inFamous PlayStation 3

  • Publisher: SCEA
  • Release Date: May 26, 2009

Generally favorable reviews - based on 98 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 84 out of 98
  2. Negative: 0 out of 98
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  1. It's the quality of the central action in InFamous that I keep coming back to. Everything else would be fancy window dressing if Sucker Punch hadn't nailed the basic gameplay elements, the simple moving and shooting, as precisely as it did. InFamous feels like a game designed from the very ground up to be fun to play, so I guess it's no surprise that as soon as the credits finished rolling on my good version of Cole, I started up an evil one to play it all over again.
  2. This is simply a superb genre defining experience with two unforgettable endings.
  3. 100
    Sucker Punch achieves what should be every developer's objective: creating an engrossing game experience that is focused on, above all, fun. inFAMOUS delivers explosive action within an extensive sandbox, a veritable playground of electrified mayhem.
  4. AceGamez
    With a strong storyline, a stunning and expansive world, inspired level and mission design and a hefty amount of time required to see it through to completion, inFAMOUS is an essential PS3 release.
  5. It has PS3 Game of the Year written all over it and unless something truly special comes out later this year it could be my all-time favorite game of 2009 on any system.
  6. 95
    inFamous is amazing. The feeling of "ability" engendered by the game's openness and the soft-lock system that allows you to go exactly where you want to and land precisely where you intended is genre-defining.
  7. As it turns out, main character Cole's abilities are much cooler to wield than your typical electricity-spewing hero's, but it's some of the other goodies packed into this title that give it a real jolt.
  8. I will tell you that inFAMOUS does possess a mess load of fantastic looking graphics and incredible sound. I will only play this game cranked up on the surround sound because it makes everything seem so much more involved. Great sound effects, great voice acting and it all comes together beautifully.
  9. 92
    Cole's powers are cool, the graphic novel cutscenes are stunning, the story is intriguing, and the city is alive.
  10. Scaling buildings and objects just works perfectly, you rarely miss a jump or ledge, and this helps enhance the gameplay further, letting you concentrate on navigating or shooting your foes. Some gamers may cry out for a multiplayer mode, but a game of this type just doesn’t need it.
  11. inFAMOUS takes everything you’ve come to expect from a well done super-hero tale and presents it in the shell of a video-game.
  12. Pelit (Finland)
    An excellent GTA-style superhero-sandbox. There's nothing major to complain about – it doesn't need any multiplayer-modes. [June 2009]
  13. 91
    Simply put, inFamous is the kind of game that when I'm not playing it, I'm constantly thinking about doing so. Heck, I already know what's going to happen right after I finish this sentence: I'm going to go back and play more as "superhero lightning cop" Cole.
  14. The audio in inFamous is incredible, especially when piped via HDMI to a capable 5.1 receiver.
  15. 90
    While not wholly original, the game's blend of open world ideals with superhero powers is done with a verve that’s unsurpassed, and the mesh of platforming and freeform combat is uniquely satisfying.
  16. A nice balance between run-and-gun action and fleet-footed platforming. [June 2009, p.86]
  17. Playstation Official Magazine UK
    The combat's deep and spectacular, the climbing is slick and intuitive, and the story's got enough depth behind the flashy hero/villain hook to fully merit that all-important second playthrough. There's genuinely nothing else like inFamous on PS3. [June 2009, p.82]
  18. Sucker Punch, known for the phenomenal Sly Cooper series, has introduced one of the best PS3 games to date and what could very well be the best superhero game ever. The storytelling, although aesthetically impressive, is executed somewhat hastily and could have been a bit more fleshed out. This is just a minor flaw in a game that does everything else extremely well. The controls are flawless and the electrical powers are absolutely awesome. The city is grand - to take a leap from a tall building is nothing short of exhilarating - and it feels very much alive. Having superpowers in a game has never been as cool as this.
  19. The attractive graphic novel cut scenes, devastating electrical attacks, a moody soundtrack and a sprawling post apocalyptic metropolis make inFAMOUS a welcome addition to the PlayStation 3 library.
  20. It’s hard not to be impressed by inFamous, the way it is presented and the amount of ways you can play just blows you away.
  21. Thanks to its fluid, genre-crossing gameplay and action-packed scenarios, inFAMOUS has established itself as an electrifying new addition to the PS3 library.
