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  1. Oct 20, 2014
    Linear and hand-holding. Puzzles have been cut out completely in every way, so the game could almost be played by a chimpanzee. Dialogue options minimized and in-consequential. The story isn't reeeaaally needed and most of the time feels like explosions are all the game cares about. No depth in characters, little realism in outcomes or power structures. But mainly the game is about running and gunning, so why even care about other aspects if you need a game that does that. Expand
  2. TvH
    Sep 28, 2014
    Mass Effect 3 has a rushed and unsatisfying ending. However, that doesn't stop Mass Effect 3 from having almost everything that made its predecessor so good, such as its balanced gameplay, excellent story, mostly great characters, and an amazing score.
  3. Sep 17, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. After nearly 70 hours of gameplay spread out over 2 games and an interactive comic book, The Mass Effect Trilogy has finally come to a conclusion for me. For the entire duration of the series, I had completely lost myself to the story, the characters and the places that Bioware has created.

    The series has given me a lot of joy, but also plenty of sadness and even distress. It was so easy to personalize Shepard to such an extant that it was pretty much me in the game. I had developed a great fondness for the supporting characters as one does when they are watching a great film. I have never felt so much while playing a game, and for that, I commend Bioware greatly.

    So, how do I feel now that it's over? Not entirely satisfied, but not entirely displeased either. The game's engine is nearly identical to ME2, which is a good thing, since the responsive guns and powers are still there, and the cover system is effective 9 times out of 10; honestly, I didn't go into this game looking for huge gameplay innovations, I simply wanted to be enthralled by the story.

    And the story is indeed enthralling. A few hours in, I was as lost in the game as I had been with ME2. The world is a fully realized, fully populated ecosystem with diverse characters and a multitude of options that define Shepard's journey... but not necessarily his fate.

    There's the rub... the ending. The ambition of Mass Effect must have put intense pressure on the developers to think of a fitting conclusion to the trilogy. I actually don't have an issue with the concept of having to choose between 3 options in order to end the Reaper war. I think it's ballsy and it makes sense with respect to the science fiction aspect of Mass Effect; any developer could devise an ending that goes off with no unexpected occurrences, whether the Galaxy is saved or not. Every choice ends the war, but comes with some kind of catch that will pain your conscience no matter what. And ultimately there are a lot more questions than answers... but that's how the best sci fi works.

    However, a lot of the questions that I was left with were the wrong questions. Like, how did my team end up back on the Normandy at the end? Why isn't my death being mourned? Why isn't there more emphasis on the character that I romanced? Why does it all feel so brief and sudden (which doesn't fit with a series of games that can ultimately add up to 100 hours)? I wanted to see my team and some other key characters deal with the immediate aftermath of the war.

    I'm okay with not knowing anything about what the Catalyst is, or why it is so concerned with chaos, or more general information concerning the Reapers' and the Catalyst's roles in the creation/destruction/evolution of life. That information was rightly left to my imagination. But, when the credits rolled, I did not feel a sense of closure with Shepard and his allies. It made me sad and a little disappointed. And I do wish that all the choices that I had made had at least modified how the ending played out, even in subtle ways. Other than that, I like the concept of the three choices.

    So, the story is brought to a reasonable, if somewhat flawed conclusion. At first, I was frustrated. But, looking back, the journey itself was incredible and more engaging than any other game I've ever played. I would have appreciated a few loose ends getting tied up concerning the characters, but I think that Mass Effect 3 is, for the most part, a great success.
  4. Jul 17, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This game's theme is none other than “sacrifice”. But all this game did sacrifice was good storytelling and the somewhat modest RPG-elements that were left in Mass Effect 2. I, like everyone else who played Mass Effect 2, was eager to see how the story was going to evolve from the end of the thousands of Batarian lives that Shepard sacrificed (which is never brought up again) in order to delay the Reapers’ arrival. The beginning of the game is that Commander Shepard is grounded on Earth for the sixth month in a row (Isn't he a Spectre? How can he get grounded?). You are again telling the Council about the Reapers when – surprisingly – the Reapers attack. After being told how to run and shoot you get picked up by the Normandy and fly into space to gather enough forces so that you can save Earth. Yes! The Normandy is back! What about all the interesting crew members you bonded with through the course of the second game? Well forget most of them – from the 10 or 12 characters there are only 4 left. You see some of them for one story mission as NPCs - that’s it. What do we get instead? We are introduced to some uninteresting characters that should have been nothing more than one-time occurrences in the game (One of them is the famous Prothean from the day-1-DLC joke).
    Now for the villain – because we all know: A hero is only as good as his villain. The entire second game was basically building up the coming of the Reapers led by Harbinger. Harbinger is nothing more than a background in this game (I’m unfortunately not kidding). He has even lost the ability to speak - instead he makes the all-so-reoccurring trumpet-sound that is used in every movie nowadays. The villain in this game is instead the Illusive Man. No wait that’s not right - the actual villain you are going to fight is a space-ninja. And yes – if you now thought that a space-ninja doesn’t quite feel right in the Mass Effect universe you are absolutely right. But he is working for the Illusive Man – maybe through him we can learn more about the Illusive Man. I mean Cerberus has an interesting background – it was once a rogue Alliance BlackOps unit much like what Shepard and his team has become. Nope the Illusive Man appears to say three lines and disappears. You get that three times in game – that’s all you will ever know.
    Now, for the gameplay: It is pretty much the same as it was in Mass Effect 2 – you duck, you shoot and you do that until all the enemies are dead. Are the enemies smart? Well I wouldn’t call it smart if they just hide behind cover and spam you with grenades. Is there anything else to do? Well you have turret-sessions from time to time which are unfortunately as boring as they sound. Sure you can still fly around with the Normandy and they improved the mining system (You now don’t have to visit every planet. You just send out a ping and interesting objects in the perimeter show up – thus evading uninteresting space ), BUT there is NOTHING interesting to find in the galaxy – all side missions are just about scanning a planet and receiving some fleet power that DOESN’T MATTER in the end. There is a mini-game present in which you have to evade Reapers but it felt as a missed oportunity and in return the hacking mini-games were left out.
    If anyone wondered why I haven’t mentioned the RPG-elements yet, that’s because there are none. There are custom-weapons and more powers for each character, but RPG is more about what you do with the given characters story-wise. And this is the games biggest flaw - It is the most straightforward and linear of all the three games. One can argue that there is war which makes the games progress linear, but that is just an excuse people bring up to make the game better. Others argue that Mass Effect 2 also cut almost all of the RPG elements. Well that is true, but it did that in favor of character and choice. Despite the famous three-color-ending (and don't get me wrong: I hate this option) there is not much choice left that truly matters. Did you manage to save both Geth and Quarian (which is one of the highlights in this game)? Well it doesn’t matter because the only “good” ending is sacrificing them off-screen. And yes there is an option to turn off choice and skip all of the dialogue – wait I have to rephrase: the little dialogue that is left to choose from. In this game the options during conversations are almost taken away. And the side-quest don't even have talk-able NPCs. This should enhance the movie-esque feeling the developers were going for, but all it really did was taking away the player’s choice.
    Multiplayer - it is as slapped on as can be. All the other FPS that are built around that gimmick are all way better in that aspect. But who would buy Mass effect, a game famous for the character-driven-single-player, for multiplayer anyway?
    So is it bad? Sure it has bugs, but it's still a good game. Nevertheless, it cannot be denied that in comparison to its predecessors its a disappointment.
  5. Jun 30, 2014
    Finished the last installment on this sci-fi series last week.
    So basically i play the game and load my save files from ME2. So my review is going to be based on my storyline.

    Shepard was detained back on earth because he sacrificed a batarian's planet to delay the reaper invasion. In the meantime, every species is getting ready for the war with the reaper. Suddenly the Reaper invades
    Shepard, once again go back to the outer space to get help from all species in the galaxy. Can Shepard make it? Will he get back in time with the help needed? Play and find out yourself.

    Plus point:
    - A total upgrade in the graphic level. The main characters' expression and details are much much better in this game. Also the new weapon and armor system, makes the game more interesting.
    - If you load the save files from the previous game, whatever you did on the prequels, will affect the story on this game. And there are so many reccuring characters from the trilogy.
    - Great conclusion to the story. I finished the game with the perfect ending within my first gameplay. Well, of course while finishing all of the other DLCs, such as Omega, From The Ashes, Citadel, Leviathan. It's like every creatures on the galaxy is lending a hand to shepard for the war with the Reaper. The game is full pf actions, i mean you fight a gigantic reaper with only Scanning Laser Gun for an all out attack? That's intense and awesome.
    - Garrus, Garrus, Garrus! My partner since ME1 and the best and coolest characters of ME Trilogy, and he's back once again.

    Minus Point:
    - I played the game on PS3, so the game is not that smooth. Sometimes there are some jaggy scene, i guess the console itself isn't powerful enough for this game, which is such a letdown.
    - You can choose your ending! Well although only one leads to Perfect Ending, and of course if you have enough Paragon points and Effective Military Strength for it. But that's kinda ignoring our play style of paragon or renegade. Because in the end they gave you a choice for the ending.
    It'll be better if you play as Paragon, you automatically gets the Paragon ending, without choosing other options.
    - Well, not exactly a minus point, but almost all of the characters on ME2 won't join as playable characters. I kinda miss Thane.

