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  1. Dec 5, 2011
    This game is an absolute sludge fest. It runs awful on the PS3, the longer you play, the worse it gets. All you have to do is look at any of the message boards or forums around the Internet to see the disgust this game is causing gamers. Problem is, Bethesda is not offering any type of explanation as to how this game could get released in this state. It was obviously not tested thoroughly at Besthesda and they simply want your money. If you are interested in buying and playing Skyrim, get it on PC or 360. I can not recommend the PS3 version in the horrible state it is currently in. This is embarrassing. Expand
  2. Dec 5, 2011
    Would have given this a 9...if I could play it. I can't even have the game on for 20 minutes with it crashing or stuttering. On top of the fact that it doesn't work, I bought the Collector's Edition for $150, so that's a bunch of cash down the toilet. Can't even return it because I don't have the massive 2.5' x 2.5' cardboard box the game came in any more. On the other hand, it makes a fantastic cup coaster, especially with the Collector's edition's thick case. Expand
  3. Dec 5, 2011
    People buying this game on the PS3 should check to see if the major lag issue has been fixed on the PS3. The game should never have been released in this state as it becomes unplayable after a number of hours. Google "digital foundry skyrim lag" for details of the problem and why you should avoid the PS3 version for now.
  4. Dec 5, 2011
    Last night I started experiencing the game-breaking lag that everyone's talking about. I was concerned but assumed the lag would be fixed, until I read that one of Obsidian's director's comments that confirms the lag is an innate flaw and would require a "large time commitment" to fix. To me, this means that this game simply cannot be fixed within a reasonable budget or timeframe.

    gave the review 1 star because this problem is nothing short of a show stopper. The game itself is fun, engrossing and innovative, but all accolades pale in the light that the game will simply stop working after a short period of time. For me, this short period of time was 37 hours of gameplay; given the hundreds of hours of potential gameplay, no amount of "fun" will make up for that loss. Expand
  5. Dec 5, 2011
    DO NOT BUY THIS GAME until you know it's fixed.

    This game gets unplayable after some hours of play.The lag ruins the whole experience and the constant freezes can destroy your PS3 .Shame on you,all reviewers of the press who rushed and give the PS3 version of Skyrim a 10/10,this game deserves a 0.It's just a waste of money in the way it is now
  6. Dec 5, 2011
    this is a great game, just not on the ps3. after 90 hours of gameplay i got 1 of many game breaking bugs and could no longer play. i started over from the beginning and now that character is unplayable. do not buy this game for ps3. i wont even talk about the massive lag once your save file reaches 7 megs.
  7. Dec 5, 2011
    If your thinking of buying the ps3 version of skyrim don't , by any means till the problems that occurs on the game is fixed. One big problem the game sufferers with is horrible frame-rate issues and lag on the ps3 version. You get up to 6mb of data your going to start noticing the game in slow-motion all the time. The game isn't totally broken you can still play it but having to do all certain tricks like reloaded your saves back on your ps3 or deleting the install of the game and reinstalling etc etc starts to get real annoying after awhile. I have 113 hours in 12mb and with in maybe 30 mins to hour the game does nothing but lag and the frame-rate becomes nothing but a problem. The game also sufferers major from broken quest's, even main quest's that effect the main story of the game are broken with bugs/glitches. nobody should be giving this game a perfect 10 especially the ps3 version of it. How does a game that has more bugs and glitches than any game that's pretty much out get a 10. Bethesda blew it big time on the ps3 version of skyrim. This game should of been tested first even delayed til the problems of this game were close to perfect. Game gets a 2 due to the replay value of the game and that's about it. Expand
  8. Dec 5, 2011
    After awhile my ps3 freezes and after all the corrupt game file stories i quit playing until they release a patch that probably wont fix it. Also all the cool weapon racks and bookshelves in my house do not work which is really half the fun in a game like this.
  9. Dec 5, 2011
    Great game but it is buggy to the point of unplayability. Bethesda needs to quickly create a patch for this game so that it can be playable again. I recommend not buying it until then.
  10. Dec 5, 2011
    This game starts out as good, if not better, than all the hype. My problem from the game it's self comes from the lack of testing or caring towards ps3 owners. The game moves along fine until maybe a dozen or so hours in. At this point things start lagging and only degenerate from there into an almost unplayable mess. Quests seem to be broken left, right and center. It's a gorgeous game that was never built from the ground up for the ps3 and thus we suffer with what ultimately becomes an unplayable, bug ridden mess. Expand
  11. Dec 5, 2011
    Epic game!!!! Too bad it is totally unplayable on the PS3. After you spend several hours getting about 1/4 of the way through the game it starts experiencing terrible lag and sometimes freezes on you causing you to have to restart your game midquest. Do some searches online to see for yourself, this is a terrible problem for all PS3 players and Bethesda, the game's developers, do not seem to care at all whether their product works or not. This would be a 10 if I owned an Xbox but it's a fat ZERO for me on the PS3. Expand
  12. Dec 5, 2011
    To clarify things I still stand by my initial review.The reason why the rating is dropping is not due to trolls.All of the unhappy Skyrim owners from the official forums are joining together.We are all making the effort to express are disdain about the ps3 version of this game.When you unify and mobilize people to actually speak there minds on one one these forums this is what you can expect.
  13. Dec 5, 2011
    GAME IS BROKEN and 100 % GLITCHED - beware............(check skyrim bethesda forum for details).

    Game was unsuccessfully ported to PS3 which occurs in lags/freeze and graphics of N64 !
  14. Dec 5, 2011
    I just don't see how anyone could give this game on PS3 a 10 unless they aren't having any of the many issues I've had playing this game. It would be funny if the game hadn't been so expensive. By the time I reached level 40 and invested 150+ hours of gameplay, I couldn't finish 3 major side quests and I couldn't get past a certain point in the main quest, all because of glitches. I understand that some of the issues I had with my original NPC was my fault (I explored the world and killed bad guys as I came across them, thus glitching future quests). If Bethesda has some souped-up super-modded PS3 is apparent because they either didn't produce any problems or they knowingly released a product that is crap on PS3.

    I really want to give this game a high score, I do but if you only get about 40% way through the game and your progress has been halted because of quest glitches, whats the point in playing any further? And the patch they released? All I got out of it was backwards flying dragons that I couldn't catch or kill. Kinda ruins the game, ya know?
  15. Dec 5, 2011
    This game should be one of the best ever PS3 titles but has been released with game destroying framerate/crash issues. As a result this game is frustrating, it lures you in with an amazing world, great graphics and fun gameplay then snatches it away as the game crumbles in front on your eyes. The framerate drops so much that the game is virtually unplayable, at the very least unenjoyable. Bethesda must have known about this common bug so they have essentially ripped off their PS3 fanbase with a broken game. AVOID. Expand
  16. Dec 5, 2011
    Registered on this site just so I could post my review of Skyrim today. I NEVER do these reviews but have been driven by pure desire for playing an amazingly fun game (when it is playable) in hopes that sites and reviews like this will encourage Bethesda to prioritize fixes (especially the lag issues). Also, I hope that I am able to come back here with a (post-fix) update to this game in the near future because it will likely get a 10/10 if these issues are resolved.

