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  1. Feb 28, 2012
    Excellent game, great re-incarnation of SSX. Intense, crisp, graphically stunning and a great interface. Possibly the most fun I've had from any video game in the last 12 months. Welcome back SSX - thanks for providing an excellent escape from the FPS & RPG drone.
  2. Feb 28, 2012
    Being a long time fan of the SSX franchise; this game is a big disappointment. With so many issues, from control bugs and sensitivity, to the speed of the game, to reducing the skill gap of the game. You rarely feel in control and the game becomes frustrating and boring very quickly. As there is no traditional multiplayer or splitscreen; there is not even any real social interaction between players anymore. Expand
  3. Feb 28, 2012
    After finishing the world tour aspect of the new SSX, I came onto here expecting to see nothing but positive reviews from nearly everyone. From personal experience; playing through every SSX game to date, I can honestly say this game has improved exponentially on it's predecessors. In terms of graphical value, features such as the deadly descents and the 9 different areas, (or 10 if you include Mt. Fuji,) this game in my opinion is the best snowboarding game ever made. The new RiderNet feature is as fun to play and compete in as it is innovative and original. The bugs are extremely slim compared to the vast success in this game, and anyone who reviews differently is either being nit picky or just plain stupid. Yes as mad_jihad said below you can get to the bottom of one of the initial, warm up runs without touching the controller, and yes that is babying the player. But the beginning levels are for beginners, and aren't the first few levels in every game supposed to baby the player? The average player should be able to play the game too, and not everyone is as much of an all star as my counterparts below. Nevertheless to put all of this to rest; I can assure you, the last few deadly descents in this game do anything but "baby" you. Don't judge a book by it's cover. Expand
  4. Feb 29, 2012
    Overall, I am VERY impressed with this game. Having been an avid fan of the SSX series in the past (not including Blur or On Tour and SSX 3 being my all time favorite) I was extremely excited to see this game coming down the pipe. I was a tiny bit skeptical about purchasing this game at first because they had included new mechanics to the gameplay (flight suit and what have you) but these new features flow extremely naturally into both online and offline play. The storyline is a tad weak, but the levels, characters, and gameplay more than make up for this shortcoming. If you go into playing this game expecting it to be EXACTLY like SSX 3, you're probably going to be disappointed, but if you go in just expecting what SSX usually has to offer (fast-pace gameplay, unique characters, awesome uber tricks, gorgeous levels) you're going to be a lot happier with the experience. Although there were some missing aspects to this game that I wish were included (i.e. some characters from previous games and DJ Atomika) there's really very little to complain about here. And I'm sure EA is going to create DLC for this game so that you can play as your favorite SSX veterans again (I may be wrong, but DLC is such a cash cow in games these days, it's entirely possible). The customizable track lists is one of the best features and the online play is phenomenal. If you have 60 bucks in your wallet and want a game that's going to keep you occupied for hours on end, do yourself a favor and go buy this game. DO EET NAAAAOOOWWW!! Expand
  5. Mar 4, 2012
    No multiplayer. 4 hour game with no live multiplayer component. Not much to do except run the same events over and over... not worth the cash. Decent rental.
  6. Mar 7, 2012
    This ruined every good memory of the series I ever had. Instead of a fun, wide open adrenaline rush to share with friends, you'll spend all your time either speeding out of control into unseen bottomless pits, or flying backwards up the walls. The entire environment is there to trap you, turn you over, or disappear you into oblivion. I would say thank goodness for the reverse feature, but since the rest of the game continues without you it's just a matter of giving up yet MORE time to the turns-on-a-dime AI. Speaking of turning, the control is similar to racing down a hill in a red wagon, with the handle BEHIND you. You'll be all over the place. You need speed, speed, speed to win, but using any will quickly fly you into a dark crevasse, or up a snow column leaving you facing the wrong way with no means to turn around.

    I strongly regret that there are no game return policies because I hate. Hate. HATE this game. After I bought and loved the last 3 installments.

    This, this is why I pirate.
  7. Mar 8, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Been a huge fan of the SSX franchise, even though i only owned the third one, which is the one i will be comparing the new game to in this review. So basically everything looks and sounds good - The SSX soundtracks always amaze me. The game feature 3 modes; race it, trick it, and survive it. The new controls were a bit bothering, so i changed them to classical. The problem with this is that you then have to find out how to break out the flying suit and how to do the signature tricks (Signature is done by holding R1, R2, L1, L2 on the PS3, and you just have to hold X while in the air to fly). I liked how you get to play all the characters during the deadly descent solo campaign, which sadly can be played to an end in 4-6 if you've played the game before. It's not because the game is easy, because it's not. Some of the descents are bothering as f**k while some are easy as pie. A bit into the game you get to know the controls decently and this is probably also the point when you reach the more difficult drops, where you get to fall into crevasses and die if you do not hit the rewind button, which will set you back in time. Sadly the AI and other players are not affected by this feature, which makes the game even more difficult. Even though the survival drops are the focus of this game, they are more or less just something you want to get over with, because most of them are a pain in the butt, and not very entertaining in the good old SSX way - they're simply just about surviving. To compensate for this flaw, the game features gear which you will need to complete the deadly descents - such as armor, wing suit, headlamps and so on.

