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  1. May 29, 2014
    I was hoping for a monster fighting game experience resembleing the old King of the Monsters series from Neo Geo. What I got was no where even close to that level of fun and enjoyment. The controls are awkward, as well as the combat system. There is an incredible lack of venues to host your battles in as well. The developers also try and rope you into paid DLC to give your Jaeger an edge that you just can't attain through casual play. One positive is there are plenty of combatants to choose from giving you the option to play as a Jaeger or the monster Kaiju. Other then that this game just seems like a less then mediocre cash in for those who are fans of the movie. Expand

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  1. In the end, Pacific Rim: The Videogame feels like a trap. It’s designed to lure in the casuals, offer them the barebones framework of a fighting game, and drown them with a tsunami’s worth of paid DLC options. [September 2013, p79]