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  1. Jun 26, 2012
    This game was almost to Spider-man what Arkham City is to Batman. While it is a fine example of a licensed game done right, it still has a few flaws that need a little polishing. Word of warning however, this game serves as a sequel to the new Amazing Spider-man feature film and if you have not seen the movie or are not familiar with Spider-man mythos, this game will spoil some major plot points to the movie. I won't spoil anything here, but be ready if you choose to play.
    The good The graphics in this game were one of the best features, featuring a very vivid character models and environments. The voice acting (while not the cast from the motion picture) were spot on and should end up being the choice voices for their roles in future projects. The side missions are many, like many of these open world games, however they do not feel as if they are too repetitive. Some are actually too short and you wish there had been more. The controls are spot on and, while they do take a bit of a learning curve, they are very intuitive.

    The not quite there.

    I say, "not quite there" instead of "bad" since there really isnt anything "bad" about the game. Just a few minor tweeks and this game could have been perfect. The plot of the game was good, but felt slightly lacking at some points. Some of the choices felt forced, but did little to hinder the fun factor. I will not spoil anything, but when you play it you will see. Plus the length of the main story (just under 8 hrs) felt short overall. The menu system could have been tweeked a bit, with "unlockables" accessible in-game instead of just in the main menu and the skill tree expanded on significantly, bt overall it was very functional. One thing that did detract slightly was the feeling that leveling up made no real difference to your character with some of the enhancements. The changes were almost too subtle and were sometimes nearly imperceptible.The map, while large, almost felt smaller than it should have due to the ability to traverse it very easily and quickly. A larger map would have been nice. My biggest complaint, however, was the loading screens in between each chapter, mission and menus. On the PS3 the loading screens take far too long to continue your adventure, effectively pulling you out of what could have been a total game immersion. Overall
    A fine example of a super-hero game. Solid game-play and an enjoyable experience overall. If Bee-nox can expand on this formula, and tweek it a bit, they could have a Marvel Game series that could even rival DC's Batman franchise. If I could give it an 8.5 I would, however the game just doesn't quite qualify for a 9.
  2. Sep 1, 2012
    Having read the other reviews, did not get the game with high expectations, but I've played PS1 and PS2 Spiderman games and was also impressed by Beenox's first PS3 effort (it was amazing--no pun intended--that they recruited the original voice actors for Spiderman animated shows). This is not your Treyarch open-world game, but it does it justice. If they had gone with mission-style only (and locked away missions until they were ready to advance the plot) rather than the chapter-style, they could have easily made the world seem a lot less linear. But all in all, I felt like playing an Arkham City style game but with Spiderman and his abilities. Like critics said, the web-swinging is kind of off (especially when there are lots of low buildings or corners to get stuck in) and sidequest dialogue gets repetitious, but the artwork and soundtrack are top notch. You can fight stealth-style or combo-style according to your preference and a lot of Spidey themes are included such as taking pictures and wall-crawling from practically every angle. Not usually a fan of movie tie-in games and they took this one down a path that will probably be used in the sequels for the Garfield Spidey but was strange for those who are familiar with the lore. However, if they were trying to capture the feel that you are Spiderman (just as you were the Dark Knight in Arkham City), they fairly nailed it. Not a perfect version of the webhead, but the closest we've got on the PS3 until some developer (or Beenox itself) tops it. Expand
  3. Sep 17, 2012
    Great Spider-man Game, not quite up there with Spider-man 2 but still very awesome! This is right up there with the Batman Arkham titles. I wasn't quite so fond with the boss battles and the graphics need a little bit more work to make the Ultimate Spider-man game but this is a good start.
  4. Dec 22, 2013
    The Amazing Spider-Man is by no means a perfect game. It is short and easy, the city could be a bit bigger, the side missions could be more plentiful, and the combat, while solid could use a little bit of expanding. However, The Amazing Spider-Man is a ton of fun. It is great to be back in an open world Spider-Man game, and the city looks absolutely fantastic. The animation of Spider-Man is great, the combat is fun, and having the freedom to explore NYC again is great. The Amazing Spider-Man is a solid first step in the next generation of Spider-Man titles. Expand
  5. Jul 5, 2012
    "Love the swinging around the city" "I just loved swinging around the city" "I felt like spiderman swinging through the city"

    Sure, if you ONLY love swinging around the city this game is for you... Other than swinging around there is little substance to the game, it's extremely repetitive; save citizens, get your picture taken, chasing the same car in every high speed chase...

    graphics are blah, cutscenes are horrid, story is short, bosses suck and it's the same timing based prompt triangle, circle, X, square system that I HATE.