    With that said, I have given Skyrim PS3 version a 3/10 for the following reasons:

    1. Increasingly bad stutter, lag and frame drops as I play the game (the worst part of all!)
    2. Magic resistance not working at all
    3. Several broken quests
    4. Dragons flying around but ignoring me
  17. Dec 5, 2011
    I've been looking forward to this since finishing Oblivion. Imagine my disappointment when, after sinking all too many hours into creating a character, dragons start to fly backwards and become un-killable, quest dialogues vanish, and the frame rate slows to ridiculousness. The game is broken - a tragedy, as it has great potential. The response from Bethesda is to go back to an earlier save - i do not have the inclination to repeat story lines however. At the moment, I have a £40 shiny piece of useless plastic sitting on my PS3. Very disappointed. Expand
  18. Dec 5, 2011
    Seemingly fun game, but absolutely horrible on PS3.

    I've played roughly ~100 of the PS3 version, multiple characters, maxing out around 45, various save file sizes ranging from 3500 KB to 15000 KB.

    Bethesda released a product that was not ready for the PS3 system; they knew full well that it was a flawed product, yet they choose to release it anyway and let the casual user beta (or alpha
    in this case) test their game.

    A quick glance at the Official Forums and you will find a thread title "Unofficial Bug List".....with THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of bugs listed. And this is only in the PS3 section (note: most of these probably carry over to the other platforms as well)...

    Issues aside (and they are borderline gamebreaking issues), the game itself is a decent open world RPG-lite. There are many improvements over Oblivion, however, sadly there are MANY steps BACKWARDS.

    The game world itself is incredibly detailed visually and the overall aesthetic is LEAGUES beyond anything in Oblivion; however, the game falls flat on its face with portraying a living breathing world. It feels empty and dead. Yes, NPCs wander around, do various tasks, repeat dialogue lines 100000000s of times; however, the world itself never changes, there are no impacts to your actions, no feedback at all. Instead you are left with this beautiful world that just feels EMPTY.

    There are a myriad of other issues, ranging from lack of distinct items (armor, weapons, etc), to a poorly designed "talent" tree system, poor decision making system, poor UI, lack of enemy variety, poor "scaling" system, improved dungeons....that still feel the same after the 100th time you've been inside one, etc.

    The game could be a fairly solid 7/10 with minor bugs (not those experienced on the PS3 version), bugs that could easily be patched out given enough time/effort by the devs; however, with the performance issues included.....the game drops way down to a 4/10, as it becomes unplayable after you reach a certain save file size.
  19. Dec 5, 2011
    The game is broken, and not playable on the PS3.
    It is a fantastic game for the first couple of hours.
    But the frame rate will drop, until it is unplayable after about 50 hours of gameplay.
  20. Dec 5, 2011
    I will get right to the point. Skyrim was an amazing game for the 20 hours or so I played when I first bought it brand new on the day of release. The game started without a hitch. No lag, no broken quests then as soon as my file size reached 6 MB it all went to hell. While walking around town, I noticed my screen freezing and struggling to show my character and the surroundings. Restarting the game was my only option. Which fixed the problem temporarily. Things got progressively worse after 6 MB. My save file is currently at 12 MB and it lags as though I were playing some sort of MMO with max settings and a dial-up connection. Funny considering Skyrim is a single player game with no options to play online. To top it all off, a lot more quests seem to be glitching for no reason. Although you are able to fix some of the glitches by reloading a previous save file there is no guarantee that the glitch will not happen again. Now I am lucky if I can get 2 hours of gameplay without having to restart.

    The patch that Bethesda released to fix the lag issue 17 days after the game came out has made things worse than before if you can believe it. It did not address the lag issue at all and made some of the npc's unresponsive during main quests. Bethesda probably already knew about the issue, but decided to mass produce the game and sell it to millions of people world wide. Avoid this game unless you enjoy getting angry and throwing away your money.
  21. Dec 5, 2011
    Great while it lasted. If I had reviewed this game 2 weeks ago, I might have given it a 10.

    The first 40 hours were the most awesome, enjoyable, immersive hours of gaming I can remember. Beyond that point, the game becomes a paranoid grind through a sea of bugs, glitches, freezes, performance issues and general unplayability. Be prepared to save every 5 minutes, perform a forced reset
    roughly every hour after your PS3 locks up, or every 2 hours once the frame rate gets bad enough.

    Bethesda knew about these issues specific to the PS3 prior to release, which is why they did not give game review sites copies of the PS3 version. Surely some of these sites would have played beyond the ~6MB save file limit, encountered major performance problems, and raised a red flag. This is really a disgrace by Bethesda and is a total insult to fans of the series. I hope that fans remember this for a long time. Although I have my moments of love and hate for Blizzard, Bethesda could learn a lot from their philosophy of releasing products "when they're done". Bethesda opted for short term gain at the expense of trusting PS3 owners. Shame on them. Do not buy this game on PS3.
  22. Dec 5, 2011
    I made an account just for this so that other ps3 users could get an insight of the dire situation this game is in. The ps3 version is terrible, it has lots of bugs that ruins the quests and u might not get to finish a lot of them, freezing issues that might corrupt save games or even worse your ps3 and the framerate is TERRIBLE once the save file has reached a certain size. To make the matters even worse is that this game is amazing and I really mean amazing. I wont spoil anything but if u can get this game on the xbox360 or pc then do that or hope that the issues will be fixed by Bethesda. Again, I love this game but on the ps3 this game is broken beyond belief and get it on another platform if u can. Will change this review if the game gets fixed in the future. Expand
  23. Dec 5, 2011
    This game is completely broken. With the patch, Bethesda only found a way to break it more. Never trusting these guys again with my money. Future Bethesda titles will be purchased months after release and used with 0% of the money going to them.
  24. Dec 6, 2011
    The game is beautiful... if it would work! If the game would be working I'd give it a 9 but this game is clearly the biggest flop to ever be created. The framrate drop and the overwhelming bugs are just gamebreaking. Do not get this game until they fix it... if they ever will.
  25. Dec 5, 2011
    I love this game, it had all that it takes to be GOTY, except that it does not work on the ps3. The lag and the crashes, with a bit of broken main quests sprinkled on top makes this the most frustrating expirience in all my years of ps3 gaming. Get this game on the xbox, avoid the ps3 version like the plague. DO NOT BUY THIS GAME!
  26. Dec 5, 2011
    Right out of the box, this game is full of bugs. Quests cannot be completed. There are serious framerate issues as you progress in the game, and there is no apparent fix. You should not need major patches and updates just to play the game you already bought. This is a terrible experience, and I will never buy a new game from Bethesda ever again.
  27. Dec 5, 2011
    A broken unplayable game. I'm not going to play this anymore. And I'm definitely not going to buy any other Bethesda games if they won't fix this. This is such a shame. There's actually a good game hidden under the broken mess.
  28. Dec 5, 2011
    Do NOT buy this for PS3! Do NOT trust gaming site reviews. Please read on and I will explain. Skyrim has the potential to be one of the greatest games of all time. If you enjoy medieval fantasy era, Dungeons and Dragons, a huge, extremely long quest, and the ability to experience this setting in any way you wish, Skyrim seems to have everything you've ever wanted.

