ModNation Racers PlayStation 3

  • Publisher: SCEA
  • Release Date: May 25, 2010

Generally favorable reviews - based on 85 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 71 out of 85
  2. Negative: 0 out of 85
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  1. 90
    The driving is fun, the creating is deep but easy, and the community is going to thrive. Sure, you might have to wait a bit longer than you'd like to get to the racing, but it's honestly not that bad and this game is worth it.
  2. This kart racer has excellent creation tools and sharing capabilities, and thanks to great online integration, is both fun and easy to play with friends.
  3. An intelligent, deep and enjoyable game that takes the 'play, create, share' initiative and runs with it. Fun, entertaining, a pleasure to look at and create in – MNR raises the bar for the genre.
  4. We've seen elements of player-created content and online community building in games before, but not yet in a kart racing game like this. Finally, it feels like the genre is evolving.
  5. There is a whole lot of great racing to enjoy and even more ways to be creative.
  6. It's not much of a stretch to say that ModNation Racers is probably the best kart racing game for HD consoles so far. It has loads of personality, solid gameplay, and enormous potential for a strong community thanks to the addictive create/share tools and online functionality.
  7. On the one hand, the game's creation and sharing features are second to none, and this title can stay incredibly popular and fun so long as the community sticks around. On the other hand, the single-player experience is pretty awful, and even when you manage to win a race, you'll rarely have any fun doing it. In this case, the good mostly outweighs the bad, but gamers who don't come in totally informed about their purchase could end up getting burned.
  8. It's just a shame that that success had to be tempered by a somewhat overenthusiastic approach to the unpredictability inherent in the genre.
  9. 80
    At first, I found ModNation's uneven racing to be a letdown, but what I've realized is that the game is more interesting as an open-ended content creation game; it's more LittleBigPlanet than it is Mario Kart, and if you put some effort and time into the game, you'll be rewarded with a garage full of interesting creations that will invariably bring you back to the track.
  10. ModNation Racers is a great title, with many excellent modes and an awesome online implementation in terms of multiplayer and content sharing. The graphics engine, which in the beta raised more of a concern, has been properly optimized and now delivers fluid and fast races on spectacular tracks.
  11. It merges the best from Mario Kart and LittleBigPlanet to create one of the most pleasant surprises of this year.
  12. Games Master UK
    Everything you could possibly want from a kart racer - and a few things you don't... [July 2010, p.78]
  13. 75
    Maybe you'll just play online. Maybe you'll spend all day crafting tracks and new costumes for your online avatars using the schwag you win in races. If you do, you'll find ModNation to be a thoroughly enjoyable kart-racing knock-off.
  14. 90
    ModNation Racers is truly a work of art on so many levels. The creation tools are a snap to use, the controls really let you have fun instead of having to wrestle with them and there is simply so much packed onto this disc it is hard not to recommend it.
  15. Annoying load times aside, I can't fault ModNation Racers for the nearly perfect package that it is, and for that reason I feel safe in proclaiming Sony's masterpiece the best kart-racing title in the history of gaming. Period.
  16. It's fun and surprising. ModNation Racers proves to be a great addition to the PS3 catalogue.
  17. Mario Kart is still on its throne. Mod Nation Racer has a great editor, but the driving feel is too simple and a little bit clumsy.
  18. At the end of the day, there's no justification for a game that forces two loading screens on you before it even begins.
  19. The scale of LittleBigPlanet's achievement is more deserving of admiration, but ModNation Racers is so much easier to love. United Front Games should be delighted with the compromise.
  20. Modnation Racers proved a pleasant surprise. A title that brings all the carefree fun of racing karts and introduces something new which can be capable of refreshing the genre and expanding the range of strategic options granted to the player. Next to the solid and challenging gameplay tacked on by developers, you can find an editor with great potential and above all is very easy to use which, together with extensive online support, should ensure good longevity. A game that you love, even if it can't rely on well known characters.
  21. A triumphant toolset attached to a decent stab at the karting genre
  22. ModNation Racers isn't the most original game on the PlayStation 3, but what it lacks in creativity it more than makes up in customization.