    Not being able to play spit-screen is the biggest disappointment of the game, and in the online mode, you only get to go against other players ghosts in race mode and it never feels like you actually interact with others. Very little character customization is another big disappointment; you can only change you suit skins, and while this only result in different colors, you can get special suits that come with perks such as trick bonus or big head or big hands perk, but the last two are only for sheer looks. On the other hand you can now ride to your own music, which is kinda cool. Conclusion:
    A great game, but missing features makes it less great. Also, you need to know the tracks alright, if you want to have decent fun. This game is meant to focus on survival, than actual competition, which were the focus in the other games. The insane tricks are still included and thank god, they still feel just as awesome. The element of adrenaline is also still there, but it's being interrupted by the instantaneously appearing crevasses which will end your run, if you do not use the rewind feature. So if you can live with no split-screen, bothering crevasses and no customization then this game is for you. But don't expect a better SSX3/SSX Tricky, because its not.

    Pros: Major improvements in looks and sound, controls can be set to classical, if you're oldschool.

    Cons: No split-screen, No customization, No interaction with other players.
  8. Feb 28, 2012
    Honestly, the good reviews I've read of this game are accurate (GameSpot, Destructoid), whereas the negative ones (Game Informer, Joystiq) place entirely too much emphasis on the Survive It challenges. Both users and critics alike just seem to not like the fact that it's built to be harder than its predecessors. Do not mistake this game for an HD remake of the first SSX game on PS2.

    played SSX, Tricky, and SSX3 extensively. I played the demo for this one and preordered it immediately afterward. I'm still having a blast. It's definitely harder than any of its predecessors, but that's about all.
    Why was Dark Souls' challenge such a good thing (it wasn't, it drove me crazy) and this game is being chastised for being harder than people assumed it would be?
  9. Feb 29, 2012
    Alright, I feel as though I have to debunk the blatant lies in MAD_JIHAD's review, since random smear campaigns are the scourge of user based reviews.

    Can you make it down the first track without touching the controller? Yes. Can you "literally win a game?" No. Not a race, not a trick and not a survival track. Most tracks have pitfalls of sorts, or environmental dangers which if you
    do not avoid, you won't make it down the track, let alone win without touching the controller. This is also not even mentioning trick tracks which you need to actual chain tricks together to win, meaning again, the controller has to be used. With that out of the way, this game will bring back the nostalgic feelings if you were a fan of the previous games. It still has that arcade feel with the audio and video, as well as the ridiculous speed, tricks and locales. The game is clearly meant for the online mode. The single player can be completed in a solid night, but some events are literally a week or two long.

    This is a world ranking (barring region stats, which I'm no aware of) game. There are a dozens of tracks all with leaderboards to compete with and an ongoing leveling system for the characters and gearing system to work towards to constantly improve times, scores and distances. Also some genuinely difficult tracks, at least at lower character/gear levels, provides laughs and A LOT of replays.

    Overall, a great game, basically a HD remake of Tricky but with online stat tracking and more tracks.

    I give this a 9 because EVENTUALLY this may grow stale for some if they aren't into trying to stay on the leaderboard.
  10. Feb 28, 2012
    This game is garbage. You can literally win a game by not touching the controller! You have to actually TRY to crash or fail. This game is a testament to the hand holding in modern console games.

