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Summary: War darkened the skies of Agarest. Not a simple war between mortals, easily ended by divine intervention, but a war that split the gods themselves. Armies such as the world had never seen before, and would never see again, clashed in the skies of Agarest, across its surface, and even in the caverns that wound their way through its interior. As is the way in war, many died on both sides, gods and mortals alike, and the war left Agarest broken, blackened, and dead. The gods wept for their paradise, and in a final act of creation, sacrificed themselves to bring life back to its charred and twisted surface. Although the gods are long dead, the withering darkness that began and fueled their war is not. Imprisoned for millennia, its bonds have begun to weaken, and as they do, a shadow once again spreads across the surface of the world. Born into this world perched unknowingly on the brink of the apocalypse, a young man by the name of Leonhardt and his descendants are the last, best hope for Agarest. Their journey will span generations and continents as they strive to once again bring peace to their beleaguered world, even as the cost of their own souls. [Aksys Games]
Rating: T
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Developer: Compile Heart
Genre(s): Strategy, Turn-Based, General, General, Tactics
ESRB Descriptors:Alcohol Reference Mild Fantasy Violence Mild Language Partial Nudity Suggestive Themes
Cast Credit
Takashi Kondou Voice: Leonhardt
Takashi Kondou Voice: Leonhardt (Japanese)
Masayuki Kato Voice : Winfield
Masayuki Kato Voice : Winfield (Japanese)
Akibo Shieh Executive Producer
Akibo Shieh Executive Producer (Localization Staff)
Reiko Fujita Voice : Sharona
Reiko Fujita Voice : Sharona (Japanese)
Jun Miruno Voice : Valeria
Jun Miruno Voice : Valeria (Japanese)
Shingo Kuwana Executive Producer
Yoshiteru Sato Executive Producer
Hiroshi Fukutani Executive Producer
Norihisa Kochiwa Producer
Katsuyuki Hirano Character Designer
Tomoharu Fujita System Support Programmer
Hiroyuki Takahashi Effect Programmer
Sakiko Yoshida Graphic Designer
Chika Ueda Dot Character Designer
Hitomi Kobori Dot Character Designer
Akiko Kuroda Dot Character Designer
Rei Sato 3d Designer
Naoko Mizuno 3d Designer
Kenji Kaneko Ending Theme "The End Dew" - Composition
Kenji Kaneko Sound Director & Composer
Kenji Kaneko Sound Director & Composer
Atsuhiko Kobata Movie Editor
Hiroyuki Komori Movie Editor
Ryoko Shintani Voice : Luana
Ryoko Shintani Voice : Luana (Japanese)
Yoshikazu Nagano Voice : Alberti
Yoshikazu Nagano Voice : Borgnine (Japanese)
Yoshikazu Nagano Voice : Borgnine (Japanese)
Yoshikazu Nagano Voice : Borgnine (Japanese)
Toshiyuki Kusuda Voice : Vashtor
Toshiyuki Kusuda Voice : Vashtor (Japanese)
Kana Ueda Voice : Ellis
Kana Ueda Voice: Ellis
Michie Tomizawa Voice : Vira-Lorr
Rumi Shishido Voice : Fyuria
Tamio Sobami Voice : Summerill
Bon Ishihara Voice : Ganz
Yui Shoji Voice : Reverie
Nanako Inoue Voice : Ryuryu
Harumi Sakurai Voice : Beatrice
Kazuma Horie Voice : Ladius Raglen
Takehiro Hasu Voice : Mercury
Tomomi Isomura Voice : Murmina
Tomomi Isomura Voice : Murmina (Japanese)
