better once people learn to utilise the skills of all of the classes.
  11. Fun in the multiplayer and different to any other game in the market, Fat Princess is one of the best titles available in the digital marketplace, an instant classic which adapts game modes of other genre under a new and fresh approach.
  12. 90
    One of the most original downloadable games to date. The amount of strategy that exists is plentiful and there is more than enough content included to justify the purchase.
  13. This is a game that is definitely worth the purchase price and I think that it is a must have DLC title for the PlayStation 3.
  14. It's easy to see the craftsmanship that has been poured into this offering from its presentation to its stellar gameplay. The only problem we found that keeps this title back from gaming nirvana is its suspect connections - it was often impossible to play against others online.
  15. Though it's hardly perfect, Fat Princess is nevertheless one of the most enjoyable and multi-faceted multiplayer experiences on the PS3 right now. Grab a headset and get to slaughtering; that princess isn't going to gorge herself, you know!
  16. Fat Princess is both charming and amusing but it’s also nicely designed and capable of holding a player’s interest due to the diversity and variety found within.
  17. Fat Princess is more filling then the sweet magical icing that crowns the princess's favorite meal. Titian Studios has produced a fun, quick-paced strategy game that takes the classic formula of capture-the-flag and turns it into a violent, cheery pool of controlled chaos.
  18. 85
    Any game starring fat royalty with a penchant for baked treats and a credit sequence set to Sir Mixalot's 'Baby Got Back' is instantly destined for greatness anyway. So why not have your cake and eat it?
  19. Like cake, it's tasty and lovely to look at. Unlike cake, it's an experience best shared. [Oct 2009, p.74]
  20. An interesting blend of classic group beat 'em up and gamemodes lifted from FPS-games. It’s at the same time monotonous, chaotic and fun. [Aug 2009]
  21. There isn’t much like Fat Princess on any platform, and though it’s clear that it can grow in any number of ways, the game is already hectic and fun.
  22. It’s dumb concept is just the start point for a funny and strategic game. This smart change of the Capture the Flag concept shines because of its old-school gameplay and its innovative form.
  23. As we already thought in our preview: The game is one of the best out of the PSN Store and makes a lot of fun, especially for more than one player!
  24. 83
    Fat Princess is definitely a hit and worthy addition to the PlayStation Store. The humour in the game and the simple class system creates a new experience. Unfortunately, the continuous in-game chaos can ruin the fun sometimes. No one should be deterred from its unique graphical style, as Fat Princess is a game for everyone looking to have some fun online here and there.
  25. 83
    Fat Princess' greatest strength is its comical presence, from the title screen to the ending credits.
  26. Innovation has always been one of the cornerstones of the gaming industry, and Titan Studios deserves a round of applause for going back to the basics with this game, adding a nice little twist with the whole princess concept, and bringing us one of the better downloadable games of the year.
  27. If gamers are worried about Fat Princess not giving them an amusing time, then they should worry no longer – Fat Princess has more highs than lows to justify a digital download for any PlayStation 3 owner.
  28. At 11.99 this is an expensive slice of PSN, but the end result is so tasty you won't regret it. [Oct 2009, p.117]
  29. Fat Princess is an amazing concept that should have had a longer beta test, so that the bugs could have been ironed out. But the more they're fixed the better the game gets, and this may well become a really successful franchise.
User Score

Generally favorable reviews- based on 174 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 57 out of 67
  2. Negative: 5 out of 67
  1. Apr 16, 2014
    HOW I RATE: 10-9 score: perfect or near-perfect don't exist; 8 score: one of the best games ever. Top score; 7-6 score: great but not one of the best; 5-below score: serious gameplay flaws.
    I'd almost give it an 8 if it hadn't been for it's kinda shallow gameplay.
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  2. Dec 17, 2013
    There is potential here. That being said, because off players online not working together it's just constant chaos and dying and respawning the whole time until someone wins. Matches are way too long because the two factions are too equally matches. Mostly it's just 2 towers that keep being re-taken by the other side.
    There is no single player campaign to speak off so you need to really on a good online experience.
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  3. Nov 19, 2013
    Un juego pasable, para mas bien pasar estúpidamente el tiempo, no me gusto nada, al principio engancha, pero a los 10 minutos te dan ganas de lanzar el disco por la ventana y quemar su caja (si no fuera virtual)vamos, que ni de coña lo comapraria en mi vida, tire el dinero, no lo recomiendo, gastaros el dinero sabiamente y no es esto...prefiero donar el dinero o tirarlo a la basura, hasta las ratas sacarían mas provecho xD Full Review »