    Hardcore spider man fans should like it, but there isn't enough there for me to recommend somebody else buying the game.
  6. Jul 18, 2012
    This game isn't very challenging, or innovative, but it is darn fun. While I myself thoroughly enjoyed the game, I can see adult gamers growing tired of its formula rather quickly, where younger gamers might be more forgiving of its faults and be content just swinging around Manhattan. Web-slinging is a pure joy to watch, the acrobatics are animated beautifully and the close camera provides an excellent sense of speed, unfortunately, most of the of game's main missions are indoors where web-slinging is kept to a minimum but the few battles that take place outdoors are exhilarating. The action indoors mostly consist of hiding and stealth kills, which is neat at first but the fact that Spider-man can stick to any surface, wall or ceiling, it becomes quickly apparent just how easy these missions can be, luckily, its almost never required, so if you get bored crawling around, you always have the option to leap from the shadows and just start an all out brawl. The fighting mechanics are simple, spamming X usually gets the job done, while there is a dodge button that will extend your combo if timed correctly, it's never really essential but it is more satisfying to watch the combos unfold uninterrupted. The games main fault is the lack of challenge, as mentioned the stealth areas and general combat are too easy and while there are plenty of things to do outside of the main missions, photo-journalism, car chases, petty crimes, races, none of them are challenging, nonetheless, they are a welcome diversion while traversing to the next story mission but after you beat the game, they kind of end up feeling like busy work, rather than engaging side-missions you would want to play through. Expand
  7. Jul 8, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Story Mode - The best story in a Spider-Man game. It flows and actually makes sense. Spider-Man suit even messes up as you take damage. You will fight robots, infected people, cross-species, and thugs. The story is about the different cross-species getting lose and Spider-Man has to stop it after he kinda caused the problem to begin with. Spider-Man has to save the people of New York, find a cure for the infected and save Gwen, his love. Spider-Man can do what he can with the help of Dr. Connors who was also the lizard. The story for this takes place after the movie, which releases July 3rd in the United States. Overall, the story is fantastic and Spider-Man fans won't be disapointed. 100/100(A+)

    Graphics - Not spectacular. The framerate is fine. The environments look good. Spider-Man looks real. Some character details look bad, but not to the point where you can't stand it. At least they don't look cartoonish. 90/100(A-)

    Gameplay - The game plays well. It's an open world game. The combat is better than ever and the web swinging and camera makes me feel like I'm Spider-Man. You get to use special moves and upgrade Spider-Man. Web crawling is good. Throughout the city you'll see petty crimes going on that where you can choose to take action. There's this feature called Web Rush, where you can just swing fast to different areas by pressing the R1 button or holding it to slow down time and do attacks. There's also web retreat so you can get out the way when you're in trouble by pressing the L1 button. You can also take photos by pressing L2. You'll feel a lot of vibration through your controller in this game. You'll encounter a lot of action. You also get to play as Stan Lee with the Stan Lee Adventure Pack. 100/100(A+)

    Multiplayer - No multiplayer.

    Playing Time/Content: This game should take you at least 20 hours to get 100 percent. Probably 30 hours. It's definitely worth $60. There's enough content in this single-player open world game to keep you satisfied. 100/100(A+)

    Overall score: 97.5(A+)

    + Lengthy story
    + Side missions
    + Different costumes
    + Combat systems
  8. Jul 5, 2012
    I cannot believe the high scores for this travesty of a Spiderman Game. Throughout the years Spiderman has revolutionized the sandbox experience and created an environment that required skill and strategy to navigate through. You would have to be a pretty soft gamer to think this was a great gaming experience. IT felt like handholding was taking place throughout the entire game. Swinging from non existent buildings, freezing time to make even noobs bored, and the graphics were put solely into Spidey's suit and ignored all other aspects of rendering. Please take this review into consideration when deciding whether or not to purchase this game.

