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  1. Sep 24, 2013
    where do i start...i think most PES players were looking forward to this game. Konami come out of the blocks with all the PR they could think of. New Engine, Heart, Mass, blah blah blah, but they seem to have forgot how to create a good football game.

    This game game is clearly not finished. Far too many problems with this game for it to be enjoyable, and at the end of the day even if
    your trying to simulate a sport or whatever its a game and it has to be fun. Problems are frame rate issues ,especially around the penalty box. Players do not react quick enough, they turn like tanks animations take far to long to complete when tackling etc allow to Ai to exploit you. Unresponsive commands, it takes far too long for players to do what you want them to do after having pressed a button

    Laggy menus, online completely broken, shall i go on??..this year is just a complete and utter mess, underneath it all there seems to be a game trying to get out, but its been very poorly implemented, and I just dont understand how any reviewer can give this a positive score in its current state. Konami need to patch this game and patch it quick. They should be ashamed of releasing this,
  2. Sep 24, 2013
    This game dissapointed me,it is just dissapointg to me i am one of the bigest fans i know of pes since i am alive.....i played countless hours of pes,reaching top rankings,having fun whit frends and then this comes out that for me ruined the franchise....When i first started playing everything seemed normal,when the game started the menu was different it was a little bit strange but...i went to play master league and become legend...everything was missing,the cutscenes,the talking,,everything that made the game fun it was not there and in the match the game just was horrible bugs everywhere and the grapich were horendes but how much i hate this game at the same time i love it.....this broke my heart i was not expecting such a tthing from you konami you were the best in football this game you went the fifa way and they/you failed...miserably...and teh worst thing is every player llooks dam the same.....i went to fc london to rename it and make my own club and every onfe of the players was same i cud not recognize them...this game is dissapointing in every level if you are a fan and a it deserves a 3-and this is coming from a old fan of the franchise..dissapointed. Expand
  3. Sep 24, 2013
    konami trying something new i can see that. but its never good idea turn your game like FIFA. i like pes because its fast game you can feel free and you can do things on your mind in this game. but they took away these things. and made a WORST FIFA PROTOTYPE. i cant even run the ball. i cant pass i cant shoot i cant do anything in this game. i really hate it. please KONAMI dont make games like this. sorry about bad english. Expand
  4. Sep 28, 2013
    The worst Pro ever!!! Nice job Konami! The response of every player is too slow,you can't understand the difference between the best and the worst players when you control them,very slow response on every move,bad passes and the goalkeepers are something like Chuk Norris,they can stop every shoot without a problem! For me pro 13 is the best!
  5. Sep 24, 2013
    QUESTO GIOCO E UNA ME RDA com e possibile che peggiora sempre di piu ogni anno??
    allora nuovo motore grafico ok ma NIENTE pioggia!!! cosa???? facce e capelli dei giocatori orrende basta guardare la chioma di emanuelson o di de jong la faccia di mexes e i suoi capelli??? una merda
    giocabilita???: lentissimo, un sacco di bug, fai gol e x un secondo spariscono tutti, collisioni
    orrende,papere dei difensori, gli attaccanti nn fanno i movimenti giusti nei contropiedi (ti corrono incontro) i portieri agghiaccianti con movimenti schifosi da spastici fisica del pallone che sembra pesare 2 grammi con tiri a piena barra da fuori area parati senza problemi
    e la traiettoria del pallone nelle punizioni e nei rinvii???? ma che idea di merda basta spostare la linea di traiettoria dentro la porta con un po di effetto e il tiro e servito.. mah che merd ata!!!! ma che ideee sono??
    e poi udite udite on line nn ci sono piu le coppe quei bei tornei divertenti da fare a orari prestabiliti! noooo adesso solo 1vs1 partite di classifiche
    menu schifosi rallentamenti paurosi durante la formazione e la scelta dei giocatori (mah)
    ah e ovviamente diritti e sponsor sempre di meno infatti la premier continua a fare schifo mentre rimane come sempre l'interessantissimo campionato del caz zo olandese!
    qua si va sempre peggio era dall iss pro evolution 1 e 2 che nn giocavo con dei giocatori fati cosi male e trascurati (foto realismo di sto cazz o) chissene di elsha ronaldo ecc se gli altri "meno famosi" fanno cagare (pazzini ecc...)
    mi sembra di sognare complimenti konami! bella m erda!
  6. Sep 30, 2013
    In relation to PES 2014, the (positive) Reviews I have read are the complete opposite to what I endured. I do not know what FIFA is like but PES 2014 is bad, and I mean baaaaad. The movement feels whispy players lack weight so it feels as though your players are on an ice-rink. The passing is just complete shambles, there is no consistentcy at all, press the button lightly to a nearby team mate and you may get a small cushioned pass straight into his path, great, 2 ins later same position you press the button in the same manner and the pass is overhit by a mile (and I’m talking with assisted passing turned down). Everytime you take a shot there is a delay. The snappy element is gone in favour of basically just struggling to maintain control of your players. The fluidity is gone. The AI stinks. The controls are sluggish and ropey (ohh sorry thats the realism ehh?). Players often do silly things i.e. you try to pas one way and they migh stop, turn and then do a trick/flick/touch (more realism ehh?) awful.

    I dont know about FIFA since I havent played it, but PES 2014 is a complete let-down, some elements of the old series def needed changing and I can see where they are going but they have rubbed over so much that the core element is gone too much too soon.

  7. Sep 29, 2013
    Speaking from an experience of 15 years This is officially the worst football game of all time....Its an experiment gone all wrong. The AI is ridiculously flawed.--The players response to anything is terribly slow...positioning is terrible. As for the engine though the visuals are pretty everything else is just rubbish..Every shot you take essentially ends up going in one direction...Goal keepers end up saving most of the shots...Shooting mechanism is terrible and online play is bad. In the End you realise that PES 13 was way way better and by default FIFa too.
    DO not BUy this game FIFA 14 is 100 times better.
  8. Sep 24, 2013
    This is the best football simulation since ISS 64. The gameplay is astonishing, the graphics are superb for PS3 conditions. People that complain about the controls being sluggish did not realize, that the form AND motivation of the players play a significant role in their playability. In that regard it is very similar to the good old SNES games or ISS 64. PES is still not for licence fetishistic FIFA fanboys. It is for the people that love football for the diversity in game styles instead for the marketing and publicity of teams and their star players. The most prominent players are available, others are not. But luckily the faces and names will be provided by the community later. So the only pro FIFA argument is obsolete.

    A short summary :

    Pro List :

    - Champions- and Europa League, Copa Libertadores, AFC Champions League licences
    - mood and form of players will influence the game significantly
    - VERY realistic build-up and goal scenes
    - online mode
    - better player trick controls than PES 2013
    - very realistic faces of players that are licenced

    Negative :

    - CPU enemies foul too rarely
    - cannot change the rigor of the refs
    - pass direction has to be very exact sometimes
    - bug you have to change the resolution in the ps3-settings to 720p explicitely, otherwise it will try to play in 576p
  9. Sep 25, 2013
    Un paso atras para la saga: juego a medio hacer, IA desastrosa, respuesta del mando horrible y un ONLINE injugable...
    Konami se ha reido de nosotros esta vez.....
  10. Oct 1, 2013
    I have been playing PES since it was called Winning Eleven and it only came in Japanese (PS1). This is probably one of its worst outings so far. The past couple of games have been bad but playable. I suspect it might get better through updates, but it should not work like this.