  23. It's good fun with mates and has a surprising amount of depth, but lacks the magic that would have elevated it to a must own title.
  24. AceGamez
    Although home to some of the longest load times since the Commodore 64, ModNation Racers is nevertheless a hugely entertaining kart racer and certainly the first major threat to the Mario Kart throne since Diddy Kong racing way back on the N64.
  25. Thanks to its great editor, simple and fun gameplay, and various game modes, both online and offline, ModNation Racers proves to be a great addition to the PS3 catalogue. If you're a fan of the "Mario Kart" genre, you should definitely give it a look!
  26. 90
    ModNation Racers combines the best parts of LittleBigPlanet and Mario Kart and uses them to lift the Play, Create & Share principle to a higher level.
  27. Pelit (Finland)
    The custom tracks, cars and drivers make the game much more than just the sum of it's parts. Shame I wasn't able to try out the multiplayer races, so the score is based purely on the singleplayer experience. [June 2010]
  28. Sony's Mario Kart clone has some impressive customisation tools but as a racer it lacks any real drive.
  29. Mario Kart has a reason to be jealous. ModNation Racers has fantastic AI, balance and of course endless amounts of creation options. The small problems in the track editor can be taken for granted, but the handling of the karts and the agonizing load times keep this game from pole position.
  30. ModNation Racers is an enjoyable game that is packed to the brim with so much content that you won't know what to do with it all.
  31. Behind the long load times of ModNation racer is a very visually pleasing and enjoyable kart racing experience that manages to build off of previous kart racing franchises and adding on a huge element of customization that has never been seen in a kart racer before.
  32. Playstation Official Magazine UK
    Combine the racing with the vast creative options and this is a splendid package for which the best is yet to come, via community-created tracks, cars and freaky figures. [June 2010, p.114]
  33. ModNation Racers' is a huge beast of a kart racer with a never ending list of fun and challenging things to do.
  34. ModNation Racers has a core of creative multiplayer fun, but it's sadly mummified beneath an irritating career mode and layer upon layer of load times.
  35. Creation, fun and madness, ModNation Racers is the new benchmark in the genre of crazy karting games. We can design whatever we want: thousands of characters, karts and circuits, and share all this stuff in the huge online mode. The new expression of the 'Play. Create. Share.' concept in videogames.
  36. 89
    Being compared to a game as universally loved as LBP sets some pretty high expectations, but I have to say: ModNation Racers effortlessly meets (and sometimes exceeds) them.
  37. Again and again, games like Mario Kart are released. And some of them are really enjoyable, like ModNation Racers. Especially because of the split-screen mode and the awesome and easy-to-handle editor.
  38. 85
    ModNation Racers frees gamers from the shackles of the kart racer formula and injects a healthy dose of fun and creativity into the kart racing scene.
  39. While it tries at times, ModNation Racers just doesn't have the charm or originality of LittleBigPlanet. The environments in particular are rather generic and lack variety, and the framerate is inconsistent, noticeably dropping in the lobby or split-screen.
  40. LEVEL (Czech Republic)
    Entertaining racing game comes with a full scale track editor. The amount of fun depends precisely on the players themselves and their imagination and creativity. [Issue#191]
  41. The mixture of Mario Kart racing and Little Big Planet's customisation should be a recipe for hours of fun. Unfortunately, the long loading times leave a bitter taste.
  42. ModNation might not be the greatest kart racer that you'll ever play, but the endless invention of the userbase will keep it fresh long past others that are put out to pasture. Highly recommended.
  43. Play UK
    Some of the best edge-of-your-seat multiplayer gaming we've had in ages. [Issue#192, p.78]
  44. Although it works well as a single-player, the real gem is through the local and online multiplayer modes that gives it a great party atmosphere.
  45. With all of that said, the game is still worth the $59.99 that you are going to pay for it. It has a load of fun sitting there that outweighs the enormous loading time. Frightfully, this game is good offline and even better online.
  46. While ModNation has some minor balance issues to address for solo racers, the online and creation features are the best you'll see on any console. If anything, it makes a nice, fresh experience to transition to from LittleBigPlanet while you are awaiting the release of the sequel.