  22. It’s a euphoric example of tight, well-constructed narrative and strong game design, and ultimately a title that won’t only be remembered as the best superhero game to date, but also as one of the PS3’s finest moments.
  23. The shifting good vs. bad storyline provides a solid foundation that the gameplay builds upon, and therefore missions and side objectives feel genuinely refreshing. Empire City provides an excellent base for exploration and Cole's skills make the third person "shooting" feel fresh and exciting.
  24. Great visuals, nice controls and electrifying action - That's how it's supposed to be. Granted, it’s not an innovation masterpiece but it delivers some great hours of fun.
  25. Incredible freedom of movement, intense combat, and an enthralling story make Infamous an impressive open-world action game.
  26. inFAMOUS is simply one of the most fun games I've played this generation and probably the most fun game I've played this year. If you cannot buy it you've got to borrow it because you'll have a lot of fun. Sucker Punch manages a balanced result with fine arguments to attract the player and cole, the city and his story gives us a lot of pleasure to meet.
  27. 90
    Great game, minor faults, a lot of fun to be had, terrible story but the gameplay holds up despite it. Maybe this "sleeping on it" thing has some merit, after all.
  28. inFAMOUS is many things; a superhero epic, a decent into indulging one's dark side, a comic book fable and an electrically-charged shooter. Above all else, though, it's a next-gen platformer -- something the PS3 was lacking until now.
  29. The overall quality of the game is not as high as I expected because I love the Sly Cooper games but as the first game this generation from Sucker Punch it makes this a must buy for PS3 owners. Just do not expect anything stellar or new in terms of gameplay, as we have seen much this game has to offer before and done slightly better.
  30. 90
    This game is, due to its provoking story, beautiful graphics, realistic sounds and the huge amount of possibilities, almost a perfect title. If the game had a multiplayer feature as well, it probably would have earned the full ten points!
  31. With solid graphics, solid sound, and some great gameplay elements (e.g. Karma Moments), Sucker Punch did Sony right by offering up a great PlayStation 3 exclusive title.
  32. There isn’t too much here that we haven’t seen before but the experience itself is worth exploring. It’s when the whole picture starts to come together that some of the seams begin to show. But if you persevere then you will be rewarded by a great story with rich characters and fun gameplay.
  33. The developers have successfully created an interesting open world with a strong super hero theme that works very well. The story is great and the characters are quite relatable with a variety of twists and turns as you progress through the game.
  34. LEVEL (Czech Republic)
    Small compact worlds, varied missions, side quests, free movement, special abilities – that’s what we want from superhero type games. And inFamous gives it everything with style. [June 2009]
  35. Infamous is one of the best games so far in 2009 and if you have a PS3 you owe it to yourself to check it out.
  36. 90
    The best part is that Sucker Punch created a game that invites you to explore the world and makes it hard to leave.
  37. Both graphically astounding and incredibly fun, it would be disillusioning to own a Playstation 3 and not have this rightfully placed at the top of your collection.
  38. It's got far more good points than bad, and is one of the reasons to own a PlayStation 3.
  39. Playstation Official Magazine Australia
    Another surprisingly good game feature is the story. Objectives and allegiances chop and change, and the radio chatter drips with comic book melodrama. [July 2009, p.68]
  40. inFamous is a type of game that doesn’t come around often enough and is easily one of this year’s strongest titles.
  41. Infamous is in a breed of its own. Its enticing gameplay and adrenaline inducing combat will force you to an unhealthy diet of potato chips and Mountain Dew.
  42. inFamous plays extremely well, and has an unusually fun character to it, on top of an addictive one. It boasts a massive game world that you can scale fully and interact with extensively, on top of a game engine that makes it all happen with minimal issues.
  43. inFamous is as electric as its main character. A brilliant videogame in every side of its gameplay that demonstrates the charm of its creators and the love they brought into its development.
  44. This title comes up with a very good story, many plot twists, a “thinking” city and a very charming protagonist with style. A very well done open-world title that offers lots of hours full of fantastic gameplay!
  45. Be that as it may, this is definitely one of my must-have games for this year. It’s too bad it's so damn short!
  46. It is not "Fable" and it does not try to be, it just takes these elements and combines them with some others to create very fun videogame, with its own personality and a well-achieved and told story, perfectly integrated with its gameplay. A more than recommended buy.