    I paid $60 for a FINISHED game, this GAME IS NOT FINISHED. PES has always had game-play glitches especially
    their previous engine, but this year, it is so unfinished that it is almost unplayable. It is an experiment, clearly has potential, but they are essentially selling an experiment not a finished product.
    Main problems:
    1. The game slows down when play goes into the areas. (Makes me wanna cry)
    2. Shooting mechanism is terrible. (worst than previous games)
    3. Keepers suck, but that has been the case for PES for the past 4 games so I'm pretty sure that is never getting fixed.
    4. I have not been able to play online at all. (their customer services sucks by the way)
    5. Team rosters have not been updated at all, one of the reasons you buy the new game is for the rosters to be up to date.
    6. the screen slows down when you are changing the tactics for your team, there is clearly a frame rate problem.

    They are SELLING AN UNFINISHED GAME even if they are promising an update by November. Why not just release the game in November? I know they had to compete with FIFA 14, but this is just insulting to faithful PES customers.

  11. Sep 28, 2013
    konami produced another cheap football game with a very bad and annoying gameplay their games are full of empty promises but when you get it you see the game sucks the new engine is such a failure
  12. Sep 30, 2013
    Wow. I have been a PES fan for as long as I remember, back to the ISS days on SNES.

    Konami has made mistakes on many of its games, and few are completely perfect. But there was always the magic there. A new game was always a joy to play, even in Free Practice mode.

    So the dissapointment could not be greater. Especially after all the promises, the new engine, the heart feature, etc.
    Really Konami?

    The magis is gone. PES has gone the FIFA route, but is years behind their formula. Sure the animations are better than ever, but it means the game is sluggish, waiting for the animation to run before a change in direction, shot, pass, etc. Very different to the crisp, immediate response of the ISS and PES games of the past. So, so far, from the great games like PES6.

    The new engine novelty wears off very quickly, as it is a prettier game but by no means jaw dropping. Only a slight improvement. And football games are about gameplay, who cares about facial hair and more accurate lighting, when shooting feels unreal and manouvering in the penalty box is so sluggish.

    Man covering is terrible. I cannot get my team to pressure or hold the formation I desire.
    Konami have tried to make defending possible by implementing some ridiculous turbo gimmick. Your player slowly accelerates and then decelerates. Very very unrealistic. There is no player explosion, you have to wait for the players to slowly accelerate. Also running a 20m sprint is now impossible, as your player will decelerate and be caught by any defender like Vidic, etc.
    It is a complete gimick and unlike real football.

    In the end, this game is like a blow to the stomach. We knew Konami had problems with PES and going back to a new engine, with all their promises, would bring back the glory days.

    Now, PES is even further away from the original formula. Looking withouth personality. It is a bland FIFA experience, sluggish, gimicky, licenseless.

    PES 2013 is a much, much, better game.
  13. Sep 28, 2013
    such a dissapointing game i was a big fan of pes and im really dissapointed with this game it has nothing at all a total disaster comparing to the last ones the gameplay is awful nothing works at all in this game .
    dont waste money on this
  14. Oct 4, 2013
    Wow, what an awful game. Where do I start? Terribly shiny visuals, unrealistic movements, no longer able to sprint past a defender who is slower than your player, some ridiculous modes of passing, headers that travel faster than Concorde and then to top it all of there is the return of a bubble indicator to tell you where the ball is going on free kicks and corners... The last time I saw this feature was Striker or Sensible Soccer.

    Having been a konami football fan from ISS on the SNES this game has forced me to take a serious look at FIFA, I'm just glad i only rented Pro from Blockbuster.

    If I had bought it, it would now be on Ebay.
  15. Sep 24, 2013
    Great Game, the new fox engine comes to play an important part in the detail level of the animations and in the player physic's... The loss of some stadium in this new edition feel's like a backstep but not a great one, most gamers are confused by the low level of detail in some players faces but Konami said prior reléase that they reléase in the next week's a patch to improve this part of the game, most important, the game feels like a real football game, the stadium, the crowd and the in game mechanic's work well, some minor bugs may appear and some framerate issues have been reported and konami is working to on a patch for this, so overrall this PES feels like is in the good road to make the franchise the ultimate football game and retake N.o 1 from FIFA in the next years to come. Expand
  16. Oct 8, 2013
    Anyone who despises this game is either deluded or plain stupid...though we're all entitled to our opinions. PES' gameplay is far better than FIFA, it just needs that final off-field mode to fully surpass Fifa. The current sales are already in PES' favour and that shows that people are truly acknowledging PES
  17. Oct 6, 2013
    Worst PES from 2008! bad grafics bad fluid of the game and they put foul and corner helper for gods sake! also they made changes without any particular reason Very bad game dont buy it It is just a fail clone from fifa!
  18. Oct 10, 2013
    New PES is worse then last year's. No weather conditions, horrible player faces, they lost more licenses for stadiums and clubs... PES 2014 fails at all levels on current gen consoles, but I'm still eager too see how it will look on next-gen consoles.
  19. Oct 1, 2013
    EL PEOR JUEGO DE FUTBOL DE LA HISTORIA, es un juego incompleto si terminar, lo mayoria de las caras son irreconocibles, pocos estadios, los jugadores son muy brillosos, no me gusto para nada.
  20. Oct 3, 2013
    Very realistic soccer game. New features like R3 to make contact or just avoid a shot. Konami have been innovating since W11 and now its just like a new game. You can feel the different skills of each player and sometimes strangers mistakes like real soccer match. Ok, somethings are not so good, but the gameplay is attractive and intuitive. Soundtrack different with opera and funny songs.
  21. Oct 14, 2013
    Looks awful and the gameplay is just ridiculously messed up. The entire look of the game is crap, starting with the main menu (it hurts my eyes) and continuing with the match preparations menu, not to mention the actual match (I got the feeling this is Super Mario). Won't talk about the gameplay, probably everyone noticed already that is worse than any other PES before... I'll keep playing PES 2013

    PS: what's with the critics's reviews? are they playing another game, cause i don't get it...
  22. Oct 15, 2013
    This is the worst soccer game I ever played. I am a fan of konami soccer game franchises since International Super Star Soccer, Winning Eleven and then PES. For almost 18 years I enjoy their game, and never play nor try another soccer game. But this one is really a big mistake!!! New Engine, Emotion, bla bla bla doesn't make this game being fun to play. All I can see is stupid AI, unresponsive player, slow pace game play, complicated control, awkward movement, and much more. It's a painful game to play, and I cannot even called game anymore, this game torture me!! And after 18 years, I think its time to try FIFA. Dusk for Konami its coming, better they hire new game developer who really know how to create a soccer game. Expand
  23. Oct 28, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Worse game i have ever seen. Because of the following reasons:
    - Takes 3 minutes to start the welcome menu?? am I starting NASA projects??
    - Welcome menu and In game menu are very slow, it takes 1 second to move between two options?? god!! its taking long time.
    - Worse game engine ever; slow, unstable, and sucks.
    - Online matches are ridiculous and horribly bad.

    I'm not a FIFA FAN, i'm PES player since 2002 (PES1), but i keep buying FIFA CD's, never played FIFA for a long time, but just to compare both PES vs FIFA.

    Congratulations KONAMI you killed that competition, and FIFA knockdown PES.

    Thank you PES it was my pleasure to meet :D :D
  24. Dec 18, 2013
    Okay having persevered with this game for a while, I now find myself in a position to give an honest review. Konami have released without doubt the poorest PES game of the lot. A real own goal of epic proportions I fear.

    Where to start?