    Unfortunately the PS3
    version, over time, starts to have technical issues that get worse and worse until the experience is so unplayable and broken, that you eventually cannot continue. What starts as an amazing experience, eventually becomes a slideshow that causes the Playstation to function at levels that are totally unresponsive. It turns out the developers, Bethesda, did not design this game with Playstation 3 in mind, and in order to recoup development costs, decided to release the game anyway, without allowing anyone to see how it eventually plays. Game review sites have nearly all reviewed the 360 version, and only put an hour or so into the PS3 version because Bethesda did not send out PS3 review copies.

    Apparently, this is not the first time Bethesda has done this with PS3 versions of their games. In fact, all of their games, aside from Oblivion, eventually become unplayable messes over time.

    They have released an online update that alleviates the problem for awhile, but it still eventually happens to everyone.

    If you do not believe me, please head to youtube and do a search for "caseypsx" without the quotes and watch the clip called "To Bethesda - On Skyrim 1.2 patch". You will see for yourself what happens after a period of time, and it only gets worse from there.

    Again, do not buy this game for PS3, do not reward them for this shoddy work, you cannot return games in the US!!!!
  29. Dec 5, 2011
    Broken, unplayable junk. A product like this should never have been shipped. Bethesda should feel ashamed for putting out a game in such a state. For anyone wondering what I'm talking about, there's a game breaking bug in the engine which will prevent you from playing further when you've spent enough time playing. The save file grows to a ridiculous size and at that point the game has deteriorated into a 0 fps slideshow. Apparently this is an engine issue so there's nothing Bethesda can do about it but they decided to ship this game anyway because they're greedy dirtbags. Same stuff happened with Fallout 3 but it wasn't as pronounced. Expand
  30. Dec 5, 2011
    DO NOT BUY THIS GAME This game is broken,There is lag,there is lag and more lag.Lag,bugs and freezes.Dragons going back wards and patches do not work.
  31. Dec 5, 2011
    Skyrim has been getting nominations for game of the year, I think this could be true on the pc and xbox 360, but it definitely cannot be true for the ps3. The game has a lot going for it: an absolutely huge world that is populated by a ton of npcs with the ability to do almost anything, a huge number of quests, nice graphics, and the ability to customize your character in so many different ways. However, the poor implementation of the game on the ps3 really hurts its enjoyment. During the first week of play, the game froze my ps3 7 times, sometimes to the point where even the power button was unresponsive and I had to unplug the power cord to get the ps3 to reset. I don't recall any of my other games ever causing the ps3 to freeze. In addition, for a game that is meant to be played a long time (100+ hours if you are thorough), it has an absolutely debilitating feature - more and more framerate drops the longer you play. It gets bad to the point of getting 2-5 frames per second. Patch 1.2 was supposed to fix this according to Bethesda, and after downloading it, the game ran silky smooth again in sharp contrast to the frequent stuttering I was playing with before. However, after 2-3 hours of play, the framerate drops began again. The solution is supposed to be to quit and restart the game! What kind of video game is designed that you have to quit and restart the game every 2 hours?! And Bethesda seems to have known about this absolutely horrendous fault with Skyrim before releasing it. I've read on video game sites like that Bethesda sent them xbox 360 and pc versions of the game for review, but would require the magazine to purchase the ps3 version if they wanted to play it. Considering the number of people who have experienced this problem (75% according to a poll on, it would be absolutely ridiculous to believe that Bethesda didn't know about this problem before releasing it for purchase on the ps3.

    The other annoying feature is the very long load times. Everytime you enter another area or fast travel to another location, you have to sit through a long load screen. For example, if I want to sell the loot I've collected in a dungeon, I travel to one of the cities and visit the smith, the general goods store, and the alchemy store to sell the different items. This is the sequence of events: 1) fast travel to a large city (wait through long load screen), 2) enter the smith shop (wait through long load screen), 3) sell loot, 4) exit the smith shop (wait through long load screen), 5) enter the general goods store (wait through long load screen), 6) sell loot, 7) exit the general goods store (wait through long load screen), 8) enter the alchemy shop (wait through long load screen), 9) sell loot, 10) exit the alchemy shop (wait through long load screen), 11) fast travel to my destination (wait through long load screen). It has gotten to the point where I no longer pick up loot when I go through dungeons just to avoid having to go to shops to avoid waiting through long load screens. I can understand a long load screen when entering a city because of the size of the area, all the different buildings, and all the different npcs walking around it, but why the heck does it take so long when I enter a small single-room cabin?

    I really enjoyed playing Oblivion and Fallout 3 on the pc. Both games ran great. I wasn't expecting this mess playing Skyrim on the ps3. It sounds like Skyrim has its problems on the xbox 360 and the pc, but they seem to be much more minor compared to the ps3. I think if you have a very good pc, the best experience will probably be on that platform. Avoid getting Skyrim for the ps3. Final score 3/10.
  32. Dec 5, 2011
    This version of the game is broken. Easily over 100 hours of playtime across three different characters lost to a game crippling performance issue.

    Stay away.

