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Summary: In the fight between heroes and villains, will you choose to save the world or conquer it? The hunt for the Chaos Emeralds is on and battle lines have been drawn between Hero and Dark. Experience two unique adventures featuring both long-time heroes and new and returning villains as they battle for the fate of the world! Sonic Adventure 2 makes its return on Xbox LIVE Arcade with a full cast of playable heroes and villains, exciting two-player competitive modes, Chao Gardens, and more than 30 action-packed stages, all remastered in HD!
Rating: E10+
Developer: Sonic Team
Genre(s): 3D
ESRB Descriptors:Mild Cartoon Violence, Mild Lyrics
Cast Credit
Lani Minella Voice: Rouge
Lani Minella Voice: Rouge
Lani Minella Voice: Rouge
Steve Brodie Voice Talent (English)
Takashi Iizuka Field Designer
Takashi Iizuka Field Designer
Takashi Iizuka Field Designer
Jun Senoue Sound Director
Jun Senoue Sound Director
Jun Senoue Sound Director
Chikao Otsuka Voice Talent (Japanese)
Marc Biagi Voice Talent (English)
Ryan Drummond Voice Talent (English)
Matt Karnes Motion Capture Supervisor
Rick Bowman Postrecording Editor (English)
Jin Shimazaki Executive Coordinator
Osamu Shibamiya Localization Producer
Klayton Vorlick Translator
Scott Dreier Voice Talent (English)
Deem Bristow Voice Talent (English)
Kaori Aso Voice Talent (Japanese)
Nobutoshi Kanna Voice Talent (Japanese)
Makoto Suzuki Recording Coordination [Compozila]
Nanako Yarimizu Event Scene Artist
Yoshitaka Miura Field Artist
Tomoko Sasaki Voice Talent (Japanese)
Eitaro Toyoda Enemy Game Designer
Eitaro Toyoda Field Designer
Kazuyuki Hoshino CG Movie Director
Kazuyuki Hoshino Player Character Designer
Kazuyuki Hoshino Player Character Designer
Hiroshi Nishiyama Field Art Director
Michikazu Tamamura Lead Event Artist
Takahiro Kudo Field Artist
Daizo Kinoshita Field Artist
Nobuhiko Honda Enemy Character Designer
Nobuhiko Honda Field Artist
Atsushi Saito Event Scene Artist
Takeshi Sakakibara Camera System Programmer
Takeshi Sakakibara Story Event Programmer
Tomoyuki Naito Enemy Programmer
Tomoyuki Naito Field Programmer
Keith Palmer CG Movie Producer
Keith Palmer Recording Coordinator (English)
Kenichi Tokoi Music And Lyrics
Fumie Kumatani Music And Lyrics
Takashi Endoh Sound Effects
Makiko Nishimura Chao Programmer
Makiko Nishimura Sound Effects Programmer
Makiko Nishimura Sound Effects Programmer
Tetsu Katano Enemy Programmer
Tetsu Katano Player Character Programmer
Tetsu Katano Player Character Programmer
Shiro Maekawa Scenario Writer
Shiro Maekawa Story Event Designer
Yukifumi Makino Executive Sound Coordinator
Yuji Uekawa Player Character Designer
Yuji Uekawa Product Support
Tomoya Ohtani Music And Lyrics
Masaru Setsumaru Sound Effects
Hirokazu Akashi Recording Engineer
Yoshitada Miya Recording Engineer
Akinori Nishiyama Product Coordinator
Akinori Nishiyama Recording Coordinator (Japanese)
Akinori Nishiyama Recording Coordinator (Japanese)
Ted Poley Music: Lyrics
Ted Poley Music: Singer
Eriko Kimura Voice Recording Director (Japanese) [Tohokushinsha]
Masanobu Yamamoto Product Support
Masanobu Yamamoto Program Support
Yoshihisa Hashimoto Game Deisgner
Yoshihisa Hashimoto Lead Chao Programmer
Yuri Shiratori Voice Talent (Japanese)
Etsuko Kozakura Voice Talent (Japanese)
Taeko Kawata Voice Talent (Japanese)
Rumi Ochiai Voice Talent (Japanese)
Kouji Yusa Voice Talent (Japanese)
Kouji Ochiai Voice Talent (Japanese)
Kinryu Arimoto Voice Talent (Japanese)
Mami Horikoshi Voice Talent (Japanese)
Osamu Sato Middleware Support
Makoto Yonezu Artist
Makoto Yonezu Event Scene Artist
Elara Distler Voice Talent (English)
Shinobu Shindo Lyrics Translation
Shelly Fox Voice Talent (English)
Bobby White CG Movie Coordinator
Takaaki Saito Chao Programmer
Takaaki Saito Mini Game Programmer
Sachiko Kawamura Artist
Sachiko Kawamura Lead Chao Artist
Sachiko Kawamura Lead Chao Artist
Sachiko Kawamura Lead Chao Artist
Kazuko Ito Artist
Kyoko Drumheller Translator
Takahiro Hamano Lead Programmer
Shigeharu Isoda Sound Technical Support
Kuniyo Matsumoto Localization Producer
Yoshitaka Kawabata Library Support
Yoshitaka Kawabata Program Support
Koji Ogino Field Programmer
Shinobu Toyoda Executive Coordinator
Jenny Douillard Voice Talent (English)
Jun-ichi Kanemaru Voice Talent (Japanese)
Hiroyuki Inage Voice Recording Producer (Japanese) [Tohokushinsha]
Johnny Gioeli Music: Lyrics
Johnny Gioeli Music: Singer
Kazuyuki Hoshing Art Director
Masakazu Miura Program Support
Yusuke Hasuo Program Support
Paul Shortino Music: Lyrics
Paul Shortino Music: Singer
Atsushi Kosugi Music Producer [Beat On Beat]
Atsushi Kosugi Recording Coordination [Beat On Beat]
Heigo Tani Music Producer
Takayoshi Umeno Music Producer [Flava Entertainment]
Roy Hendrickson Recording Engineer
Kirk Yano Recording Engineer
Masahiro Fukuhara Recording Engineer [Mit Studio]
Chifumi Karasawa Recording Engineer [Mit Studio]
Satoru Izaki Recording Engineer [Mit Studio]
Kenji Miyamoto Recording Engineer [Attic Arcade]
Kenji Miyamoto Recording Engineer [Mit Studio]
Moet Nishio Recording Coordination [Beat On Beat]
Masakazu Hiroishi Recording Coordination
Kiyoshi Yoshida Recording Coordination [Mit Gathering]
Isao Kikuchi Mastering Engineer [WMJ Studio]
Tony Harnell Music: Singer
Kaz Silver Music: Singer
Marlon Saunders Music: Singer
Todd Cooper Music: Singer
Everett Bradley Music: Singer
Tabitha Fair Music: Singer
Atsuki Murata Voice Talent (Japanese)
Tohru Okawa Voice Talent (Japanese)
David Humphry Voice Talent (English)
Conner Bringas Voice Talent (English)
Morian Angeline Voice Talent (English)
Sue Wakerfield Voice Talent (English)
Masao Oshimi Middleware Support
Katsumi Yabuno Middleware Support
Kengo Mikoshiba Middleware Support
Ryo Goubara Middleware Support
Atsushi Sakurai Middleware Support
Manabu Fukuda Middleware Support
Takashi Nozawa Middleware Support
Shun Hosaka Middleware Support
Isao Okawa Executive Producer
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