    We all know what PES lacks in official licences and presentation it usually makes up for in the slick smooth game play that gives it the real
    football edge over the more predictable and clumsy looking FIFA. But this latest PES 2014 is a real gut wrenching embarrassing let down. They've rushed out what can only be described as an unfinished broken game with this new graphics engine the core of all it's problems. The frame rate during the game is just all over the place and causes anti-dramatic slow downs during a match which are quite honestly horrifying and something that I can't help but be reminded of times gone by when you'd be left heart broken during a maiden voyage into a bad game conversion that a Sega Megardrive would be embarrassed about (Super Kickoff anyone?). So, if you want to watch your 30 yard screaming effort that just whipped passed the post on the instant replay, well forget about it because replays are stuttery and jerkier then a layer of dired out old beef and quite frankly off putting to the point where you'd wish you could just get rid of them altogether for the time it saves. Then there's the passing and tackling, the game has just got so wrapped up in the realistic movement of the ball, they forgot about the realistic movement of the players. Again the player movement looks clumsy and tackling has lost it's real time control the previous versions of PES were so good at creating. In this game you somehow win the ball or lose it without much effort put in either way. Then there's the delayed responsiveness when you have the ball. Want to get a shot off? Well sit down and apply for planning permission first because it takes that long for the moment you hit the shoot button for your player to actually kick the ball that by the time his leg is swinging back, the balls back in your own half and your left contemplating switching the game off or throwing the controller agains the TV screen in pure frustration. It's like having off line lag, thats the only way I can describe it. The football simulation known as PES has sadly been obliterated by this God awful mess.

    Then the nit picking, the menu's are just plain stupid. The team selection screen has been annoying for a few PES games now but this year they'e just completely overlooked this and it looks half baked where player names over lap one another. It looks like a school kid has designed it. And how long do the screens take to load? Put the kettle on and wait for the team strips to load up, you'll have time to let your tea cool down first before they eventually appear on screen.

    Then the Stadiums again are disappointing, why oh why do we have the same old rubbish every year, two San Siro's yet again??? WHY???? Bring back Anfield or just do something original. That Konami stadium was crap on the PS1, why is it still in there?

    I could go on but you probably get the picture, and it's just unfortunate that Konami don't or no doubt won't.
    My only salvaging thought is that this is a prototype for what will be an immense PES 2015 on the more capable PS4/Xbox One next year. There must be potential in there somewhere with this overhaul but Konami have a lot to do bring this game back up the level of quality it has been renown for by it's fans for over a decade. Sadly they've should have shelved this sorry effort until they had the game right, even if that meant skipping a year. At least their reputation my still hold firm. I wonder now how many like myself will skip future releases having been so badly let down by this pathetic effort.

    Avoid this game and carry on with the far far superior PES 2013, you'll save yourself alot of heartache.
  25. Apr 2, 2014
    Okay, where to start. PES 2014 is still PES, I've been playing PES since it was ISS (getting on for 20 years ago) and it hasn't changed all that much in that time, the core gameplay remains recognisable.

    This version however, has quite a few downsides.

    The framerate is shocking, when you're actually in play it's fine but the pre match cutscenes and replays look like .gif files.

    The crowd moves and it looks terrible, they probably have 15 frames of animation, and they're very low res.

    The English commentary is nowhere near as good as it should be, it's possibly the worst of all the sports games that have commentary, it's getting to the point where I just don't think they should include it.

    It is constantly loading something.

    It's still pretty fun though, if you can get it cheap and despise FIFA, go for it. And personally I don't mind the lack of official licenses, I enjoy the editing. I spent many an hour on PES 4 and 5 editing all the premier league teams, but all in all the technical issues this game has disappoint me. I don't think old gen consoles like the PS3 and 360 can handle the new Fox game engine, and it suffers.
  26. Nov 25, 2013
    very decent attempt. the player movement is realistic, so is the pace of the game. visually very good. lack of licencing is annoying. the game modes lack polish. more tactics would have helped. A for effort but B for execution.
  27. Sep 24, 2013
    PES 2014 I expected a lot. In terms of mechanics and gameplay I got a lot. The players move and approach the ball more precise and with more understanding of inertia and mass movement physics laws. However, the acceleration of player is really turbo charged and it is easy to escape the opponents. Unless they touch you. If that happens, you can play with Aguero and slow paced Terry will be able to slow you down. Every single time! So, what is the point of speed if you only need contact to stop players. Goalkeepers are terribly modeled. Opponents shoot long balls in the box and goalkeeper is standing in his box, too lazy to step forward. The man marking is not good as well. Somehow nobody is following attackers.. List goes on..
    So, what is good? It actually feels close to real football match with real players. At least one step closer. Graphics is pretty decent as well.
    What is bad? Fake clubs names, lack in tactical gameplay, opponents can sprint for an hour and make pressure on your last line. Like they are on doping... And major minus in Goalkeeping.
    I'll give it 7 of 10 and uninstall it. Still believe that FIFA will be better
  28. Sep 30, 2013
    Gostei do jogo... Tem vários bugs e muitas coisas irritantes. Mas me dá vontade de jogar, ao contrário do 2013 que só era legar jogar com os amigos. Espero que os futuros "patchs" corrijam alguns desses erros. Por enquanto minha nota 8, mas com melhorias pode virar até um 9.
  29. Sep 25, 2013
    Man, This Game...... I give it mixed because its not that bad but fricking its hard fricking hard to score goals man i dont like this game that much.... And Hey this is my opinion OK?
  30. Sep 28, 2013
    pes mengecewakan, pergerakan pemain yang lambat membuat kita sulit untuk mengekplorasi skill para pemain, pes 2013 jauh lebih baik dari pada pes 2014 dari segi gameplay.
  31. Sep 30, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. PES 2014 este año ha decepcionado considerablemente, una gráfica, en cuanto a parecido se refiere, es asquerosa. La IA no cambia mucho de las anteriores versiones y el modo OnLine es asquerosamente injugable... Lamentablemente Konami no se esforzó mucho y dejo un juego totalmente desechable, sonará estúpido pero hasta los Winning Eleven de los años 2002 son mejores que esto :C Expand
  32. Oct 4, 2013
    i get it since four days only because it not easy to be update in Democratic Republic of Congo about video games, even there is a real market of it here. see i get the arabic version where there is only english and arabic commentary. i played it in normal level i won the uefa champions league and now i upgrade to professionnal level, it become hard to dribble, to score but it is amazing graphics works. very close of the real movement of real players! the one thinks it little difficult to play as in your concretly when it dificult to score by shoting out of the keepers area!in certains position players could score but in pes you shot 6 times and score 2 times in these position! but globaly for a game it is good! and it up from the 2013 version. im still discovering it and needs tips.. come to you soon Expand
  33. Oct 5, 2013
    PES 2014 is worst PES edition ever. New engine made it worse. Comparing with PES 2013: Graphics- worst Skills- worse and slow, cant realize who is better, Copycat of FIFA, dont know which fifa but the fact is PES gone to FIFA rout, and if that we PES FANS wanted, we would have converted to FIFA. Commentary- same as PES 13, no development and FIFA is much better in that area.
    Atmosphere a bit better.
    MANY,MANY,MANY little details yet to say, but I leave it to KONAMI studio.
    My guess if they make next year same BAD game or if we dont see real touch-development, then I can assure that all will play FIFA soon!
  34. Oct 9, 2013
    Cuando llegó la actual generación de consolas, los títulos PES no lograron adaptarse bien a PS3 y Xbox 360, logrando un producto mal acabado e incluso irritable para los seguidores tradicionales de la saga.

    Pues bien, llega una nueva temporada futbolística y Konami quiere recuperar el trono que una vez fue suyo, o al menos recortar la ventaja para hacer dudar a los usuarios en qué
    título deportivo comprar. Seguramente estéis de acuerdo conmigo en que el mayor lastre que tenía PES era su motor gráfico. Gracias a Hideo Kojima y su nuevo motor gráfico, el Fox Engine, que entre otros grandes juegos moverá el próximo Metal Gear Solid.