    You might be happy with the game Christmas morning... but get back to me by New Year's.
  33. Dec 16, 2011
    The PS3 version of Skyrim is a mess. The game starts out okay, but I experienced severe frame rate issues once my save file reached a certain size. The recent patch (1.2 ) did not fix these issues. Turning off autosaves only helps a little bit. The game also caused my system to freeze at times. The freezing isn't being caused by faulty hardware. I recently played Arkham City for many hours at a time without a hiccup. Bethesda should be completely ashamed. I can forgive minor bugs, but releasing a broken product is inexcusable. Expand
  34. Dec 5, 2011
    This game is unfinished and now it's unplayable. I feel cheated for buying a sub-par product. The constants frame rate drops and the freezes rendered this game unplayable. If someday Bethesda fix this, I'll give it a better rating.
  35. Dec 6, 2011
    As others had mentioned earlier, I also suggests people "NOT TO BUY THE PS3 version". The game has the potential to be a masterpiece but it turns out to be a game that full of bugs, glitches, laggy and many more issues. I decided to return the game back to the retailer and got my money back. For those people who are experiencing the same problems, please return the broken game back to the retailer or wherever you got this game from. Let the retailer deal with the Publisher/developer and the retailer may even decided to take game off the shelves. Expand
  36. Dec 5, 2011
    BROKEN DO NOT BUY DO NOT SUPPORT THIS DEVELOPER UNTIL THEY CLEAN UP THElR MESS. The game becomes an unplayable mess after about 60hr of play which is unforgivable in a game this huge. don't make the same mistake hundreds of thousands have made, do not buy this game.
  37. Dec 5, 2011
    This is a strong contender for game of the year if you own it on Xbox or PC but in it's current form on the PS3 Skyrim is a waste of money. Slowly but with grinding, headache-inducing inevitability, the PS3 version slows down until it becomes a slide-show with frequent episodic freezes and even crashes. Unfortunately, these problems aren't very evident in the early hours, leading players to put in a lot of wasted time on a game they will wish they never started or had purchased for another platform. Sure I could re-buy it for PC or Xbox and recieve a playable version, however I don't want to pay twice just to own the game I should have received in the first place and I don't want to replay all those early hours. Should never have been released in this state. Expand
  38. Dec 5, 2011
    This game is completely unplayable. It is broken and I hope Bethesda knows it does because they have had this problem before with Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas. Hopefully the next game Bethesda makes will be finished before they release it.
  39. Dec 5, 2011
    I used to play this game, but then my framerate took an arrow to the knee. This game is broken, unplayable after 10+ hours due to a issues with the framerate.
  40. Dec 5, 2011
    If this was a review of the first 10-20% of a game it would easily be a 9 or 10. As good as this game starts off, it only makes it that much more frustrating when the problems plaguing it become apparent and make the game almost unplayable. As other users have said, Bethesda released a broken game. As your save file grows the frame rate becomes horrid. If you want to play this game on the PS3 I would wait and see if future patches can fix the issue before you buy it. Just don't hold your breath. Bethesda never completely fixed their previous games on PS3. So why should this one be any different? Expand
  41. Dec 5, 2011
    I was really hyped for this game. I wanted to spend my £40 to support the developers instead of pirating the game like a lot of people do. Now i'm wishing I never spent £40 on this game, because the PS3 is beyond broken, and from what I've read it's not a fixable issue. Bethesda went as far as not sending PS3 copies to companies that requested it. I can only hope Bethesda let us refund our copies at full price, because this is absolutely cruel. Expand
  42. Dec 5, 2011
    After my save game data reach 10mb, the game was so laggy that became unplayable (0 to 5fps). After some research on net I discovered that other games from Bethesda had the EXACT SAME ISSUE (Morrowind - Xbox, Fallout 3 - PS3, Fallout New Vegas - PS3, Oblivion - PS3), but with Skyrim is very, very worst. I've also found that the Xbox and PC version have the same problem, but (because it has more RAM available) it takes much longer to happen. So, how a big company like Bethesda release a broken game that has an issue that happened many years before in their previous games? My advice to all people that want to buy Skyrim, is: DO NOT BUY IT. At least until Bethesda fix this lag issue. Bethesda already launch a patch to suppose fix that (apparently they remove some content, see the videos on web), but the problem persists. Unfortunately, probably Bethesda never fix that like they didn't fix FONV, so all I can do is warning the people to not buy it and get frustrated. Expand
  43. Dec 5, 2011
    Bethesda has once again decided to release an unfinished game and use PS3 users as pseudo beta-testers. This could be their biggest blunder yet. This game suffers from severe memory leaks that eventually cause the game to be unplayable. This is highly unacceptable behavior from any company and is borderline fraudulent. They hint vaguely about fixing things, but do not communicate with the user base at all - even on their own forums! Avoid this game like the plague. Bethesda doesn't care about you, and you shouldn't care about their broken mess of a game. Expand
  44. Dec 5, 2011
    This game is broken.DO NOT BUY this game.LAGS FREEZES,it can ruin your ps3 and mess up your HDD.DO NOT buy this game until bethesda fix it and according to this it won't be fixed...
  45. Dec 5, 2011
    I am writing this because I love video games, and need to bring to light a problem with a game I was looking forward to like nothing else. It is a real shame that a game with as much hype and obvious potential as skyrim was let down by the ridiculous lag issues that plague it. On the PC and Xbox this 'masterpiece' of a game runs fine... and don't get me wrong, it does look like a masterpiece. However they have truly shafted us PS3 players by not tuning the game's lag issues to an acceptable standard - play with a character for any reasonable amount of time and get your save area in the 5MB+ region, and you will be subjected to something more akin to a PowerPoint slide show than the 30fps game you were promised. The game becomes an agonizing, infuriating, unplayable mess. This is no exaggeration. Google DigitalFoundry (a performance analysis site) along with Skyrim and the evidence is all there, captured on video.
    We, the consumers, deserve some integrity from the developers. They cannot be allowed to get away with ripping countless thousands of people off like this. If you haven't bought this game yet, please hear our appeal, and show Bethesda that we deserve fit-for-purpose products by holding off buying this game. If you have bought it, please help bring to light the problems countless gamers just like you are experiencing by writing honest reviews, posting on forums, sending emails to Bethesda. This is already reaching mainstream news, and you can help get this game fixed and give us PS3 gamers, who have done nothing wrong but happen to use this console instead of Xbox or PC, the game we paid for and deserved.
  46. Dec 5, 2011
    I am giving this game a 0 in protest of all the bugs in this game. Bethesda refuses to comment or let it's paying customers know what is going on with this product and basically it is broken in it's current state. Right now I would advise people to avoid this game like the plague until it is working as intended. The longer you play, the worse it gets - I have a save with 140 hours gameplay and it freezes all the time, still getting texture glitches, backwards flying dragons, no resistances work, etc. It should not have been released yet, and some of us who paid $130 feel a bit ripped off. Expand
  47. Dec 5, 2011
    The game is broken. They rushed it out the door with too many bugs and performance issues for this to be considered a finished product. The performance degradation is unavoidable and will hit everyone once they have used up the system's memory limitations. This is not the system's fault but rather the developers fault for not working to increase compatibility with the console before release. They were aware of the problems when they sold us the game. This has been nothing more than an unethical and most likely illegal money grab. The only way you could have fun with this game is if you enjoy being bamboozled. Expand
  48. Dec 5, 2011
    This game is absolutely incredible. The graphics and beautiful vistas will blow your mind, as will the decapitations and sweet victory that follows creatively slaying a Dragon. That being said; the game is a disaster. It's unplayable with lag, and it's now becoming clear (thanks to a head dev at Obsidian(new Vegas)), that the game is eventually breaking for everybody, due to it being neglected by Bethesda(big surprise there.). My advice: Don't buy it, but save up money for it. The moment people report it's fixed, go buy it, and prepare to lose countless nights questing. Expand
  49. Dec 5, 2011
    I stopped by GameStop and asked if the game is fixed on ps3 since it was the only platform I have, and the GameStop guy told me he did not run into lag issue YET after the patch, so, I thought bugthesda had fixed it and dropped $60 bucks on this game. I spent three days playing only and guess what....I cannot play anymore after about 30 hrs invested in. I am a sad puppy now, and just wish people don't have to go through this experience hence the 0 score. I WILL try to get a refund from bethesda, if I can't get it, I am not going to support this company's game in the future. Learn from blizzard, or other games. Expand
  50. Dec 5, 2011
    Let me make one thing clear... this game is actually incredible. Maybe one of the best games I've EVER played... so why am I giving it a 0 you may ask... because it's incredible, UNTIL you can't play it anymore due to the most horrible lag EVER in any game ever released!! You have to see it to believe it. You would be horrified to watch it drop to barely 1-2 frames per second... and that's when it's not just freezing up overall for many seconds at a time! It's obvious Bethesda knew there were problems with the PS3 version (which is why they only released PC and 360 copies for review) but didn't care and released it anyway so they wouldn't hurt their profits. I'm still blown away. Something should be done legally against this company for the FRAUD that was committed here, and that is exactly what it is. Even IGN is calling them out now on this. And it's so sad too... because before you hit the problem, it is truly an incredible game. But one minute playing a true Game of the Year candidate, only to have it turn into an unplayable piece of trash is something I never thought I would have witnessed! Expand
  51. Dec 5, 2011
    "Pirate this game, don't buy it"