    Go search Youtube for "SSX no controller" to see what I am talking about.
  11. Mar 4, 2012
    I loved ssx series untill now. This game is only frustration after frustration. The shop, is a joke, you cannot change the skins of your characters. On solo mode, you select a character, but you will play 75% with others... When you used to try the biggest score, or the best time, you now just try to avoid falling of cliffs. and that just a few exemple of what the game misses. This game is frustrating and boring. I am so disapointed :'( Expand
  12. Dec 26, 2012
    This is a very disappointing game. Personally, I always liked SSX: On Tour because it brought an open world element to SSX while keeping the other kinds of events. SSX is a completely closed world. It would be cool if they had half as many mountains, but each one was it's own open world that you had to clear to get to the next one. Also, the game gets fairly monotonous after awhile because there are only a few types of events. In comparison, On Tour, which was a PS2 game, had many different types of events. The addition of areas where you can fall off the track is stupid. To me, part of the fun of SSX was trying to recover when you ran into a tree or fell when you went a little too far with the tricks. Now, with parts where you fall off the track it takes a lot of the fun out of the game. Another thing that is frustrating with this game is how dependent you are on boost to win races. Instead of the race being about taking good lines staying low to the ground and going fast, it's about trying to as many tricks as you can so you can get boost. Without boost you can't even stay in the race. Another thing I noticed during races is that you hardly see your opponents outside of the very first part of the race. There's too many different routes on the track and not enough opponents going against you. I remember how fun it was in On Tour when your opponent would try to pass you and you would punch him to the ground. Another puzzling thing about SSX is the inability to create your own character. You are forced to choose from pre-made characters. This game doesn't have the same flow of the old SSX games, instead of a 10 to 20 run, you have these little short 2 to 3 minute runs. I can't remember how many times in On Tour I would start at the top of the mountain and ski or snowboard (oh yeah, no skiing in this one either) all the way down, trying to check out every part of the mountain. If you have a short attention span and like fairly easy games this one is for you. Expand
  13. Mar 5, 2012
    this game would be okay if it wasn't called SSX, a lot of the things SSX was known for have been removed and the menu interface is just a mess.
  14. Mar 9, 2012
    I just can't find anything enjoyable about this game. It's average in every way and right when I start to feel 'in the zone', 5 seconds later something happens that reminds me that i'm not playing a good game. I was on a roll of great vid game purchases until I bought this. Oh well, the goo0d times can't last.
  15. Mar 2, 2012
    Massive disappointment, ssx3 was one of my all time favourite games but this has absolutely non of that ssx flavour. I seem to spend more time watching load screens than playing, gone are the 20 minute free roams. They are replaced by super short 2 to 3 minute unconnected little stages, barley enough time to get into a flow. The survive it sections are huge exercise in frustration, continually dropping into holes or off the edge of mountain is zero fun for me.

    Probably a great game for new comers but long time series fans will left feeling that this isn't ssx. Its pretty insane to think i enjoy a game thats almost 9 years old to this.

