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  1. 100
    By expertly blurring the line between arcade racing and popcorn action flicks, Black Rock has not only further established itself as one of the top racing studios in the game, but also created arguably the most intense driving experience of this console generation.
  2. With this title Blackrock Studios have established themselves as a studio to watch out for, and in Split/Second they have delivered the most action packed racer this generation.
  3. Split/Second is an innovative take on the generic racing game genre. Black Rock Studios scrapped the focus of cars and went full throttle with the action element by giving the gamer a chance to attack their opponents while racing them and simultaneously avoiding attacks themselves.
  4. With tracks ravaged and different for every lap and timed explosives akin to Mario Kart, Split/Second just overtook Burnout and sped through its burning wreckage.
  5. Just imagine every bad Hollywood car movie slammed into one game and that game is Split/Second. With thoroughly entertaining driving mechanics, the highlight of Split/Second are the power plays or environmental triggers that truly make this game bigger than Ben Herr when it comes to huge Hollywood style explosions and stunts.
  6. Not since NFS: Most Wanted have I felt so compelled to 100% a racing game. More to the point, Split/Second is just fantastic on some many levels and is literally the most enjoyable racer I've played in years.
  7. Split/Second is everything but an arcade driving game. It’s challenging, involving, entertaining varied, technically stunning and… fast and furious!
  8. After playing it for an extended period of time, I think it is a great game and would recommend it to anyone who is on the fence and loves racing games. Unfortunately, the candle on this game burns out a little too quickly, with only a few modes supported for online play.
  9. Split Second's longevity isn't in its innumerable tracks. It's in finding new ways to better yourself in its smaller set of them.
  10. This is like a wet dream thought up by James Cameron and Michael Bay. Forget realism and go for mindless fun. The powerplay-function is great fun when mastered. While the amount of tracks on offer is less than impressive and the car-models unimaginative, there is lot of fun to be had racing against friends online or offline.
  11. With Split/Second, Black Rock Studio has clearly blown the doors off. This is fast-paced racing at its finest, the best of its kind since Burnout 3: Takedown hit the open road years ago. It'll take a lot to top this one.
  12. The reality-television fiction that is Split/Second delivers a brilliant first season, Disney Interactive Studios has published what is undoubtedly just the beginning of what is sure to be an outgoing series. If you hate racing games, you'll love Split/Second. Don't wait around for the season finale, tune in now.
  13. Although its gameplay is probably a little too "Power Play-centric" and the intense atmosphere might lose its charm over time, Split/Second proves to be an exceptional racing game, capable of assuring an intense and fun driving experience to both fans of the genre and potential newcomers. An absolute must buy for anyone searching for some real action.
  14. Play UK
    Made us punch the air and shout "YES!" on more than one occasion, and we're not embarrassed to admit it. [Issue#192, p.76]
  15. Though initially it tends to be a bit on the easy side and learning when and where to use which power-plays is a case of trial and error, it's not long before the game escalates into a nail-bitingly intense experience.
  16. Playstation: The Official Magazine (US)
    Best of all, by the 11th hour, Split/Second had us doing something few racing games can accomplish: it kept us smiling. [July 2010, p.71]
  17. It's no Burnout beater, but this is about as close as anything will get to matching the intensity, lunacy and destructibility of Criterion's baby. Consistently enthralling, Split/Second's fiery formula brings a new lease on life to the arcade racing genre - we can only hope it's a franchise that's here to stay.
  18. This is a game for the person who likes revenge or the person who likes to strategize. Whether you play through the story mode or the online mode you will encounter different environments and their derivatives that promise to leave you in the game until the very end.
  19. Split/Second is a game for anyone who's looking for a different racing experience. It may not compare to Gran Turismo, NFS, or the other games in its genre, but it's certainly worth a play.