    The Verdict:
    I must say, i'm not much of a fan of sci-fi, but this series totally blew my mind. ME3 is a full action pack game with great stories. We could see how desparate Shepard is to save Earth from the Reaper, His love story with Ashley, His sadness when losing comrades, this game is not just a simple game with shoot and destroy, but it brings some of the emotional feeling in it. I totally love ME trilogy and one of the best game i ever played. If only they could fix the frame rate problem, then this game is flawless. 8.5/10
  6. Jun 13, 2014
    This game isn't bad, but its ending is -- it very literally has the worst ending in the history of endings & it takes away from everything else the game did right. Everything you do in the 1st 2.9 games is rendered obsolete by this joke of ending; even w/ the extended cut.
  7. Mar 29, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I really feel like this game only gets a bad rep because of the last 15 minutes. But overall, ME3 IS quite possibly one of the greatest video games I have ever played in my 23 years on this earth. I maintain that notion even after playing acclaimed titles such as The Last of Us, Arkham City, GTA 5, Dragonage, and the first 2 Mass Effect titles. DO NOT listen to the butthurt haters because this game is utterly amazing, compelling, and emotionally charged as a video game can get. While I admit the ending at first were very crappy, I believe the EC did enough to fix it to provided the choices you make while you still kind of get the feeling you're being left on a cliffhanger. I personally pick destroy because I want my Shepard to live and go on to create a life after Mass Effect 3. ME3 also does have some other minor flaws and controversies such as unnecessary glitches that kill the moment in the story as well as forced and rather useless squad mates (James Vega). I also didn't agree with Bioware's attempts to force Liara down the gamer's throat as a squadmate and a LI, as she is a OK character I did not agree that they focused so heavily on her when they could have given other romances just as much depth as they did hers. You can also get the sense that the game later suffers from Mac Walter's inability to write as I felt the game would have been a whole lot better if he had not been given full control. But overall, This game absolutely does not deserve the 5.2 it received as a user score like the one it received as most of the people giving the game negative and mixed responses are butt-hurt over the last 20 minutes while praising the rest of the game. Players put too many expectations on this game and ultimately Bioware could not satisfy them all, which is understandable mostly in my beliefs because of EA. But in the end, Mass Effect 3 provides beautiful scenery, addictive combat, emotionally charged stories and cinematic and an all around immerse experience. Expand
  8. Mar 13, 2014
    A brilliant game, with a truly excellent story. ME3 is perhaps the best example of 'video games as art'. Ignore 'the ending' haters, who had mass adolescent tantrum when the story took a dark turn. Play it and have the courage to form your own opinion.
  9. Mar 8, 2014
    I'm playing the Mass Effect series quite a long time after release, but I've just completed the trilogy.

    Don't listen to the haters. If you liked ME 1 and 2, I think you'll like 3. The story is good with another darkening of the mood. You build your team again and care about them again. The mechanics are good with a return to the weapon customisation of ME1. The follow through from one
    game to the next (you import your character to the next game) is good. The Sound, music and voice acting is good. The graphics and controller responsiveness are a lot better in ME 3.

    Admittedly I played with the DLC and the ' extended/alternate ending option', but ME 3 is a classic and right up there with Skyrim as an epic RPG.
  10. Feb 12, 2014
    why so many haters wtf? I know I cant talk any sense into those morons who give this game a 0 just because of the ending but ARE YOU FAKING KIDDING ME? HOW CAN 10 MINUTES IN A 30 HOUR GAME LIKE MASS EFFECT 3 LOWER ITS RATING FROM 9/10 TO 4/10 OR EVEN LOWER? WTF? Feel free to thumb down but get this shame on u all who claim urselves as "fans" but are infact nothing but ragers.
    Mass Effect
    3 is an RPG with the gameplay of an action game. The new combat system is so much fun to play. In ME2 combat becomes a lot less interesting if u choose classes like sentinel that can only use 2 of the 6 weapon types; abilities are also less powerful so soldier is definitely a go-to class. In Mass Effect 3 however not only did EA double the number of weapons from 29 in me2 to 72, the new combo system is also very fun (hitting the same enemy with 2 specific abilities in succession will lead to an explosion dealing tons of dmg). As an RPG ME3 did hell of a good job in making combat fun.
    ME3 takes place after ME2. The reaper has invaded and shepard must again travel around the galaxy to save humanity and other species as well this time. You will meet new friends as well as old, fight the powerful invaders that want nothing but extinction of all sentient species. (Trust me those are not just promotion this game really is that exciting)
    But in some other aspects, Mass Effect 3 takes a step back. The errand missions (which are the majority of side missions in this game) are boring and does not make any sense, the planet scanning system is removed, and of course the ending. It is seriously pretty disgusting, I must admit, but it is only because it is supposed to be awesome, for Mass Effect 3 is such an anticipated and massive game. It is still better than many, and I must give credit to bioware who tried their best to fix the ending once they realized its problem.
    At this point whoever that is here either has already played ME3 or is not interested and will probably never play ME. So if you are also a rager go ahead, write a 0/10 review. It just doesn't matter any more. BTW thanks for reading to the end.
  11. Jan 23, 2014
    Mass effect 3, is the one of the best games of this generation, the gameplay is spectacular, the history is amazing, the multiplayer is very funy, and you can not stop until you finished the game. ok, the ending isn´t as good as it should be, but the rest of the game is unsurpassable.
  12. Jan 10, 2014
    ME3 is a perfect ending to one of the greatest game series of all time. Great multiplayer too. Even after all this time people are still playing it. No trouble finding matches.
  13. Jan 5, 2014
    Finally, I have acquired copy of ME3 for Christmas. I was unable to get it for many reasons (mostly because I was skeptic about the ending). So, here we go.

    In order to reach a wider audience, Bioware made Shepard do most of the talking in order to focus on making the game more action-like. Bioware should have know better than this. And this is where the game loses its one (and only)
    point. Yet you will still make the major decisions that will greatly affect the story; just the small talk has been automated (though this make the story less personal than the first two games). Don't be fooled, this story MUST be experienced before you die. And your old friends from ME1 and ME2 still have their stories to tell, and this is the game where you finally see how they turn out.

    The combat mechanics are...well, I don't know. It's not bad, but I really hate the motion blur when you turn. But there is no more fully rechargeable health like in ME2. Your health is divided. If one portion is gone, the only way to replenish it is by using med-gel. Now that's the best of both worlds (why can't many games do this?) There are more varieties of weapons, and the customization is quite deep.

    Now here is where we get to the most controversial thing about the game...the endings. First, DOWNLOAD THE EXTENDED CUT, or you'll get mad. And that's it, you can put your anger to rest. The Extended Cut won't change the endings, but will expand on them. The ending I chose was really emotional, it wrapped up everything, and it was satisfying (thanks to the Extended Cut hehe)

    Never touched multiplayer yet, but that just a bonus. Besides nobody plays Mass Effect for multiplayer, so why start now?

    Yes, Shepard will talk most of the time, but you still have the power to direct your story. And as long as you have the Extended Cut, there one of the endings ought to satisfy you. Thank you, Commander Shepard, the galaxy salutes you.
  14. Dec 28, 2013
    Woah! Hold on! There seem to be a whole lot of 10 scores and 0 scores for this game implying it's either the best game ever or the worst. It's neither.

    Most players giving it a big fat zero are doing so because it didn't live up to the high bar set by ME2, and also that they hated the ending. This doesn't make it a terrible game and using this review thread to vent disappointment in
    this way is inappropriate.

    So the review:

    The game is a massive sprawling sci-fi epic, blending RPG elements with shooter game play. For the most part it works very well. The characters are interesting, the story is compelling and the game play is easy enough for noobs and just tough enough for the hardcore gamer. I really enjoyed playing this game and I'm looking forward to ME4, but it's not as good as ME2 and this is where the complainers have a point:

    The story, character development, RPG elements and the ending in ME2 were all much better. Better story, script, characters and a big set piece ending. ME3 discarded much of the fine work in ME2 for a faster pace which left less room for character, nuance and story in favour of a more accessible game for newcomers. Many suspect this was at the hands of EA, but whatever the reason it does diminish the great work done in ME2.

    I personally enjoyed the ending, but I understand those that didn't. Bioware raised gamers expectations too high and failed to deliver the story and ending that diehard fans were hoping for.

    Many of these diehard fans hated the fact that a multiplayer element was added, but it's for this reason that I raised the score from 6 to 8 because the multiplayer game is fantastic. A very simple co-op shooter but so well executed and addictive that I'm still playing it 18 months after the launch!!! Yes it has a few bugs, but name any modern game that doesn't.

