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  1. Sep 26, 2014
    I have been a fan of the Red Faction series since the original on the PS2. I have played a little bit of all of the games in the series andI have been a fan of the Red Faction series since the original on the PS2. I have played a little bit of all of the games in the series and the one thing that stands out the most (not only in this series but in gaming in general) is the geo-mod technology. Having fully destructible environments is a feature I wish was in more games. When the Red Faction Collection was announced I was very excited! I have never owned any of the games and the prospect of having them all in one box (and the possibility of #1 being in HD) was enough for me to hand over my money. But after the initial announcement, there was no more information released. I kept checking the release date and every source would say something different. Some sites even said it had been released when it clearly hadn't but they didn't bother to update it. No coverage, no indication if Red Faction 1 would be in HD. I checked on the status of the game once a month for about 7 months. #1 was on sale for $1 on psn (SD version) so I had to get, but I was still willing to get the collection version when it was released. Last Tuesday, Guerrilla and Armageddon went on sale for $5 and $4 respectively. Since the sales only last a week I really needed to decide if I was going to wait for the collection. I just called Microplay and low and behold: they have it!!! A few copies. It had been released with zero coverage, zero hype, zero marketing, and as you can clearly see above: no reviews!!!!! I don't know who to blame for this. It could be journalists and their lack of interest in covering the game. It could be Red Faction's user base for not creating the hype train that could have been. But my money is on Nordic, as they did not do any promoting, releasing of images, videos, or release dates. I looked up their collection for Darksiders and it's the same story They bought both of these properties from THQ at an auction and I guarantee they are going to make very little money off of these. They could have had 45 of my Canadian dollars but since they don't give a **** about their IP's fanbase, they are only getting $10 (since I'm now getting them digitally on sale). **** you Nordic!!!!!! Expand