    Hear the full review on the podcast;
  9. Jul 2, 2012
    The Amazing Spider-Man is the most fun I have had with a video game in a while. Why? Because you're Spider-Man! Developer Beenox has created an open world New York City where you can roam around as Spider-Man and do random side missions all while doing the main story too. The main storyline takes place after the movie and contains many spoilers and even though it seemed a little far-fetched, the boss battles were epic. Giant robots chasing Spider-man as you have to doge each attack and find the weak points. The action is greatly influenced by that of Arkham City which is a great thing! There are many costumes to collect for Spider-Man and it is even just fun to swing around NYC. Another great aspect of this game is that there are 700+ collectibles which will continuously keep you playing for more. There were only two MAJOR flaws i felt about this game. Sometimes, the character animations for the mouth didn't match with the voices and the story was a bit too short (even though it was VERY fun). If you are looking for a game which will be a blast to play and will probably have DLC coming soon and lots of collectables, then this is the game for you. Expand
  10. Oct 20, 2012
    One of the best Spider-Man games I've played and it's great that it's influenced by Batman. It's in my top 3 along with Spider-Man 2 on PS1 and Spider-Man 2 on PS2
  11. Jun 26, 2012
    Love the swinging around the city, but it takes some skill to get use to it.. Once you have figured it out it, you'll get a great feeling of being Spider-Man. Reminds me of the old Spider-Man 2 game
  12. Jun 29, 2012
    The Amazing Spider-Man is a hit or miss. It's going to be either loved or hated... As for me its definitely a hit.

    The overall look of Manhattan is great, not as beautiful compared to most other 720p games but it's not something you would be bothered too much by as the camera is now closer to Spider-Man giving you that sense of vertigo as he swings, w.rush and even in the
    battle you are rewarded with a cinematic end where Spidey does a stylish take down on the enemy. Though some may find it hard to adapt due to the web swing being more of a cloud swing or as some people would say it sticks to an invisible shield carrier above. But despite it's cloud swinging element the game doesn't always allow you to swing, most of the time you find yourself falling into the city and as you reach mid to ground level Spidey shoots out another web and swings giving you the effect beenox has been preaching on about. They are also in game details such as when you're falling down Spidey turns upside down and shoots out at the air in order to soften his landing which really impressed me as the small details do come a long way in my book.

    The story basically takes place right after the events of the movie and for most people it offers a huge array of spoilers for the film, though this may not bother most comic readers as it would have come as a "to be expected" outcome of the overall story. Gwen takes Peter into Oscorp to investigate on the cross species experiments that apparently are still going on. As they make their way through they are greeted by scientist, Alistair Smythe who tells them that the specimens are to be disposed of and that further experimentation has indeed ceased. Inside the cross species start reacting to Peter badly as he is one of them and even worst when he meets Scorpion. This causes Scorpion to break out and thus setting free all the other cross species which leads up to Gwen being infected by Vermin. Spidey then has to save the day once again and that is pretty much where the plot starts off.

    The detailing on Spidey is amazing, his costume is well designed and easily to say breathtaking at times when you roam about and it seems he may be the only character that was mo-capped as his movements stand out to the rest. This though fails to complement the other characters in the game as they look more or less like a Play station 2.5 which comes of as a disappointment as the voices don't always complement the overall look/movement of the other characters, notably Gwen Stacy. As for the villains they look better than the other characters so fear not readers. The city graphics are not too bad as well, they're probably to say on the least at par with the villains design and shading.

    Soundtrack design for this game is pretty well made as there is never a sound hole in between scene to scene and you find enemy spawns about the current situation or how their life is. If not you'll pretty much hear environmental/background noises going on and the soundtracks used for the free roaming section of the game is pretty epic, similar to Uncharted's opening theme. For the voice acting it feels like a blast of nostalgia as I haven't laughed that much since Spectacular Spider-man (Look it up if you haven't heard as it's the best adaptation of the comic to date!) The dialogue is humorous and entertaining for the most and it makes the overall adventure more enjoyable so yes this part is a guaranteed by me personally.