    Still a great game, but I hope BW learns some lessons for ME4 which is at the top of my wishlist.
  15. Dec 26, 2013
    Enjoyed it....having played mass effect 1+2 I'd say this game improved on gameplay that's why I'm rating it an 8 JUST for gameplay its not perfect but it is fun. sound effects are top notch,as for story....uhh its rushed and the extended cut dlc ending should of been here in the first place,not that it makes any difference.....if u play games for ,well, playing games u will enjoy mass effect 3
  16. Dec 8, 2013
    A marvelous game damaged only by a sup-par ending, Mass Effect 3 is one of the most significant games of this generation. The combat is now is now truly enjoyable, and the added customization is appreciated.
    Overall, there's a reason the critic reviews are radically different than the user reviews: critics are paid to make thoughtful, accurate reviews, while some users seem to mindlessly
    give "0's" because they didn't like 1% of the game. Expand
  17. Nov 20, 2013
    Uno de los juegos mas sobre valorados que he probado, tenia muy buenas criticas, nunca pensé en comprarlo, tuve la oportunidad de probarlo por cortesía de Playstation Plus y pude cerciorarme de lo grandiosamente juego que parecía ser y lo malo que en realidad es, nefasto, tragarte escenas con subtitulos super ultra enanos es una vergüenza, los gráficos son muy malos para ser un juego de Playstation 3, ni que decir de la jugabilidad, es muy mala también, en definitiva, no merece la pena jugarlo, es horrible, no lo recomiendo. Expand
  18. Oct 21, 2013
    Im a huge fan of the ME series I've beaten all three games multiple times but if I had to pick my least favorite it would have to be the this one. For one reason and one reason only the ending. When I chose my ending I wasn't satisfied. So I looked up other ones and realized that their all the same. It made me feel like what I chose did't matter at all.
  19. Sep 27, 2013
    How in earth could the user score for Mass Effect 3 could be mediocre which is only 5.0. Seriously, it should be way more around 8 to 8.8. This game offers great graphics, storyline and many more mindblowing stuff. The cutscenes are cool. Its the Game of The Year for 2012 for the PS3. Its metascore also should be around 94-96. Mass Effect 3 beats out Mass Effect 2. EA's best release. It mets up all the expectations set.Whoever gives it a low score should be haters of either EA or the Mass Effect series. Expand
  20. Sep 10, 2013
    I love the mass effect franchise but that ending just pissed me off and really didn't explain the child Shepard was seeing and how Shepard's eyes turn blue in the blue and green ending but not the red ending proving he has been indoctrinated but all and all this game was an awesome adventure
  21. Aug 13, 2013
    A worthy conclusion to the Mass Effect series as a whole. Aside from the lack of choice and plot-holes near the end, which was later fixed with free DLC, this was by far the greatest gaming experience ever!
  22. Jul 27, 2013
    This game really does have great gameplay, the main campaign missions are long, challenging, and engaging, and the gunplay is not too difficult. The character development, as we've come to expect from this series, is great, and the side missions all feel like they matter to the larger purpose of the game.

    However, as fun as the game itself is, factors that are beyond the player's
    control bring this game down a huge step, the game is touted as being an RPG, but your choices that you make throughout the game have very little effect on the ending to the game. Also, the fact that multiplayer is necessary to get the best ending is absurd, I bought the game used, and was completely enraged when I learned I had to shell out another $15 dollars just to get the best ending, regardless of how well I played the single player campaign. This, and the day 1 DLC make it impossible for this game to receive the score its gameplay earns.

    But for all its flaws, playing this game was incredibly enjoyable (until the ending), and if you aren't one to care about your ending and just want to play a fun sci-fi shooter, I would absolutely recommend this game.
  23. Jul 19, 2013
    First of all I've never actually played the game. BUT! Since its release I've had so much fun reading the reviews I honestly believes it DESERVES a 10/10 score. Every time I feel down or bored I come on Metacritic and feel alive again! I think Bioware never realised it but they invented the Mass Comedy genre in a night. Some of the reviews here are pure gold. Seek for the "fistula" one, it's left-hemospheric exo-plasmatic. To all the reviewers here, a HUGE thank you! You made this game awesome! :D Expand
  24. Jul 19, 2013
    If it would have been just another random separate game, I would've gave him 8, but being "Mass Effect", it don't deserve any score. After Brilliant Legend Mass Effect 1, which I played 6 or 7 times, and good Mass Effect 2, 3rd part destroyed the whole series. When it comes down to finish the trilogy, everything is Garbage. it's hard to believe that developers backed down, dropped their quality bars so much, for just making money as possible. If they would've worked on it 1 year more, maybe everything would've been ok, but no, BioWare stood against every principle that they had, and ruined the BEST SERIES IN THE HISTORY, to whom it was given to be. Expand
  25. Jul 10, 2013
    the game is cool and fan
  26. Jul 10, 2013
    Yes, the ending is bad. We have to keep in mind that the ending is about 20-30 mins long where the game is 25+hours long (only singe player). If the ending was epic this game would easily been 10/10. The story is about uniting the galaxy and it is presented in an awesome way. The gameplay is vastly improved in me3, combat fast and satisfying, weapon variety is also welcomed. The mutiplayer is very strong with huge amount of depth. With 5 free multiplayer dlc's bioware has done a great fan service. These mutiplayer packs added characters, weapons, maps, platinum difficulty and new enemy faction. Mass Effect series is truly a master piece. Expand
  27. Jul 8, 2013
    It is an excellent game, a fitting end to the story of Commander Shepard. The only downside is that the original ending is difficult to understand, and leaves many questions in the air and you have no other need to download the extended ending (when download was free, not now). But if you download the Extended Final, and if you can buy the DLC (recommended in my opinion), the game is a masterpiece, and certainly the best of this console generation.

    Es un excelente juego, un digno final a la historia de la Comandante Shepard. La unica pega es que el final original es dificil de entender, y deja muchas dudas al aire, y no te queda de otra que descargar el final extendido (que cuando descargue era gratuito, no se ahora). Pero si descargas el Final Extendido, y si puedes compras los DLC (recomendados en mi opinion), el juego es una obra maestra, y sin duda de los mejores de esta generacion de consola.
  28. Jun 14, 2013
    Hahahahahahahahahahahaha! Look at all these haters for hating on a game. If you hate the ending, I doubt that this game is scores 0 because of that. Man, these people are retards.
  29. Jun 4, 2013
    Mass Effect 3 plays just as great as ME2, but I feel the story was lacking in places and didn't give that same sense of urgency that the 2nd one truely captured. But the gameplay and dialogue once again got me hooked and till the very end I was dreading the fate of Command Shepard who I have come to love throughout the trilogy.
  30. May 18, 2013
    Its easily the Best Game of 2012 i really enjoyed and liked every minute, Yes even the ending was great i nearly cried and this is the only game what could make me cry.Finally not a dissapointment boring always fairy tale happy ending.
  31. May 17, 2013
    This game is great. One of the best games ive ever played. You guys are just mad at the ending. This game does not deserves all the hate it is getting. Easily a ten in my book.
  32. May 16, 2013
    An absolute masterpiece. You may have heard some people are upset at the ending, but nothing can ruin what an thrill it was to go through the game, catch up with old characters, and have some inspirational moments I will never forget. Don't just play Mass Effect 3, play ME1, ME2, AND ME3. It definitely the most impressive gaming experience I've ever had.
  33. Apr 27, 2013
    While the ending was questionable, I feel Mass Effect 3 is my favourite Mass Effect game. The tension are stakes are ramped up through the game as you see the extent of the Reaper's damage, and levels reflect this. Once again characters are beautifully written, and each moment pays off. Gameplay is smooth and intuitive, it flows well and for once all the powers do something. Multiplayer is also really fun, and the rewards encourage you to play more. Playing as other races is also enjoyable, and the free DLC is much appreciated. Expand
  34. Apr 25, 2013
    Great gameplay, phenomenally disappointing story. Since the story is the most important thing to me in a game the horrid ending is simply a massive letdown that trivializes every choice you ever make.
  35. Apr 23, 2013
    What else can be said? One of the greatest stories in the history of the video game industry came to an end. Whether or not you loved the ending (I personally did not), you cannot argue that the adventure of the trilogy didn’t give you one of the best experiences in your gaming life. When I first put in the disc, nay when ME3 was first announced, I would have sworn to you that this would be getting my 2012 Game of the Year vote, but sitting pretty here at #4 only shows that this was indeed incredible. The perfect blend of RPG and Shooter is a concoction that so many strive for, but a tale of characters I care about while in a vast, enveloping world make it transcend it’s near flawless gameplay. Expand
  36. Apr 21, 2013
    this an awesome game for every mass effect fan the storyline is solid and the multiplayer is fun but i wont talk about the ending just play the game and enjoy it
  37. Apr 10, 2013
    This Game Started off so brightly the gameplay and many features had been greatly improved upon from mass effect 2 but then dramatically started going downhill. I Liked the idea of having to bring together all the races to fight but then in the final assault you don't actually see any of them. The thing that annoyed me most however was the fact that to get a decent war asset level you needed to play online otherwise your level is terrible. this would of been an annoyance but i bought the game second hand so i had no online pass so i couldn't do this... this resulted in everything in the final assault going up and everyone id ever met on the game dying including Garrus which was the final straw really. Other points are that the squad system is lacking i only had the choice of four, there are no recruitment or loyalty missions. Altogether a huge let down Expand
  38. Mar 20, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I can sum this entire review in three words: f*#k this game. anyway read below for the TLDR

    Once upon a time, in a galaxy far far away. There was a game series known as Mass Effect. This game series was unique in the sense that it told a compelling sci fi story and it let you influence the course of the story through your very own character. You made the decisions, and it was essentially YOUR story. Mass Effect 1 was a smash hit back in 2007, gameplay like this was never done on this level before. Mass Effect 2 was released in 2010 (I think), and it was even better than it's predecessor. Granted the story in Mass Effect 2 was a waste of time.. however it did develop the characters and that was great and all, but I digress.

