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  1. God Of War Collection says you have to slay your way across Athens, cross a desert and climb half way down a mountain to get it.
  2. Do they look anywhere near as stunning as Uncharted 2 or the upcoming God of War III? Not a chance. Do they look as good or play as or better than some early next generation games? They do actually, thanks to the high production values, especially II.
  3. 100
    It's not a comprehensive museum-style release with tons of improvements, new bonus features, Chains of Olympus, Betrayal, etc., but instead a great rerelease of two of the best games of all time in high definition. Here's hoping Sony continues the trend with another critical darling pair of games soon.
  4. 100
    The fact that we get access to two classic games in one package is also a win for us, but again, the ability to take a long look back at Kratos' journey is the true reward of this amazing collection.
  5. God of War and God of War II are games worth playing if you're a fan of action-adventure gaming at its best. Plus, the updated visuals make these games a lot more appealing for current-gen gamers. Now, if you've played the games before, you might also have to do yourself a favor and replay them in this new format, not only because it's worth experiencing all over again, but because it will get you ready for the last chapter of the trilogy.
  6. Ultimately, this collection isn’t much more than the sum of its parts, but that is hardly a bad thing considering the quality of the parts. If you still haven’t played the God of War series, you aren’t just missing out on great games. You’re missing pieces of gaming history.
  7. If you have not played the God of War series, you owe it to yourself to buy this game immediately. If you have played the God of War series, this is a great chance to relive the controller-snapping difficulty present in one of the best pair of adventure games ever made.
  8. It may be the gaming equivalent of upgrading from DVD to Blu-ray Discs since the core gameplay remains untouched, but whether you've played either of the God of War games or not, this two-for is the way to experience the classics.
  9. For those who have not yet experienced the Adventures of Kratos, the God of War Collection is a no-brainer, and probably the best overall value on PS3 this year.
  10. For $40 you get an HD version of two of the best action-adventure games ever made. There's almost nothing to complain about here, so just go buy it and enjoy yourself.
  11. If you haven't played them, know you're getting an amazing value for you money -- two shining examples of excellence in a genre for less than the cost of a single next-gen title.
  12. If you are looking for a great package deal in terms of length, great price and quality, there’s no way you should pass on this one. Now, if you never, EVER, heard or played any game from this mythic franchise, then you must add this compilation to your game collection.
  13. 94
    At $40 for two of the best action games ever made, and the perfect precursors to next March's God of War III, this is a collection that you shouldn't pass up.
  14. God of War and God of War II are gaming at its best and this collection is recommended to anyone who missed the games the first time around.
  15. The years have been kind to arguably the best PS2 games. [Mar 2010, p.76]
  16. A compilation of great quality games which won't disappoint anyone.
  17. Don't just buy this collection as a way to get your hands on the demo early, because this bundle of amazing software is dripping with quality. Both games have retained their signature gameplay, all the while gaining new and improved visuals, boasting full 720p resolutions, better texture details, anti-aliasing, trophy support, behind the scenes footage, and, yes, a demo of God of War III.
  18. 93
    Two of the greatest PS2 action games of all time at a bargain price. [Issue#188, p.74]
  19. Whether you've already played the originals, or are yet to discover one of gaming's best action franchises, this one's not to be missed. May the gods have mercy on your soul if you pass it up.
  20. 92
    HD Remakes of the first two God of War parts. It’s got the same brilliant gameplay, sound and violence as before. The graphics are a little bit better and if you didn’t play the two parts years ago on the PlayStation 2 or if you’re a Trophy hunter, then this is a great game for you!
  21. For gamers who have never played the originals, this is gaming history updated to an impressive level of visual quality that even manages to update the gameplay.
  22. God of War Collection doesn’t really change anything about the God of War series other than a graphical facelift and there’s no way to go back to the game selection screen other than reloading the game, but it’s hard to complain about two HD-enhanced ‘A-‘ titles for $20 apiece.
  23. 90
    God of War and its sequel were two of the best games on the PS2. They exist now as an example of streamlined, entertaining and challenging games.
  24. Far from being mere exercises in nostalgia, these hugely entertaining HD versions underline exactly why we all got so excited about them in the first place, and suggests that while God of War III faces off against a lot of big names in 2010, the greatest threats to its dominance lie in its own past.
  25. Sony did an excellent job porting two phenomenal games to PS3, and we strongly suggest you replay them in all their glory. Of course, if you never experienced the God of War franchise, you're in for a wonderful treat.
  26. A brilliant must-buy. [Jan 2010, p.104]
  27. The God of War Collection offers a unique possibility to experience two of the best action games ever for a reduced price. The addition of HD-graphics set it on par with temporary games. The ruthless hack-and-slash action and the fantastic level design are even now a step above many other games on the current console generation.
