MotoGP 08 PlayStation 3


Mixed or average reviews - based on 21 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 4 out of 21
  2. Negative: 0 out of 21
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  1. Playstation: The Official Magazine (US)
    Motorcycle-specific racing fantatics will lose themselves in MotoGP's depth of details, but most gamers will find the practice-requisite experience an oddly passionless grind. [Dec 2008, p.89]
  2. MotoGP 08 is meat-and-potatoes racing with enough challenge to keep two-wheeled gearheads busy for a long time.
  3. Capcom have produced a competent racer, one with a good range of option twiddling, that's accessible to all levels of skill. However, there's nothing here that hasn't been seen before, and there are no surprises waiting to be discovered.
  4. Playstation Official Magazine Australia
    Rev-heads will adore it, others will struggle. [Christmas 2008, p.93]
  5. Playstation Official Magazine UK
    We'd be happier of the frame rate didn't stutter like a cartoon pig on busier corners. [Christmas 2008, p.115]
  6. Despite projecting a tendency for high speed, only after the intensive adaption process to the turning and cornering is conquered coupled with the disposition to go through many falls will players be able to achieve some fun and compensation. Even with few play modes, Moto GP08 manages to be a good experience for fans.
  7. 67
    An uneven effort, MotoGP '08 is a decent game that should please most newbies and occasional riders but proves that Milestone has a ways to go before it fully grasps the handlebars.
  8. 65
    MotoGP 08 could have been more than just a slightly shinier PS2 update, but it still does little to capture or validate the depth of motorcycle racing. It’s wholesome fun for aficionados, though.
  9. An inauspicious beginning for Capcom's new motorbike series that has little to offer even committed fans.
  10. It doesn't do anything particularly outstanding to persuade MotoGP virgins to dip their toes in two-wheeled waters, but to say the game does little right would also be doing it a disservice. This instalment of MotoGP feels like a new beginning for the sub-genre, and as such deserves sampling by most. The petrol heads amongst us, especially.
  11. AceGamez
    This is the first time that the MotoGP licence has been in the hands of Capcom as publishers and Milestone as developers. The result is a solid game that doesn't really improve on last year's offering. By setting its sights on accessibility, MotoGP 08 seems to lose its focus on who it's for and ends up providing something for everyone but not everything for anyone.
  12. 60
    With a frustrating combination of watered down gameplay and bruising difficulty, Moto GP 08 is a racing title that belongs at the back of the pack.
  13. Fans of motorbike racing will love this game, with its realistic settings and physics handling. But other players will find themselves torn between the arcade and simulator settings, that are either too easy or too unforgiving, making this a difficult game to get into. Online 12 player races are a blast though.
  14. Despite some bafflingly arbitrary concessions to the casual crowd, MotoGP 08 still caters overwhelmingly to diehard racing sim fans.
  15. Moto GP 08 lacks an identity. In an effort to be all things to all people, it ends up being not much to anyone.
  16. PSM3 Magazine UK
    Playing online is likely to prove more exciting but it's a shame we didn't get the full all-round racing package. [Christmas 2008, p.87]
  17. 50
    Die-hard fans of the real-life motorcycle racing championships will no doubt be interested in this game just for the personalities, prototype bikes and tracks. They’re all here, but that’s where the fun ends. Overall, this is a functional but unexciting trip to the races.

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