    On the plus side visuals are great but visuals dont make a great game :-(
  16. Mar 1, 2012
    I see idiots on here giving the game a zero because they can get down a hill without touching the controller. I take it most of these tools have never played a SSX game before and don't realize that getting down the hill is not the point of the game. On the levels where it is the point (survival) you'd quickly fail doing that nonsense.It's a definite improvement over the previous SSX games. The gameplay IS smooth if you know what you're doing, but I can see how people that lack dexterity in their hands could easily become frustrated at times. The game is by no means "too hard" at any point. It does lack a split-screen / offline-multiplayer option so if I were going to mark the game down for anything that would be it. Ridernet reminds me of the online challenges/aspects of a tiger woods game. Expand
  17. Mar 4, 2012
    Awesome game. Brings back old memories of SSX Tricky. It's smooth & fast, & once the character your using gains a few levels you can pull of some impressive looking tricks. There are a few annoying levels where you constantly fall down giant holes you couldn't see until it was too late, but that's only a minor annoyance on races. On Tricky runs the rewind feature works good so that's not really a problem. The lure of the Explore side & trying to level up the characters so that you can buy better equipment, & get those gold medals is quite addictive. I can see the online side of things, & the global events being a big attraction, especially if you end up with lots of people on your friends list playing to beat you. Expand
  18. Mar 4, 2012
    Awesome combos, and pretty good grapic, nice soundtrack excellent carrier mode n' it's a cool multipalyer game. I was play in only demo but i know that i will buy this game
  19. Mar 16, 2012
    I absolutely love this game. It is awesome. GOTY in my opinion. Best snowboarding game since 1080. I don't know what all the haters are going on about. The survival runs are an absolute rush. Music that comes with the game isn't that great but is fully customisable with you own playlists. I have like 3000 songs on my PS3 so this is fantastic not many games offer that. As for winning without touching the controller, R u serious??? It took me like 10 runs to get down the Siberia survival. Sure the tricks are pretty easy to pull off just stop spinning and you'll land them but the key is combos and linking to get into tricky. Never was a fan of previous SSX game but I love this. NASA mapped mountains with hundreds of different runs. No splitscreen multiplayer, who cares it's not on N64. Splitscreen just spoils your view and i assume with the breakneck speed of this game probably wouldn't work too well anyway. The online component is one of the best parts of this game. Snowboarding is a solitary sport just you and the board so I think the multiplayer has been designed exceptionally well. Guys ignore the haters and get this if you enjoy snowboarding. I still occasionally play the old N64 1080 on wii and this is the best snowboarding game since. Make this a must buy!! Expand
  20. Mar 10, 2013
    SSX (2012) is one hell of a rush. If you know the tricks. The World Tour mode is perfect for starters or for the people who have lost their flow and want to get back in. The Survive It runs are a blast to ride in my opinion. But the Deadly Descents could've kicked their difficulty level up a notch. Seriously I could beat all of them without the special gear, except for one, on my first go. (Thin Air is impossible without an oxygen tank. Even with a wingsuit.) But there are some frustrating runs designed by Satan in this game. Great example: One Step Ahead/Grand Golliat if I'm correct. The game runs extremely smooth with beautiful mountain ranges. I do miss the fireworks though. No not all of the 168 drops have death crevasses. That's whining over one small aspect of the game. Awesome amount of tricks and the possibilities of performing 15 backflips while doing Walking the Dog is just awesome. And the technique of using the entire track as a half-pipe has been there since the first one. And beating the first track without touching the controller. WOW! Possible in SSX3 as well. Hell, you can do Aloha Ice Jam under a minute without controller in Tricky. Hard to pull off, but possible. And the rewind function is there to add more challenge and to not exploit the reset glitch/trick of past games. Soundtrack is pretty tight, but it lacks the diversity of SSX3. And there is the option to customize your soundtrack which is great. Characters do interact with each other during races, but not as loud as in Tricky or 3. And some new character quotes is a nice addition as well. ''this is WICKED!!!'' -Mac... The online experience was very fun. And no. You don't always race with ghosts. Blue rider ghost. Other riders Live holograms to avoid painful collisions. And the wingsuit ''cheating'' is not cheating unless it says: ''Wingsuit Restricted'' Split-screen: I really didn't care, because I barely played with my friends side by side. The controls: It takes time to get used to it. Just like the transition from Tricky to 3. A completely different feel to it. But the thing is. This time around you don't have to push your stick all the way to the left or right. Slightly pushing it to the left or right is good enough. Character customization felt like the one from the originator (SSX 2000). Costumes are just the same ones with a different color or pattern, but there are some ridiculous amount of board designs out there. The things I found frustrating in this game are: The shop design. I've wasted $37.000.000 to get a rewind perk for a Survival record run. Instant deaths: At some points of a Survival run you can lose all of your armour, health and sometimes even both in 1 bail. 12 years of SSX full of frustrating moments, now Instant death?! It's understandable if your boarder faceplants him/herself while going 400 km/h against a boulder. But I was just riding on a ledge. ''WOOOSSHH'' Board disappeared. Run ended. Me getting pissed afterwards. Standard controls during Trick it events: Stalefish Mute are the highest scored tricks. When jumping out of the chopper you can get 8.500 to 10.000 points. While the highest scoring tricks on Classic, Tailgrab Seatbelt only 6.500 to 8.500 points. Small differences like that have a effect on record runs. Especially with the new multiplier system. And tricks on Standard controls can be pulled of faster than with the Classic control scheme. Sucks if you can only play with Classic controls like me. But Classic functions better during races.
    Overall, SSX (2012) is an awesome competitive extreme sports game like it's predecessors Tricky 3.
    Every SSX game is hard when you first start the game. Once mastered or once you have the basic SSX knowledge, it's one hell of a ride and you want to beat everyone on the tracks and play it forever.
    And again like it's predecessors! It's plagued by small mistakes that you can ignore or get completely mad at. Like the advantage of Standard over Classic in Trick It's. SSX also has a awesome fan site which you can check out for master runs or competition since the Global Events only has SSX fans now.
    Mos def a 9/10.
    What a long review...
  21. Jul 14, 2012
    First, I would like to say that i usually loathe sports game of any kind but SSX has made have a change of heart. SSX is a total blast and is totally worth the $60 price tag. Obviously, there is a campaign to play through. It's fairly short but is a lot of fun to play through. With nine deadly descents that get harder each time the game will have your attention for about 6-8 hours.The game is also backed up with an awesome soundtrack. Expect to hear plenty of dubstep and hip hop. Every song seems tailored to that track. After you have beaten the campaign you haven't even put a dent in the amount of content SSX offers though. There is also an Explore mdoe. Explore let's you go to any drop and try to make the fastest time, the best score, or the longest distance travelled. After you finish your ghost is put on that track for other people to compete against. The most intriguing aspect though are the Global Events. Global Events are the game's version of multiplayer. Through leaderboards you race on drops with restrictiions for a ridiculous amount of credits. Each event has restrictions and a time limit. One I competed on still had five days left to compete against each other for the highest trick score. Last time I checked I was offered 30,000 credits which isn't very good. The thing that's really neat though, but also a pain is the fact that if someone beats your score your prize money will drop until you are eventually kicked off of the leaderboard. This adds an incredibly tense sense of competition when competing online. This is an absolute buy for anybody looking for the next big ports game that isn't released every year. Welcome home SSX, this is where you belong. Expand
  22. Nov 28, 2012
    This game is terrible. Do not buy. The reason we love to play skateboarding and snowboarding games is that you can't die. In real life you can. And in SSX you can. Sure, you can rewind, but in many cases you'll be at such a disadvantage that you'll just have to start over anyway. Some reviews on here have lauded the soundtrack, which is admittedly decent. But every time you restart a drop/level, it restarts the currently playing song. This isn't too bad unless you get stuck trying a race over and over. Then it's infuriating. I loved Coolboarders, Amped, and every other SSX title. This one is just frustrating.
    Part of the frustration stems from the World Tour mode, which forces you to use a Level 1 character at every new stop. You want to level up and build an epic character, but no. Back to Level 1. This also means that every course in World Tour mode must be completable by a low-level character. Therefore, the game relies on stupid death traps to make you memorize the lines if you want to survive the run.