  28. Collection is a title that you ought to play even if you played God of War and II back in 2005 and 2007. You ought to play it so you can marvel at the technical achievement, and to see how the games have shaped so many of those that we play today. [June 2010 p79]
  29. If you never played the first two Kratos' adventures before, this is clearly a must buy. And if you had the PS2 games this is a great opportunity to recall why they were two of the best games from the last generation.
  30. The God of War Collection is really a no brainer for fans of the franchise. You can’t go wrong in picking it up and seeing all the work that been put into its HD rebirth.
  31. An absolute no-brainer for those who missed out the first time, the God of War Collection packs two phenomenal titles into one great package for a bargain price. Even if you have played them before, the visual and framerate upgrade is well worth it.
  32. The God of War Collection is the equivalent of Disney releasing a remastered version of Snow White: you know precisely what you're getting (because you've probably already seen it) but it looks and sounds so good you can't help but pull out your wallet to buy it again.
  33. 90
    This game package goes to show how far ahead of its time the God of War concept was in terms of execution and production values. These games haven't lost much punch as they collected dust on the PS2's shelves.
  34. The God of War Collection has been given a visual bump making for a smoother ride as you relive some of the finest moments of Playstation 2 gaming. Even without its HD makeover, this collection would be worth checking out because it clearly shows us why the first two God of War games are so special.
  35. 90
    A terrific compilation which gives two of the best games of the previous console generation the tender, loving care they deserve. Utterly essential for everyone with a PlayStation 3.
  36. The God of War Collection might be more of the same, but taking two of the best games on the PS2 and upgrading them to look like PS3 games can offer little arguments from anyone.
  37. God of War Collection provides the definitive versions of two PS2 classics. If you've never played them before, there's never been a better time to check them out. For hardcore fans, the updated visuals amount to experiencing these stellar games with fresh eyes. Consider the God of War III demo included in the package icing on the cake.
  38. Ultimately, God of War Collection is absolutely packed with quality content, making it an ideal purchase for fans and newcomers alike – throw in an attractive budget price point of USD $39.99, and you can’t really go wrong.
  39. Two great classics remastered in Hd. Enjoy the fury of Kratos, in the game every Ps3 owner must buy this christmas.
  40. 90
    All improved aspects together with a smooth gameplay, make the God of War Collection worth it's money. The God of War Collection provides the best preparation you can get for God of War III.
  41. 90
    Provides just about everything that an action gamer could hope for, from thrilling boss fights to an epic storyline that sweeps through Greek mythology.
  42. These were two of the PS2's greatest games, and they're just as compelling--and much better looking--on PS3. [Jan 2010, p.83]
  43. God of War Collection is something similar to upgrading your The Godfather movies to Blu-ray.
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  1. Nov 12, 2010
    BE WARNED, if your new to the series. YOU WILL GET PISSED OFF ON THE PUZZLES AND CHALLENGES, EVEN IN NORMAL MODE! But after I look back I remember all the times I dropped the F-Bomb on the game, and know I think the series is awesome. Awesome hack and slash game play, good stories. And got me interested in reading Greek Mythology. Recommended Buy!^_^ Full Review »
  2. [anonymous]
    Jan 20, 2010
    Sorry, I thought this game was overrated on ps2. I never finished it, so I thought i would get both games on the cheap. these games use such outdated mechanics. I mean beat em ups and hack and slash games have been around since NES. You can pretty much just mash buttons and quicktime your way through all the enemies. The game is not that challenging, just a chore. The story is pretty generic, prototypical macho persona. I just dont get it, hopefully GOW3 turns me around. Full Review »
  3. Jan 22, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click full review link to view. The collection is a great deal. You get 2 games in one thats first. The first God of War was a masterpiece on PS2.The Legendary battle with Hydra and more is just classic. Now we got a chance to play it on PS3.Sure some say that the game is old and uses oldfashioned mechanics but its still the true and old God of War. Just bumped to HD.The graphic might hurt your eyes sometimes but it aint tragic. You play this game not for graphic but for the feeling and classic fights from God of War. The God of War II is even better. All the fights with Collosus,Medusa,Sisters of Fate ,Perseus and more are just crazy and feel the same as on PS2. Generally if you didnt play GoW on PS2 its a must have possition. If you did play it on PS2 you should buy it if your original PS2 GoW doesnt work on PS3(90% disc dont work )
    Me personally as a huge fan of GoW series with T-shirt,figure,posters etc its just brilliant that Sony bumped a bit their old 2 games into PS3 so I can again feel the anger,rage and power of Kratos.
    Full Review »