    In steps the highly anticipated Mass Effect 3, I can't tell you how much freaking HYPE there was for this game it was nuts. It gets released, and at first it's everything ME3 was meant to be, it was the freakin' third installment of the mass effect series. Then you start noticing little things... little shortcuts the devs took that progressively stack up as you play your way through the game. Why are the civilians 2D sprites? Why did they use a poorly photoshopped googled stock photo to reveal a major character? Why did they nullify many important choices that you made throughout the series? Why did they restrict dialogue to only 2 choices 90% of the game? who.. what.. why.. then it hits you, this game was rushed. Good old fashioned EA nonsense if you will. What kind of is this?? Why it's EA of course, these guys are the MASTERS of let me tell you. but wait it gets worse. specifically towards the end of the game, during the last 2 or 3 hours or so, the story begins.. well frankly.. to fall apart. Many important plot elements just go completely unexplained, many characters appear in places they shouldn't be with zero explanation at all, large space stations are moved across the galaxy all of a sudden, no explanation at all. but wait, it gets worse! during the final part of the game, the plot starts to look like swiss cheese no joke, disappearing characters, reappearing characters, characters get magic powers all of a sudden. all with zero explanation.

    and the cherry on top of this sunday, and I think you know it... the ending. It honestly can't get much worse than this ending. It makes no god damned sense, it retcons the entire trilogy essentially, it makes you pick your favorite color, and your characters dies in almost all of them. and NONE of your choices mattered. the end. That's seriously the ending, some big red green or blue explosion happens, you either become god of the universe for no reason, turn the galaxy into robots and everyone's happy.. cuz robots are awesome I guess, or shoot a tube and land in a pile of bricks somehow, depends on what your favorite color is. there's also a 4th ending but in this ending, everyone dies the end that's it. Bioware put that ending in JUST TO SPITE ppl that didn't like this trash heap of an ending. Oh don't even get me started on biowarEA's condescending attitude towards this whole situation. They would rather sit back and call everybody a bunch of entitled whiners rather than fix their broke ass game. yeah, that's good customer relations ISN'T IT. They lead people on to believe that something more than meets the eye was going on with this ending, but nope, fooled them again, the ending is just as bad as it looks, nothing more nothing less. If you like it, buy my dlc, if not then EVERYBODY DIES GTFO.. artistic integrity indeed.

    anyway, it also comes with multiplayer for some fuc#$%ing reason. Remember what made Mass Effect 1 and 2 great? the multiplayer right? NO THERE WAS NO MULTIPLAYER wtf are these people thinking. this game was never about multiplayer it was about an awesome singleplayer experience, which they effectively destroyed in the last 10 minutes so scratch that. EA strikes back, avoid them at all costs. They'll take your cash.

    This game gets a 1/10 because as much as a pile of it is, there are some genuinely good parts of it, that's the other writers, you know.. the talented people.. doing their thing. I feel really bad for them, having all their work overshadowed by lazy and retarded executive producers and lead writers. The music is really good so I'll give it a 2/10.

    Don't buy this game. Don't play this game. Don't let your friends play this game. it will leave a very sour taste in your mouth afterwards, particularly if you're a mass effect fan. nearly destroyed my interest in gaming entirely.
  39. Mar 19, 2013
    OK, so the ending isn't "omg ur awesome here trophy." That doesn't change the fact that this is one of the most immersive, emotionally demanding games ever produced. There are 2 minute snips of overheard dialogue on the Citadel that carry more emotional weight than 95% of games produced today. If you play games for their story this game simply cannot be matched. If you play games for action there are some very demanding fights and the bellow of the Reapers as they do their best to annihilate you is straight up terrifying. Considering how easy it is to get this game for $15 or so right now, you'd be insane to let the people who didn't like the ending keep you from playing it. Expand
  40. Mar 16, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I'm glad critics judged this game. It was great in every aspect. the combat was refined, the faces looked more lively. The ending had maybe two explainable plot holes, but they are minor and are easily over sought. Some complaints were the ending was too dark. The ending killed Shepherd, but his actions saved the galaxy, which leads to complaint two. People feel their actions just make no difference from the previous games. But point one, if specific characters are dead from me2, than that adds a different character we haven't seen in their place. Point two, your choices will not matter, why? because this isn't ultimately about Commander Shepard, it is about galactic safety. Whether you saved the citadel or not, will not matter at the end of the game because the whole plot of getting the reapers is bigger than that. Overall the game play is way better, there are more weapons and suit upgrades, and many emotional turns, had you played the game the whole series. Expand
  41. Mar 15, 2013
    Despite having the production heft of a blockbuster action flick, this game feels like a lobotomized, squeaky-clean re-tread. The overall artistic direction is weak and uninspired. This is the worst kind of science fiction. Ripping of huge slabs of Battlestar Galactica, Star Wars and Star Trek, then cobbling them together feels almost shameful. Worst still, the combat controls feel clunky and dated. Why do I have to double-tap jump just to surmount a knee high barrier? Oh, you wanted to run and change direction at the same time? Not in this game you won't. Shocking steps backward for the already awful interplanetary resource collection and the inclusion of a new war room mechanic feel like absurd missteps. Worst of all, this game is just plain, dull, monotony, lacking any of the spark of the previous installment. Expand
  42. Mar 15, 2013
    Mass Effect 3 is a game that obviously caused a lot of controversy when it released last year due to it's bad ending, I agree that the ending was bad but I don't think it took enough away from the game for me as I was really enjoying the game up to the last 20 minutes. The gameplay is great with fast paced combat and the story is interesting with some great choices to be made throughout the game, It's a good game, The ending was obviously very disappointing for a lot of fans and rightly so, But the Mass Effect Trilogy still has some of the best story and characters of this generation and should not be missed, download the Extended Cut DLC which will soften the blow a bit even though it is still a pretty lackluster ending even with it. Expand
  43. Mar 14, 2013
    As someone who hasn't played the first two games my question was: can I still enjoy Mass Effect 3? The answer is: yes! Sure, "everyone" said I would miss out on so much depth and I wouldn't be able to understand all the connections to various characters. To be honest, I didn't care and just took it for what it was. Which is: the universe is threathened by a group called "the reapers" and it's up to you to stop them. Simple as that. Whatever I don't understand I just leave it at that, it's not that important. I use my imagination and come up with more or less plausible back stories instead. I haven't finished the game just yet but I feel I'm getting there. I really like how the Mass Effect universe feels like. I like travelling between stars and planets and I like the missions. There's not too much of the "do this 100 times" missions, which usually are common i RPG:s. I will keep this review short and just add one more thing. The choices you make and how they affect the outcome. Since I haven't even finished the game once I can't say how much my choices really affects the game, but what's relevant is that I FEEL like my choices matter. It's all I could ask for. However I get the feeling that some choices I made early on was more important than the ones I've made more recently. And finally, the multiplayer (survival mode) is really enjoyable. At least when you play with friends. Expand
  44. Mar 7, 2013
    I'm not here to rip on ME3 just for the sake of doing so or because its what's cool to do on the internet like so many others.

    Basically ME3 is the worst of the series in every way possible compared to the other 2 games because it doesn't build or improve anything. It simply just tries to hurriedly finish the series for the sake of a cash in on the title.

    1- There is no sense of
    exploration. The game as efficiently as possible holds your hand every step the way and has you actually being on the ground doing things the least amount possible. Side missions are carried out by quickly scanning a planet ala ME2 and then firing a probe. That's it. You don't explore, you don't get to check out uncharted worlds simply for the sake of curiosity or anything. Scan, shoot probe, side mission done all without even leaving the galaxy map. This tactic accounts for the majority of side missions. ME1 you could explore the galaxy drive around in that horribly handling buggy and had a sense of discovering things, ME2 you could land on planets and explore doing side missions with some not even firing a single shot like the crashed cruiser balanced on the mountain peak but all of those things are gone in 3. The game just holds your hand and ushers you from mission to mission.

    2- You don't get to actually chose anything, everything is pre determined for you. Even if you chose the renegade or paragon path you get the exact same result and no one treats you differently and you get no alternative paths depending on your karma scale which makes it all incredibly pointless and just window dressing for the fact the story is entirely linear and so is your character.

    3- The characters are all the same ones, only less compelling. There are a couple new characters but they are highly disposable and not even worth messing with. James for instance is basically just a guy who talks 90% of the time like a generic white guy, 10% of the time he throws out some Mexican phrases like saying "loco" a lot in his generic white guy trying to impersonate a Mexican guy and he looks like he was taken from the show jersey shore. When a old character returns you can see it coming a mile away. For instance you go into a area where the mission briefing talks about geth then you can see 45 minutes before which old character is going to come back. All the characters themselves seem hollow and rushed, they lack the personality that made them endearing in the other games and most are there only long enough to be overly obvious in a very specific mission or they simply show up for 3 minutes of camera time practically winking at the player with a nod and then are gone.

    4- The story compared to the others sucks. The other games had side stories, character stories, side missions with their own short stories and so on. ME3 on the other is basically this "Everything is going to be destroyed". That's pretty much it because no matter where you go or what you do its always about the war specifically and nothing else. I also got sick of hearing phrases like "were here to save lives", "were doing this to save lives", "this weapon will save lives", "we need to stick together to save lives", "billions of lives are on the line and were here to save them", etc and after about 8 hours I was sick of hearing about the war and saving lives.

    5- The game play was basically just one big shooting gallery and hiding behind chest high walls. Every single fight is basically you hiding behind chest high walls to peak out and fire a few rounds only to hide back behind said wall. It was incredibly boring and has been done to death in dozens of other games. The combat was mindless and mediocre. It felt like they put absolutely no effort into the combat at all and rushed you through it in order to get to the next scene of hearing Sheppard say "saving lives".

    6- The ending was atrocious. This is a series that prides itself on story, characters and dialogue. We all spent over 100 bucks playing all 3 games and spent over 100 hours playing all 3 games but bioware seemed to say "This is the end of the trilogy so who cares about the ending". The ending is the most important part of any story of any kind because its the very last thing you leave the person with and its supposed to be a reward, the climax to everything leading up till then, basically the ending is the most important part of any story. But the ending of ME3 was over in just a minute or so despite the dozens of hours of dialogue, cut scenes and story in the rest of the series they got lazy at the end. It gives no satisfaction at all. I can honestly say it is the laziest segment of the series. I did like though they had the balls to do what they did with Sheppard, but the ending still sucks and doesn't make you glad to have finished the series.
  45. Mar 7, 2013
    I really enjoyed this return to the series. Very rarely do I play a whole series of games, but this one kept me in. 56 hours of play reported against this one, so they must have done something right!