    Gracias al Fox Engine podremos disfrutar de unos partidos con una calidad gráfica impresionante. Mencionar que el graderío, los efectos de iluminación y las texturas son el mayor logro del estudio en la actual generación. Pero aquí tenemos que frenar nuestro entusiasmo y darle un palito a Konami. No tendremos partidos con lluvia, excusándose el estudio en qué no le daba tiempo añadir la física de la pelota con el terreno de juego encharcado…

    Destacar que dispondremos del sistema True Ball Techque, que logrará que los movimientos del balón sean más realistas y no parezca una pelota de playa. Esto se notará desde el primer momento, ya sea a la hora de pasar o disputando el balón. Hablando de disputas, destacamos el espectacular contacto físico que ofrece este nuevo PES, con choques y entradas que seguramente os impresionarán.

    Los rostros de los jugadores están recreados prácticamente a la perfección gracias al PES ID que ya se añadió el año pasado. Pero en esta ocasión además de aumentar el número de jugadores recreados, han añadido sus movimientos y gestos más característicos.

    Nos ha gustado mucho la forma que tiene Konami de ambientar los partidos, que es otro punto a destacar del nuevo PES. Antes de comenzar el partido veremos a los jugadores en túneles de vestuarios y colocarse posteriormente para que la prensa pueda tomar todas las fotos que necesiten. También podremos ver a los jugadores protestar cuando el árbitro pite el final por alguna jugada polémica vivida en el encuentro. Los cánticos de las aficiones son reales y tomados directamente de los estadios lo que hará que nos metamos de lleno en los partidos. Sin duda, las licencias estrella del juego son la Champions League, la Copa Libertadores, la UEFA Europa League y la AFC (la Champions de Asia). Por eso, hay equipos sueltos de ligas como Alemania, tales como el Bayern de Múnich.

    Hablando de esto último, Konami ha incluido la nueva característica llamada Heart, que su función es que los jugadores son motivados por el público del estadio dependiendo si juegan como locales o visitantes. Punto negativo para nuestra liga que se queda huérfana en lo que a la recreación de estadios se refiere.

    Pero por desgracia no es oro todo lo que reluce, ya que encontraremos algunos puntos negativos que seguramente os irriten más de la cuenta. Será prácticamente imposible quitarle el balón a nuestro rival sin hacer falta y si lo logramos será por fallo de nuestro rival, no por mérito nuestro. Los árbitros bajo mi punto de vista son bastante tarjeteros, ya que faltas que parecen inofensivas las castigarán con cartulina amarilla.

    El lanzamiento a balón parado es otro punto a discutir. Ahora dispondremos de una línea formada por puntos para apuntar en la dirección que queramos y seguramente os sea útil para lanzamientos precisos pero echaréis en falta sacar el balón rápido para sorprender al rival.

    El modo multijugador tampoco nos funcionó como debería. La estabilidad de los partidos deja aún que desear, con un lag molesto que influye en la disputa de los partidos. Se hace raro que a estas alturas todavía sigan pasando cosas como estas. El estudio se tira piedras sobre su propio tejado al no cuidar un componente tan importante para la mayoría de usuarios.

    En conclusión, Konami ha empezado prácticamente de cero para asentar las bases para la siguiente generación, porque en la actual llega tarde. Tomamos a PES 2014 como un título de transición y es de agradecer que pongan empeño en lograr recuperar aquellos años maravillosos. Algo que tendrán que mejorar será la adquisición de licencias pero aún así nos encontramos un buen juego gráficamente muy vistoso y con unos efectos sonoros bastante logrados, con comentarios de Carlos Martínez y Julio Maldonado “Maldini”.
  35. Oct 10, 2013
    I am a huge pes fan since 05. and I'm sorry to say PES seems to be selling out. Sacrificing game-play dynamics and mechanics for more detail. pes2010 was a great game 14 Is almost unbearable. Through balls fly ahead as though shooting on goal, it is virtually impossible to tackle, the midfield is non existent. the controls when on the ball feel very sluggish. All the features that made me stay away from fifa are now creeping into pes. Konami really need to go back to basics and stick to their own identity. I'm currently playing pes2012 become a legend, and I cant get enough of it. Why does the game dynamics between become a legend and exhibition change so drastically. i acknowledge that the players form and motivation come into their game-play now. But for an exhibition match that shouldnt be anything but 100%. And even so, we do not want a simulator. Gamers want the game. PES has always been a much more free and fast soccer game than fifa. Now they seem to have gone backwards. I would settle for the pes2010 graphics now and just use all their resources and developments on the gameplay. I dont need a stadium that is mindblowingly detailed, unless theres a mode where i can be a spectator and walk around ordering food and finding my seat. Expand
  36. Oct 27, 2013
    ¿Why the hell they are selling a incomplete game That might be the worst PES edition of the franchise.... really it's so bad....definitely they must show us a great game the next time
  37. Oct 28, 2013
    Been playing pro Evo since they added pro Evo to the ISS name and this is the worst ever!!! You can't run passing is shocking and the options are straight from an 8 bit game. Still playing pro Evo 12 cause the last ones game engine was rubbish to the extreme. Don't touch the new FIFA either. Nothing has ever changed with the feel of it. Pro Evo 5 is still the greatest footy game ever made!!!!
  38. Nov 1, 2013
    the worst pes ever play like s*** It is absolutely copy from Fifa This version must be free not for sale worst of money Nothing to say about this version Waste time buy Fifa 14 is better a lot
  39. Nov 8, 2013
    One of the worst I've ever played. How horrible players may be better than great players? I do not believe this to be the classic Pro Evolution Soccer
  40. Nov 13, 2013
    R$ 180,00? Konami vocês estão tirando com a cara dos brasileiros? Não somos ricos. Somos apaixonados por futebol não otários. Não somos uma nação de macacos. Exigimos respeito!
  41. Nov 23, 2013
    Have been playing Pro Evo since it was ISS on the Super Nintendo in 1995 and after 18 years i can say without any doubt what so ever that this by far the worst Pro Evo Version Ever!!! I waited until I could say that I am now used to the new version before I made a comment on it so that I would be more Impartial. Now the time has come. I always went between Pro Evo and Fifa until Pro Evo came out on the PS2 and Finally decided that despite being tougher it was an Evolution in football Games. I mainly play this game with a group of friends who all but one think it is dreadful, so dont care about the AI. This version is so bad that it has almost ruined the tournaments my friends and I play in. we always start the new season with the new version of Pro Evo. This year for the first time ever we had to make the unprecedented decision to revert back to Pro Evo 2013. Despite having worse graphis, Pro Evo 2013 has far more realistic game play, response, movement, running on and off the ball, passing, crossing, etc. It is just amazing at how badly Konami have Messed Up!!!! I agree with everyone who says how bad this version is and other friends who have tried my Pro Evo 2014 are never going to buy it. Very Smart Expand
  42. Dec 24, 2013
    I purely signed up to this site to agree with what smithead79 and others have said about this complete failure of a game that could singlehandedly ruin the entire reputation and set back progression that has been happening for over a decade.

    The passing and the feel of the gameplay is the most disappointing thing about this disaster. Konami have simply tried to recreate something that
    EA Sports are doing with FIFA instead of sticking to their own principles and game engine. As others have said, we respect the fact that PRO EVO has never had full licencing rights but they more than made up for this in solid gameplay and in a way just being a very different alternative to FIFA.

    Apart from releasing the game unfinished (more or less admitted by Konami), they have then released an update that barely tackles the major isssues with the game.

    There is so much wrong with the game that its hard to express in a review when I only have a few mins.

    If you haven't bought it yet, then DONT. Its awful.