    Skyrim is probably one of the best games I've played in my 25+ years of gaming, certainly a strong contender for best game this generation, and without a doubt a 2011 GOTY winner. Unfortunately, that only applies when the game actually lets you play, which isn't the case the majority of the time once your file size has reached a certain limit, then the
    game becomes a slide show as others have mentioned. With a game this ambitious you can expect there to be hiccups, but not of this magnitude, and what's most disappointing is how ignorant and unprofessional Bethesda has been in regards to these issues, and to their fans, the same fans who are the reason why great creative minds such as Todd Howard have a job that they love, something that most people are not fortunate enough to be blessed with, which poses the question. Does Todd Howard really love his job? is he truly as passionate as he's led us to believe? Because I for one would be ashamed to release such a mess and ask people to pay for it, then ignore their cries for help, unless of course my bottom line was dollar, which seems to be the case for Bethesda, such as musical talents who release some amazing work until their worth rises, then the hunger dies, the passion fades, and it just turns into a means to make another million. To anyone who is interested in buying this game, please reconsider, not only for the PS3 but for any platform. I'm against pirating, but I implore you to pirate this game, don't buy it. Steal from those who have stolen from so many of us and laughed all the way to the bank. Bethesda knew about these problems, they remained ignorant to them after many of their fans voiced their concerns, and continue to do so. Professional gaming sites such as IGN and EuroGamer have called you out Bethesda, and you are yet to respond. Because you simple don't care. There's a reason why Bethesda didn't ship out PS3 copies to review sites, instead forcing them to physically go to the store and purchase them on release day themselves. Because they knew the game was broken, but they didn't care. It's unfortunate really, makes me sad because games like this are a beacon of hope that the industry hasn't completely fallen victim to kinect like gimmicks and 60 dollar DLC packages. But after playing this game and seeing first hand how poorly it has been executed, it makes me realize that the gimmicks and rehashes aren't so bad after all, at you know that your getting a product that works. Expand
  52. Dec 6, 2011
    Good graphics, good story, good sounds, big beautiful world to explore.. but that's pretty much it. That's why I give it a 4. This review is an honest one, and I'm not even taking into consideration the amount of game breaking bugs and frame rate issues this game has. The gameplay, combat system, level design, Artificial Intelligence and User Interface are all mediocre or average at best. I do not understand how such an average game can get scored 9 and 10 by supposedly professional and impartial reviewers. Especially when a game like New Vegas, who was much better than Skyrim in every possible way (except for graphics) was scored only 8. That doesn't make sense to me. Has the game industry really sunken so low, that we consider appearances and quantity more important than gameplay and quality? Now with all that said I will say that Skyrim is still fun to play.. when it works properly that is. That is why I strongly suggest you get it on Xbox360 or PC instead of PS3. But even then, I do not believe that this game deserves the title of GOTY. That is an absolute insult to all the other developers who designed much better games this year. Expand
  53. SxM
    Dec 5, 2011
    I would stay away from the ps3 version the game is unplayable after awhile and patch 1.2 isn't nothing but a bandaid work for a while but as soon as my file got around the 13 to 14mb mark. The lag was back and worse than be for the patch and also there are freeze's and hard lock's and no magic resistance after 1.2. The game was hyped as you could play hundred's of hours on a single playthrough but sadly you wont get this satisfaction on ps3. They are saying the dlc for skyrim will be massive but this will just make the lag worse so I would have never bought this game if I knew what I know now. Hopfully this will save some one the headache and disappointment i have been through. Expand
  54. Dec 7, 2011
    Game is totally broken and uplayable after a certain point. Other than that its a good game. when will i get to 150 characters is this it yet maybe now what about now this is stupid, now its gotta be at least 150
  55. Dec 7, 2011
    Guys pay close attention to my comment.. I have proof of false advertisement by bethesda! If you read the back of the ps3 box it says it will play in 1080i.. Guess what? Its b.s ... Everyone try it for yourself! So this means you are stuck with 720p? Wrong again! They dumned down the graphics even more! Look at the items in your inventory such as plants,food items,herbs and u will notice they look bigger and more pixelated! They are ""getto rigging"" the game!! Expand
  56. Dec 5, 2011
    The PS3 version is completely unplayable. The patch actually made my game worse. Im about 150 hours into the game and it no longer works. Something needs to be done to help the people who bought the PS3 version. This is completely unacceptable. I would like my the game to be fixed, or I want a FULL refund.
  57. Dec 5, 2011
    The game was great until it become unplayable. The outside world (and sometimes even inner buildings) began to perform like a slow paced power point presentation after I put many hours into the game. Hopefully Bethesda will at least provide a fix to make the game somewhat playable at least. I had the occasional slow downs in my many hours put into Oblivion and Fallout 3 on PS3, but this is just ridiculous. I cannot recommend this game to anyone at this point in time (at least on PS3). Expand
  58. Dec 6, 2011
    Skyrim: The most anticipated game of 2011. Don't be fooled by the hype, however, especially if you're a PS3 user. The game is, certainly, visually pleasing and full of depth. Locations are, within reason, unique and engaging at times. NPC's (Non-Player Characters) have schedules, moods (based on your actions) and other various quirks about them. On the one hand, this game is an amazing piece of artwork that should be lauded for it's goals. It reached for the heavens, and for a few, shining hours, it achieved it. The Perk system was brilliant, the leveling system was more than acceptable and the level scaling wasn't god-awful. Quests often had a good degree of 'feel' to them and NPC's certainly had personality. Who can forget Cicero?