    The same quality of story and voices seems to have been maintained throughout this chapter. Well done bioware.
  46. Mar 5, 2013
    People need to get over ending and stop trashing a game that is clearly 9 out of 10. Great Suspense, and great story, ending could have been better but when factoring that the ending contained cut scenes and not just screen caps with text, i think it is well worth it. Honestly if you want the full experience, buy the trilogy and wait for all the DLC to be released. It is a fun ride, well worth the purchase... Expand
  47. Feb 22, 2013
    Despite alot of criticism, Mass Effect 3 remains one of the greatest rpg/fps games available, the ending really angered me, but after Bioware dlc was released for an extended ending i believe it to be better. Not perfect but better. As a hardcore fan of the franchise i have played each game several times with different outcomes and the choices you make have huge impact on the story. Despite alot of criticism this is a personal favourite. 8.5/10 Expand
  48. Feb 19, 2013
    Mass Effect 3 was an amazing game and an excellent ending to the trilogy. At first the ending was a little disappointing but not enough to ruin the game for me, and with the Ending Content DLC it was improved significantly. I look forward to the next game to see where Bioware takes it.
  49. Feb 19, 2013
    Sorry to join one of the two extremist camps, but this game is absolutely brilliant, and much of that is due to what the majority of haters...well, hate. The ending is, in fact, BRILLIANT, which is because, as many of your know, the Indoctrination Theory is true. The Extended Cut DLC supports it. Go watch any of Julian Kluk's thoughtful documentaries on YouTube or; he has 4 1/2 hours of footage supporting it, and it's incredibly convincing and makes disbelieving the Theory more illogical and ignorant than ANY "wrong" endings critics think Bioware made.

    Therefore, with a risky, smart, and artistic ending, on TOP of the best story, emotion, and mechanics in the series yet, how can you have anything but a masterpiece?
  50. Feb 7, 2013
    People didn't like Mass Effect 3 because the ending was different from what they expected. Yeah, the ending was a bit of a bummer, but they (eventually) released FREE DLC that fixed that. If you are undecided still on ME3, I recommend that you check it out. It has some top notch characters and development, it has some great voice-acting and some great missions, but the combat IS slightly repetitive. For £15-20 you can buy it now, so I'd check it out. Expand
  51. Feb 4, 2013
    I have played mass effect 2 and I can tell you that people that give this game a low score are just stupid fanboys who are 13 years old and judge the game by its ending. The game is a huge improvement from Mass Effect 2. The combat is hugely improved and everything feels more fresh to me. The level up system is more logic and more fun allowing you to experiment more. ME 2 was sometimes getting boring because there wasn't a lot of guns. Here you have more than thirty guns and each gun class has class mods! Its more fun to create gun based on your playstyle. The combat is a HUGE improvement. When I played ME 2 I felt like a robot on a battlefield that was all stiff and moved like a dummy. ME 3 complete opposite. u can jump,leap,do a roll, YOU JUST feel like a human! And this game has a multiplayer too!. Dont listen to the negative user reviews and buy this excellent game. Expand
  52. Jan 29, 2013
    I don't understand why everybody is complaining about this game. I bought the CE last year and never played the game. So 2 weeks ago the ME3 CE box stared at me me and said: "You bought me to stand around here or are you going to play me?". So I started playing ME 3 and I liked it, I liked it a lot. The second day of playing I went to PSN and bought all DLC because I really had a good time. I would give it a 9 but now i give it a 10 to somewhat correct the absurd low scores. Expand
  53. Jan 21, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Mass Effect 3 possess decent cover based shooting mechanics and varied weapons and abilities. This is where the game's positives mainly end. Streamlined galactic exploration (though much less tedious than ME2), ham fisted writing, gaping plot holes, retconned story elements, and hilariously bad character design make what would otherwise be the capstone to a respected franchise a case study in how to ruin a game and piss off your fans.

    One of the most appealing aspects of Mass Effect has been the characters. While some key characters like Ashley Williams return, her Victoria Secret makeover and physical redesign simply feel off. Worse still is James Vega, the Jersey Shore meat mule who is simply "loco" and IGN's Jessica Chobot's military journalist character who looks more like a thinner Snooky. Even worse is the unnecessarily sexy EDI and her camel toe. Borderline insulting is Kai Leng, the Asian samurai/ninja assassin who wears a slant eyed (no joke) Zorro type mask and wields a katana. The last two examples are particularly shocking especially coming from a studio which gloats over its inclusiveness and respect toward women and minorities (not that I care about representation in games, I point this out because Bioware is hypocritical). Every character is a two dimensional husk.

