rain PlayStation 3

  • Publisher: SCEA
  • Release Date: Oct 1, 2013
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Mixed or average reviews - based on 77 Critics

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Generally favorable reviews- based on 148 Ratings

Summary: Developed by PlayStation C.A.M.P!, the creative minds behind TOKYO JUNGLE and Echochrome rain is developed exclusively for the PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system as a digital download through the PlayStation Network. rain is the enchanting tale of a boy who chases after a girl with an invisible silhouette. After discovering that the girl is being hunted by ghostly creatures, he embarks on his own journey into the mysterious world of rain to save her. Upon entering the world he discovers that he has also become invisible and he must learn to navigate through the unknown, using the rain to guide and protect him.
Rating: E10+
Developer: SCE Japan Studio
Genre(s): Linear
Number of Players:1 Player
Cast Credit
Yuzo Sugano Senior Game Designer [Sony Entertainment]
Takashi Uno Sound Designer [Sony Entertainment]
Haruyoshi Sawatari Producer
Yutaka Watanabe Programming Director [Acquire Corp.]
Hisakazu Kato Cutscene Designer
Noburo Masuda Sound Designer [Sony Entertainment]
Tomikazu Kirita Supervisor
Tomonobu Kikuchi Music Producer [Sony Music Japan]
Tomoharu Fujii Lead Planner [PlayStation C.A.M.P!]
Koji Haijima Music: Conductor
Tsutomu Fuzawa Lead Sound Designer [Sony Entertainment]
Tsubasa Ito Sound Designer [Sony Entertainment]
Hiroshi Minami Music: Horn
Kimio Yamane Music: Clarinet [Kangen-Gakudan!?]
Tomoyuki Asakawa Music: Horn
Mitsuteru Furukawa Sound And Video Library [Sony Entertainment]
Hideyo Takakuwa Music: Flute / Piccolo [Kangen-Gakudan!?]
Shingo Matsumoto Sound And Video Library [Sony Entertainment]
Junichi Komori Sound And Video Library [Sony Entertainment]
Naoki Yoshikawa Capture Staff [Studio Acquire]
Jason Gibson Creative Design
Takahiro Kaneko Supervisor
Kazuo Kato Supervisor
Kazuki Hayashitani Director
Takuma Endo Executive Producer [Acquire Corp.]
Naoki Matsuo Programmer [Acquire Corp.]
Ted Jalbert Creative Design
Daisuke Kanbayashi Character Animator [Acquire Corp.]
Tatsuya Suzuki Senior Producer
Noriyuki Katsuta R/D [Acquire Corp.]
Shigeharu Nakauchi Music: Assistant Engineer [Onkio Haus]
Ryo Yamamura Assistant Music Producer [Sony Music Japan]
Mio Shimizu Senior Translator
Chi Ichikawa Translator
Ed Chinen Associate Translator
Yuki Ikeda Director [PlayStation C.A.M.P!]
Seiichi Terashima Art Director [PlayStation C.A.M.P!]
Tomokazu Ohki Designer [PlayStation C.A.M.P!]
Kota Osaki Planner [Acquire Corp.]
Yosuke Hirata Programmer [Acquire Corp.]
Yasutaka Hayashi Programmer [Acquire Corp.]
Yoshitomo Okuyama R/D [Acquire Corp.]
Jean-Louis Ly R/D [Acquire Corp.]
Akiko Iwamatsu Designer [Acquire Corp.]
Yumiko Sugiyama Technical Artist [Acquire Corp.]
Madoka Nakamura Technical Artist [Acquire Corp.]
Shinichiro Tanimoto Effects Designer [Acquire Corp.]
Eriko Kato Character Animator [Acquire Corp.]
Masaki Kawakami Capture Staff Leader [Studio Acquire]
Chiharu Hayashi Capture Staff [Studio Acquire]
Sonomi Baba Capture Staff [Studio Acquire]
Hiroshi Ikegami Programmer [Zener Works Inc.]
Ryouji Ikeno Programmer [Bacteria Inc.]
Shintaro Nishida Programmer [Otogi LLC]
Azumi Hara Designer [Swing]
Miwako Ikeda Illustrator
Haruka Shibai Motion Actor [Stardas . 21 Inc.]
Yasunari Kinbara Motion Actor [Neo Agency Co.]
Yutaka Miyauchi Motion Actor
Yugo Kanno Music: Piano, Keyboards, Other Instrumental Programming
Yugo Kanno Original Score Composer And Arranger
Lucy Diamonds Music Director
Koji Nozaki Music Production Coordinator
Takashi Iwase Music Production Coordinator
Natsuko Yamamoto Music Copyist
Hirofumi Mizuno Music: Accordion
Satoshi Syoji Music: Oboe [Kangen-Gakudan!?]
Toshitugo Minami Music: Fagotto
Taro Shimoda Music: Horn
Tsutomu Maruyama Music: Horn
Keiko Kanno Music: Piano
Ketaro Yoshino Music: Acoustic Guitar / Glockenspiel
Masatsugu Shinozaki Music: Violin Solo
Daisuke Inobe Music: Viola Solo
Masaharu Kannda Music: Cello Solo
Connie Talbot Music: Vocal
Yoichi Kuzushima Music: Recorded And Mixed
Ken Suzuta Associate Producer [Sony Entertainment]
Noriko Umemura Associate Producer [Sony Entertainment]
Shinya Nakamura Tuning [Sony Entertainment]
Shota Tobari Tuning [Sony Entertainment]
Shigeru Kawai Tuning [Sony Entertainment]
Yukie Katayama Tuning [Sony Entertainment]
Ai Ueda Tuning [Sony Entertainment]
Takashi Tsurukami Tuning [Sony Entertainment]
Atsuyuki Sakimae Graphic Assets Design [Sony Entertainment]
Sei Kokubu Graphic Assets Design [Sony Entertainment]
Wakana Suda Graphic Assets Design [Sony Entertainment]
Takashi Aoki Development Support [Sony Entertainment]
Nanami Abe Development Support [Sony Entertainment]
Yoshinori Kotsugai Producer
Nobuki Nagai Senior Producer
Hiroshi Kawano Supervisor
Seigi Sasaki Supervisor
Katsumi Oikawa Supervisor
Junji Shoda Supervisor
Keiichiro Suzuki Supervisor
Mean Sato Supervisor
Kenjo Akiyama Development Support
Lin Yihong Development Support
Yasukichi Okawa Development Support
Mayumi Ochiai Development Support
Noriaki Shinoyama Development Support
Satoshi Satake Supervisor
Dais Kawaguchi Producer [Sony Entertainment Worldwide]
Tsubasa Inaba Senior Producer [Sony Entertainment Worldwide]
Alicia Beam Creative Design
Chris Cabcabin Creative Design
Sebastian Casallas Creative Design
Eric Feng Creative Design
Larissa Gamarra Creative Design
JM Garcia Creative Design
Miguel Godinez Creative Design
Blanca Hernandez Creative Design
Annett Hsu Creative Design
Carlos Mondragon Creative Design
Jenna Ong Creative Design
Tiffany Parcasio Creative Design
Balinder Rajasansi Creative Design
Nick Reyes Creative Design
Jack Siler Creative Design
Melissa Siu Creative Design
Jason Gibson Creative Design
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