Mixed or average reviews - based on 34 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 7 out of 34
  2. Negative: 1 out of 34
  1. This is Capcom in fine and original fettle, with a gut-punch of a shooter that's guaranteed to thaw out your wintry fingers. [Mar 2008, p.104]
  2. For PS3 owners who are looking for something other than the usual tactical third person shooter, particularly those of you who are Capcom fans, Lost Planet is well worth a look.
  3. If you're into insane boss fights and haven't already hit this up on another system, Lost Planet deserves to be found. [Mar 2008, p.100]
  4. Delivers plenty of stunning-looking, innovative gameplay to outshine its weaknesses, especially considering the very attractive $39.95 price. [Mar 2008, p.86]
  5. 80
    Lost Planet: Extreme Condition is a powerful, bombastic exercise in mayhem.
  6. 76
    A solid shooter. Its visual style at times is stunning, and coupled with the Godzilla-sized enemies remains a challenge throughout. With a control system akin to superior combat games like Rainbow Six the title could have been more enjoyable but if you like your games with Rambo-esque body counts then you will see plenty of enjoyment here.
  7. There are some great scenes staged in Lost Planet: Extreme Conditions, and if you haven't been introduced to this well-crafted world on Xbox 360, the 40 dollar price point this time out is worth the cash for gamers who especially appreciate the Japanese aesthetic. [Mar 2008, p.60]
  8. A decent enough game at heart, but it's still relying on looks over thrills. [Mar 2008, p.82]
  9. 73
    It looks good, plays well and is a bit too short.
  10. A fast and fun shooter with not so engaging story and great classic boss battles.
  11. Lost Planet: Extreme Condition exhibits the extreme condition of being an average port to the PS3.
  12. It's a shame that Capcom have just lazily ported the original across to PS3 without addressing any of the problems that existed in it.
  13. All the important elements are there and it will provide hours of good, hardworking fun, but it’s hard not to lament the unrealised potential that could have been unleashed had those elements been fitted together into a more complete and coherent whole.
  14. The PlayStation 3 version of Lost Planet is good, but it's inferior to the Xbox 360 and PC versions that came before it.
  15. With an extra year to refine Lost Planet from top to bottom, Capcom should have delivered a PS3 masterpiece. Instead, the game's taken some painful steps backwards, which is probably the same thing PS3 owners should do when they see this game in stores.
  16. 70
    Lost Planet: Extreme Condition is an intense and enjoyable shooter with enough unique features to set itself apart, but we would have expected more polish from this port.
  17. With frame rate issues and graphics that don't come close to the visual splendor of the Xbox 360's on one side, and all the bonus content plus a fun multiplayer mode on the other, Lost Planet PS3 might just be for you.
  18. Lost Planet provides the PlayStation 3 with a third-person shooter that is unique and quirky, but not necessarily strong enough to warrant a purchase for most gamers.
  19. An unnecessary retread of one of last year's great titles. While still retaining much of the Xbox 360 version's features, it lacks any of the extra polish and content that the additional time in development could've brought.
  20. 69
    The laziness of the Playstation 3 port prevents it from being essential. [Issue#163, p.80]
  21. The odd mindblowing set-piece aside, Lost Planet is rarely truly exciting - just functional. [Mar 2008, p.64]
  22. We can't help but notice the lack of improvements in this translation. An opportunity has clearly been lost here, despite remaining a good game.
  23. Feels like a hardened old-skool title wrapped up in some lavish next-gen visuals that have unfortunately lost much of their sparkle in the port to PS3. Annoyances with the difficulty spikes are likely to mar the enjoyment for a fair few players and it's hard to recommend this over the far more polished Xbox 360 game.
  24. 60
    It could have easily been another "definitive version" type of package for PS3 gamers, but as it stands, it's a "great content, lousy tech" consolation prize.
  25. This story, theme and gameplay of Lost Planet basically boil down to "Starship Troopers" + Armored Core – Fun = Lost Planet.
  26. I do think the online component is rather decent, but the single-player campaign isn't enjoyable, thanks to the game's rubbish speed.
  27. So while this was a great opportunity to revamp an aging game and work out any flaws it had for a re-release, the company took the safe route and merely ported this over without fixing anything.
  28. 60
    Fans of first-person shooters will likely find issues with the game's controls and slower pacing, and the PS3 game is not a smooth port of the Xbox 360 version.
  29. 60
    Capcom has created a PS3 version of Lost Planet that includes extraordinarily limited bonus content and which doesn't run very well.
  30. If you played Lost Planet for the 360 then there frankly isn't any reason to spend time with the PlayStation 3 version. The original release stands out as the better version.
  31. 58
    It's cheaper, it has all the bells and whistles of its counterparts, and it has extra playable characters that the 360 ver-sion will never see. But this comes at the expense of clearly crappier-than-360 visuals and controls.
  32. 55
    It comes across more like a bare boned port of an action title, with weak controls, bland and unimpressive visuals, and significant frame rate issues in both the single and multiplayer versions of the game.
  33. The slowdown and overall visual fuzziness leave it looking unattractive and barren compared to the Xbox 360 version; the controls are sorely lacking; the requirement of 5 GB hard drive space to install the game is ridiculous; and the multiplayer is uneventful.
  34. Had the Playstation 3 version of Lost Planet been released as a launch game of the console, it would probably have gotten less critisism. In the meantime many better games have passed it by, which makes this one just another shooter. No one will get sleepless nights from this title.
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Mixed or average reviews- based on 27 Ratings

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  2. Negative: 1 out of 5
  1. Nov 19, 2014
    I apologize for any mistakes , I'm french and my english is far from perfect.

    When I started playing Lost Planet, I was expecting a bad
    I apologize for any mistakes , I'm french and my english is far from perfect.

    When I started playing Lost Planet, I was expecting a bad game and lucky me, I was wrong. Of course the game has its flaws: graphics are bad (even for 2008), the story and characters are stereotypes, and you will finish the solo in 6-10 hours depending of your skills.
    But the gameplay is effective and comes with two major features that makes Lost Planet different from others TPS out there : Mechs (at the time there wasn't Titanfall or Advanced Warfare) and the energy system (that ad some survival flavor to the game). Fighting giant Akrids/Mechs in your own Vital-Suit (aka: mech) is truly enjoyable.

    In conclusion if you like TPS and don't care much about graphics, I'd advice Lost Planet as it is pretty cheap right now and offers some nice hours of entertainment.
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  2. AnthonyCler
    Feb 27, 2008
    Rating is based on the multi-player mode on the Xbox360. Have not had a chance to try it on the PS3, but assume it about the same.

    Rating is based on the multi-player mode on the Xbox360. Have not had a chance to try it on the PS3, but assume it about the same.

    Single player mode has some difficulty issues but is still fun. Overall though the Multi-player is where this game shines!

    Great graphics, loads of different weapons, lots of unique maps and just great overall gameplay (especially multiplayer).

    The price of $39 is also a big plus.

    Check this game out!
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  3. AdamKinghorn
    Feb 27, 2008
    I have played the xbox 360 version which i thoroughly enjoyed, however this version needs to be filed under the 'lazy devloopersI have played the xbox 360 version which i thoroughly enjoyed, however this version needs to be filed under the 'lazy devloopers section' as not only does it look far inferior to the beautifull 360 version, but the terrible slowdown is apparent from the get go and is so bad at times it makes it difficult to defeat the bosses in the game. Shame on you capcom for making a pretty decent game look and play like crap on the ps3. Im no Microsoft fanyboy i own both systems but this is just terrible!!! Full Review »