    Mass Effect 3's writing is easily the worst in the series. This is due mainly to many of the people involved in the writing of Mass Effect 1 and 2 having nothing to do with the third installment and manifests itself in fanfiction quality scenes and horribly delivered lines. The same awkward and jerky character animations that have been in every Mass Effect game only highlight the lack of soul this game has. It also manifests itself in the form of cavernous plot holes. One portion of the game has you resolving the conflict between the quarians (organics) and geth (synthetics). One possible result of your actions is lasting peace and cooperation between both parties. Yet, at the end of the game, it is revealed the Reapers (synthetics) purge the galaxy in great cycles of war to prevent organics and synthetics from warring with each other which we are told is inevitable and unavoidable DESPITE THE FACT that your character has achieved peace between one group of organics and synthetics and thus ended a devastating war between the two peoples. And this brings us to the ending. The last 10 minutes of the game involve a deus ex machina explaining why the Reapers purge the galaxy of advanced life leaving young races alone - to prevent these advanced races from creating synthetics they will inevitably go to war with. So in order to preserve life the Reapers were created to destroy life. **** retarded. Initially, there was immense backlash over the sloppy ending cutscenes which only differed in colored effects despite the outcomes being different. Bioware released an extended ending which, while not changing the potential outcomes of the game, adds more detail to the consequences of the player's chosen actions and fills the role of an epilogue. I have to admit I found it satisfying and much more preferable to the original ending cutscenes. Regrettably, none of this changes the fact that the game's climax is absolute crap. Multiplayer in Mass Effect 3 takes an interesting concept but falters a bit in execution. You can engage in co-op missions with other players which consist of surviving waves of enemies while occasionally completing varied objectives. Survive a mission and you increase the "galactic readiness" of the galaxy. This value affects your military assets, a component of the single player game. Every asset you acquire has a numeric rating. Multiply that number by the percentage of your galactic readiness and you have your effective military strength which affects the outcome of the game. So if you acquire an asset valued at 1000, but your readiness is 50%, your effective military strength is 500. The player acquires these assets by completing the main and side quests of the game. It's a neat concept to integrate two gameplay elements but galactic readiness declines over time. This means you have to take time away from the single player game just to play multiplayer in order to get the most out of the military assets you find. However, the best possible endings only require a military strength rating of 4,000 or higher, so it is possible to never play multiplayer and still get the best ending, though this means you will have to spend more time completing side missions and painstakingly exploring the galaxy for every asset that might help. Overall, the shooting of ME3 is nearly identical to ME2. If you enjoyed that and don't care about the story you will enjoy this game as there is more replayability with the multiplayer. If you were previously invested in the Mass Effect saga, be warned, and prepare for disappointment.
  54. Jan 6, 2013
    Well for me the Mass Effect Trilogy is an absolute triumph despite all the fuss about the end. If you ask me the end is suited to a great story and it doesn't came bad at all by the contrary. It makes you choose and live with that decision. Bioware made a master piece which i sincerely hope to see it portrayed in film. It's a first class story and a first class game. Oh and i'm totally engaged in this multiplayer. Original and addictive. Expand
  55. Jan 5, 2013
    Mass Effect 3...a stunning masterpiece is what i would call it. It improves on all levels. Combat, Story, and missions. Even the well integrated Multiplayer is a blast, especially with friends. Combat is much more smooth and flexible along with the missions. Though some may be linear, they have well design in thought. Now to the story...this is the core of Mass Effect. Mass Effect 3 delivers as one of the best sci-fi games of all time. Along with one of the best trilogy's of all time. It is truly a epic, emotional blast to go through. The ending to Mass Effect 3 mixed some confusion but as my opinion i believe Bioware has fixed it with Extended Cut. Which is free to download. Mass Effect is a Awesome game and well deserving as the top 5 of this year. Expand
  56. Jan 1, 2013
    In fact, we are closing a saga, a Shepard's Saga. The ending not commits the entire game. We have a great history, great characters... A great new world. Everything is so close to be perfect. We cant forget to look for to the new storyline-game that Bioware gave to us. Great controls (we have a great evolution from Mass Effect 2), graphics and story. The best of 2012 for Playstation 3.
  57. Jan 1, 2013
    The game is awesome!!! If you really want to feel the game, you have to start from the first or second Mass Effect. If you only buy Masss Effect 3 and make an SLOPPY walkthrough you will not like he ending.
    All the game trilogy is awesome. The people that says the ending sucks are kids or ignorant, because they really didn't try to understand how DEEP the game actually is, they just
    played the game and made decisions they didn't understand and got a **** ending. Expand
  58. Dec 26, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. If you ignore the ending, Mass Effect 3 is the best game of the series. The combat, the decision making, the interactions with the game's characters are all top notch. Bioware removed the tedious planet exploring/scanning from previous games, and ensured that side quests are actually fun to play. The choices you make in-game have enormous and satisfying effects on the game's story right up until the games ending. It's this ending that has so many players up in arms against the title. I personally think that most people are over reacting. It's not that bad, in fact, it's actually pretty good if you look at it like any other game. It's artistic, it's satisfying and it sums up and ties off the series' story. The problem is that it barely changes depending on what you've done in the past three games and that's what people were looking forward to most. The only thing the game takes into account during the ending is your galactic readiness score which varies only slightly depending on what choices you've made. This is disappointing, but I wouldn't say it's a game breaker. And the rest of the game more than makes up for it. If you buy this game I would recommend also downloading the extended cut. This helps flesh out the ending a little more. Also, enjoy the game as you're playing through it, don't get you're hopes up on the end. Expand
  59. Dec 20, 2012
    Very enjoyable! I gave ME1 a 7, ME2 a 9 and this one a 8. For those with complains about the end, go read Dune Cycle from Frank Herbert, the last book is about the same, you don't get any answers, you're maybe a little pissed off but hell, you just want more! Dune was a success and so this title is in my mind. However, what disappointed me is that it look like my choices don't have much impact in the end on what happen in-game... but I didn't realize it before read it over the internet, so maybe the replay value is a less than it could be, but playing it was as I said, very enjoyable. Expand
  60. Dec 9, 2012
    Its nice to see how a game can make you care about how it ends. Ive played all mass effects and this game is a full ending which you never truly want to end, and when it does you get upset because you love the characters you love the story, and when it doesn't end the way you in-visioned it, it changes your perspective. Just because the game ends, doesn't mean your story didn't matter... this game is great, but i didn't want it to end at all if i must be honest. But in the end, the conclusion to the mass effect trilogy was done right. Expand
  61. Dec 8, 2012
    All the choices you made in previous games, all the heartbreaking decisions, the entire Mass Effect lore got flushed down the drain with this disaster piece. Nothing you did in the trilogy mattered because in the end, it was all a story. Nothing really happened. Good job Bioware.
  62. Dec 4, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Where to begin. the overall execution of the game was good. The mechanics from 2 stayed relatively unchanged. The graphics were overall good, the scanning much less painful and they chose a good starting point for the story. Now I will get into my various complaints (controversies will be saved until the end). The graphics were sketchy at times (people talking to you when their heads are turned in the opposite direction). The game forces you to play as a Paragon instead of allowing you to play renegade. The side quests do not impact the final mission and are basically scan this or approve that. The dialogue options are oversimplified (no middle option). Fewer team members to choose from for missions. All new characters are kind of lame. Only two true boss battles (excluding DLC). Now, the controversies. First, I don't care they had a gay option. But don't make paragon choices (comforting Cortez or buying Kaiden a drink) intertwined. Finally, that ending. This spit in the face of everyone who played the game from Mass Effect 1 to now. The goal was always to destroy the Reapers before they wiped out all sentient life. But if you chose to destroy the reapers, you kill your Geth allies? No, this is **** them simply means they will be around forever and synthesis is the forced lets make everyone the good guy ending. Another gripe. While not all endings have to be happy to be good, why couldn't Shepard have survived the final assault. Why, after all the (possibly) good decisions could Shepard have not had a single chance to escape and live out the rest of his life with whomever he/she romanced? The extended endings simply showed an epilogue with little genuine concern for the fans. The war assets collected has no impact whatsoever on the final outcome. EA and the critics treat the series its fans like brats using dismissive phrases like they should grow up. But the reality is the endings were genuinely awful. Remember the end to the Grey or Godfather 3 (the entire movie). Up to these points, both were good if not great experiences. But like the aforementioned movies, Bioware and EA dropped the ball. EA has a tendency to buy certain properties and run them into the ground (Timesplitters, Mercenaries, Command and Conquer, etc). Now they have done the same thing to the Mass Effect series. From this point on, I will not buy another Mass Effect game only to experience the same disappointment again when the next series ends. Expand
  63. Nov 30, 2012
    Boring. Dull combat and story. Design and combat way too repetitive.
  64. Nov 24, 2012
    One of the most Greatest and Experiencble Games I've Ever played. The Great Story, Characters, Choices and Everything. Though having a small number squad members, but large number of weapons, This game has everything than mass effect 2. So your gonna love this game only if you import a save file.
  65. Nov 8, 2012
    One of the best games ever released. The combat, the interaction, the decision making that changed the game, the story, and even the ability to develop modern relationships made this my personal all-time favorite video game. For the group of people who are giving this game a low rating based only on the last 5 minutes of the game: Seriously? Numerous hours of incredible game play, and you're whining about the last 5 minutes? It's not a movie, people. I can respect everyone's opinion, but these posts are the equivalent of saying, "I'm divorcing my wife after 10 incredibly wonderful years because she pissed me off yesterday." Expand
  66. Nov 5, 2012
    At the first time I saw a trailer or in the end as I saw the commercials, then playing through the game and being disappointed at the end. Good Game? Yes! Worst in the series? Yes!
  67. Oct 31, 2012
    Truly amazing game with great graphics and everything else for that matter, but the ending was beyond crap, so spend another 9.99 on a knew one. No thanks.
  68. Oct 30, 2012
    Simple the best video game of the history! Improved graphics (both for characters and environment), the music absolutely match to the game. The action part of the game well balanced. It is good to see Shepard and his/her old friends in action and in interaction. The atmosphere of the game also reflects how big burden is on Shepard's shoulder. But the best part for me is the Story again. There are a lot of critics because of the ending of the game. Considering the extended cut DLC the ending is Ok for me. Maybe not so strong than the whole game but it is still good. I recommend the ME trilogy for those who likes the sci-fi and wants more than a simple action game. Expand
  69. Oct 30, 2012
    I think most of the the negative ratings are because the ending, and lesser dialogue. First at all, do people forget everything what happens before the ending? Is that the reason why Mass Effect 3 became from awesome to awfull in just a few seconds? If you review ME3 based on its ending, then you should learn to review. The controls and actions feel better in ME3 than the previous ME's, there is more action, but what do you expect if you're at war with an almost invincible race? That you gonna do some side missions at the citadel to gain someone's loyality? No. Don't get me wrong, I loved ME1 & 2 as well, but there were too many side missions compared to actual main story missions. Based on your decisions, your fleet number increases, the fleet you're going to bring with you when you take Earth back. Bioware rewards people with more War Assets when they do small extra things, for example, complete the iPad game, or play Multiplayer to gain readiness. The multiplayer is a 4 player co-op, you can use several kind of characters, each with its specific powers. All MP DLC's so far are free and every weekend there is a bounty weekend where you need to complete an objective, to get an extra reward. Expand
  70. Oct 30, 2012
    allthough the ending wasn't what many would be looking for, this is still the fantastic ending to one of the greatest video game series of our time. You the man shepard
  71. Oct 28, 2012
    Easily the weakest in the series. I would agree with the general consensus that it is an incredibly dumbed down version of the previous two games, both in game-play and character interaction, however I thoroughly enjoyed the game regardless. In fact I would rate the game higher if not for the fact that the "extended cut" DLC pretty much is an admission that the game was rushed out the door without a completed ending. The Ultima VIII to ME2's Ultima VII. Expand
  72. Oct 28, 2012
    Despite everyone **** about the ending. This game, stand-alone, is an awesome game. I've never played through a more rich universe, only enhanced by the previous games. Even without the Extended Cut, this game is worth every penny.
  73. Oct 28, 2012
    Loved it loved it.... LOVED IT. MASS EFFECT 3 IS THE BEST GAME OF ALL TIME. OF ALL TIME! ALL TIME! TIME! IME. ME. MASS EFFECT. M. MMM. THIS GAME MAKES ME GO 'MMM'. Miranda's ass alone is a enough reason to buy this game.
  74. Oct 10, 2012
    Macnificent game the other people just have no taste!!!! One of my top 3 best games ever played!Graphically superb! Great story line! Loved it!!!!:-) I hope the movie is close I as good as this!
  75. Oct 9, 2012
    It makes me sad to see so many haters. So what if Bioware didn't make a perfect game like we were all expecting? Yes Mass effect 3 has flaws, like a terrible ending to a beloved trilogy. But it has given us much more: hours and hours of gameplay, acción/RPG gameplay, stellar Voice acting/ script, tons of side missions and exploring, lovable/likable/crappy characters, beautiful worlds and lore, dinamic battle system with different classes that totally change the way we play as Shepard, female and male Shepard ( how many games do that). I could go on and on, writing pages about what's to love about mass effect 3, but I guess we all know that. Bioware tried they gave us "Extended Cut" DLC, so yes The Finale was a HUGE dissapointment but we can't turn our back or our heart to the whole trilogy. Once in a lifetime does a Trilogy end like it should, only Back to the Future and Star Wars Return of the Jedi did it right. Matrix 3, Robocop 3, Lord of the Rings 3, all failed. Mass Effect 3 was a bittersweet end to an Epic and memorable Trilogy, perfection is hard to reach in this modern day competitive world and Mass Effect came so close. They set the bar really High with ME 1 and ME2. Thanks for trying Bioware,you succeded in creating a pop world social sensation. Expand
  76. Oct 6, 2012
    Overall, this game delivers most of what it promised. This game (and series, for that matter) offers one of the greatest experiences in terms of story and character development. There were two moments in the game where I literally found myself crying. Yes, the ending was a bit of a disappointment and didn't necessarily offer the closure I was hoping for, but every moment leading up to that ending was nothing short of brilliant. I almost never give perfect scores to games, but, had the ending been a bit more satisfying, this game would have received a 10 in my book. Expand
  77. Sep 30, 2012
    Mass Effect 3 is an amazing game, the narrative is deep and the rpg elements are rewarding.. The game is easy to sink hours into and will quickly become your go to game for quite awhile. This is a great game, I would highly recommend buying it.
  78. Sep 29, 2012
    I assumed the internet was overreacting about the ending. However, after investing so much time and emotion into the series, I did end up feeling I deserved something better. However, up until the end, it is an incredible game - full of amazing moments and fantastic ideas. From the epic background action of the first missions to the innovative sonic ideas in the final push, I was frequently just saying "wow" and being completely blown away. The multi-player is solid and fun, but I didn't think it was necessary - and I slightly resented being forced to play it to influence the single-player game. Anyway, basically, it's a very, very good game that could have been 10/10 if it wasn't for the slightly fumbled ending. Expand
  79. Sep 29, 2012
    I honestly don't know WHAT to rate this game, because the first 99% of the game was mostly great, with the exception of a few things I'll get into. Don't hate me, but I love, LOVE the multiplayer aspect of the game (even though in principle I know I shouldn't, because it likely took away from the development of core aspects of the single player game, but I'm just going to be honest here). Though I admit that after three or four play-throughs the multiplayer can get boring and repetitive, I don't do it every day and I enjoy just being able to go in and shoot stuff with other players when the mood strikes me (as long as they're not some nerd with a headset who screams at everyone in the group - that's when I leave and requeue). That being said, I DON'T like how multiplayer ties into the single player aspect of the game with the whole Galactic Readiness crap and how your GR degrades every few hours if you don't grind through dozens of multiplayer games. I like playing a few sessions of multiplayer now and then, but I don't like HAVING to play it because it will affect the outcome of my single-player campaign (because there are SO many outcomes...right? ;) Cupcakes anyone?). This was a horrible idea on Bioware's part, because it forces the player to grind battlegrounds in multiplayer to the point where it gets boring and tedious - I'd rather play it when I want and not feel compelled to. Another problem I have with the game is the lack of depth of my relationships with my companions. I didn't feel as connected to my companions as I did in other Bioware games - I think they did a better job in DAO and SWTOR in that you actively fostered relationships with your companions, which unlocked more conversation options. I know this isn't as big of a part of the ME franchise, but my relationships in the first ME felt deeper and more involved. I also hated that I had to pay an extra $10 to get the Prothean as a part of the story - something that should have been included in the game, not day 1 DLC. I bought it anyway, because I wanted the full experience and after the fact I feel that the story of ME3 would have been less complex without him - but I WILL NOT be buying any future DLC for this game in the future. Ever. After experiencing the boatload of epic fail that was the ending - I won't invest my money or time in another Bioware game in the future. The story had so much build-up, so much drama, and so much choice - only to be screwed in the end by some random star child that was introduced in the last 10 minutes of the game who gave you three choices that all ended up causing a literary dissonance in the context of the series and made every choice you made mean nothing. Yes, I hated the ending. I actually watched the (three) endings before I actually played through the game, because I read a lot about how much uproar they caused. I'd never played the ME series before, so I took the time to go through the series to see if the ending made any sense in the context of the series - and no, it didn't. The writing of the ending was sloppy, and even with the "extended cut" it was still the same ending and haphazard writing - it just gave a false sense of closure. I won't rate the game 0 because there were so many great moments in the game - but the ending completely screwed everything it built up to, and the blatant false advertising of this game NOT having "Choice A, B or C" as an ending has made me lose all faith in Bioware as a company (though let's face it - they're EA now and not Bioware anymore, which is sad because they used to put out high quality games that engaged me as a player, inspired me and blew my freakin' mind). I'll still play multiplayer every now and then, and I'll make up my own ending in my own head, which I feel is just as valid (if not more) than the crap we were given. Expand
  80. Sep 7, 2012
    The animations are pitiful, the choices lead you to the same end, and it desperately lacks originality. Do not buy, do not rent, and do not give this game any of your time, unless for mockery's sake.
  81. Sep 6, 2012
    The most controversial game for whether the disappointing ending or the satisfying finale . I can't argue more the ending by their different views but what is behind the full package is a worthy trip . The game-play feels like a normal shooter , with a very fluid combat system , better melee feel and the violent sounds of the guns that doesn't sound like the typical * peew * * peew * of franchises like Star Wars . Graphically seems more superior than the previous entry and it offers a more intense story-line thanks to the overused Reaper name in the last episodes . The added cut-scenes only brings a little more detail in what happened in certain parts but it isn't something that will blow your sucks off . With the multiplayer dominating this videogame landscapes, ME3 doesn't get behind either but don't expect to be better than other shooters , is simply odd and weird for a RPG game . Try ME3 if you really think it will satisfy you and read many reviews as you can to be sure if this " resolution " will add you peace for your Sheppard or frustration after saving the world countless of times. Expand
  82. Sep 5, 2012
    I really love this game, the single player was so awesome and mind blowing, that in the end it really, really made cry for the first time in 12 years, it sucked me into the game's story, and it didn't let me go.