    Read Mongrel's review, too. Try before you buy.
  23. Apr 9, 2012
    Having played the ssx series from the start this is a good reboot for the series onto the now this gen consoles. ssX contains a good number of fresh ideas most of which work and some that wont suit everybody. The main campaign can be completed in a day without much effort and you can even skip events rather than having too learn the course before moving on. Although you get to play as each character at least once in the campaign mode as far as i can see you cannot when you have completed it take one character all the way thru the campaign as i thought you would be able too. the campaign is really nothing more than a training ground for the rest of the game. Currency is the name of the game you need currency for absolutely everything in ssx from upgrades to new suits,boards,armor,ice picks and so on. You also need currency to unlock the courses you want to ride either solo or trying to beat a freinds time on a certain course thru ridernet. This is were the real fun is in the game. Level design and new useage of the elements is really good and well thought out. ie tracks that ice picks are required to complete otherwise you have no grip and you will quickly fall too youre death. The fresh ideas that are good are the mods ie, speed boosts, trick multipliers,wingsuit modifiers,rare items? unknown until you buy them with youre currency. The geo-tag system were you place a tag for other players too find and collect you get a reward for placing a tag and the longer it lies uncollected the more currency you earn. The graphics in this game are great character models look really good as do the tracks themselves. For new players there is a steep learning curve but for people who have played before you can jump straight back in and enjoy this game. Although there is no true multiplayer or co op the Ridernet system of recording times and setting challenges with ghosts appearing if you are about too beat a players score works great. Overall good fun but a short campaign is a small spoiler. Expand
  24. Mar 15, 2012
    I am thrilled to be playing SSX again. My girlfriend used to enjoy watching me play the first game, now as my wife, she watches me play with our children. I am having a great time, the game is much improved. Although I found the Wingsuit to be the biggest buzz kill since the RTS element of Brutal Legend. I went from ripping up every run I unlocked to rapid, frequent, winged death. The fact that it is a requirement for some runs makes it even more frustrating to me. You may adapt to it more quickly than I did but the Wingsuit feature detracted substantially from my experience. Expand
  25. May 10, 2012
    The easiest way to describe this game is mediocre, absolutely everything is filled with a resounding "meh" feeling. The music is bland and repetitive, the tracks are mostly "snowy mountains" which I understand seems odd but this brings me to my big issue.

    Ssx has been renowned for is colorful characters and tracks and the crazy over the top tricks. This game fails to live up to that
    legacy. Everything is hyper realistic, the characters wear snow gear, and race down slopes, even the uber tricks are lame. Its just a lifeless copy. If you want a snowboarding simulation then this is to cartoony, and this has none of the appeal of the ssx games of old, might as well be Shaun white.