    The gameplay is inspired by the hit acclaimed title Batman: Arkham franchise as it borrows both its brawler (hand to hand) and predator (stealth) elements that has raised the bar sky high for any other super hero games. This though comes with flaws to take as the combat is not as fluid and many at times you find yourself hit right after the spider sense tingle giving you very little time to use the counter button. The stealth function of this game is also rather too easy as most people can be taken down stealthily and requires no strategy to say in the least because the web retreat pretty much makes them lose sight of you. Personal Comments
    Overall feel of this game is amazing no pun intended with some flaws to the plot but you'll find this game to be enjoyable despite its many side missions and ridiculous amount of comic pages (700) to pick up which in return unlocks comic books for read. I've completed the game twice and even gotten platinum for it on both accounts i have and i still haven't find myself yawning to any parts of the game, i have to say that this is my best Spider-Man gaming experience yet and i'm really looking forward to what beenox has in stored for their next game or whatever soon to come DLC they will have for this one. I've always been pleased with their other games Shattered Dimensions and Edge of Time so i'm really glad this didn't come of as a disappointment.
  13. Jul 4, 2012
    I have been waiting for a good spiderman game since spiderman 2 and while this game may not be perfect it is still one of the best spiderman games in awhile. I felt like spiderman swinging through the city saving citizens and stoping thugs and I haven't felt that since spiderman 2 and yeah even the boring spiderman 3. This game would have been amazing if they didn't repeat the same side missions too much and added some more variety to all of them really they could have used more than one car on the chase missions. The indoor sections weren't bad but not perfect they really need to find a better way to use the camera when your upside down or on a wall it's awful and the combat gets boring only sometimes like in the sewers. But all flaws aside this is a must play for any spiderman fan I hope that they make another game for the sequel and fix and improve the little flaws in this game and make the true spiderman game we really want this is a step in the right direction beenox congrats. Expand
  14. Jul 7, 2012
    The Amazing Spider-Man is a great game to the Spider-Man franchise but it is not flawless. The game starts off where the movie ended, Oscorps experiments, also known as the cross-species, has broken out and are on the loose in Manhattan. Gwen and the population of the city has been infected, to safe them you help Dr. Connors breaking out from the asylum so he can create and antidote before it's too late. The storyline is good, the gameplay is similar to Batman: Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. You can perform impressive combos and upgrade Spider-Man's powers, it's also very fun to swing around the city in this game, the setting seems so much bigger than in the other Spider-Man games. However, this game is easy and the chapters and boss battles are really repetitive which is a big shame. You can't use your upgrades on the bosses and the attacks does not have any impact on them.

    I give this game 7/10
  15. Jul 12, 2012
    Possibly the greatest Spider-Man game ever made. The voice acting is amazing, storyline is great and web swinging around the concrete jungle of New York has never been more fun. The only downside is the length of the main storyline and that the game is NOT difficult on medium.
  16. Jul 16, 2012
    I've been a gamer and a Spidey fan for years. Best Spidey game ever made. Spider-Man 2 had a great swinging mechanic,but the rest of the gameplay was just ok. The swinging mechanic in this game is simplified,but the gameplay is awesome. This is the first game that made me feel like I was Spider-Man. I can understand why Beenox made the webswinging so simplistic. If you are Spider-Man, webswinging should be as easy as walking. I can't begin to tell you how many times I fell to the ground while playing Spider-Man 2 because I missed a building. It takes you out of the moment. To maintain the illusion that you are webswinging,don't shoot your webs until you're by a building. I spend a lot of time free falling and webzipping until I get close to a building. This is the first Spidey game I played where the in game camera wasn't an issue. The other games gave me a headache. The combat is the best that it's ever been,Spidey's animations are fluid and the detail in his costume is impressive. If you are a Spidey fan,like me, the game is loaded with Spidey fan service to keep you coming back for more. SPIDEY FANS REJOICE!!!! Expand
  17. Mar 23, 2013
    El combate no es del todo ágil, que digamos, y los gráficos, pese a ser muy buenos en su derecho, tienen sus tiras y aflojas, pero el juego logra mantenerse gracias a una historia enganchante e interesante que respeta la esencia del héroe y un mayor realismo e interacción respecto a otros juegos del arácnido.