    Despite what other people say, this is really a game for Bioware to be proud of, I'm going to stay loyal to this series, they tried new things, and thats what they need to do,
    some people just cant stand changes or new thing, Deal with it, the time is still ticking, and you cannot expect company's to stop experimenting on new features. I really saw the game tech evolve into something more nice and powerful, and it apparently did because i got blown away by not only the story, but also by the awesome effects, the awesome game play, and the awesome, voice acting!

    In short this i a must have, you need to like that the games will *Evolve* to be able get more and more awesome then it is now.

    If you don't like new stuff, sorry but then your really out dated..
    The added the extended cut to make you able to make more choices, and they did, so stop whining, or GTFO.

    10/10 Cant wait for the next related game!

    @ bioware: Great job, i'm still a fan, and i always will, just ignore the whining people, think the ending sucked, that makes it a invalid statement, because you really make be cry, and I'm not even kidding..
  83. Sep 3, 2012
    I love the coolness of a pc game-title o n my ps3. I almost feel like a hardcore gamer when playing this game. It looks and plays almost a s good as it does on a real pc system. Crap I don't have 3GB video-memory like they do though. Maybe when I'm good all year I will have a cool system in a year!
  84. Sep 2, 2012
    THERE ARE NO SPOILERS IN THIS REVIEW OR ANY ENDING GRIPES Mass Effect 3 is not as advertised. It fails for a few reasons. Firstly it is advertised as an RPG. The truth is that this is a on rails shooter that offers no way to deviate and do things on your own like in the previous two installments. Leveling up does not hold any real benefit like it does in other RPG 's. You don't actually learn any new abilities or powers (leveling sniper rifle in ME1 so you can actually aim better as an example). Weapons are all very lethal right from the beginning so the game is pretty easy to beat. As far as the game play goes, it is a good third person shooter but brings nothing exceptional or memorable to the genre. The locals in the game would be much more interseting if the were not so linear. Levels in Mass Effect 3 are essentially a series of waves of enemies and corridors that you are funneled down. Not every level but it it makes the ones that are, that much more boring to play. Difficulty make the enemies absorb more bullets/powers and does not make them any smarter. The AI still runs at your bullets.

    As far as story goes, it follows a very tired formula of "Hero with back against the wall" combined with "thank god for the whatever device" to conclude the trilogy in a very cliched fashion. Many titles have done this (Gears of War 3 as an example) and with each "new" title that does this, the genre is diluted a little further. The game feels like it's trying to play it safe by providing a narrative that has been successful in the past in other sci-fi games. This game does offer moments that are fantastic if you have been a fan from the beginning, however Mass Effect 3 is very unfriendly to new players as they will have zero idea of whats happening in the story arc. The advertising is once again misleading in this regard. If you have not played the previous installments, the decisions you are asked to make will make no sense and have no real weight. PC SPECIFIC: I've played this game on the PC and 360 , and I can say that there is no real advantage to owning this game on the PC over console. There is a lack of PC specific support such as XBOX 360 game pad support (some people want to play that way) and remapping keys on the PC you are still left with one key to take care of most actions. The graphics are sub standard as far as a pc game is concerned. Curiously the graphics in Mass Effect 2 on the PC where better that Mass Effect 3. There are also times when the game crashes for no reason and happens at different moments on different playthroughs.
  85. Aug 21, 2012
    Mass Effect 3 manages to reach the greatness of its predecessors, and surpass it.
    All in all, the culmination of the Mass Effect trilogy is not only the pinnacle of the series, but the best game of all time.
  86. Aug 19, 2012
    Mass effect 3 is great. Don't let angry self righteous gamers discourage you from playing this game. There is a reason why all the critics rate this game so high. The graphics, story, and game play are great. I've only been playing the since 2, but this game doesn't disappoint. It isn't perfect, but it's great. Must play series, and with the update there is no reason you shouldn't play it.
  87. Aug 11, 2012
    This game is what you expect from a mass effect game and more, which is awesome. The only reason it isnt a ten is because of the ending, which isn't too bad, but enough to make people give it zero's and low scores on metacritic. If you like the series, buy this game, but be warned, the last ten minutes you probably wont like.
  88. Aug 10, 2012
    A wonderful game with a huge story full of actions, emotions and surprises. The hardiest thing is like a great novel, to be able to tell yourself, at the end of the game "yes this is really the end of this story". Thanks Bioware.