    What we COULD forget, however, is the incredible amount of bugs and holdups that come with playing the game at all. Sometimes, when joining the 'mages guild of skyrim', if you don't do exactly what you're told, you're completely stalled at this point. You can't go back and ask to try again, because the NPC just keeps expecting you to do it, but never actually realizes when you try to do said action again.

    Be forewarned, however. PS3 users suffer an extreme case of exponential lag. When first playing the game is pristine and perfect, things move with ease, the graphics blend in ways that are purely amazing. As time goes by, however, you notice little bits of lag, nothing serious at first. Most of the time you won't even notice it right away, a slight jerkiness for a second after sprinting, a lag that goes as quickly as it comes after loading. 30-60 Hours later, however, it becomes much more pronounced. Entire areas will become lagged and jerky for 30 seconds to a minute, if you're lucky (sometimes, it just doesn't go away for some people). After that point, it becomes increasingly difficult to play. Lag increases exponentially as time played goes up and the save file becomes larger. What was once a mild amount of jerkiness becomes incredible amounts of choppiness. You might still get an hour or so, every time you reset your game. One hour, per reset. At most.

    After playing for 75 hours with only a little bit of lag, in which I was incredibly lucky, things very quickly slowed to a crawl. The patch hit, and it seemed better for an extra ten hours or so, but it quickly went straight back to lag-fest-a-palooza. While this game is certainly an amazing work of art, it's more like the rip-off painting you got on the street corner that one time, for PS3 users. Pretty for all of a week or so, until you realize how completely worthless the painting is. Until the PS3 issues can be completely resolved, please avoid the PS3 version. PC/XBox are not nearly as bad right now.
  59. Dec 6, 2011
    DO NOT BUY THIS GAME!!! At least until they actually have it fixed.
    Only giving game a zero for down-voting purposes(Because it needs to be). Has the potential to be one of the greatest games ever made. Loved the first 60 hours or so of it. The problem is after you invest so much time into the game, it becomes unplayable. Some people say that they can play through the lag. This is false!
    Sure you could play through it, but it is seriously so laggy that it makes your eyes hurt. I quit playing 2 weeks ago in the hopes that the patch would fix the problem, but sadly it didn't. Now Bethesda has nothing to say as to whether or not the game is even fixable. So Don't buy this game until you are sure it works properly. Expand
  60. Dec 6, 2011
    I really hate giving this game such a bad score. It certainly has many good aspects but the lagging, freezing and certain quest glitches cause major headaches. At first everything ran smoothly but over time the game started to have minor moments of slowdown and infrequent freezes. Unfortunately those minor issues became much bigger and more frequent the longer I played. I had the exact same issue with Fallout 3 GOTY. It started out great, but many hours later I was freezing every 5 minutes. I also have Skyrim on the xbox as well. While it also has some problems,especially glitched quests, it runs much better than the ps3 version.

    I find it hard to believe Bethesda was not aware of the many problems on the ps3 before release. Either they didn't test the game properly, or they knew and just didn't care. It is a bummer because this is one of my favorite games when it decides to work. The only reason I give this game a 1 instead of a 0 is the amazing music. Jeremy Soule did a wonderful job and deserves praise. That is about the only thing I can praise until Bethesda fixes the many problems.
  61. Dec 6, 2011
    I give this game a 10 all the way!!!.......until the lag kicks in. The fact that this game was released in such a broken state is unbelievable and completely inexcusable. I highly suggest holding off on the purchase of this game until you begin to see the complaints on the Bethesda forums go WAAAYYY down! At this point in time, the game is broken. Don't waste your money. Continually check the forums for updates on the progress of its updates and game-breaking bug fixes. Expand
  62. Dec 6, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The game is completely broken , at first everything looks fine, but after a while this lagfest and stutterfest takes over and never looks back. Do not buy this game, the people at BEthesda should be ashamed of this fiasco and scam/ Expand
  63. Dec 6, 2011
    This game is nearly unplayable for me on the PS3, I must first address that the lag is inexcusable especially for them having known of this issue since at least 2008 when Fallout 3 was out, to release in this state is simply lazy and dishonest to their user base.

    The games story is shallow, the plot involves very little actual player choice nor any consequences. I found the guilds equally
    shallow... From the perspective of one who plays the elder scrolls games, and PnP RPGs usually as a thief rogue character, they have included a "Thieves Guild" my problem with this guild in Skyrim is that it contains 2 quests of actually thievery and 10 dungeon crawling hack and slash quests. They are generic uninteresting and reflect on just how lazily this game was written. Expand
  64. Dec 6, 2011
    Game is a NIGHTMARE on the PS3. Starts out fine but after awhile BOOM! Lag city. We're talking slideshow people. If you manage to deal with that sooner or later you'll get hard lock on loads, when you wait, or sometimes for no reason at all. If it hard locks enough you may end up corrupting your HDD.

    If THAT isn't bad enough there are countless quests that are glitchy, some to the
    point that you can't even complete them. Also a ton of minor bugs, like home items (weapons racks, bookshelves, etc.) that don't work or cause items to fall into a black hole. My advice: DO NOT buy this game. If you already have it, shelf it until it gets fixed, assuming it ever does. Expand
  65. Dec 6, 2011
    PLAY AT YOUR OWN RISK. If you happen to own a system that's been under heavy use, this game may acceleratte the degrading rate of its components especifically the Hard Drive Disc, since it has a mandatory installation and relies heavily on it to play. And as your game file size increases so it's the the workload on the HDD (which is a mechanical device with moving parts that deteriorate over time) shortening considerably the life time of your system. Already said it has a beautiful artistic content, visuals and sounds that really have you immersed in the game's word, WHEN IT and IF it works. Because for the first hours you will be allowed to experience a virtual reality that feels like a dream only to be abruptly woke up but the technical issues that this software has. At it's core is a generic RPG with dull voice acting that fail to transmit the feeling that the rest of it's world has to offer,that really brings down the amazing talent of the artists in visual and sound departments. Repetitive fetch quest system it feels like you're doing tha same thing over and over again when you're not following the Main Quest line. The PS3 version has the most washed out look out of the three systems it was released for, half of the Npcs voice lines just go mute so must have subtitles turn on AT ALL TIMES... Rent it or buy on another plattform NOT ON PS3. Expand
  66. Dec 6, 2011
    Oh dear......Let me start by saying the first time I loaded this game into the PS3 I thought this was gaming bliss, gorgeous looking game absolutely stunning. Many of you probably thought the same thing......however, I booked a week off work and....ummm...well I racked up 120 hours on it in a week. At this point in time with a 15 Mb file the frame rate was insanely slow after around 30 mins of gameplay. I put up with it for a few days, with the only way to cure the framerate issues was a reload of the game, which cured it for a few moments.......but this is no way to play a game!, fighting dragons appeared to be a slideshow and heaven forbid if more than 2 people attacked me, the game froze.....