    4 hour campaign, forgettable story, no character, even their faces are dull and lifeless. And my favorite thing, the races have "adaptive ai" which means you get a gold medal at 2 minutes and 12 seconds but lose a bronze at 1'12 in the same stage. Its frustrating, and bland.
  26. Oct 7, 2012
    Positives: Very good graphics, great use of actual mountains, very good soundtrack (along with allowing user uploaded tracks to be remixed during the game), the world tour mode is a reasonably good story mode, large number of events (race, trick and survive) and ridernet is also a nice touch.
    Negatives: feels nothing like some of the original SSX titles (especially the original, tricky
    and 3), characters lack personality (both the riders and the helicopter pilots repeat the same lines over and over) and the lack of things which made the original games so fun to play (Tons of Fireworks, memorable levels, a DJ like in SSX 3 to name a few)
    Overall: Fun game with lots of variety, just missing what made the original games so great
  27. Sep 16, 2013
    This game is ruined by the dozens of jumps where you don't know if the direction you're steering for will send your boarder off the mountain... I never become frustrated by earlier SSX games, because the levels were designed for max fun. Here, the levels are designed from real-world mountain data, so there's little 'gamey' about them. It's just unfair to the player to have sudden "oh woops, you failed!" five minutes into a race. I don't care much about the lack of local multiplayer. The online highscore thing is kind of decent enough. But those levels! They are just game-breaking some places. Also, no new game modes or anything. It's just "race this, out-trick that". The presentation is a mixture of really awesome (graphics are great, everything about the game is smooth) and cheapy (character overview is just a bunch of drawings, and equipment also a bunch of small drawings. No nice 3d presentation of your character with the new gear)... And all the funny gear from SSX 3 is gone. In that game, I unlocked a gorilla mask and a boomblaster. That was FUN.. It made the game seem grand and worthwhile... This time around, there's just the levels to unlock, and a few good gimmicks to keep things fresh (the wingsuit is brilliant, so is the solar panel) Oh and the avalanche levels had me screaming out loud with joy.. They looked so good and played so well. Actually, I'll up the score from 5 to 6 because of the avalanche levels.. and the wingsuit. Expand
  28. Apr 11, 2012
    This game looked good in the trailers, but BOY did they miss the mark with this one. The menu system is con fusing, the characters don't so much a speak anymore, and if they do its really hard to hear. The levels are atrocious , the tricks are basically copy and pasted too each character. Overall this was just bad, i mean how can SSX on Tour be better than this, and i thought that game was the worst one in the series, until NOW. Expand
  29. May 27, 2012
    Story/Career - This game is truly phenomenal when it comes to its story and career mode. It's Team SSX vs. Griff. Team SSX is a group of snowboarders competing against Griff, who is a rider that abandoned Team SSX after getting too **** In this mode you explore different mountains with over 150 drops around the world such as the Himalayas, The Rockies and more. This game is adrenaline pumping like playing a first person shooter. I am 16 and I've been playing SSX since 2001 in the PS2 days. SSX isn't just a snowboarding game. There's more to it than that. This is the best offline experience I ever had. I admit the boss battles can be a bit difficult, but besides that it truly impresses. I know the developers worked incredibly hard on this game. Also, characters from previous SSXs has returned. Score: 100/100(A+)

    Graphics - This game uses Frostbite Engine 2, which is what Battlefield 3 uses for its graphics. These graphics look noticeably better than Battlefield when it comes to the graphics. Living in Georgia I don't see snow much and the snow in this game looks real. I don't understand why GameInformer was stomping the game for its graphics when it has some of the best graphics. Every environmental detail pops out to you. Score: 100/100(A+)

    Gameplay - The gameplay on here is really smooth. The character you're playing would make remarks and so would the AI. The soundtrack is alright, but this game has dubstep and I'm not really a fan of that. Other genres include Hip-Hop, Reggae, Soft Rock, Hard Rock and some Pop music. If you don't like the soundtrack, you can play your own music with custom soundtracks. Tricks are easy to pull off and I use the new standard controls instead of the classic controls just because it feels smoother. There's this thing called "Tricky" that lets you perform nearly impossible tricks and it gives you a rush. I'm a little disappointed that this doesn't have a replay option so I could look at my event. The previous SSXs had this. It's a shame. Replay is a big feature left out to me, but I learned to deal with it. The game has a rewind feature, but when you use that rewind feature, a penalty is given. You lose points and the rewind just rewinds you and not your AI. It's kind of impressive actually. If they were able to add a rewind feature, they could have added a replay feature. Score: 90/100(A+)

    Multiplayer - My favorite multiplayer at the moment. Instead of actually having a race or trick event with like 7 other people to place in 1st, 2nd or 3rd, you compete in real-time with a number of others by jumping out of a helicopter. Example: I finish in a time of 1:42, that would put first on the standings as to where maybe a 2:40 would put be second or third in the standings. It's different and I like it. Your placing in events also compete with your friends standing. Some SSX fans might be upset that this SSX doesn't have Split-Screen. Its really no surprise coming from a EA published game. It doesn't bother me though. This is one of the more impressive Multiplayer experiences because it actually feels like you're competing around the world. I will be on this for a long time and I like dominating my friends. Score: 100/100(A+)

    Playing Time/Content - I will spend hundreds of hours on this game and the replay value is very high. If you don't want to buy the game, then think about renting the game. There are 3 different game modes. There is World Tour(story/career), Explore(single player events), and Global Events(multiplayer). Score: 100/100(A+)

    Overall rating: 98/100 (A+)

    Other notes:

    SSX for PS3 has Mt. Fuji as an exclusive. I have yet to try out this mountain.

