Prison Break: The Conspiracy PlayStation 3


Generally unfavorable reviews - based on 33 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 2 out of 33
  2. Negative: 20 out of 33
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  1. Prison Break - The Conspiracy is an okay stealth-action-mix but only for the fans of the TV-series.
  2. For gamers who don’t have problems with linearity Prison Break: The Conspiracy offers an interesting adventure. Especially fans of the TV-series will enjoy the story that is based on the first season.
  3. Overall, Prison Break: The Conspiracy is a very well made game, however certain elements feel forced and contrived.
  4. The Conspiracy might not appeal to fans but to a Prison Break virgin, it is surprisingly good. Yes, there are flaws and it won’t win any awards but it should definitely at least be rented. Even just for the simple trophies.
  5. 68
    The television series is great, but the game isn’t. The main aspects are stealth gameplay, fighting and quick time events. Only the stealth part works in this game, the other two don’t. The graphics are nice and the audio is fine. The voice-acting could have been better, but overall it’s good to listen to.
  6. Poor Michael Scofield – The Prison Break TV series is much better than the game, although you get to hear at least the original voices. The repetition of gameplay elements is annoying and the dull story really breaks the game's neck.
  7. Overall, Prison Break – The Conspiracy should have been a fitting tribute to a very clever TV series, but turns out to be falling more in line with the final series – a big anticlimax.
  8. Despite the stiff stealth/fighting mechanics, the mission's linearity and the trial/error experience, Prison Break: The Conspiracy somehow ended up being enjoyable. I'm sure Zootfly could have done something much better, but in the end, the final product was purposely done with the intention of giving the fans something incredibly easy to play.
  9. 55
    Prison Break: The Conspiracy shows you in the right way the whole prison and the story of Michael. Unfortunately the graphics scores far below and the gameplay is a little disappointing. These are the factors, the final grade of this game is nearly enough.
  10. ZootFly had good chances with Prison Break: great characters, a fascinating setting and a good plot. It's all still intact, but sadly the gameplay is completely pointless. Clumsy stealth sequences aside, what's left is some dumb brawling and unrewarding fitness. Better save the money and go back to enjoy Scofield & co. adventures where they belong, on your DVD player.
  11. Prison Break brings trial and error, a poor story and awkward controls. Lock it up and throw away the key!
  12. Fans of the TV show may get some enjoyment out of this title, but anyone else will want to steer clear of Prison Break.
  13. PSM3 Magazine UK
    A sub-par stealth game. [May 2010, p.96]
  14. Despite the involvement of many of Prison Break stars, The Conspiracy is just a game developed to make money with the pretext of its popular IP.
  15. Licensed games can get away with a lot, but this doesn't even reach mediocre quality, with its core mechanics becoming woefully boring a fraction into the campaign.
  16. Not even the most dedicated fan of the TV show could find this piece of garbage entertaining. Lock this let-down up and throw away the key.
  17. 40
    As the plodding narrative progresses, these repetitive fighting and stealth tasks grow quickly tedious.
  18. In everything it does, does well, but is very little compared to current standards.
  19. Play UK
    Just too basic to illicit any kind of reaction at all, besides boredom. [Issue#191, p.78]
  20. Prison Break is a disappointment on all fronts. The fighting system has been badly implanted and the presentation is lacklustre. The only redeeming features are the sneaking around and the development of the plot, but it's not enough to keep this game from falling flat on it's face. Someone throw the keys away.
  21. Playstation Official Magazine Australia
    This was an ambitious production, but it boils down to sluggish platforming and repetitive fetch quests. [June 2010 p78]
  22. If you've never seen the TV series there is no reason to purchase this game and if you have, there's still no reason to purchase it.
  23. 35
    The events of Prison Break: The Conspiracy run concurrently with those of the series' first season. It's outcome is the same... and it doesn't reveal anything that will please fans or cast new light on the show's characters or plot lines.
  24. Prison Break: The Conspiracy is a complete mess
  25. A lazily cobbled-together, bargain basement piece of shovelware that deserves neither your time or money.
  26. AceGamez
    Maybe if it had a modicum of quality – I mean you would think that the extra development time provided by the wait for a new publisher might have led to a more polished, refined experience, sadly, just as in the case with nearly every other primetime TV tie-in, Prison Break: The Conspiracy is little more than a rushed, poorly developed title with very little in the way of a saving grace.
  27. Playstation Official Magazine UK
    It'll only make sense if you've got a PhD in the series. [May 2010, p.102]
  28. Playstation: The Official Magazine (US)
    Though not technically broken, the ill-conceived Prison Break should be considered cruel and unusual punishment. [Jun 2010, p.83]
  29. This stealth game takes all the fun out of life in prison.
  30. Prison Break: The Conspiracy should never have been published. It fails to deliver as a stealth game, and the fighting system is riddled with shortcomings. It doesn't help that the story feels washed up and boring.
  31. It’s only been out for a couple of weeks and it’s already getting heavily discounted by some retailers – and there’s a whole bunch of reasons for that. I don’t care if you’re a fan of the show, it’s just not worth it.
  32. Cumbersome stealth mechanics? Check. Utterly simplistic and equally frustrating combat? Check. All too frequent and annoying Quick Time Events? Check. Expected mediocre presentation? Check. This is another nail in the coffin of movie tie in videogames. Not even cameos by T-bag and John Abruzzi are of any help. Avoid at all cost people.
  33. There’s a reason why Prison Break: The Conspiracy will only be bought by the Prison Break Wikipedia page manager–it just isn’t that good.
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Generally unfavorable reviews- based on 20 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 1 out of 2
  2. Mixed: 0 out of 2
  3. Negative: 1 out of 2
  1. Jul 14, 2013
    It was good I think that it was a decent stealth and I had alot of fun with the unique fighting Will this game win any awards... no but thatIt was good I think that it was a decent stealth and I had alot of fun with the unique fighting Will this game win any awards... no but that dosent mean it wasnt fun and should be enyed by other people Full Review »
  2. Feb 28, 2011
    Thankyou so much for ruining one of my favourite TV shows with this piece of sh*t. This game already had a good plot as its straight from theThankyou so much for ruining one of my favourite TV shows with this piece of sh*t. This game already had a good plot as its straight from the TV series, but that just isn't enough as the gameplay is about as enjoyable as a nosebleed.Please for your own sake stay away. Full Review »