Generally favorable reviews - based on 33 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 31 out of 33
  2. Negative: 0 out of 33
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  1. The players are all modeled with such care and effort that it will make your jaw drop. The clothes will ripple when the pitcher raises his leg mid-throw, and dirt will cake on the uniforms of the players who have made a few diving saves in the infield.
  2. With a dearth of features and tweaks that make this experience the best out there, gamers will have plenty to do before and after the first pitch of the season.
  3. Playing MLB 08: The Show makes one thing rather apparent: Sony is focused on beating down the competition to a point that it becomes written in stone: Sony's MLB franchise is without question the best baseball sim money can buy.
  4. 87
    MLB '08 delivers on every gameplay front. The on-field play is excellently done, the stat tracking is immense, and Road to the Show is one of the best career modes around. Visually striking, this is the baseball game that baseball fans have been waiting for on the PS3.
  5. Some days you'll blow the computer out, while other days you'll be battling to the last pitch. Each game offers something new, something that will surprise you, making MLB 08 one of the most enjoyable sports games you'll play this year.
  6. MLB 08: The Show does very little new, but most everything it does is done very, very well.
  7. Since I am hopelessly addicted to Road to the Show, MLB 08 gets my nod for the game you’ll get the most out of – but you really have to be into the concept of creating a player and raising him from a minor league hopeful to a major league all-star.
  8. It seems like Sony paid too much attention to detail in the small areas and forgot why a lot of people buy baseball games: home run derby and other mini-games.
  9. If the online play gets up and running, there’s no doubt that the game should be rated an ‘A’. You could even make a case for it as a system seller for any baseball fan—MLB The Show is just that good.
  10. AceGamez
    If you ever wanted to see a digital replica of you playing baseball inside of a game, The Show is going to let you live the fantasy!
  11. MLB 08: The Show is the best baseball game on the market this year, hands down.
  12. It’s not often that competing sports franchises do an about-face from one year to the other, but this season it’s clear that The Show has surged past MLB 2K8 in almost every aspect.
  13. Its career mode, Road to the Show 2.0 will keep you busy for months, while additions to offline and online modes greatly enhance the game's replay value. It's so good, you'll play it right up to next year's edition.
  14. Playstation Official Magazine UK
    Players look like real men rather than EA-style waxwork models. [June 2008, p.94]
  15. 90
    There are an overwhelming number of features in this game that should keep even the most die-hard fan happy until next spring.
  16. Highly recommended for anyone even remotely interested in the sport, sports games in general, or even games in general. It’s that good.
  17. MLB 08: The Show for the PS3 is arguably the best baseball game I have played in this next-generation era of gaming.
  18. MLB 08: The Show easily wins the “most improved” award but it may very well be the best PS3 baseball game. It plays well, looks amazing, and really showcases the power of the PS3.
  19. MLB 08 is the best baseball game on the market, and the best sports game of this generation. For the first time since "NFL 2K," a sports game is a must-buy for any console owner.
  20. As far as I'm concerned, Sony has made the best baseball game ever.
  21. It is quite obvious that Sony took all the criticism leveled at last year's game and used it to craft MLB 08: The Show, an extremely fun and addicting title. Nearly all of the bugs have been fixed, with only the occasional AI problem, poor base running, and cumbersome career progression besmirching an otherwise incredible game.
  22. Bottom line, MLB 08 The Show is a great game and worth the yearly upgrade.
  23. The game has a high replay value and the career mode is deep, frustrating, invigorating, irritating and satisfying – all at the same time.
  24. After some effort is put into actually learning it, the flow of the game actually feels pretty good, even to me.
  25. 80
    MLB 08 is the best edition of a baseball game to come across the home console plate in recent memory.
  26. Playstation: The Official Magazine (US)
    For baseballs fans of any persuasion, MLB 08: The Show is a phenomenally feature rich package that you'll be playing all the way until 09 comes around. [May 2008, p.68]
  27. 90
    It's a near-perfect baseball package, sporting a barrel full of improvements from last season, gorgeous animations, solid online support, and the most compelling single-player mode you could ever ask for.
  28. 80
    Some new additions to the pitcher-batter match-up deepen the gameplay and the ability to save the action mid-game is a huge plus.
  29. What more can I say that hasn't been said already. MLB 08: The Show raises the bar once again and delivers the most complete baseball experience money can buy.
  30. Whether you enjoy playing actual games, managing a franchise, or playing an individual shooting for stardom, it's here.
  31. It's a solid baseball game for the PlayStation 3. The Road to the Show is still fun and there are some nice new additions. It's too bad some of the bugs in last year's version still show up.
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 76 Ratings

User score distribution:
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  2. Negative: 5 out of 76
  1. Sep 10, 2012
    Graphics: 9/10 as far as a sports game goes this is top notch. The players are accurate to their real life counter parts, even some of theirGraphics: 9/10 as far as a sports game goes this is top notch. The players are accurate to their real life counter parts, even some of their prebatting rituals. The stadiums look amazing and the crowds are fairly well all things considered. It Full Review »
  2. juangranados
    Feb 23, 2009
    i liked it it was my first ever baseball game i started being a bball fan in july 2007 and i started being a met fan on september 2007 and ii liked it it was my first ever baseball game i started being a bball fan in july 2007 and i started being a met fan on september 2007 and i bought this game and enjoyed it alot its better than the old final fantasy i especially love season mode and carrer i like fantasy drafts alot Full Review »
  3. JimS.
    Jan 31, 2009
    I cannot understand why this game has an average of 9.4 from users. It simply does not deserve it. The graphics are good, but that is allI cannot understand why this game has an average of 9.4 from users. It simply does not deserve it. The graphics are good, but that is all that would be of a 9.5 score quality. That seems to be the story all too often these days, but I digress.

    The controls are horrendous. Accidentally throwing to the wrong base cannot be corrected by pressing the proper button in time (you press X with the faintest pressure, by God the ball is going to home plate from right field). All base throws are done with right thumb (main buttons) yet cutoff man is left index (L1). Without game-specific conditioning to diminish natural tendencies this causes your outfielders to prance around and frolick (jump with ball from R1) instead of throw to the cutoff man. Steals and passed balls are difficult to notice. The camera cuts and the crowd cheers all the time; these are not properly noticeable indicators for something that would be blatantly obvious on an actual baseball diamond. Diving at R2 is not intuitive for me, and since it has to be coupled with a L-stick direction, middle infielder diving catches are impossible--I react with plenty of time but instead of my reaction consisting of pressing a button, I frantically and fruitlessly try to remember which button to press. There are no options to reassign controls outside Classic/New.

    The coding is also poor. This game was churned out without much work on anything outside the Road to the Show feature--everything else was largely ignored. The sportscasters, for example, commonly make mistakes like talking about the other team's cleanup hitter when yours is at the plate. I have noticed at least four unique scenarios where the commentator programming draws the wrong data.

    I have played one full Spring Training in franchise mode, and I still do not have a grasp of the fielding controls and make many user-generated (and often unscored) errors all the time. The controls should work well enough to pick up after playing 30 games.

    I also own a Wii, and with vastly fewer system resources, EA's MLB 2k8 is simply a better game than this one.

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