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  1. Oct 21, 2010
    PES 2011 continues the Pro Evolution Soccer revolution that started with last years instalment and delivers a playing experience that long term fans of the franchise are more accustomed to. With all the improvements it easy to say this is the best PES game in years.
  2. Although PES 2011 can't yet be defined as the best football game on the market, Konami has done a great job in laying the foundations for what seems to be a new course for the franchise.
  3. The Pro Evolution series was known as the franchise that is too old school, too hardcore, and a step behind. I think that's changed, and it's now in better position for itself and the sport as a whole.
  4. Jan 14, 2011
    "Quotation Forthcoming"
  5. Seabass and Konami finally made big changes inside the PES formula, with many improvements in every aspect and a great atmosphere surrounding their production. It's a pity that the game is still limited by some automatisms that prevent it from being a real revolution, but this year we can surely look forward for the future iteration of the saga.
  6. Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 is definitely an interesting sports game, and even though there are a few minor problems, it's just exciting.
  7. 86
    Pro Evolution Soccer is finally back with a good game after a few years of pretty bad titles. The game contains a brandnew pass systeem that works great and the overall pace is a bit faster. The Master League is great again and now also playable online where you can earn money to buy new soccerplayers to reach the top of the competitions worldwide. A great game!
  8. The newest edition of the PES franchise is a great soccer simulation with a revamped and very realistic passing system. The defense AI is doing a better job now and goalkeepers are also acting smarter than they used to. However the new AI shows some flaws from time to time as well. The often too pedantic referee decisions were also getting on our nerves on a regular basis. As far as licensed teams are concerned PES 2011 is far behind its rival FIFA Soccer 11.
  9. Still in second place - but the best PES in a long time. Fans will feel like an old friend has finally returned.
  10. It is not the best football game, but it is a great football game, and is on the right path to further improvements.
  11. Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 is a reboot of the series: pace and reactions had toned down for a boost in realism and the "360 degrees pass" system does a great job in involving the player on the pitch. Unfortunately there's a consistent lack in animation quality that spoils the experience.
  12. Is it fair to say PES is back? I guess so. One big push next year and this again could be the football title to beat.
  13. Jan 14, 2011
    PES has the core experience down, and football purists shouldn't miss a re-creation of the beautiful game as well as it's done here. Unfortunately, everything surrounding the gameplay needs more work before PES can vie for the football gaming crown again.
  14. "Quotation Forthcoming"
  15. Jan 14, 2011
    Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 promised a revamp and it delivered in spades.
  16. Jan 13, 2011
    Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 is definitely showing signs of improvement over the stagnation of the last few years. There is still a lot more that needs to be done before it can even attempt to take back the soccer-video game crown, but it's not an impossible feat.
  17. Oct 24, 2010
    PES 2011 has an eccentric approach of soccer. It's fast, fun and action-loaded. There are some flaws, but it's undeniable: the master of soccer games is back.
  18. There are still issues with animations, ball physics and AI but nothing that isn't easily forgiven as a quirk of the game. There is one week between the release dates of FIFA and Pro Evo and while it's not yet clear who will be touring the city in an open topped bus, at last PES has earned its place in the final.
  19. PES 2011 is a solid game. The version of 2010 had already brought us huge improvements, especially in game modes, but the 2011 version mainly refines the gameplay, making the game more cohesive.
  20. Just like that, PES is a contender again. There's still a way to go before it gets back to the levels of addictive playability that kept us hooked half a decade ago but the series finally seems to be finding itself on the current-gen consoles. The identity crisis is over and now PES is well positioned to bring its trademark originality back to footie gaming.
  21. Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 is a comprehensive reboot of the series, offering improved gameplay and a host of great new features.
  22. 80
    A great football game in its own right, Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 makes a number of improvements to show that the series is well on the way to a true revolution.
  23. A good first step for a brand that still needs a lot of improvement to stand by the competitors.
  24. 80
    Pro Evolution Soccer received a complete make-over with new modes and gameplay elements. Although not as good as FIFA, Konami has build a foundation that can beat FIFA in the coming years.
