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  1. Feb 2, 2013
    Karateka is a straightforward fighting game that uses a time based attack/counter/block system which is unlike anything I have played before. It is a 2d/3d hybrid with gorgeous graphics, beautiful music, and an endearing cast of characters that play out a very simple story. There are no vocals, and only three playable characters that you play as. When you are defeated in battle then you play as another character and resume with the story (i.e. three warriors set out to save a princess and when one fails then the next one steps in to replace him). It is a single player game without any modes (similar to streets of rage). In short, its a decent game that lasts about 30 minutes and the only reason to replay it is to see if you can beat your previous time and unlock the overly easy trophies (ps3). Not much depth, very linear, no choice in playable characters, no multiplayer, no DLC, and no talking. Still, I liked it but its not gonna impress the 14 year olds who spend their time cussing with voicechat while playing this weeks version of Call of Duty. grown up gamers will enjoy it. Full Review »