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  • Summary: Behold New York Zero. Prototype 2 extends the experience of becoming the ultimate shape-shifting weapon. A vicious viral outbreak has killed Sgt James Heller’s family and transformed him into a PROTOTYPE. Powered by revolutionary shapeshifting powers, you must hunt, kill and consume your way across the ravaged wasteland of New York Zero to take revenge on the man responsible: Alex Mercer. Expand
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  1. Apr 24, 2012
    Prototype 2 is a sequel that far surpasses its predecessor with an interesting character, good storytelling, and a lot of gratuitous violence.
  2. The Bio-Bomb turns your enemy into a ticking time bomb. While your victim explodes into a gory mess of tendrils, tearing his colleagues apart, Heller walks away as if nothing has happened. Because everyone knows: "cool guys don't look at explosions". [May 2012, p.105]
  3. Apr 24, 2012
    Prototype 2 is not perfect and there are a few things which need to do a better job next game - like the lack of variation in missions - , but nonetheless this is one of the most visceral, spectacular and brutal sandboxes out there. A far better videogame than its predecessor.
  4. Apr 27, 2012
    Prototype wasn't a bad experience, but Prototype 2 builds on that framework, and provides a much richer gameplay experience. You might not replay this several times, but the main storyline provides about 12 to 15 hours of enjoyment, and the completetists out there will continue leveling Heller up long after the game is over.
  5. May 7, 2012
    You can have some fun with it, but if you're looking for a challenging and engrossing open world game then you might be a bit disappointed.
  6. May 4, 2012
    All in all, Prototype 2 does a good job of creating an interesting combat engine, but falls short visually, in story-telling, and general mission design. Assuming that you are geared for some mindless death and dismemberment, this is a good way to spend the time until the new releases hit the open market.
  7. Apr 30, 2012
    Like its predecessor, Prototype 2 is an enjoyable distraction rather than a must-play affair. Its varied combat and satisfying traversal mechanics provide the title with a surprisingly solid basis, but a lacklustre plot and dreary setting prevent it from competing with the very best in the open-world genre. There's certainly fun to be had here, but it's of the disappointingly dispensable kind.

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  1. Positive: 29 out of 31
  2. Negative: 1 out of 31
  1. Mar 19, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. this game is awesome. everyone saying it wasn't fun is an idiot. you can have fun just screwing around for HOURS. the game is fairly on easy and normal but go into the hard and insane difficulties and you'll have a real challenge on your hands. the missions rock, the main character, Sgt. James Heller is twice as awesome as the main character of this game's predecessor. plus the thrill of ripping that douchebag Alex Mercer to bits and consuming him was one of the most satisfying finishes in the history of gaming. Expand
  2. Apr 24, 2012
    I was enjoying it until my PS3 decided that the blu ray laser wanted to break but yea this game is pretty good. I only played about 1 hour until my PS3 wouldn't read any discs but from the hour, i enjoyed the game and when i get a new PS3, i will continue to enjoy it. Expand
  3. Apr 26, 2012
    Prototype 2 is a masterpiece of open world destruction! Like killing hordes of zombies? of course you do! The game looks and sounds amazing. I love how many ways there are to kick serious ass! You can be sneaky stealthy ninja type or just a complete beast and charge the obstacles head on. Operate tanks, fly choppers, use tons of weapons or become the weapon. If you like open-world games, if you want to have god-like powers pick this game up now! Getting a new copy gets you Rad-net which opens up a bunch of mini games that are good-times when hanging out with a bunch of peeps. I liked being Alex Mercer, but Heller is even more bad-ass! Two thumbs up, 10 out of 10! Expand
  4. Dec 26, 2013
    Got platinum twice for this brilliant game on two systems....what would of made it better is if there were more finisher moves like in prototype 1,overall great graphics felt funnier than even saints row 3 :D would recommend it anyone looking for a chaotic fun time Expand
  5. Apr 28, 2012
    Prototype 2 is a true example of fan service based games. It's still Prototype but it's tweaked gameplay remains (with some new cool moves) no less fun than it's predecessor, having tweaked graphics, improved 'story based' side missions, a living, much more fun to explore city then before, making this game (In my opinion) a solid sequel. If you liked the first game, chances are high that you don't want to miss out on Prototype 2! In the previous Prototype, the city didn't feel like a living city. (as far as a city filth with walking dead can be) What i didn't really like about Prototype 1, was that during the storyline, the more you will progress, the less freedom you will have as the whole city ends up like a chaotic slaughter-field full of infected and armies attacking you from every corner and skyscrapers that look more like cardboard boxes instead of buildings. Since it's an openworld, all of this made the game (for many of us including me) less fun to explore. ^ What i like about Prototype 2 is that this will not return. Unlike it's predecessor the the city is actually fun to explore and feels alive. The city is split up in 3 seperated Zones. You have a Yellow Zone, a triage area full of crowded shanty towns and the poor. What you will find sometimes are some infected, immediately taken down by Black watch. You will hear pedestrians having conversations with each other and feel their pain, children crying in street corners and see how pedestrians will be treated like prisoners by Black Watch. Then you have the non-infected Green Zone, fully controlled by armies and Black Watch troops. A Zone where safety is said to be almost guaranteed. People just live their daily lives. What you will find however are cages with infected and even pedestrians locked up. The Red Zone, the name says it all, is crowded with zombies and infected in every corner. You're in the middle of a war between armies, zombies and Black Watch troops defending their headquarters. You will find cages with pedestrians being locked up by Black Watch who treat them like prisoners. The Red Zone is Manhattan, home of Alex Mercer. The fact that the city feels much more alive and every zone has it's own atmosphere, makes Prototype 2 for me definitely worth having a look at. Storywise Prototype has never been known