    Even walking through the wilderness it became a slide show. So I shelved the game, waited for the latest patch....which DID improve the framerate.......for 40mins. I desperately want to love this game and want other to love it, but I have to give my honest opinion and say please dont buy this game in the current state it is in. Bethesda MUST have know about this can they not? They should NOT be allowed to release this sorry state of a game......I wouldn't even buy this if it was in the bargain bin. Due to the huge disappointment and the unplayability of this game now it deserves a 0.
    I traded it in for MW3. I will not be buying this game again, unless the frame rate is sorted.
    Sorry Bethesda, I will NOT be buying your products again. I've been stung by you too many times. I'll be renting your releases from now on.
  67. Dec 6, 2011
    Skyrim is BROKEN on the PS3 - the game becomes unplayable after your save file passes a certain file size. Do not waste your money. Bethesda is aware of this and has refuse to fix it or even publicly acknowledge this game-breaking bug.
  68. Dec 6, 2011
    Broken game....awesome the first however many hours until the lag sets first i didnt believe all the criticism this game was receiving but eventually the problems everyone has been mentioning (forums/boards, press) started to rear their ugly heads....if your on the fence about purchasing this yourself a favor and either wait until they have patched it to at least a satisfactory degree (highly unlikely) or save your money.... Expand
  69. Dec 6, 2011
    game is broken with lag, does not work after your save file gets around 7-10 megs. My game keeps freezing up to 2-4 seconds every time I change a spell, check loot, or go to menu. It makes everything take FOREVER. And that's not actually that bad when you consider most of the peoples problems.
  70. Dec 6, 2011
    It could really be the GOTY favourite, but PS3 version is so screwed up that in fact it cannot be played to its full extent at all. FPS down to zero, broken quests, dragons glitch and so on, it can't be played until it gets fixed.
  71. Dec 6, 2011
    i have never been so sad with a game like i am now with skyrim. i am no longer able to play the game without my ps3 crushing. its a shame to take our 60â
  72. Dec 6, 2011
    When you start the game you are gripped with the shear size of the world you can explore. The storyline is interesting, combat is fun, however the longer you play the worse the game preforms. I purchased at midnight, got into the game appx. 70 hrs, hit around 9mb for my save file size and I began to get stuttering frame speeds, "lag" if you will, which turned the game unplayable. After the patches, all the workarounds, reinstalling game data and the like the game continues to freeze and crash intermitently after a few minutes of play to a few hours, you never know when it'll happen. The game in a true case of what could have been, glorious start, marvelous ideas but poor follow through and the consumers are the ones stuck with a broken not even half finished product. Stay away from this game unless you are a glutton for punishment and enjoy wasting your time. Expand
  73. Dec 6, 2011
    Broken, laggy, and full of bugs. This is a very poor release on Bethesda's part and anyone who rates this game over a 6 hasn't put any honest time into it. Don't waste your money here till we get serious confirmation of game play enhancing patches.
  74. Dec 6, 2011
    This game is still under production DO NOT BUY IT.IT has lags,freezes ans serious bugs.This thing is a giant bug that can ruin even your's awfull.It has many many flaws
  75. Dec 6, 2011
    Broken. All available evidence suggests that they won't even be attempting to fix the major framerate issue, as it has been a problem with all of their most recent games. Don't buy this.
  76. Dec 6, 2011
    This game is bad,unplayable.Freezes and lags cover it all.DO NOT BUY THIS game.I repeat do not buy this game.After 20 hours it gets laggy as hell.The freezes can ruin your console.
  77. Dec 6, 2011
    This rating is specifically for the ps3 version which is currently completely broken for myself and if you believe the forums, a great many others.

    Pre patch 1.2 I very much enjoyed this game and would have rated it around a 9/10 but now with it crashing constantly when walking through any door its unplayable and I worry about the risk to my new ps3 with having to constantly reboot it.
    The developer, Bethesda have said a new patch is coming but that was days ago and they have not been forthcoming with information which given the current state of the game on ps3 is unforgivable. Expand
  78. Dec 6, 2011
    Skyrim has everything to be a good game, a really good game. But there are many problems. The lags, the poor textures (on PS3), broken quests, dumb backwards flying dragons, broken magic resistance system. This game is not finished, they released an unfinished game for the symbolic date 11.11.11. Wait, don't buy it now, wait 6 months or a year, but don't buy it now, it's still a beta. We're doing free beta testing for Bethesda. We paid to do the beta testing ! Expand
  79. Dec 6, 2011
    I bought Skyrim with the intention to play until my hands bled. I was really looking forward to play the game and at first I could! For about 45 hours playing Skyrim was more or less amazing, not including all the bugs I am used to in a Bethesda game. But after 45 hours the game started to freeze, crash and generally stop acting like it should. 50 hours in, its impossible to play anymore. I have read on the Bethesda forums that its not just me that is having problems, even IGN have written an article about this! It seems the problems lies with the size of our saved games, something that most PS3 gamers will suffers from sooner or later. Unfixable! I am sorry Bethesda, I cant accept this, regard my vote as trhe last thing you will ever hear from me. Expand
  80. Dec 6, 2011
    Do not buy this game. It's appears to be a great game, but it is broken and before you get near the end of the game it is lagging very badly. Bethseda have provided little support or answers or indication that they will fix it. If fixed, would be a great game. But in it's current form, you'd be better off not buying it and ending up frustrated as I have.
  81. Dec 6, 2011
    I really, really wanted to love this game but I just can't recommend it in its current condition. After 65 hours of play, it just collapsed on me with serious lag, it was like playing a slideshow. Quest items began to disappear and dragons flying backwards made the game impossible to progress. I would love to have the faith of others that a patch will fix it but I'm still waiting for patches to fix Fallout and Oblivion.