  25. Putting some difficult years behind, the 2011 edition of PES has become attractive again. But if it's been able to catch up in any way, its more with what was expected from previous editions than with its competitor FIFA. On almost all fronts, except its interface, formation menus, and ball physics, EA's title seems superior. PES remains an excellent football game, and will be loved by many, but like the "Oranje" team of Holland, its latest performance isn't the best ever, especially when compared the other team.
  26. Jan 14, 2011
    In talking about this game and writing this review I wish I could say I was talking about all the great features it has, but instead I find myself dismissing it for what it is not. It's not FIFA 11. Top down, FIFA 11 is just the better soccer game. But if you like customization and all kinds of user created content, the possibilities are endless.
  27. Oct 25, 2010
    After a run-and-pass arcade footballer, then pick up PES. Anything else, then FIFA's ahead by a long shot.
  28. Some will prefer the gameplay of PES 2011 to its EA Sports counterpart (certainly more players than would have in 2010). However, for casual fans and trainspotters alike, the depth and breadth of leagues in FIFA 2011, combined with its continued high-quality gameplay, will leave PES waiting until 2012 for another shot at the title of top football franchise.
  29. Oct 25, 2010
    Despite all of these comments and my own personal opinion, this review isn't telling you what football game to buy this year. Both FIFA '11 and PES 2011 are completely different games and play to their own strengths and weaknesses.
  30. 73
    It's getting harder each year to cling onto the memory of PES being the best footballing game out there... It's not as good as FIFA. [Issue#197, p.84]
  31. It's sad to see the PES franchise so far from what was unquestionably the peak of the series, its Pro Evolution Soccer 5 entry. PES 2011 is a heartbreaking step back from what we were hoping for.
  32. 70
    Although it is frustrating on many occasions and let downs such as commentary may detract from the overall experience, it still can't take away the fact that the game has received much-needed improvements, a slew of exciting additions such as the addictive Master League Online, and some top-notch visuals.
  33. This series is no longer for football puritans. Its for Pro Evolution puritans, and has the same strengths and weaknesses as its last few iterations. The animation and player models are brilliant, but there's still an oppressive, drab tone that could suck the fun out of a happy meal. [November 2010 p70]
  34. PES 2011 is a good game. It's the best version of PES I've played on the Xbox 360 and PS3, and it's a step in the right direction - but it isn't a FIFA beater.
  35. A mostly successful reboot of the series in terms of pure gameplay, except now it seems even more like a minor variation of the still superior FIFA.
  36. After swimming with sharks, Pro Evolution Soccer has undergone a facelift with this new episode, particularly successful, although perfectible, but placed on the right track.
  37. 67
    Pro Evo feels more like real soccer, but it doesn't really look like it a lot of the time.
  38. The result is competent and complex, but not convincing enough to raise any significant emotion other than impatience. It feels like a clockwork approximation of football, lacking the grace, variety and scope of FIFA.
  39. PES returns with an edition that finally begins to set it back on the straight and narrow. But only begins to do so. [Issue#101, p.123]
  40. The same old issues like awkward ball physics, unnatural interaction between players, sloppy animations and a ridiculous menu system makes most changes irrelevant. Pro Evolution Soccer is in dire need of a round with the defibrillator before next year.
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  1. Oct 9, 2010
    Simply brilliant, although very difficuilt to master. This years pro evolution represents a reallistic alternative to the real thing. The new freedom opens up new avenues and new playing styles, passing has taken on a new dimension with the measure and timing becoming instrumental to success. The new angles available on the ball allows you to use the full size of the pitch, use your team mates as decoy options and increase or decrease the tempo of play. Full Review »
  2. Oct 8, 2010
    After many years finally PES seems to follow the right track of...evolution. It's evident that Konami got the message of the fans about the decline of the once dominant footy franchise. The result is a better game than PES 2010 but still, a game of many problems. Robotic animations, non-realistic keepers, poor refs, annoying bugs, AI glitches, still haunt the game, preventing other nice touches (better presentation, passing system & stadium editor) to really shine. PES 2011 is hopefully the start of something good for the game in the future but it plays as an arcade game rather than a simulation and in the end, falls short to the competition in almost every category. Full Review »
  3. Oct 12, 2010
    It's getting harder each year to cling onto the memory of PES being the best footballing game out there... PES 2011 It's not as good as FIFA11, but If you love PES, this is the best Pro Evolution Soccer yet. Full Review »