  20. 88
    One of the most fine arcade racers at this time is Split/Second: Velocity. It has great environments that can change throughout the game, it has great graphics and the use of powerplays is fantastic. Only one small problem is the AI and online it can be a bit unbalanced. Besides of that, Split/Second: Velocity is great!
  21. The game boasts terrific heart-racing gameplay, great presentation, awesome game mechanics, very tight controls, solid sense of speed, bright visuals, and a bunch of replay value.
  22. Split/Second: Velocity defines a new way for arcade racing. Despite some issues with the game AI and the sense of speed, it is a fresh new IP we're grateful for.
  23. If you're willing to put up with the infuriating AI and lack of courses, then you'll find a lot to love about Split/Second.
  24. Split Second is a funny arcade racer, standing up on its own unique trait: the ability to blow up specific elements of the track, a chance gained only when driving with a certain skill. Spectacular as the Hollywood movies to which it inspires, it falls short on customization and online options. It won't last more than the 10/12 hours offered by the campaign, which is a shame indeed. Still, it deserves to be played for its unique and funny approach to the racing genre.
  25. 85
    In the end though, Split/Second has so much going for it that it's easy to recommend for kart and arcade racing fans alike.
  26. 85
    If you enjoy the genre at all, Black Rock has certainly crafted one of the finest action/racing games ever created and they continue to prove their expertise in the genre.
  27. The racing is simple, yet intense.
  28. AceGamez
    In every sense Split/Second brings a whole new meaning to the phrase "prime time".
  29. It's a shame that Split/Second fails to provide new courses later on, and once you've seen it all, it does lose some of its magic. But while it's fresh, Split/Second delivers an exhilarating sense of danger and surprise. It's just simple, explosive fun.
  30. In spite of lacking some more content, arcade fans will find a very interesting game they should at least try out, and the rest of gamers might be pleasantly surprised by its ideas.
  31. Split/Second is an exciting, fast paced arcade racer that is ever bit as enjoyable as other franchises in this genre.
  32. Split/Second is a unique, innovative, and aggressive experience that is not like any other racer out there.
  33. This game has plenty of edge-of-your-seat racing and thrilling moments. Some of the repetition, however, slows it down. [Issue#206, p.89]
  34. Black Rock has proved the concept, shown what kind of polish they can muster, and given arcade racing fans a reason to get back in the game. The explosions and thrills will certainly last until the inevitable "Split/Second 2" throws a couple of different buildings at us.
  35. 82
    For the most part Split/Second: Velocity hits the mark like a cargo ship through your windscreen. It's extreme fun and effortless to get into, like the best weekend party games should be, but may struggle over the longer term.
  36. PSM3 Magazine UK
    Brilliantly chaotic and rapid, but lacking that killer edge. [June 2010, p.86]
  37. The best arcade racer for years and a magnificent spectacle that makes racing exciting again.
  38. Split/Second is an arcade-style racing game with an explosive twist. It offers Hollywood blockbuster intensity with its reality show charm, in a fast-paced, bigger-than-life experience.
  39. There are funnier and more satisfying racing arcades out there. But for a pure spectacular feeling, Split Second Velocity is hard to beat.
  40. Though racing purists may not get as much out of it, arcade racing fans won't be able to put this down.
  41. When you finally take the key out of the ignition, step out of your hotrod and observe all the carnage that Split Second has wrought, the overriding impression is that this is one slick game.
  42. Split/Second puts players right in that sweet spot between a kart racer and a racing game.
  43. Playstation Official Magazine UK
    Leaves the majority of its competitors languishing in its slipstream - with a glorious pile of fresh debris raining down around them. [June 2010, p.100]
  44. Aside from some AI and multi-player issues, Split/Second should please any racing fan, but will definitely find a home with Burnout fans as this game has that series' sense of complete anarchy, but with a twist that hasn't been done before in the form of the power plays.
  45. This is about as spectacular, insane and frustrating a racing game can get and still be remarkably entertaining. Despite lacking in depth and not following its own rules at times, Split/Second's variation and the sheer awesomeness it occasionally offers makes this a game for any arcade racing fan.