  47. The creation is as deep or as automatic as you want it, the online as time sapping or as casual as your heart desires – MNR is a game for everyone without ever making anyone feel left out, and in the days of hardcore first person shooters and single player epics, surely that's exactly what we all need just now?
  48. Every kart racer from this point forth needs a track editor, enough said.
  49. United Front Games has not only created one of the most customizable video games of all time, but have managed to create a very well-rounded and enjoyable kart racing experience. The character, vehicle and track creation tools are easy to use but have a high ceiling for the creative player.
  50. The proverbial breath of fresh air that the genre desperately needed. It's your standard issue racer, but with a genius character/level editor that holds an infinite number of possibilities.
  51. Not innovative in concept, but gives everyone the tools to create their own content.
  52. You don't have to drive many laps of ModNation Racers to realise that developer United Front Games has been putting more effort in the parts of the game that let you build your own courses, cars and drivers, than in the actual driving. In the end, the tools for construction are great, but the actual gameplay isn't.
  53. But if you're not playing a kart racer with friends either online or split screen, you're not experiencing the best the genre has to offer. Against other players, the field is leveled and ModNation holds its own.
  54. PSM3 Magazine UK
    Simple, smart editing tools and sound racing make this the king of kart racers. [June 2010, p.90]
  55. ModNation Racers is a great addition to the world of kart racing with the full support for a robust online community.
  56. Playstation Official Magazine Australia
    Ultimately, you'd be foolish not to buy this. It's more expressive than LittleBigPlanet but much accessible, and guaranteed to keep you playing for a long time. [July 2010 p70]
  57. Modnation Racers is the perfect party racer, with a lot of depth and a million customization options. The only bad thing about the game are the loading times, which are way to long.
  58. A standout kart racing experience that is unrivaled in breadth and depth, instantly accessible, and offering innovation in a stagnant genre. Load times are awful, but you really can't go wrong with ModNation.
  59. Modnation Racers is in many aspects the best kart racer we've played. The controls are spot on, building tracks is easy and fun, the presentation is playful and attractive and the overall tone of the game is a pleasing one. With support for twelve players online, or four players locally on one console, this game is above and beyond the competition in the multiplayer arena. The only major issue to be found here are far too lengthy load times, an issue that shouldn't deter you from experiencing this excellent kart racer.
  60. Yes, the load times absolutely get in the way of the fun, but they don't overwhelm it, and in the end ModNation Racers is the best kart racer this generation.
  61. ModNation Racers is an innovative take on the simplistic mechanics of kart racing. By adding in the outstanding ability to generate and share your own content, ModNation Racers stands out in a crowd.
  62. It's a game that makes you feel like there aren't enough gaming hours during the summer months.
  63. Little problems like this, however, barely even make a scratch on this beautifully fun, frantic, deep and deliberately tongue in cheek racer, which manages to deliver all the fundamentals of a world class karting game as well as throwing in a shed load of brilliant features and the odd innovation here and there.
  64. 85
    As a tool, ModNation is an amazing game. As an entire package, ModNation gets held back by some inescapable technical issues of long load times and brutal AI that keep it from becoming the end-all, be-all Kart racing game but is still great.
  65. The framework for a raucous multiplayer experience is in place here, and as long as the community's wacky laissez-faire attitude toward user-created content is allowed to persist, ModNation Racers will be an amusing kart-racing sandbox to drive around in.
  66. Playstation: The Official Magazine (US)
    Finishes strong. [July 2010, p.82]
  67. 70
    We'd get rid of power-ups completely, or at least, implement them so they don't murder the flow of each race.
  68. ModNation Racers is a well-crafted racer that is certainly worth taking out for a spin.
  69. Modnation Racers is an enjoyable arcade racer which will no doubt enjoy a long life due to the creation tools. With shorter loading times and less powerful or more skill-based weapons, it could have been a classic.
  70. With its umpteen buttons, it's a foreign object that might ultimately prevent this otherwise terrific game from finding the mainstream audience it so deserves.
  71. It has everything that made LittleBigPlanet so good, but lacks its magic. As a kart game is derivative and not as good as the king of the genre (Mario Kart), but its creative tools are what shine in this interesting package.