    Konami wont sell half of the copies next time. I'm not sure if they even deserve another chance to bring the game back to what made it great.
  43. Mar 23, 2014
    This is the worst and PES i have ever played. The graphics are ominously, the whole game bugs even with the latest patch, the cutscenes are simply unacceptable. Player ID has been disappeared, there is no responsiveness and freedom, the balanced dribbling and general movement is gone, shots and passes sucks. Tactics not working and driving the game, this not working with the responsiveness so this gives the game an unrealistic ebb and flow balance. Defenders they are not working as a team, not understanding their positions and awful usage of jockeying. A.I IS THE WORST IN A VIDEOGAME I HAVE EVER PLAYED. SIMPLY STUPIDITY. It lacks from Individuality and great stat implementation. Poor dribbling and general movement, players move too slowly at normal speed which hurts the players general movement in all areas. Players do not slow down and change their pace fluidly. It’s as if the entire movement model for 2013 has been left out on purpose so they developed on the brand new animations and physics so they got these basic elements working. Free kicks / Penalties / Corner Kicks, are ARCADE like a "baby" game. Keepers suffer due to poor responsiveness, not enough animations and the poor basic movement system.
    Let's wish that they will change the graphics engine (FOX ENGINE) at the upcoming titles, to be a better and realistic sumulator of football. Fox Engine doesn't fit i PES Series.
  44. Oct 1, 2014
    This is a great game, I was playing it endlesly, great control decent graphics, player realism 9/10. It just feels for once like a real football game. really felt like I was in a the game. surging runs, great tactical play. I've played fifa 15 demo and Pes demo back to back. Fifa 15 looks awful in comparison. Fifa no's it has its fans and history. but Fifa are lazy and non creative, for once there is a serious challenge to Fifa 15. yes Pes 2014. I dont believe Fifa will even be at the races when gamers play Pes 2014. However as has been mention. the options menu is well dated on Pes 2014. looks like its from ps1 seriously. otherwise this games is the dogs b- - - - - - -. Expand
  45. Jan 4, 2014
    Obviously the game has its flaws, some poor presentation, the lack of more licensed content and and the lack of a game mode that keep me playing hours and hours without stop. But the introduction of Fox Engine was a great innovation, I really enjoy the new gameplay and, althought it has some problems in it, I think that if Konami succeeds in polishes the game in next years, then PES finally could beat FIFA. Expand
  46. Jun 6, 2014
    Never been much of a sports game guy, or even really a sports fan at all. There have been a few sports games that I've enjoyed, but for the most part I tend to avoid the genre. Seeing as how this one was free for PS plus members, I decided to give it a chance. Unfortunately this proved to be yet another reminder of why I avoid these types of games.

    The first thing you'll notice when
    starting the game is how ugly it is. Character models and environments are dated, and the menus look like something out of a flash game I've played. Still, I could have put up with this had the gameplay been better. First thing I noticed is how poorly it controls. Players turn awkwardly, they are noticeably slower than the AI players, and without practice managing the power of your shots is a complete pain. Heck, even with practice you can still find yourself putting too much power behind your shots thanks to how sensitive the control is. It really just comes down to luck most of the time.

    While I found most of the technical issues you'll read about have been mostly fixed (I did not encounter any lag, frame-rate issues, or screen-tearing), I still believe it is far behind it's competition as far as technical aspects go. It's yet another sports game that failed to impress or entertain me. I boosted up the score a bit because I am not someone who is fond of the genre at all, but judging from all the other complaints on here I guess even those who enjoy soccer games are disappointed. All I know is I found it to be a sub-par experience, and therefore do not recommend it.
  47. Oct 3, 2013
    PES has a new engine and in one fell swoop they have already outstripped FIFA. Previous versions of PES were NOT football (including the false dawn of 2013), they were arcadey abomination. But Konami have a well known habit of taking 15 steps forwards and 20 back. This year is no different. Clearly the coding team is not up to scratch as this game CHUGS. It should not have been released in it's current state as it is clearly not fit for purpose. But Conami would have you believe they care about their customers, if they did they would have delayed this release.

    This also makes the lack of a next-gen version absolutely baffling.

    To those people complaining about the sluggishness of this game..the lack of response and control, say goodbye to your brainless run-spamming gameplay because this game all makes sense when you factor in inertia/momentum. Every input you do before and after you receive the ball matters. It's just a shame that while the foundations of this game are solid, the walls around it are crumbling.
  48. May 21, 2014
    People bought this game? I got it for free with PS+ and even still I feel ripped off. Laggy, unresponsive, incoherent, embarrassing are just a few words I would use to describe this game.

    It's garbage. That's not an opinion, that's fact. If you think this is a great game, good on you, I wish my standards were as low as yours.

    Don't waste your time or money on this unfinished product.
    If you MUST play soccer, give Fifa a try. Expand
  49. Sep 28, 2013
    A ambicious game, the new Fox Engine needs to be adjusted but we need to pay attention on the new systemathics of the evolution of PES Soccer. I'm opmistic!
  50. Oct 19, 2013
    To be honest I have only played the demo so it's my intention to score this a 6 so I don't effect the ratings too much. I've played pes for years and years since the first pro evo game which was brilliant for it's time.
    Pes was once know as the king and with good reason and ruled with an Iron fist until the PS3 days and then all went to pot and they don't seem to know how to fix it.
    14 is graphically really impressive, the player look great and their movement is great but Pes does what pes has been doing for years now an wastes this great look by using a gory colour palette as is Japanese tastes I suspect. The game is WAY to over saturated and this make it look so arcadey. It's strange some of the decisions the makers of this great petential game make. I often feel like going down to their office to give them a slap at the stupid mistakes they make.
    Pes 13 has it's problems and their are many of them and some of these have been addressed in the new game but what Konami give with one hand they take away with another and they've taken the good things out as well as they always seem to do.
    Though the game does look good in parts, the replays look really fantastic they have changed the freekick system to FIFA's one 10 years ago and for me this is the last straw.
    I have bought every pes game but I won't be buying this one. Enough is enough and I have run out steam with the makers. Sack most of them get a new man in charge and make a good intuitive football sim like the old ps1 and ps2 titles and stop trying to be clever. Just sort out the engine make controls intuitive again by stripping back the fancy stuff that hardly anyone bothers to learn anyway, sort out the default wide angle as it isn't nowhere near wide enough and take away that awful yellow dotted line thing at corners and free kicks.
    Goodby pes I've had enough.
    From someone who loved you deeply once.
  51. Apr 5, 2014
    I have never played a football game this bad, and I have never seen so much FPS lag in a game. Did somebody actually look at this game and say "yeah, it's good enough, ship it"? I swear to god that the FPS drops to 5 constantly. And it plays bad too.
  52. Oct 9, 2013
    Every year we are expecting a PES to come out.Unfortunately this make the company to do crazy and mad things.The game wasnt that i was expecting.I believe konami must work harder to make a good PES better than FIFA.I am not a gamer who i like sports game but PES is and always was one of my best games.It was a little hard to make my decision and after hours of thinking i got this score.
  53. Oct 2, 2013
    The game is trying to simulate real football with a new game engine capable of producing awesome animations, graphics and physics. But problems like slowdowns, frame rate drops and lag are destroying the whole experience. The playstation 3 suffers from loading times and worst of all slowdowns during matches when many players appear on the screen the same time or when near goal positions. It literally feels like playing in slow motion. The game's speed is changing constantly. And im talking about offline. Online is better not mentioned. Totally unplayable. There is much potential in this game but bad optimization (in all platforms) keeps the game in a bad to mediocre state. Expand
  54. Sep 25, 2013
    This year I spect a lot from PES, it´s not a bad game, is very hard to make a goal, too realistic. Ideal for those that also play en the field. It can be frustrating for people how play soccer games for the first time.
  55. Sep 30, 2013
    I haven't played a Konami Soccer game since my N64 days, back when it was called International Superstar Soccer. Aaaahhh.... That game will go down as my favorite soccer game of all time. So how does it's 2014 iteration measure up exactly?
    Well, for the most part it's pretty decent & I respect what Konami have tried to do here but it would be unfair to write a review based purely on
    intention so let's get back to the product as it stands. PRO EVO 2014 is not perfect. Not even close! It suffers with frame rate & control issues & yes, it's a rather barebones package when compared to what EA's FIFA 14 has to offer, yet underneath all that there's a pretty good game of soccer to be had. The play mechanics feel "evolved" and are indeed superior to FIFA 14 "on the pitch" but the bottom line is BOTH GAMES ARE SUB-STANDARD & the reason for this is quite simple: Both these companies will keep failing to "deliver" because they believe the world needs a football game each year. If they'd devoted more development time to their franchise just imagine what quality games would be possible? GTA V anyone?? With all the talk of the revolutionary new Fox Engine and other hyped new features I really wanted badly for this to be "the" definitive football game. It's not. But that's not to say you shouldn't get it. After all, what's there is better than FIFA 14, but only just! Expand
  56. Mar 26, 2014
    Even though PES 2014 suffers from offering less amount of stadiums than its predecesor, all the new DLCs with 860 faces and an incredible editor, makes up for the lack of licensed teams.