  47. The extremely user-friendly controls, deep open-world, loads of missions, and outrageous powers combine to make this one of the best titles to hit the PS3 to date.
  48. If you like sand-box games, you have to play InFamous. It's got a good story, unique powers and a city where you can explore a lot. It is a great debut for Sucker Punch on the PS3!
  49. A sandbox game that turns you into a superhero, maybe, is a surprisingly entertaining jaunt despite it not immediately capturing our imagination. inFamous does a lot of things right.
  50. 86
    Most importantly, the movement and combat mechanics are fantastic, while the firefights (and the starring role of electricity) are a true spectacle. In this game the city is both your playground and your plaything, and you'll feel like a bad-ass.
  51. Games Master UK
    Who knew messing around with electricity could be so much fun? [July 2009, p.68]
  52. Sucker Punch Productions have done a great job with inFAMOUS. First they have created a proprietary engine, that manages – quite naturally – a vast and detailed environment, where particle effects and exquisite textures make you indulge on the surroundings more than you should; then they have put an action-packed game into it.
  53. InFamous makes a lot of smart and entertaining game design decisions topped off with a high level of presentation values.
  54. 85
    With its karma-driven electric fisticuffs, open-ended parkour antics and stylishly broody ambiance, InFamous is a game worthy of Sucker Punch's slick PS2 releases, and a great addition to the PS3's increasingly formidable exclusive line-up. Shame about the story, but there's plenty to do by the wayside.
  55. While it certainly isn’t the graphical revelation it has been hyped to be, this is a game that is very much deserving of any PS3 owner’s hard earned cash. Or, to put it another way, Infamous can successfully generate 1.21 Gigawatts of fun, without the danger of setting anybody’s eyeballs on fire.
  56. It has its frustrations and we miss burning around in a car or the rumble of some good old-fashioned gunpowder, plus we think "Crackdown" pips it in the open-world action game league. But that won't stop you having a very amusing 25 hours of gaming (play it through twice, once good and once evil, and it's even longer).
  57. InFamous is a superheroes' different history. Cole handles the options and power that the electricity has given him, and with them he can do the good or get squarely into the dark side. With a few excellent controls, many power unlockables and the freedom complete to move and to use them for Empire City, this game is the "sleeper" PS3 game of this year. At least it has demonstrated a quality and an amusement within reach of few games.
  58. inFamous is an all-encompassing superhero tale told with care and attention. Sucker Punch Productions have created a fantastic title that will push your superhuman skills to the limit.
  59. 85
    It may not reinvent the wheel as far as the open-world genre is concerned, but in crafting a suitably compelling and eminently playable title, Sucker Punch have shaken off the child-friendly shackles of their Sly Cooper games and produced something distinctly dark and mature, that simply demands to be played.
  60. Infamous is everything you could want in a single player experience, from its beautiful graphics to its amazing gameplay.
  61. But the real reason to buy inFamous is that, regardless of your morality, it's just plain old fun being super-powered Cole in a city full of helpless mortals. And if you're a 360 owner lamenting the PS3 exclusivity, don't worry about it - just go pick up a copy of "Crackdown" instead.
  62. Cole is well-drawn, but Empire City is the game’s most compelling character. In spite of some cookie-cutter neighborhoods, the burg has real personality.
  63. Infamous is fun to play both as both good and evil but there are frustrations that can happen with traveling and difficulty of some of the fights.
  64. 81
    inFamous is a weird game – it’s entertaining and well developed, but lacks polish. Even though it’s really enjoyable, for the most part, it’s great but feels rough around the edges.
  65. Had the first half of the game matched the far more entertaining later sections (where the super powers really come into their own) and the story been a bit more engaging throughout we'd be looking at one of the best open-world action games of all time.
  66. Insanely intense action, a fantastic control setup and decent missions, make for a thoroughly entertaining PS3 exclusive - apparently the format's first in the sandbox genre.
  67. From the beautiful storyboard cut-scenes, to the outstanding voice-work, to the stunning soundtrack (courtesy of the highly talented Amon Tobin), to the compelling plot, the classic gameplay, the incredible environment; you start to become overloaded by the praiseworthy content. It is by no means flawless, but inFamous is a compelling, incredibly enjoyable video game and an essential addition to any PS3 owner's game library.