    + Frostbite Engine 2
    + Controls
    + Custom Soundtracks (your music)
    + Content
    - No split-screen
    - In-game Dubstep music
  30. Mar 5, 2012
    Graphics are great, controls are pretty fluid & tight as well as the soundtrack is fairly decent. Storyline is a little weak and the lack of split screen head to head is disappointing. Found the added gimmicks, such as oxygen tank, ice pick are just pushing a button, no real skill behind it. Falling off one cliff(which many courses have gaps) can ruin a run and force you to restart. Although they include a rewind feature like Dirt 3, its a wasted feature because it doesnt rewind time just you. So if you were in first place and decide to rewind falling off a cliff, time still goes on and others will pass you as you rewind. Unusable feature and the overload of this new dubstep/house music gets tiring after awhile. That being said pulling off tricks is always fun and checking out the mountain landscape is a blast. You'll find yourself resetting ALOT due to one mistake. Very enjoyable game dispite its flaws and the best winter sports game out there. Expand
  31. Mar 10, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. SSX is the rebirth of snowboarding games. It destroys Shaun Whites attempt, and its an amazing game at that. However the need to change gear gets old quickly. The game is a ton of fun, just make sure you listen to the gear changing or youll die alot. Also only one person on a console is a dissapointing flaw of SSX. Dont pay $60 for it, but if it drops i'd jump at it. Expand
  32. Mar 14, 2012
    6 is a generous score considering how this release pales in comparison to SSX3. But im glad i got a taste of what used to be a major contributor to my misspent youth. As most of you will have experienced many years ago, SSX3 was an epicly beautiful game - but more importantly the game had character. Will describe my initial impressions in point form:

    -I boot up SSX, expecting some cool
    intro video assuring me that this is going to be ALOT of fun. Nothing.
    -All good, i press the START button and make my way through the game menu system..immediately i notice a very dull menu layout.
    -Hm, why cant i cant i select Psymon? Maybe i still have to unlock characters.
    -I realize the characters are mountain specific. Static story driven. Meh.
    -I can barely make out what my board or character kit look like, everything is very concept arty thumb-nailed 2d. I also have 40" of real estate and your squishing this into a tiny ugly clunky little window.

    So Initial impressions aside, the game was highly enjoyable for the first 2 hours of gameplay, nostalgia set in whilst executing all the insane tricky moves. Alas i soon started to realize this game was alot more about precision and being reserved. And relative to the freedom one had in SSX3, this was a tiny corridor, a very pretty corridor, but nonetheless still a corridor...filled with highly annoying pitfalls and crevices. And the rewind time feature, which i imagine was created for this annoyance, just further enrages you. I cursed ALOT playing this game, which i dont remember doing much of during the previous title. Anywho, as you move along through the different mountains you have certain gear options which will help you survive that mountains unique dangers. This was a dumb idea EA, you morons. The only mountain/gear combo i enjoyed was Patagonia with the wing suits. Wing suit = huge hang time, damn fine idea. You should have simply expanded and refined this single idea. The rest are bordering on full retard, not fun at all.

    In a nutshell, they shouldve stuck with the original formula of freedom and fun, coupled with the massively charismatic tracks and characters. Like my review, EA half baked this, and it is clearly evident that it had potential to be epic. I advise the project lead to go and actually play SSX3 to get an idea of what the game shouldve felt like. Too bad theres no crappy real life rewind function eh?

    Till the next release.
  33. Mar 19, 2012
    I was really looking forward to SSX. I loved the previous games and spent a lot ot time on them. I dived into GS to grab a copy on launch day, took it home and played it to death!
    Once the excitement wore off I started to notice things like the last gen graphics, ridiculous course design and lack of a proper MP option, local or online. The course design ruined it for me. I don't have the
    time to play a game enough to learn all the courses, damn work, but there's nothing worse than racking up a nice multiplier and seeing it fall down a crevasse that you had no knowledge of being there. Sorry, but this is just bad design. The survival courses are about as much fun as going to MacDonalds and finding out their new burger range is based around toe nails. I went back to SSX 3 and had a great time. No local MP? what the hell were they thinking? Most people have bigger better TV's than back when SSX 3 was on the market and these TV's are excellent for split screen, and I mean split screen where you can shoulder barge your mate out of the way when he's about to hit a jump and not just on the screen. This game is a disappointment and has already been traded in. It could have been ultimate SSX but instead it became a poor cousin of SSX. Not good EA, not good at all. Expand
  34. Mar 23, 2012
    When I was little I basically played 3 games, Tekken 3, Crash Team Racing and SSX. While Tekken is losing the war in fighting games to superior titles such as Street fighter 4 and Mortal Combat, and Naughty Dog sold Crash to another company that killed him, I'm left with SSX. And I'm glad -and very relieved- that it doesn't disappoint. Better yet, it build upon the franchise, new controls, a whole lot of drops, 3 different mods (race it, trick it and survive it), making this the best SSX to date. Only disappointment -and sadly this is a big one- there is no split-screen multiplayer, only online multiplayer, which I'm no big fan of. Really wanted to be able to play with my friends. But don't let this scare you away from this title. it's still a fantastic singleplayer game with loads of content to keep you entertained. Expand
  35. Dpk
    Apr 24, 2012
    Less fun than SSX 3, technically poor and the most important think : no offline multiplayer !
    Many uselees gameplay futur feature (cold avalanche ice ...)
    This game is very hard.
    Very good OST.
    SSX 4 must be better
  36. Apr 29, 2012
    When I found out that the SSX series was finally returning, I was incredibly excited. After playing all of the other games, I was relishing the opportunity to to play the series once again. However overall I felt this disappointing. The general game play itself isn't the problem. The new control scheme I was particularly impressed with, and was simple but also enjoyable to use. However I do think that tricks are rather easy to perform, and I just ended up with mashing with the analogue stick and other buttons to perform the tricks. I also found the new features brought into the game such as wing packs, and ice picks a good idea, but was not used enough in the game, which is something to work on. Finally I also found the maps were well designed, and impressive considering they were mapped from real-world locations.