  46. There's no doubt about it, Split/Second is a finely balanced, visually stunning racer that loves the brown stuff hitting the fan.
  47. Playstation Official Magazine Australia
    Split/Second does a lot well. The key component is the environmental destruction. Each track is littered with dangerous traps and shortcuts that can be triggered by you or your A.I. opponents. [June 2010 p74]
  48. There are more arcade racers than you can count, but Split/Second brings something to the pack that makes this game a must-try. Every race is a hyped-up experience full of explosions and crashes that leaves the décor in shambles, but puts you on the edge of your seat. Realism or depth is not something you can expect from this title, but that shouldn’t be a deal breaker.
  49. This game suffers from being a little too shallow, and after playing the same tracks over and over, it's a little too easy to tire of the game after the main story mode has been completed. Still, I would hope that there will be a sequel to this title, as the premise is solid. The execution just needs a little fleshing out.
  50. This shallow but rambunctious arcade racer may have only one trick up its sleeve, but it's a really good trick.
  51. 75
    Split/Second puts up a good show but doesn't do this for a long time. The coolest features are the Power Plays but even they become repetitive after a short while.
  52. In one hand, 'Split/Second' is a solid arcade racer with a substantial feature to separate it from the crowd. In the other, 'Split/Second' feels like a one-tricky pony. One that becomes very familiar after a few hours of play.
  53. Split/Second is so close to being great; so much so that in short bursts it really is a spectacular arcade racer. It just doesn't have any legs.
  54. Split/Second is an original concept made irksome by a lack of depth and highly questionable balancing in the gameplay. Nonetheless, we can't help but feel that there's a lot more mileage left in Blackrock's big idea.
  55. Split/Second has great graphics and introduces a couple of interesting new gameplay modes, but in the end the weak controls in the PC-version, the cheating AI and the lack of variety keeps this game from becoming truly great.
  56. A lot of speed and explosions entertain us, but this is a racing game that relies to much on a pretty mediocre gimmick.
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 109 Ratings

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  1. Dec 26, 2010
    One of the most fun racing games I have ever played in my life! Was very pleasantly surprised by this one. What sold me was the demo, playedOne of the most fun racing games I have ever played in my life! Was very pleasantly surprised by this one. What sold me was the demo, played it 5 times and even though it was the same track, I experienced it differently 3 or 4 of those times. Even the 1st lap of one race was different than the first lap of another because of a portion of the environment being destroyed forcing you to use a new part of the track. On my 5th play-through of the demo I saw a part of the track I hadn't experienced yet, so once the real game came out I picked it up asap and loved it a lot! Definitely worth the money, took a few weeks to beat it since I would try for all gold's before moving to next episode. Full Review »
  2. Sep 21, 2011
    This is a terrific arcade gaming experience. As soon a sI saw the trailer and realised that taking out an enemy meant triggering an eventThis is a terrific arcade gaming experience. As soon a sI saw the trailer and realised that taking out an enemy meant triggering an event rather blasting guns. It was a must purchase. I hadn't been this excited about a racing game since Wipeout on the PSone. The game is top notch all the way down the line from the great visuals to the big TV style presentation. Where the game really shines in the massive set pieces where you can alter the routes of the race. I guess where the game falls down, as with most titles of this ilke, is the grind. Especially when this is coupled with win a season get a new car which is easily good enough to beat the opponents plough through race and unlock the next season and so on. What I do like are the challenges. These have been balanced perfectly and definitely have that "just one more go" element. I still enjoy playing and look forward to more interesting way to dispose of the opponents. Full Review »
  3. Jun 14, 2012
    Amazing game, i recently had it brought for me for my birthday and from the moment i turned it on, i loved it. The best racing genre game iAmazing game, i recently had it brought for me for my birthday and from the moment i turned it on, i loved it. The best racing genre game i have ever played. Love it Full Review »