Michael Manzanares Localization Editor (Localization Staff)
Lee Donghee 3d Designer
Naoki Yoshida Assistant Director
Kusanagi Background Support
Shuko Horiguchi Casting
Reiko Fujii Design Coordination
Sonoko Omiya Design Coordination
Kenta Sugano Director
Toshikazu Arai Dot Character Designer
Yuta Kawamoto Dot Character Designer
Kazuya Makinose Dot Character Designer
Shunsuke Nakamura Graphic Designer
Suguru Ueda Graphic Designer
Takaya Iyo Graphic Designer
Misaki Shirakawa Graphic Designer
Ben Bateman Localization Editor (Localization Staff)
Taro Inokuchi Main Programmer
Kazuaki Taguchi Main Programmer
Hidekazu Ishiguro Main Theme "Onigokko" - Arrangement
Kei Kamakura Main Theme "Onigokko" - Lyrics & Composition
Kei Kamakura Main Theme "Onigokko" - Song
Yuu Ishikawa Marketing Assistant
Kiyotaka Saito Network Programmer
Yuu Oshima Production / Coordination (Red Entertainment)
Kaori Notou Production Support
Isamu Okawa Recording Engineer
Mistsue Suzuki Support
Rie Kishida Support
Keiko Mikami Support
Megumi Kidokoro Support
Kosuke Uchida System Main Programmer
Fumihiko Tabata System Programmer
Shinjiro Sakurai System Support Programmer
Sou Yoki Voice : Arbol
Sou Yoki Voice : Arbol (Japanese)
Kazunori Nomiya Voice : Chaos
Kazunori Nomiya Voice : Chaos (Japanese)
Kawabuchi Yukari Voice : Deeth
Kawabuchi Yukari Voice : Deeth (Japanese)
Takashi Demura Voice : Duran Raglen
Takashi Demura Voice : Duran Raglen (Japanese)
Wakana Shimizu Voice : Elaine Rubech
Wakana Shimizu Voice : Elaine Rubech (Japanese)
Amika Takahashi Voice : Faina
Amika Takahashi Voice : Nemesis (Japanese)
Amika Takahashi Voice : Nemesis (Japanese)
Amika Takahashi Voice : Nemesis (Japanese)
Ryo Ikezaki Voice : Fer
Ryo Ikezaki Voice : Fer (Japanese)
Chifuyu Voice : Hildegarde
Chifuyu Voice : Hildegarde (Japanese)
Yurie Koishi Voice : Lavinia
Yurie Koishi Voice : Lavinia (Japanese)
Shinsuke Nagashima Voice : Mayastia
Shinsuke Nagashima Voice : Mayastia (Japanese)
Yuki Tai Voice : Mobius
Yuki Tai Voice : Mobius (Japanese)
Mayu Isshiki Voice : Noah
Mayu Isshiki Voice : Noah (Japanese)
Reina Kawazu Voice : Plum
Reina Kawazu Voice : Plum (Japanese)
Ayaka Ochi Voice : Qua
Ayaka Ochi Voice : Qua (Japanese)
Yukari Kawabuchi Voice : Sherufanir
Yukari Kawabuchi Voice : Sherufanir (Japanese)
Riko Sayama Voice : Silvi
Riko Sayama Voice : Silvi (Japanese)
Shuya Kishimoto Voice : Thoma Raglen
Shuya Kishimoto Voice : Thoma Raglen (Japanese)
Chihiro Aikawa Voice : Yayoi
Chihiro Aikawa Voice : Yayoi (Japanese)
Jin Domon Voice : Zerva
Jin Domon Voice : Zerva (Japanese)
Hirotaka Chiba Web Director
Ami Koshimizu Voice : Dyshana (Japanese)
Kana Ueda Voice : Ellis (Japanese)
Kana Ueda Voice: Ellis (Japanese)
Harumi Sakurai Voice : Beatrice (Japanese)
Rumi Shishido Voice : Fyuria (Japanese)
Bon Ishihara Voice : Ganz (Japanese)
Kazuma Horie Voice : Ladius Raglen (Japanese)
Takashi Kondo Voice : Leonhart Raglen (Japanese)
Takashi Kondo Voice : Rex Raglen (Japanese)
Takehiro Hasu Voice : Mercury (Japanese)
Yui Shoji Voice : Reverie (Japanese)
Nanako Inoue Voice : Ryuryu (Japanese)
Tamio Sobami Voice : Summerill (Japanese)
Michie Tomizawa Voice : Vira-Lorr (Japanese)
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