    Once you see beyond all that, you can find here a game that is truly a revolution with a new game engine, new physics, new animations and new gameplay that, for me, is the best I've never played.

    was pretty angry the day I bought it. Months later, it has become the PES that I have played the most (including ISS pro evolution from the PSX).

    If you are looking for a football simulator, this is with no doubt the best of its class. I've love the FIFA series on ps3, but since FIFA12 I've noticed that it has become really unrealistic again with impossible dribblings and strange ball physics.

    It may have needed some months to be finished, but PES 2014 is the best football game I've ever played, period.
  57. Jan 9, 2014
    I used to play this game since winning eleven.. This year was the year that made me switch to Fifa and i am so glad that I did.. I will never EVER purchase any product from this company... I won't mind getting a game that I don't like.. but getting a half finished game for full price is a rip off.. Never buy this game. not worth half it's price
  58. Nov 21, 2013
    I think Pro evo 14 is getting alot of unjustified low scores because most are continually disappointed with PES each year and unwilling to stick with it long enough to fully enjoy it. But it is heading in the right direction again par some changes such as the slower pace, similiar to Fifa where you have to work as a team. This is a mistake from Konami as PES was always known for its fast pace arcade style gameplay. And Konami WE LOVED IT THAT WAY. However on the other hand the slow pace has given us an alternative style of play which I praise Konami for being brave for; the Weight shift system of players. This feature changes completely the way we play from any footie game ever. there is a longer learning curve even for long term pes players so will take time to fully enjoy the game. Also this metal gear solid engine does not make PES look better than Fifa14( during the gameplay anyway) the replays and CGI is better but who cares about that as Im spending 90% time on the pitch.

    I totally hated it at first, but it grows on you. This feels more like a footy game from another company rather the the PES style of old, and enjoyable in a different way. Lot more to say but not enough time. Please give it a bit more time before giving negative review.
  59. Nov 23, 2013
    from the movement and control of the game, PES 2013 is much2 better than PES 2014. very disappointed, should change the creator of this game. this is a downstep of quality.
  60. Dec 1, 2013
    Once again PES proves why it is superior to the FIFA franchise. Although this game has it's small flaws, and in some places it is buggy, this is hand down the best iteration on PS3 thus far.

    The more I get to know the game-play, the more PES shows me there are more to it. There is massive depth in this game the kind of depth you could never get in any of EA:s football games. The new
    ball control is amazing, the animations are beautiful and the real football feel you get on pitch truly enhances the football experience.

    The down parts of this game is that it is a bit laggy in the menus. It has kind of long loading times, not like it's a pain, but in combination with laggy UI, when pressing the wrong option and then have to go back just for it to load back and forth is quite awkward. So my tip is, be patience with the lag. Therefore, my score for this game is 8/10.

    Also, it's really sad to see so many trolls among the reviewers here. If you want to get an honest opinion, try not to read the overly negative or the overly positive reviews.
  61. Mar 18, 2014
    Very average

    I've always been a Pro Evo fan, the latest incarnation certainly isn't the worst, but its not the best either.

    Game play hasn't really improved at all over 2013, but my major gripe is the lack of depth. Master league is shallow compared to other football games, that goes for management games as well, the lack of leagues is disappointing. I loved being able to make my own
    club and enter the master league in past games but you can't really do that now. You could in the editor, but its not the same.

    Become a legend is much improved over 2013 but still lacking. I picked the english league and immediately got put into Hull's squad, which was a relief after 2013's garbage league of made up teams. The AI is improved but still lacks in a big way, its a struggle to receive passes at times. Even when you make runs or move into the right positions wide men are always trying to beat their man rather than pass. You'll see a lot of bizarre results as well which takes away from the realism.

    2014 is ok, but it's not inspiring.
  62. Dec 11, 2013
    Reading the reviews I wasn't sure whether to buy this,glad I ignored them.When I first put the game in I noticed 2 data packs which took over an hour to download,it said they were to update signings and other improvements so didn't mind.Last years game was ok but the ball didn't move that realistically,defending was too difficult and corners,crosses and free kicks weren't effective.This game improves on all these problems,it's harder to score but more rewarding when you do and the defending's easier,goals are more likely to come from a cross,set play or lucky deflection than simple short passes as in the last effort.Best of all you can change clubs during the master league and even manage your national team which adds life to the games most important mode.The players also have nice weight to them,it's possible for a defender to get caught flat footed if his momentums in the wrong direction and the players jostle and block like real footy.Ignore these people who seem to want a piss easy game where you can run past opponents and fire in a screamer every game,that's not football.Continually hold down run and you'll get no where,its all about holding off opponents as they close you down and picking careful passes to keep the ball until a chance to burst throe with pace or whip a ball in appears.Grinding out results is part of the game.I found the advanced through ball tricky so turned it off in the options,also a few graphic bugs,nowt really. Expand
  63. Dec 20, 2013
    PES 2014....what has happened. As someone who has bounced between the two major players in the footballing world I was really looking forward to a new and improved PES.
    What feels like a lifetime ago the master league really was a chance to master the league. Its now clunky, with no real control of the team, the transfer market, or the staff.
    The atmosphere is appalling. When you score
    on fifa there is a buzz about the stadium, the players and even the person in control. With PES there is nothing. Its worse than opening a massive box at christmas expecting something amazing and only getting a puzzle.
    I can safely say that Konami has lost me for good, but to give positives and negatives on the game is easy.

    You can tell a clear difference between players, (actually amazing how clear it is)
    (I have no more positives)

  64. Dec 25, 2013
    the realism is impeccable, the motion is wonderful at some points such as heading but is weak at others i.e. side foot shots, team editing in edit mode needs an upgrade, its been the same sort if thing for around 3/4 years and wasn't even that great in the first year of its usage. the lack of players scanned in is also something that frustrates me about the game.
  65. Jan 17, 2014
    I loved the gameplay. It was fresh ever match with their new additions.But menus and single player content was just too bad.It was sad that pes have never been able to beat fifa career mode.
  66. Jan 23, 2014
    I have played about 10 hours of PES 14 and 10 hours of Fifa 14. Both are good games but PES comes out better where it matters most: gameplay. It's the most faithful recreation of football and a deeper game than anything else before. Also the graphics and color palette choice make it very realistic, a bit better than Fifa which is more colorful and cartoonish and the pitch is not as spot on as in PES. I give this game an 8 because it looses one point from the frame rate problems and 1 point from the absence of licences. Fifa is a good game but this is better. The sense of urgency is not quite up there as in PES. So I give FIfa 7 for gameplay and 7 overall. PES takes from me 9 for gameplay and 8 overall.