for it's storytelling and character development. If you're looking for an amazing story driven game, you will most likely be disappointed. However, i do think the whole concept is pretty unique and find the plot pretty interesting, so i really wouldn't call it's story bad. It's just a shame the way the way the story explains isn't all that interesting and the characters aren't that likeable, except for Alex Mercer this time around. In it's predecessor Prototype 1, i personally didn't find Alex Mercer all that interesting. Sure, he had a cool look but i couldn't really care about his personality and he seemed kinda flat. This time around, as a villian, Alex Mercer started to peek my interest! (Warning, SKIP TIL THE END if you don't want to read any spoilers) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Spoiler - - - - - - - - - - - - - I like the fact that Mercer makes us believe that he is innocent and explains James Heller (Main Protagonist) that the whole viral outbreak is a lie, and that Black Watch is corrupt. Alex Mercer sees something in James Heller and infects him, giving him similar powers. During the story, you will find out why Mercer has given Heller these powers and that he wasn't the only one having these similar powers. Alex Mercer has infected you giving you (James Heller) similar powers and wants you to work together with him defeating Black Watch. All of this seems like Alex Mercer isn't "the bad guy" afterall until you find out that Alex Mercer isn't actually much better than Black Watch. You find out that he was responsible for the death of his family and has spreaded the infection himself. During the story, you will find out that you haven't been the only one infected by Mercer and you will have to fight your way defeating these people. It appears that Mercer has been recruiting a private army of infected like himself to turn against Black Watch. As you (James Heller) uncover the truth about Mercer and turn against him, Alex Mercer claims you as an un thankful traitor who takes advantage of his power and ends up kidnapping your daughter who appeared to be still alive. By working together with Dana Mercer, Alex his sister you will face your biggest threat, Alex Mercer. - - - - - END OF CONTAINING SPOILERS - - - - - Protototype isn't a revolutionary step forward, but feels like a solid tweaked version that most of the fans will probably love! Expand
  6. Apr 30, 2012
    Prototype 2 The best and worst of a Broavision apology Before I do my actual review, I'd like to start out by saying, while this game was in "preorder" Status, a Gamestop employee swore to me several times that Prototype 2 was supposed to be an apology for their terrible first game. I had my fears about Prototype 2, the first game was seriously bad, the graphics were shoddy, the city was a very generic mass of... crap.... the storyline was utterly confusing and in shambles... the entire game was just bad... BUT... it had potential... and Prototype 2 surprisingly built on everything good, while trying it's hardest to scale back the bad.... PT2 is a game based on that of super heroes, and two super entities stand out the most whenever I play this game, Venom and the Hulk... Venoms ability to morph himself, and spread himself into everything and the Hulks speed, and jumping combine to make PT 1&2 heroes Alex Mercer and James Heller respectively... In the first game this was a very awkward combination, where movement and fighting were two very different things the only thing you could do was jump... However in the second game, it's a lot more fluid, the two entities of attacking and moving seem to flow better... Still shoddy camera angles plague this entire game... so much so, that I died several times, because I had no idea what was going on, where the enemy was, or where I was shooting... the game Tried to fix this with a lackluster targeting system... Camera angles... They're important... The story line is terrible... there are so many twists and turns, broken scenes and poor character development, that I really want to try to forget it... kind of like that one night in highschool... I felt like M. Night Shamalayns Mentally unstable brother wrote this script... it's just awful... not to mention the cussing... There was enough cussing to last a life time.... James Heller had very little character development... in fact the only instance of anything near character development in this entire game was when he decided NOT to cuss... I mean kill someone... He always cuss' DO NOT BUY THIS GAME FOR THE STORY The action in this game is fast paced, bloody as hell and pretty awesome, with a skill tree similar to the previous game, you get upgrades based on, leveling up, certain enemies you kill, and "sub" missions, which can take awhile to finish... The difficulty of this game is almost nonexistent... I mean that by, the hardest boss in this game is the camera angle... (Damn you) Prototype 2 is a bloody awesome game... after you unlock all of Mr. Heller's personal armory, you can go on rampages, be nearly invincible, or you can covertly sneak your way through the entire game... while it would seem this is a very mixed game, it's really not... but the controls have been streamlined for maximum fun TL;DR If you like to just **** **** up, this game is for you, but honestly nothing about it screams, $59.99, Rent it, or wait till it's on sale or something... 75/100 7/10 3/5 Expand
  7. Aug 12, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I bought this game after I played the first chapter of this series. I was really disappointed.
    Developer destroyed the amazing game they made in Prototype the first to make it more "mainstream": you are the usual American soldier who destroys everything without any reason (I know you could do it in the first one too, but I want to remind you that Alex Mercer is an EVIL character), fighting to get his revenge because his daughter got lost. Wow, what an innovative storyline.
    There is also the super cool priest who is actually a badass, because he was a terrorist or something like that. As soon as I discovered it I immediately thought this was something made to amaze 7 yers old kids. Just why?
    Apart from the storyline, gameplay is really repetitive: you always have to use your hunter power to find your victim, absorb him and do it again with someone else. Just pay attention to this detail.
    For the last thing... The game ends with you killing Alex Mercer, the original Prototype character, and I see no reason for doing it, after we all loved Alex Mercer, but no, this soldier's coolness must be proved by killing such ana amazing character.
    I would really suggest to avoid this game, made just to earn some money (there's even a shop in it!)

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