    The main issue with this game is that although some people may consider it innovative and different I think the multiplayer aspect of the game was a huge let down. The main reason for this, is that from all the past games a key part of the enjoyment was being able to race and play against your friends, which you cannot do on this game. I believe that not being able to race against your friends offline is a massive gap that has been left out by EA and I don't understand why they did this. Now people may argue that the online mode, does permit competing against other players online, however it is only in the aspect of beating previous players times or scores in trick and race mode. again there is simply no option to race against people straight up. Although small in comparison to my despair of the multiplayer, there is also a few other features that are missing from this game (compared to previous titles).

    I think that customisation of the characters in this game is lacking, as all you seem to be able to do is buy different suits where as with previous games, you could customise much more. The other thing that I found disappointing was the lack of different game modes, all there seemed to be was either race mode or trick it, with the exception of survival. I believe that having modes such as the half pipe, or racing tournaments would of been enjoyable to have.

    Overall I think that EA has gone a step in the wrong direction for the series with this game, and has put doubt in my mind over possible future titles. I believe that this game, after completing the world tour mode, has very little else to other and therefore I would only recommend renting this game rather than purchasing it.
  37. May 7, 2012
    This far is great I am glad to see that they have done the ssx name justice. This game is actually rather hard to get gold medals on but they are very achievable if you practice the maps. Love the global mode. the only things that hold this game back from being perfect are some glitch issues, no real time multiplayer and no inclusions of seeya from ssx tricky. If they did not make thee free character dlc for Eddie I would have only given the game a 8 Expand
  38. Nov 28, 2013
    Buy SSX Tricky for the PS2 Instead.

    The game simply isn't fun they stripped out everything that made the PS2 version great and added annoying unskipable events, like a forced training mode which cannot be skipped using a new control mechanism... utter jank, then once you have passed the worthless forced training you can switch the the decent PS2 control scheme but it's not quite the
    same. The "select" button will no longer reset you onto the track that useful feature has been stripped out, the soundtrack which used to be upbeat and fun has been replaced by a rap and r'n'b soundtrack which is dull and does not fit the game at all. Want to pick your favourite character and go through career mode with them? well you can't because that has been stripped out too, you have to play the jank story mode starting off as Zoe and playing different characters as you progress... NOT FUN, also why does a snowboarding game need a story mode you ask? well it doesn't and it's borderline infantile. Want to play offline so EA doesn't spy on you? well prepare for them to endlessly ask you to sign in when you pick a game mode. SSX stands for Super Snow Cross right? nope not any more they changed that too...... In short everything that was awesome about the PS2 game no longer exists, if you want to play an excellent and fun snowboarding game with an arcade feel go buy SSX Tricky for the PS2, You will not regret it, if on the other hand you have bought this abomination return it for a refund. Expand
  39. Oct 6, 2014
    SSX is a great and fun game for people who love to experience what it would be like to get insane air on a snowboard. But the game is kinda repetitive but other than that it is a great game.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 38 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 32 out of 38
  2. Negative: 1 out of 38
  1. May 4, 2012
    SSX is a great reboot of the series. While the game has some shortcomings, it does provide an amazing adrenaline rush and sense of speed you rarely experience in other titles.
  2. [P]layers won't get much out of SSX until they put a lot of time into each of the game's courses – packed with branching paths, high ridges, and suicide leaps – and work out a custom plan of attack. Without one, SSX can deteriorate into a discombobulating frazzle of questions like: where am I going? Is this the fastest way down? And how come the CPU is 15 seconds ahead of me? While the required exploration means a tonne of replay value, it also means newbies will have to board up a hockey stick-shaped difficulty curve to feel in the game. [April 2012, p70]
  3. Mar 28, 2012
    Frustrates and infuriates as poor design decisions smash into each other with alarming regularity. A real letdown, given the series it comes from, but in actuality this is as close to an SSX game as it is Tetris. [Issue#216, p.70]