    Pros: gameplay, realism, controls, replayability, graphics, animations, atmosphere
    Cons: licences, frame rate issues, commentary

    Verdict: Despite not being perfect this is the footy game that plays, controls and looks better than anything else.
  67. Feb 9, 2014
    I never thought that I would load a pes game and regret playing EACH AND EVERY time I do. I keep on wanting it to be worth it, but have toaccept that it won't be. AI and passing is terrible, why the hell do you need to use two control sticks just to beat an inferior player? The difficulty setting seems to centre more around a a manufactured inability to get a rebound to go anywhere near one of your players rather than increased AI. I may have to go FIFA next year, which is heart breaking. Expand
  68. Mar 29, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. 4 / 10

    I owned Pes 2011, which i bought for 29.99 after waiting for the price to come down, I waited to buy pes 2014 until it dropped to 29.99 as well. I have played Fifa since world cup 06 for 360. I bought and sold Fifa 14 for PS4 which was the straw that broke the soccer fan's back. I generally enjoyed fifa in the past, despite it having real shortcomings from a footballing standpoint. I decided that it was going to be PES 2015 for PS4 or nothing, and picked up this sorry excuse of a game to get me up to speed.

    I really wanted to like this game, and give it a real chance, and frankly I am disgusted and I feel like i have been ripped off. It's bizarre since Konami has gotten a lot of flack over Lords of Shadow 2 and Ground Zeroes, the former people saying it's a junk game and the latter a rippoff demo. The truth is, I wish I bought Ground Zeroes instead of PES 2014, at least that Paid Demo runs properly and has good gameplay.

    Presentation, while slightly better than 2011, the framerate is terrible, and frankly whoever decided to put the match presentation in and the cutplay / replays should hand in their resignation as it's embarrassing. It runs at sub 10 frames, it is hard to watch I feel like i'm going to have a seizure. I don't understand why the replays are so hard to skip, it's bad enough people on fifa make your watch their offsides, this game punishes me for playing single player.

    There is really poor licencing. How can you claim to have the champion's league licence etc when you don't even have all the teams participating licenced?

    Netherlands does not have proper players etc? WTF????

    I scrounged an edit file pack online and figured out the arcane process of using it, it is still embarrassing.

    I appreciate all of the updates that they tried to do, And the fair price for the "world challenge" update of only 10 dollars. I wish I could support them on that, but with the game itself being so abysmal there is no way, I have to cut my losses and call it a rental fee, plus whatever I can recoup from trade in which will likely be horrendous.

    Your players don't even jump when they are in the box on defensive duty, meanwhile you can win headers in midfield with 5'5 players, what they hell. there innovations for passing and shooting in this new game are horrible.

    It is just frustrating because some things this game does better than fifa, and others it does way worse. On the whole the gameplay itself is just bad.

    The tactics menus are aweful, having it decide irrational things for me between matches is insane. Yeah it makes perfect sense to play Vidic at RB, thanks PES. and you have to keep moving your guys around so that it recognizes where they are playing and what the rating is, then it switches it. If you need to change tactics, they game refuses to register your changes. It shows 3 slots for your tactics and you try and select one and it does nothing. It's just unnacceptable and doesn't seem to have imporved in the slightest from 2011.

    I could forgive the licenses, and the poor menus and polish, and the uneven graphics and framerate, and the lack of a good career mode that follows a specific league. The lack of stadiums etc etc.

    What is unforgivable is how poor this game is where it is supposed to have the edge on fifa, the gameplay.

    Avoid it.

    my advice to everyone that is disapointed in fifa and pes, just watch the games on tv and go and play the real sport. these games are a farce and do not capture the essence or spirit of the sport at all.

    It's sad because i like to play it in conjunction with watching the season, and despite having my team licenced (manchester united) it is pathetic and unsatisfying, it doesn't help that the ratings for most United players are ridiculously high. The only ones that should have a high rating are RVP Rooney and DeGea, the rest do not deserve their scores in the slightest, and thats after the latest updates. hahah Young with a 87 are you high? Nani with a 90 guy can't make the bench on a 7th in the league season, baffling.

    And Ronaldo is a 100, can't remeber the last time i saw that horse s h i t in a game. He and messi should be in the 95 range. but instead RVP is a 95 (yeah right more like a 90 pes wise) and they jacked themselves into a corner.

    It's just an unsatisfying substandard experience and as much as I want to support them ( I bought new despite not caring for online ) I feel like they should just pack it up.

    As for Fifa 15, it will be nothing but an Ultimate Team garbage fest, with no gameplay improvements and terrible homogenous gameplay with scripting. They will talk it up big, and ignore their customers after launch as usual. I will not support EA again when it comes to anything football related as they are shills.

    my two favorite(hockey, soccer) team sports and EA has a darth vader vicegrip on the licensing. *sigh* I wanted you to be good pes, but sadly you are not. RIP my videogame soccer obsession.
  69. Mar 7, 2014
    I'm shocked that hardcore Pro Evo fans are still sticking up for PES 2014! I have it and never play it! It is a terrible game and nowhere near FIFA. I HATE FIFA!!! I had fifa for a month on PS4, it sucks! sold it! I'm really hoping PES2015 on PS4 is alot better this year.
    Change of engine! Better graphics (well better for ps3), Gameplay so slow, delays for button presses, sometimes when
    pressing a button it doesn't even work.
    We got charged for a game that was nowhere near finished and took many months for extra stadiums and player faces. I won't be buying the next game until i see some good reviews, PES2013 was a class game, felt more like old skool PES. This new game is nowhere near where it used to be, and the promises for the next ps4/xbox one is like pissing in the wind! Every year they come out and say this game will be better than the last and to be honest - None have even came close to the greatness of PES6.

    Every year i'm hoping for a great Pro Evo game.....and every year i'm disappointed! No matter how crap FIFA is, it is better than the joke that is Pro Evo.

    I HOPE this year it will happen for Konami, as buying FIFA makes me sick to my stomach. But i love playing football games and if Konami's game comes out and has the problems that PES2014 had, then that's it for me. I'm not a fifa fanboy! Far from it. I just want a game that responds to the button presses and to be honest i need some decent licenses now! I want to buy the game it plays good and not wait about for option files coming out just so i can get a decent looking game of football.

    If I'm spending money for a football game, the same price as fifa, I want the licenses, i want a game thats finished, i want decent menu's. Graphics and gameplay have to be up to scratch especially on the PS4, Better modes on the game. Master league hasn't been good for many many years. Do we really need it??
    Why can't they think to new things to bring out???... How about a Old Skool world cup mode? every superstar who played in world cups back in the day.
    Hagi? Ronaldo, Romario and beto, Gazza, Maldini, Pele, redondo, baggio, batistuta, many many more.

    Why can't they add some modes for these players, i would love them to reinvent World Cup US 1994.
    Italia 1990.

    Why they just didn't skip the transitional period this year... just miss one year of Pro evo, maybe just bring out an update that updates everything on PES2013 then bring out pro evo on the normal consoles the year after and next gen. Can PS4 even use option files now????? Will it by the time the next gen PES comes out. The game would be very dead if option files couldn't be used.