  18. May 12, 2013
    It's not "amazing" but its a good game. There are some interesting and innovative ideas at play in this game; its particularly fun when you're crawling on walls and ceilings to silently pick off your enemies. The story is a little convoluted, even for an Amazing Spiderman game. Have you ever read The Amazing Spiderman? Its full of crazy stories! The game takes place in Manhattan following the events of The Amazing Spiderman movie. However, call me crazy but Manhattan looks a little underpopulated. Where are the traffic jams? The heavy traffic? Where are the citizens of Manhattan? They're there but if you gathered them all up they wouldn't fill a rural tiny village on the outskirts of nowhere. The game is heavily inspired by the Batman Arkham games...its obvious to anyone who has played them. Everything from the combat system to the skills and gadgets upgrades were stolen from Rocksteady the developers of the Arkham games. I guess that could be a form of flattery though. If only they copied Rocksteady's story telling techniques and knack for high resolution polished and realistic graphics. Sadly that's not the case. The game seems to hold your hand the entire time. Boss fights are ridiculously easy, even on the harder settings and there are tons of quick time events that are supposed to make the action feel cinematic but in the end all the really do is dumb the action down to a mere "push the right button when we tell you to." I suppose this game has replay value after you beat it, which shouldn't take more than a few hours, but swinging around through a city with no one to fight isn't my idea of a good time. If you easily want to collect PS3 trophies, this is the game for you. You'll have most of them within your first 2 hours of gameplay. Expand
  19. Mar 2, 2013
    This game does an excellent job of recreating the experience of being Spider-Man. The graphics are good, the sandbox world is fun to play in, and the mechanics and responsiveness are all very good. I don't get the mediocre reviews--this is nearly as good as Batman (only lacking the intensity and tone). Overall, highly recommended unless you take games so seriously that you're offended when every game you play isn't hopelessly complex. Expand
  20. Apr 13, 2013
    a movie tie in game thats actually good thts unheard of but somehow this one pulls it off good story, good controls felt just as good swinging around NY as in spiderman 2 combat was good but it was on the short side finished it in a day
  21. May 29, 2013
    I really enjoyed this game. The story is great although the boss battles were too short and simple. I liked that it borrowed Arkham's combat system. That's what made this game similar to the Arkham titles. Swinging around the city is fun and its nice to unlock neat suits. If you like Spider-man, you should try this game.
  22. Feb 20, 2014
    Since Spider-Man 2, many Spider-Man games have come out trying to meet the standards that game set all those years ago. Despite games like Ultimate Spider-Man, Spider-Man 3, and Web of Shadows, most fans will tell you that many of the games after Spider-Man 2 haven't been able to capture what being Spider-Man is really all about like Spider-Man 2 managed to do. Unfortunately, it seems the Amazing Spider-Man is just another one of those games that will join the pile of letdowns.

    Despite what I just said, the Amazing Spider-Man is not a bad game. It's set after the movie, telling a story about what happened after Lizard's rampage on New York city. It starts with Peter's girlfriend Gwen Stacy sneaking him into Oscorp to show the secret experiments that are being created, known as cross species. The Cross Species are half-human, half-animal, like the Lizard and Peter. Unfortunately, the experiments react negatively to Peter, causing them to rampage and breakout, which leads to Gwen getting bit and infected with a virus. Your mission at that point is to find a cure for Gwen, contain the outbreak that spreads through the city, and survive Oscorp's hunter robots that are hunting all cross-species, including you. This plot adds a constant tension throughout the story, that isn't truly gone until the very end.

    Gameplay is varied, but the web-swinging is obviously the most important part. In Spider-Man 2, what made the web-swinging great was how many tricks you could pull off, all the abilities and powers you had, the rush you got from swinging, the perfect controls, and the ultimate authenticity it held to the movie. In the Amazing Spider-Man, the adrenaline rush that I was hoping for isn't here. Instead of having perfect control over swinging, you simply hold the swing button, and the game automatically decides when to let go and pull off the tricks for you, ultimately dumbing down the swinging gameplay. The close up camera also doesn't help, ultimately making your tricks less impressive, while the lack of control while wall crawling only makes thing worse. Don't get me wrong, swinging is fun, but the lack of variation and dumbed down controls ultimately make this game a fail in living up to Spider-Man 2's standards.

    The combat is another thing altogether. Clearly based on Arkham City's combat, this system was ultimately fun, countering enemies moves, building up combos, webbing up stunned enemies to defeat them, and using the environment to help you ultimately made the combat system fun, if not completely over the top, even for Spider-Man.

    The web rush mode is also welcome, allowing you to slow down time and pick a preset destination somewhere in the environment, automatically speeding you to the spot, while being both fast and stylish at the same time. This ability also helped in fighting enemies while in the air, allowing you to interact with destructible environments, homing in on enemies with guns, and collecting the collectible comic books in the air. This is something I actually thought would've been useful in Spider-Man 2.