    Un jeu merveilleux avec une histoire énorme pleine d'action d'émotions et de surprise. Le plus difficile, comme avec les bon roman, c'est de
    pouvoir se dire "oui, c'est bien la fin de cette histoire". Merci Bioware Expand
  89. Aug 8, 2012
    Really BIG disappointment. ME2 was more RPG-ish than this part, which is basically nothing more than a TPP shooter WITH some possible upgrade options. Crew-mate interaction is less than poor, making it impossible to create any true feeling of a team fighting 'the ultimate enemy.' But, at least I'm a fan of shooter games...
  90. Aug 2, 2012
    ARE YOU SERIOUS PEOPLE! You can't give a game a terrible score just because you didn't like how it ended. I will agree that overall it isn't as good as Mass Effect 2. But, there is not excuse for giving zeroes to this game. I'm going to give it a ten to try to balance it out. It really deserves an 8.5, which is a solid score. All of these reviews are just angry people who reviewed the game 5 minutes after finishing it and are full of emotion. The amount of zeroes shows how much emotion the game brought out. It is very rare to see a game that has this much of an effect on people, which is a tribute to the writing of the game. I would say this game is definitely a must have for anyone who has played and finished Mass Effect 2. Also, the new ending DLC is out now, so you can pretty much disregard over half of the reviews on metacritic. Expand
  91. Jul 28, 2012
    The Mass Effect trilogy is just amazing and Mass Effect 3 is one of my favorite games ever. It shines in every single aspect but one: the ending. Sadly, this outstanding game was slightly ruined by an inconsistent ending. Anyways, the whole experience is really great, and everyone should give it a try.
  92. Jul 26, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Bioware definitely rushed the game to the point where its not acceptable at all to those who played Mass Effect 1&2 from the very beginning. At first I had high hopes for Mass Effect 3 when I've finished Mass Effect 2 because the ending was sooooo epic, there were so many alternative endings. But when I finished ME3 I felt "Huh? Seriously? Is this going to be the end of Mass Effect?" You just cant compare the two when it comes down to storyline, basically everything you can come up with. Expand
  93. Jul 25, 2012
    Mass Effect 3 is possibly the greatest game I have had the pleasure of playing. The story line is outstanding, best I've ever seen in a game. Game play is great as well but what's really amazing is the story, I just loved it from beginning to end; especially the end, it was great! It is an addictive game, I enjoyed playing it and it was easy to adapt to the controls. I also loved it's features and the interruption ability half way though some of the conversation or game play, very nice. My rating was a 10 without hesitation. Expand
  94. Jul 24, 2012
    Well one of the best gaming series ever has come to an end. When I first got my hands on the game I immediatly notices differences from the second game. The first of course is the graphics. Although they don't compare to the those of Uncharted, Gears of War, and Crysis they are still good in their own way. The next thing I noticed is new animations. This is good because in a lot of sequels devs will recycle the same animation. I got to the story and it was extremely good no suprise there. The gameplay was great, weapons where awesome, and the characters where likeable. The multiplayer isn't that great to be honest. It seem like something they tacked on to add more to the game. Although the free DLC is a bonus it isn't much of a plus. Now here comes the ending drama. (Please note that I am writng this review after the extended cut dlc). This part of the game has gathered a lot of negative feedback. The ending by far was good. The main thing I have a problem with is what Bioware promised. The ending didn't have much variety in them. Also your decisions really don't have zero effect on the ending as well which is a huge let down. Overall this is an amazing game but if you where a fan from the begining them you will feel disapointed at the end. That doesn't take away from the game though. It does so much good that it heavily out weighs the bad. Mass Effect 3 is a 9/10 if they would have got the ending right it would have been a master piece. Expand
  95. Jul 16, 2012
    This game had tons of hype to live up to. After the astounding experience that was Mass Effect 2, Bioware was tasked with making a final game that would knock everyone's socks off. And it came so close.

    For newcomers to the Mass Effect franchise, the year is 2183, and you play as Commander Shepard, a soldier getting ready to lead the galaxy in a fight against a race of super-machines
    known as the Reapers, who harvest all advanced civilizations every 50,000 years. Your decisions from Mass Effect 2 will carry over, so I suggest you get that first, as it is a slightly better game.

    Where this game is strong is gameplay. The shooter element has been revamped, with new movements in and out of cover, more ladders and the ability to jump off short drops. This does add a bit of smoothness to the gameplay, especially the cover movement. Another part of gameplay is the dialogue, where you select your answer using the left analog stick. In this it felt.... A bit less natural. In Mass Effect 2 it felt so much more organic with random options, while in this game there was a lot of just "Good/Bad/Details" choices. But Mass Effect 2 is a very high standard to compare it to, so Mass Effect 3 still trumps most other games.

    It's good technically. Graphics are good if not the best, although I felt the characters faces were not as expressive as they should have been, except in some scenes. The Voice acting is of good quality. And the soundtrack is amazing. Some of the games most emotional moments are backed up by breathtakingly chilling music.

    And the storyline is fantastic. It follows a more linear pattern than Mass Effect 2, which gives it more of a base to have a good story. Decisions from the previous games are also factored in. The relationships with characters are sacrificed for a plot that delivers epic twists and turns all the way up to the last 10 minutes. Where it falls flat on it's face. It takes away individual choices, which were massively difficult to make, and instead gives them scores, sticks them into a group called "War Assets" and gives you an ending based on it. And the endings aren't even that different. People who've followed the franchise before this game will be severely disappointed.

    This game is great. It combines a great story and a fantastic decision making system with a quality third-person shooter setup. But compared to it's predecessor, it's a little more linear. And the ending will not make you happy. I'd recommend this to anyone, just as long as you turn it off after the Illusive Man dies.
  96. Jul 14, 2012
    Woah. Have just completed the best game I've ever played. (I didn't anything would take the title from the circa 1994 System Shock). An evolutionary progression that somehow results in a game a generation on from anything else I've played. Emotionally engaging in a way few films or books and even fewer games manage. Gameplay mechanics are both harder and vastly improved on ME2's (which were almost embarrassingly bad) and have evolved into a rock solid shooter, while keeping the same richness of story. The narrative is much tighter than ME2's and can feel more limited but the trade off is some truly amazing substories. The ending is a little 'thin' but is interesting enough and can hardly be described as 'disappointing'. Expand
  97. Jul 9, 2012
    Many people criticize the ending, which really wasn't the main issue for me. The game-play, which from ME1 - ME3 has always been the problem for me, and the main reason why I stay, was because of the story. The enemy AI has always been meh, and ME3 is no different. They claim they improve it, but all I see is UC 2.0 meaning, more enemies on the field spawning, and pinning you down and throwing perfectly arc grenade at you. Doesn't sound exciting or generally fair doesn't it? The squad AI is still stupid, but there no point in talking about something Bioware clearly think is okay. Plant scanning is still present, which I don't like, but they made it more bearable than ME2, which was ridiculously long, and time consuming, which is the point. ME3 isn't a long game outside investigating questions, new plant scanning system, obnoxious time consuming things in the game, like the scanning from the war room, stuff like that. The story is still great, and with the new extended cut, which wasn't really needed, sense they kept the same endings, and I just overall feel happy I stay with the series till the end, even though I don't like the game-play. The endings is what it is, and like movies, I just accepted it for what it is. It's good, its good, it's bad, it's bad. Overall ME3 is a okay game, but the praise that the series has been getting with all these present issues, mainly the game-play, makes me wonder where these people who rate this game so high, are coming from? There plenty of games that have these issues, and are rated down terribly, but it seems popularity is the main critic here, than a actual critical review, but that just the way I see it. Expand
  98. Jul 9, 2012
    Mass Effect 3 is an above average game. They've tweaked the game play, kept the same high caliber music and the story is above average. Without going into too many details, Commander Shepard is facing off against the reapers who plan on wiping out most sentient life in the universe. It's not the best game in the universe but I enjoyed it. You may disagree with the ending but you can't argue that the events leading up to it aren't at least pretty good. As for decisions not having immediate or significant impact: the games take place within a small time frame (2-3 years?). How do you expect to see the effects of those decisions within such a small time frame? If they make a follow up within the mass effect universe, it will probably take place a few hundred years after Mass Effect 3. There is no way this game deserves less than a 6 and users that have given it less than that because Bioware didn't make it exactly the way they wanted it are incredibly stupid. I wish I had been able to recruit my ME 2 squad mates, that they had included more neutral options in the dialogue, included more side missions and most importantly, hadn't spent so much time trying to cater to new gamers to the franchise(to name a few things) but I can still say that the game is very good. Not perfect but very good. Expand
  99. Jul 8, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Hrm.. positives.. much improved combat and a real sense of an end of everything in the events leading up to a last stand against an all powerful enemy, most of your old favorite crew members make an appearance at some point and you can end many long running story arcs satisfyingly on the path to the end.. oh and the soundtrack is really top notch.
    Negatives.. The ending sucks, the new characters are pretty 'meh' the marine dude is just plain dull.. nowhere near enough customization, rpg elements are really threadbare in this game and god that sucks...
  100. Jul 1, 2012
    The problems that everyone had with the ending have been fixed with the Extended Cut and additional closure and clarification was added making this game the ideal choice for purchase if you haven't already. :)
  101. Mar 6, 2012
    This game is garbage, a massive disappointment, and a slap, no, a punch in the face to the Mass Effect series. Being a player of Mass Effect 1, this series has not progressed one bit since then, but actually took a step back in almost every aspect. The animations are pitiful, the choices lead you to the same end, and it desperately lacks originality. Do not buy, do not rent, and do not give this game any of your time, unless for mockery's sake. Collapse

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  1. Mass Effect 3 is an amazing experience in and of itself. It's also the perfect capstone to a true AAA franchise, offering a poignant conclusion that'll stick long after the credits have rolled. You're standing on the precipice of one of the best games Earth money can buy. [April 2012, p.60]
  2. If ever a game was more about the journey than the destination, it's Mass Effect 3. And what a journey it is. [May 2012, p.71]
  3. The RGP elements have been toned down considerably in favour of more action. For some this will sound like a bad thing, but trust us when we say that Bioware has thought this through. With the Reapers invading, it would be kind off silly to go on a shopping spree on the citadel. [April 2012, p.60]