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  1. Mar 28, 2013
    I'm surprised on how much they worked on this game, I expected it to have so much less content, like in the minecraft 360 version, but no, they've added much more than the pc version, not only that, but somehow it feels like a PC game, which is the point, and it makes this game so much fun.
  2. Jun 27, 2013
    I bought this game at 7pm.
    10 minutes later, it was already 1:30 am.
    And what is interesting about it is that I don't even like Minecraft.
    If you have problems placing blocks, just press R3 and you'll have a better tuned cursor.
    The learning curve is great, specially with all guides available.
  3. Sep 30, 2013
    Can't rate it anything below a straight A. It feels great, it's great fun to play with friends and there's a vast amount of content. It's currently the most played game in my PS3's game collection, and the smooth local multiplayer make this an incredibly good game. In terms of value to quality it really shines as well. It's only $15 and it's definitely an amazing value. If you have a friend and a spare controller, get both of them to your house and play the hell out of this game. It's absolutely worth it. Expand
  4. Mar 28, 2013
    To me this is just as good as the pc version. The controls and the menus take seconds to get to use to and they shouldn't be a problem once you really start to play.I have not go to the new content yet but its probably great. One suggestion to everyone new or not is to play the tutorial it helps with everything.
  5. Jun 23, 2014
    I gave it a 9 only because I am a jerk about a full-on 10. Still, this is one of the best sandbox games I've played. Tons of fun playing on my own, tons of fun playing with the kids. Love it!
  6. Jul 7, 2013
    This game is amazingly deep, considering there is no story. The controls are tough to learn but after an hour you'll be an expert. The tutorial is fantastic and for newbies it is critical. I will admit that I'm not a fan of 8-bit graphics and I've never played minecraft so I can't make comparisons but I do enjoy this game. I won't tell you its a must buy title and honestly it shouldn't cost $15 but I do recommend the demo. its not a game everyone will like and it is over priced on PSN. Expand
  7. Apr 25, 2013
    I was very skeptical about one of my favorite pc games coming to console. I wasn't sure how the would make it work. I'm very happy to say that in many ways this version is better than the pc version. But the pc version is still better in many ways as well. For example you get an incredibly useful world map, new armor, weapons, pets and a new boss. However I still miss the lack of mods, texture packs and other pc exclusive things. Day also resets every time you log on which I have mixed feelings about. It can be useful if you want to avoid night, but annoying if you have to wait until night to fight a boss. I still think this version is worth anyone's time and money. Expand
  8. Mar 26, 2013
    Even on PC this game is fantastic and the control are a little bit more confusing on console this game is still freaking fantastic. Terraria is the best game I've every played so far with it's minecraft like theme. This game is a must buy, hopefully they do not update the game with useless updates that ruin the game like many other games out there.
  9. Mar 28, 2013
    Wow, this is a great game, I love it, I haven't played the PC version whatsoever, but, I heard this has more content, and I am happy, because that means I have no reason to get the PC version, which is awesome!
  10. May 27, 2014
    One of the most addicting games i have ever played. Boss after boss, things after things....It seems like the game is going to end, but they always throw something new into the fix. Almost 150 different weapons you can use not including the other 1000 items you can find, collect, and craft with to make even more items.(lightsaber) They even include Cloud's sword in the game!!! Awesome Awesome Awesome game. 10+++. If you own a ps3 or any console/PC. Buy this game. Highly recommended Expand
  11. Jun 10, 2013
    holy crap and to think i called this the minecraft wannbe boy was i wrong never judge a game before you play i played minecraft for 2 years and got tired of it and i heard terraria was coming to the ps3 i got and and didnt put it down i love this game their is more to do than in minecraft and more fun to be had. this game is worth 15 trust me i thought minecraft was better i was wrong you will love this game if you loved minecraft unless you just like building stuff then just stick to creative alright Expand
  12. Jun 15, 2013
    The #1 game for me. The mix of action, building, and role play really makes this the stuff. And, you would enjoy it too! It automatically saves at set intervals, and if you pause it, you can save your game. It also automatically saves when you exit your game. Each world is different from another. You can choose it's size,
    depending on how long you think you would play. Customize your own
    character. Then enter your loot heaven. Expand
  13. Apr 22, 2014
    This game is the definition of obsessive, seriously. I've played this game for hundreds of hours, and I'm still not bored. The game is NOT a minecraft ripoff, in fact, I prefer it over minecraft. This game has so many incredibly fun aspects that make mining, fighting, and exploring a complete blast to do. There's always something to do in this game, whether it be getting those last few ores to make a new armor set, or getting to the end of a dungeon, or biome.
    Pros: - Mining (The games main feature is mining, and it does it very well. Being able to mine ores/blocks that are behind each other, and seeing ores in the 2D world, make mining simplistic but very satisfying)
    - Combat (The game has surprisingly fun combat. You can use swords, wands, or guns, each with their own advantages. While the guns can be seen as OP, you don't get any good guns until much later, balancing that isssue)
    - Crafting (There is a myriad of things to craft, including armor, weapons, tools, furniture, and crafting blocks. You can realize and build anything, literally)
    - Music (The game has a retro-styled soundtrack that is fun, charming, and never gets boring. It really builds upon the games incredible atmosphere)
    - Platforming (The game is 2D, and this makes it a platformer to a certain extent. Fortunately, traversing the world is just as easy and good as any other 2D platformer)
    - Replay value and content (With the countless crafting possibilities, revivable bosses, various biomes and dungeons, and online multiplayer, you can easily get 1000+ hours in this game. For $15, this game is a steal)

    Cons: - Somewhat repetitive (If you don't like minecraft or any other survival game of a similar fashion, this game may be somewhat boring for you. Everyone else will have a blast)

    Overall, this game is hands down one of the best, most fun, and intriguing games I have ever played. This is something that I will be playing 10 years from now, and hopefully the others who have played feel the same way. In other words, get this game. There's no reason to turn down a game of infinite possibilities for a lowly $15.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 12 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 9 out of 12
  2. Negative: 0 out of 12
  1. All this digging can be frustrating until you have mastered the right technique. Once you do, you will be hooked for a long time. Exploring a surprisingly large system of caverns underneath the surface of this colourful world, searching for that precious gold nugget. [June 2013, p.94]
  2. Jun 24, 2013
    Wonderful stuff. [Issue#232, p.84]
  3. Jun 7, 2013
    A lot of games tried to copy Minecraft – or at least participate from its' success. But this two-dimensional take on the well known formula is the only game that is able to step out of the shadow of the indie phenomenon that inspired it. It leads you into a unique world full of creative magic and translates well onto consoles thanks to the very good pad controls.