Mixed or average reviews - based on 16 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 8 out of 16
  2. Negative: 0 out of 16
  1. A game like this is exactly what I wanted in the classic remake trend. Sure, it doesn't bring much that's new, but it does expand on all that makes this genre great and, even better, it brings back the memories of great games from years past.
  2. I think that Rocket Knight is a great attempt at revitalizing the character, and while I know there are people put off by the new design and the use of "2.5D" instead of traditional pixel work, I think the game looks great in action.
  3. It may only be a two-hour game, but the difficulty is perfect, and it offers plenty of incentive for completionists.
  4. Rocket Knight is a retro platformer with outstanding gameplay, even if it is overpriced and a little short.
  5. 80
    After fifteen years Sparkster is back in a brand new adventure. The game is a pure platform game with great jetpack possibilities. The game is fun to play and also addictive. Visually the game looks stunning and the audio is fine. If you are looking for a fine platformer on your PlayStation 3, then Rocket Knight is a great purchase!
  6. Most of the platforming is top-shelf stuff, and the few issues with the controls notwithstanding, I had a great time with the game. Fifteen dollars is a bit high, though, for the amount of pleasure most folks will likely mine from the experience.
  7. 75
    It's got a vibrant, modern look, but the gameplay is rooted in the 16-bit original.
  8. 75
    This is a straight up side-scroller from gaming's past, and it executes that extremely well. While the price tag may be a bit on the high side I still think it is worth checking out if you have fond memories of the original game, or are simply in need of a blast (processing) from the past.
  9. 74
    Good fun. [Issue#194, p.102]
  10. Great platformer with a nice nostalgia factor, but too short given its high price.
  11. An inoffensive 2D platformer with some novel ideas - but fairly vapid and overly expensive.
  12. It's hard to know how many people are really going to care about the return of Rocket Knight. Climax has done a decent job of giving it a modern sheen, but while it's mildly entertaining and completely inoffensive, it's also forgettable.
  13. 58
    For all its competence, there's no real hook for anyone who doesn't remember the original Rocket Knight game. It appeals mainly to nostalgia for the way platformers used to be. Although it has a lovely next-gen presentation with the hi-res, 3D graphics engine, this is very much two-or-three-gens-ago gameplay.
  14. The price tag is too high. [July 2010, p.97]
  15. It's short, though, and not worth the price. [Aug 2010, p.101]
  16. The game's major flaw, however, is its brevity. [July 2010, p.105]

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