    Took it back and got a refund instead. Wake up Bethesda. You could make great games if you learnt how to make them work properly :( .
  82. Dec 6, 2011
    The game is broken. Dont buy it. When you play 100 hours ( more or less) the game becomes unplayable. Bethesda can´t go off so easily. They must pay for try sell us a broken product.
  83. Dec 6, 2011
    As good as the game might be on the PS3 it can't be rated because it is currently unplayable. Reasons are summed up pretty well in this article:
  84. Dec 6, 2011
    Horrible lag, mass amount of bugs, just go read posts anywhere from players on forums and websites!! Can't play due to incredible lag, runs like a slideshow! Horrible waste of money, NO MORE Bethesda games for me, paying to beta test their junk. Unacceptable!! Here, see for yourself!
  85. Dec 6, 2011
    I own the PS3 version of this game and because of the immense amount of game breaking bugs I cannot and will not recommend this game to anyone. Bethesda knowingly released a broken game to the public. This a shameful act and therefore the score needs to reflect that. The only reason it gets a 2 instead of 0 is because when the game works its a lot of fun but right now my copy is unplayable so the score will reflect it. Expand
  86. Dec 6, 2011
    Let me start off by saying this game started out fantastic. The story is great, the music is epic, the environs are outstanding.... But there is just too many bugs. especially on the ps3 version. The lag is horrible, we all know this, bethesda knows this, they just dont seem to care... i originally would have given this game a 9 or 10, but it gets a 3 because of bethesda's continued tight-lipped reaction to it, and the proverbial middle finger they keep giving to their customers. Expand
  87. Dec 6, 2011
    As most of the owners of Skyrim on PS3 i rushed to buy the game on its release date, i played without any problems the first two weeks, 41 hours total. After that the game was literally a slideshow! Patch 1.2 came up, didn´t fix the lag at all and the game is unplayable. I rushed to the forums, and surprise!! everyone on the PS3 having the same issue, it's really a major problem. I give the game a 0 score because you can´t play the game at all once the lag comes. I hope Bethesda fix this problem, but it is a shame that they released Skyrim with this HUGE problem, there is no way that Bethesda did not know about the lag before release. Expand
  88. Dec 8, 2011
    Game is broken. The longer you play, the worse it gets. Rumors going around that the PS3 version can not be 100% fixed, even through patches. Avoid. Buy the PC version, and PS3 and Xbox are broken.
  89. Dec 6, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The game works for a week. When you get deep into quests and storyline PS3 just can't handle all the data. Then the GAME GET'S IMPOSSIBLE TO PLAY. Lag, low fps and freezes the ps3 on about 5% of the loading screens, forcing you tu reset the console.

    Sony, you should demand this guys.

    Bad move Bethesda.
  90. Dec 6, 2011
    The PS3 version is virtually unplayable after your save file reaches a certain size. Lag, huge frame rate drops, quest breaking glitches, game breaking glitches, and did I mention lag? And it's a shame, too. The game could be a masterpiece if it worked.
  91. Dec 6, 2011
    A masterpiece, unfortunately as seems to be normal these days the PS3 version is a complete mess. Want to play it, but the experience is just too frustrating with appalling lag, game breaking bugs. Hopefully it will get fixed but i wont hold my breath. Would be 10/10, in the current state its 0/10 and AVOID IT.
  92. Dec 6, 2011
    This game is completely broken. Shame on Bethesda for releasing this clearly unfinished game. Go buy Batman or Uncharted or something that was actually completed before launch.
  93. Dec 6, 2011
    Products are not meant to be sold with the intention of 'making it better in the long run'. Either a game is suitable for public use, or it needs more time in development and testing. The video games industry is the only place in the world where a product can be sold incomplete or faulty, with the caveat 'it's ok, we'll patch it'. For a while now, people have accepted this to be the case, minor errors can be amended and tightened, that's fine. Skyrim, for me, and it would seem a massive percentage (and let's say it's just 30%, although I believe it to be higher, but that is still unacceptable) gets to a point where it is near unplayable, or completely so. My copy is currently sat on the floor in a box following a rage quit, and I'll not be playing it again until it is fixed.

    Were the game to run perfectly, it would almost certainly be a 10 (from my early experiences, and my Fallout style occasional glitching early on). It doesn't run perfectly. It doesn't actually run. If I were to sell someone a blank blu-ray and tell them it's the greatest game ever, but they can't play it until I've patched it, it would warrant a score of zero and no more. Skyrim for me is completely unplayable, and for that reason, I am giving it a zero.
  94. Dec 6, 2011
    this is a potentially a great game but as of now this game is broken on the PS3, the game starts out good but as you get farther into and log more hours the game becomes slower and begins to lag, and all that time you invested was for nothing, as of now this game is broken!
  95. Dec 6, 2011
    Having played both Xbox 360 (92 hours), and PS3 (48 hours) I can personally confirm that the lag issue is so extreme Skyrim is virtually unplayable. At first around the 40 hour mark it began as a stutter..then when I started killing a dragon on a mountain it began to lag a bit harder. Saved, restarted, seemed to help. Now logging back in, travelled to Riften..unable to walk in the town without extreme slowdown. Only one ONE occasion did I ever have slow down on the 360 and i've doubled the play time and it hasn't happened again. It may, but right now it hasn't.

    The game is broken and unplayable on PS3. I feel terribly sorry for PS3 owners who picked this up. Bethesda messed up. Zero score. No regrets.
  96. Dec 6, 2011
    What starts off as an epic adventure as advertised quickly becomes an exercise in patience as constant framerate drops and input lag plague the game a handful of hours into your play session. Unless you like playing the first 1/5 of every game and then restart, this is not for you.

    It's unfortunate, but Bethesda gets a 2 for this as it stands now. Until patched, the game is unplayable.
  97. Dec 6, 2011
    I can't believe I'm giving a score of 0 to such an amazing game. Yes, Skyrim is amazing. It's huge and immersive and incredibly fun to play....or at least it was incredibly fun to play up until I hit 55 hours and couldn't even leave Whiterun because of the lag. I'm always prepared for glitches and bugs with a game as vast as Skyrim and I don't generally complain but the game is straight up UNPLAYABLE. Watching a slideshow is not my idea of entertainment and I am incredibly disappointed as I was not even close to finished. Imagine my surprise when I find hundreds of PS3 owners in the same boat and find out that Bethesda has released an unfinished game fully aware of the problems. I feel pretty insulted. Expand
  98. Dec 6, 2011
    This game is unplayable and NOT FIT TO BE ON SHELVES!

    Logically, the issue cannot be exclusively hardware â
  99. Dec 6, 2011
    DONT BUY THIS GAME!!!!!the game is broken, after you reach 6 mb in save file the game starts to lagg, after 8 mb you cant do nothing because the lag is so bad you cant play the game...DO NOT BUY this game
  100. Dec 6, 2011
    What started as an amazing adventure turned into a nightmare after my save file exceeded 8MB. Donâ

Universal acclaim - based on 16 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 15 out of 16
  2. Negative: 0 out of 16
  1. This is a game full of emotions for gamers who are willing to embrace it. A beautiful fantasy land that makes loading times a thing of the past and is full of surprises. Not only do you get a lot of variety in the locations, the gameplay offers a lot of different experiences as well. [December 2011, p.66]
  2. Dec 28, 2011
    I enjoyed Skyrim and I look forward to the DLC that we know is inevitably coming. If we looked at this honestly, though, this game probably should have been pushed back a month or so for more polish. It needed it and it still does.
  3. Skyrim is a gorgeous production that truly does justice to the words "roleplaying game." It doesn't just tell us a story, it gives us the chance to tell a story of our own. At its best, that's what an interactive art form should be all about. [Jan 2011, p.73]