  72. 80
    If the load times are a deal breaker, there is an alternative: the PSP version of ModNation Racers, which is nearly identical to the PS3 version -- minus the load times.
  73. When it comes to the core gameplay, however, there's no question: it's the best in its class, dethroning Mario Kart in every technical way.
  74. A standard, competent kart racer hampered by frequent loading times and irritating writing, but bolstered by an intuitive and powerful editor that lets gamers make their karts, racetracks, and characters their own - or at least lets them make their characters into Spider-Man.
  75. The level creation tools are the greatest ever, but the controls and the driving feel don't feel quite right. Fails to topple Mario as the king of Kart racing.
  76. Judging by the collection of excellent works published at the ModNation Racers website, this fun, half-childish, half-grownup arcade is destined for success.
  77. A good imitation [of Mario Kart], fun and clever, but so trivial.
  78. ModNation Racers successfully revitalises the kart racing genre into the next generation with a big cheesy grin stamped on its face. A few niggles aside, this is fun and frantic racing with a sterling set of tools that will have you returning on a daily basis just to see what the kooky community will cook up next.
  79. Apr 19, 2011
    Although Modnation has its problems that doesn't stop Modnation racers from being the go to game if you are looking for a fun kart-racing experience on the Playsation 3.
  80. ModNation Racers is a fun-racer that actually makes fun at the beginning. The black humour and the great editor guarantee lots of amusement. But soon the enemy difficulty gets frustratingly high and the long-time motivation is missing due to weak multiplayer modes.
  81. If sociable gaming is your thing, then prepare to put the pedal to the metal for a quirky experience that encourages a creative hand and patient mind. Everyone else should take it for a test drive first.
  82. 85
    ModNation Racers is a great game to customize your own characters, carts and tracks. If you liked LittleBigPlanet with its possibilities to create your own stuff, then you will love this game. The possibilities are huge and besides of that, the game contains a lot of fun in the single player and multiplayer. Only the loading times are a bit annoying, but ModNation Racers is still a great game.
  83. Overall, this is a really fun racer, I can't emphasise enough how much the customisation adds to the game.
  84. 90
    It's the best kart-racing game we've played in a very long while, and one of the first that shows its own personality rather than piggybacking off popular characters or aping the kings of the genre – and the excellent customisation features help to make a good thing even better.
  85. 90
    ModNation Racers is a wonderful continuation of the Play.Create.Share principle. It’s compared to LittleBigPlanet and Mario Kart – high class games – but it manages to easily set foot next to them. Everything is keenly thought out and invites you to play, whether it is single-player, online or split-screen. Racing hours on end, while laughing and cursing for all the tricks that are being pulled is what this game is all about – and will continue to be about with the support of the community. Too bad the loading times are a tad too long. In any case: casual or hardcore, it doesn’t matter, because ModNation Racers is awesome.
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 202 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 18 out of 25
  2. Negative: 4 out of 25
  1. Aug 11, 2010
    The gameplay rivals the finest iteration of Mario Kart, but with the option to customise everything in sight ModNation Racers is up there withThe gameplay rivals the finest iteration of Mario Kart, but with the option to customise everything in sight ModNation Racers is up there with the greatest kart racers. Full Review »
  2. Aug 29, 2010
    Nicely Done. An enjoyable game which I would and many others would put right up there with any racing game. I enjoyed this just as much orNicely Done. An enjoyable game which I would and many others would put right up there with any racing game. I enjoyed this just as much or maybe more than Mario Kart, which frightened me as Mario Kart is possibly my favourite ever game. Full Review »
  3. Mar 9, 2011
    Second best only on playstation kart racing game of all time behind CTR: Crash Team Racing. This game is great. Online is super fun, theSecond best only on playstation kart racing game of all time behind CTR: Crash Team Racing. This game is great. Online is super fun, the creating is awesome and the graphics are pretty good. The loading time is a minor setback for me but i get past it. btw im a modnation beast look up ripperroo1992 and u will c my stats which r not the best but i only had the game for 2 months Full Review »