    Stealth is questionable. The ease of sneaking up on an enemy, tying him to a wall, and then immediately being able to flee using web rush felt overpowered. The stealth was also based on Arkham City, but fails to capture the same art. What made Batman awesome was that despite how cool he was, he had his limits, which made stealth fun. Spider-Man's overpowered moves made stealth feel cheap. If they had added electrified walls and ceilings with only a few catwalks to escape too, the stealth would've been improved.

    The side missions are also a pain. Though varied fairly well, the missions repeat way too much, making them a nuisance to complete after playing them the first few times. There are a few really well made side missions, having to deal with side villains which ultimately made them more eventful and well though out. Unfortunately, those missions are too few and far in between. Muggings, photography, and obstacle courses are fun the first few times, but the charm wears off afterwords. Plus, some side missions are boring right off the bat.

    The sound is also disappointing. No soundtracks stand out, but worst of all, none of the actors from the movies lend their voices to this game. The substitutes do a decent job, although Steve Blum does sound weird as Kurt Connors.

    The graphics aren't bad in anyway, but they also don't stand out in any way, shape, or form. Plus, this game actually managed to make New York look incredibly boring. Only a couple of buildings stand out, while the rest of the city is plain and bland.

    Ultimately, the game isn't that bad. Plus, considering this is a movie tie in game, the game overall does a good job. If you're a fan of Spider-Man, or love action games, you might want to consider picking this game up. However, in comparison to Spider-Man 2, the game is a let down, and if you were expecting a game of that caliber, you'll be disappointed.
  23. Oct 3, 2013
    OK now, for a movie based game, this isn't THAT bad. If you liked spider man 2 and the open world it offered then you will like this one. I like the open world it gives us and a nice return to traditional spider man. Sadly the rest of the game is not that great. When swinging the camera zooms in so it makes you feel like you're truly spiderman swinging around. The outside world is great but it has a lack of side missions. It has side missions but they're all the same ones every new level so they get boring. The in doors missions are....pointless to say the least. They force you to do stealth moves and crawl on walls with very gimicky controls that frustrate. These portions of the game are obviously meant to resemble the batman arkham series but fail. Which brings me to combat. Another rip off from batman, you press a button to attack and another to dodge when the spider sense symbol appears over your head. It doesn't end up being as enjoyable as I thought. Now the voice acting is pretty well done even though it includes a new cast instead of that from the film. The game looks just ok but nothing to brag about. With a lack of side missions, repetitiveness, bland story, and unsatisfying combat, this game will cure whatever open world spidey itchh you may have but in the end you'll be begging for more. Expand
  24. Nov 15, 2013
    I was pretty surprised about how good this game was. I had heaps of fun playing it, the graphics were good, the the bad guys were fun to fight and the web swinging was amazing. it was a great game.
  25. Jul 5, 2012
    I cannot believe the high scores for this travesty of a Spiderman Game. Throughout the years Spiderman has revolutionized the sandbox experience and created an environment that required skill and strategy to navigate through. You would have to be a pretty soft gamer to think this was a great gaming experience. IT felt like handholding was taking place throughout the entire game. Swinging from non existent buildings, freezing time to make even noobs bored, and the graphics were put solely into Spidey's suit and ignored all other aspects of rendering. Please take this review into consideration when deciding whether or not to purchase this game.

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Mixed or average reviews - based on 37 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 15 out of 37
  2. Negative: 0 out of 37
  1. Oct 27, 2012
    It feels like a pale copy of Rocksteadys Batman: Arkham Asylum, lacking in charm and unique features. The game is also plagued by both small and big technical issues that drop it down to a disappointing level of mediocrity. It's not all bad, but as a package it is uninspired, empty and flat.
  2. Oct 14, 2012
    Amazing Spider-Man: The Video Game is terrific fun for web-slinging in the skies of Manhattan, but as a whole falls short of the brilliance of the Batman games it copies due to lackluster level design and repetitive gameplay. [Sept 2012]
  3. As much as the developer values Spider-Man as a superhero, they seem to be an even bigger fan of a certain billionaire by day/vigilante at night called the Batman. It would certainly explain why this game is an almost exact copy of Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. [September 2012, p.78]