    Anyways rant over,..........
  70. Mar 21, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The worst PES ever.I gave 6 because KONAMI tries to do something new.It's like fifa but fifa is much much better now.Game has many mistakes,u cant enjoy playing it.I hope next PES will be better. Expand
  71. Mar 31, 2014
    I go by the name of almitykingkoopa on IGN. I am a very big PES fan, and truly every PES game is far far superior to any FIFA that has ever come out. It's just that the media and EA's marketing have made everyone belive that FIFA is actually good, when its just an awful insipid stiff pseudo futbol game. You will find comments on IGN made by me to confirm that I am indeed a PES fan. But like a real fan and not a fanboy, I have to admit that this game ****** sucks. If FIFA ever was truly better than PES, it is right now. Do not listen to anyone telling you that this game is any good. While they might be honest in that they enjoy it, then it is equally true that they enjoy s*tty games. Expand
  72. Apr 3, 2014
    Before I start, I must say I am more of a FIFA person, but I own and enjoyed PES' 2 through to 6 on the PS2, and while it's not exactly fair comparing it to FIFA e.g. CoD & Battlefield, both shooters but two completely different styles of games, at the end of the day FIFA is the game Konami are trying to compete with. First of all, it is a thoroughly decent game at it's core, if you a play with a short passing game, you probably won't find a more satisfying game on current gen consoles, the shooting (not the system) can also be very satisfying, though the ball does have a very floaty feel to it, and the tackling (yet again, not the system) can leave you with a sinister sense of accomplishment as you two foot a player with his body flying through the air over you, but there's just too much wrong with it for my liking.

    The menu's look outdated and boring, with a mouse cursor being used as a selector for plain boxes with some also plain text, on the Champions League menu, is somehow makes that boring as well, with it being given the sexiest stylized visuals in football, but painting over the top of them with boring boxes and a single static image. Nit picking it may be, but is it so hard to give it a nice presentation? Not to mention they can be laggy as hell.

    The gameplay... While the previously mentioned features help it along, by god it has it's problems, the FPS lag is just plain unacceptable, especially in certain cutscenes it can be absolutely dreadful. The goalkeepers have a handful of animations for them, they constantly stand out of position, react late to shots and when they do they look unnatural in the way they do save the ball. When on the ball, the player under control can feel unresponsive, leading to running into players, being tackled or just kicking the ball out of play. A lot of systems are over-fanciful and finicky e.g. shooting, defending/tackling, skill moves etc. though as said, when they are pulled off they can be quite satisfying. The graphics in cutscenes are impressive, though as said this is counteracted by low FPS, the gameplay graphics, less so impressive, but not bad by any means.

    Where game modes are concerned, there aren't many, and those there are lack depth. Become a Legend, while having a few nice features, is not on the level of previous years, with it feeling very much like FIFA's Be a Pro career, with the latter probably edging it due to a vast amount of leagues available to go to/be loaned to. Master League on the other hand, I don't have any liking towards, it is a poor man's cross between Career Mode and Ultimate Team on FIFA, yet again with a bland menu appearance and an outdated transfer/negotiation system, and there isn't really much more to it than that.

    Final verdict: This game could be so much more with the fundamentals in place, but with outdated blood flowing through it veins, it's being held back.
  73. Apr 21, 2014
    I've always put game-play on the top of any other elements in any games. I love many genre of video games. But since I also a big fan of football, I must experience it on video game. I don't care about the FIFA licencing on FIFA series, or how good the graphic is, or how you call it football or soccer, it's about the game-play. The game-play of about 10 minutes of each match, should be a lot more effective than the actual 90 minutes in real life. FIFA, somehow, is trying to make it as realistic as possible, making it a slow gaming experience. What I always admire about PES ever since the WE, is that the game is so effective in terms of 10 minutes playing. I can make scenarios in my head and make it exactly as I expected, if I am skillful enough to do so. I'm not one of those PES freaks who are only play PES all the time. I love RPG, action, strategy games, even puzzle games, or minesweeper. But I love PES and in this case, PES 2013 is the best so far. The updated version is even better. I even dare to put PES 2013 as the best game I ever played knocking of Final Fantasy or Metal Gear or even Fallout 3... But PES 2014, is disgusting. They try to make it more like FIFA, but it's not even close. I'm going to say, PES 2014 is as bad as Dragon Ball Evolution (the movie). I give 1 rating only to appreciate the work. Expand
  74. Apr 22, 2014
    I've just taken Pro Evolution Soccer off my system, and binned it to the dust bin, I mean into the rubbish and glad it has gone. The game is so uncontrollable, with the ball bouncing off legs and rebounding constantly, just to bounce off legs again. You seem to running about in circles and not playing football. Paying good money to play rubbish, and i mean unfinished rubbish. I've played FIFA 14 and will be going back to it, at least it looks real and feels real. Sorry EA Sports for trying Pro Evolution Rubbish. Expand
  75. Apr 30, 2014
    This is not the pro evolution that i know , this is something different and poor, i think konami just focused on the graphics but forgot to follow the game play of pes, the game is so slow , movement on players so weak, response zero, the players are as weak as men in their 80's ..please konami should do a better patch on this game, dont change the game plan for pes because we all have been following it since wining eleven, dont make your game like fifa.......please get it corrected..... Expand
  76. UCA
    May 8, 2014
    It's a diffcult game. But I think this game is too simple because you really only can be two skills, dodge an attack and attack with your weapon or magic.
  77. Jul 8, 2014
    pes is game that gets over shinned by fifa.pes is slowly getting better that graphics are getting better by the year.something new konami put into pes was the hart engine its a cool feature to the game but needs a lot of working on.but the moment is awful and real needs fixing.not really a game you should buy but if your bored of fifa maybe pick it up
  78. Sep 14, 2014
    Bola fora da Konami, o jogo tem uma mecanica ruim, travada e é extramamente chato de se jogar. Perto de muito para seu concorrente. Com certeza o pior game de futebol que a Konami já fez.
  79. Oct 19, 2014
    I'm really proud that this site has sensor my previous review cuz I said some important things about the business behinds the poor quality of pes 2014
  80. Oct 7, 2014
    As a huge PES fan, this game was really disappointing, it is the first of the series where i get so frustrated that I didnt even finish the master league once, really have high hopes for the next edition of the game, because I switched over to fifa, just because it is more fun.

    This is a small review and I will only focus on why I give this game such a low score, basically 3 things:

    1.- Loading times, it just takes forever to start a simple match.
    2.- The Referees are just wrong, there is a collision system that makes no sense and the referee will give penalties and free kicks for stupid reasons just because a player tripped on other player.
    3.- Horrible controls
  81. Oct 16, 2014
    PES 2014 is an utter disappointment from the previous releases. I have been a fan since pro-evolution and what Konami has here is a pure turd. The players are too slow, the ball control sucks, accuracy of both passing and shooting is utter rubbish. For the life of me, I have no idea why the strikers slow down when you're about to strike. I pull my hair every time this happens and I almost have no hair left. I even put the game down and tried to read the manual to see if I was missing something but the result was still the same. I am very disappointed and really don't know if I should even try 2015. I have decided to sit it out and wait for the reviews. As for the 2014, it can sit and eat dust. I still have 2011 for now and it still rocks. Konami, I hope you are listening because you will have to wake up and smell the switches to FIFA coming your way. Expand

Generally favorable reviews - based on 39 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 30 out of 39
  2. Negative: 0 out of 39
  1. Nov 14, 2013
    I did not enjoy the new PES. Players are unresponsive, their AI is weak, refereeing is sometimes questionable and the automatic passing system often annoying. Match commentary is simply awful. There is almost nothing new in the modes department and as usual team licenses are a problem. But there is a good new engine at last (along with new physics system) and I see some hope for the series in the future. [12/2013, p.50]
  2. Nov 14, 2013
    Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 is very much what its name implies, an evolution. Konami have taken off the gloves and issued a very strong challenge to EA; whether or not this will translate to actual sales is yet to be seen as this battle will be fought over the coming year.
  3. Oct 23, 2013
    Not quite as well-rounded overall as last year. [Issue#140, p.106]