  68. 80
    inFamous suffers from a host of little problems, but all those minor missteps get smoothed over by the fact that you never want to stop playing the game. The makers of inFamous obeyed the cardinal rule of good game design: They kept everything fun.
  69. Surprisingly for a game with such a strong comic book feel, it sometimes feels like the world and characters lack personality, but if in future installments the developers can address these few flaws and perhaps develop the narrative in a more evocative environment, they could easily have one of the best games in the genre on their hands.
  70. The other thing hampering this games replayability - and playability - is the repetitive nature of the side missions. While thought has definitely gone into the main story missions, the side missions are taken from a stack of about ten different options - kill 14 of these guys, find 12 of these transmitters - and they tend to get tedious fairly quickly.
  71. Playstation: The Official Magazine (US)
    An entertaining, colorful, occasionally terrific romp that provides a solid basis for what we hope is an ongoing, evolving franchise.[July 2009, p.66]
  72. As frustrating as it can be to constantly have to keep your eye out for sources of electricity, the power it gives you is particularly enthralling. With an intriguing story and original, if painfully skillful, enemies, the game offers engagement through both narrative, likeable characters and respectable challenge.
  73. InFamous is, in a nice way, a new type of game. The climbing onto building-part is truly from another level, your electric superpowers more than okay and Empire City a place that gives you goosebumps. The basics are so good that it lets you forget the minor flaws with ease. InFamous is a must buy and will offer hours and hours of gameplay.
  74. The core game and concept are solid, but InFamous is a bit too repetitive for its own good, both in gameplay and environmental surroundings.
  75. 80
    inFamous hits all the right notes but sometimes tends to miss. An electrifying experience well worth buying.
  76. Infamous is a well-realized game.
  77. Despite its rough edges and somewhat lacking story, inFamous manages to grab the player and offer a compelling and action filled gameplay experience that surpasses most other super hero games out there.
  78. A solid first effort for a new franchise. The game’s overall package is a bit uneven, but it’s easy to strike that up to growing pains, particularly since this is Sucker Punch’s first next-generation effort.
  79. 15 hours of fun with Cole, Sony mantained its promises.
  80. inFamous is something of a mixed bag, lots of good ideas some implemented brilliantly others a little underdeveloped but despite these weaknesses, inFamous still manages to deliver a gripping and worthwhile playing experienced that will keep you electrified until the end!
  81. 80
    While not perfect, Infamous has enough excitement and vigour to see the player through to the end, and crucially leave them wanting more. The real hope is that that there will be another instalment of the adventures of Cole and the inhabitants of Empire City.
  82. Great potential, but not a flawless realization.
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 1142 Ratings

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  1. Negative: 13 out of 282
  1. DanielT
    Jan 7, 2010
    The only reason why this is actually not on my list - which consists of games of a score of 8 or higher) is a stupid one: I don't have The only reason why this is actually not on my list - which consists of games of a score of 8 or higher) is a stupid one: I don't have it. Or rather, it's in my house but it's not mine. InFAMOUS is an excellent superhero/shooter game that rivals Arkaham Asylum, with the exception of practically growing your own hero and deciding what he does. Ah, the delight of choosing to save a baby or eat it... Wait, WTF? Full Review »
  2. DawnM
    Dec 4, 2009
    Fun game to play. The mix of powers seem to work pretty well together as well. It can get frustrating at times with odd camera angles and Fun game to play. The mix of powers seem to work pretty well together as well. It can get frustrating at times with odd camera angles and animations, but overall a good game. Full Review »
  3. VitaliV.
    May 28, 2009
    More like 9.5. Overall an awesome game. Some minor flaws such as enemies half stuck in the wall after being defeated. What was most More like 9.5. Overall an awesome game. Some minor flaws such as enemies half stuck in the wall after being defeated. What was most surprising is the fact that you can't mindlessly jump in the middle of a group of enemies and expect to win which is often the case for these types of games. While the the choices for karma are obvious it is really tempting to use the evil side. Game is really enjoyable and from what I heard there are different cut scenes for both sides. So far I have not encountered any major slowdowns and/or glitches. Really a must buy if you are a fan of the genre and even if you're not definitely give it a try. Full Review »