• Publisher: SCEA
  • Release Date: Aug 28, 2008

Generally favorable reviews - based on 33 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 19 out of 33
  2. Negative: 0 out of 33
  1. 91
    Supremely stylish, cleverly designed, fiendishly addictive. [Issue#171, p.92]
  2. Being the Chosen One is a tall order to drop on anyone, but The Last Guy makes it one of the most addictive downloadable games available on the PSN.
  3. 90
    An outstanding title that's challenging, funny, and fresh. Yes, it's a download and it's rather simple looking, but once you get your hands on the controls and get to the point where you've tanked for the fifth time in a row and are plotting a path on the map overview before your next deployment, you'll know why this game rocks.
  4. For such a simple concept, The Last Guy certainly does make for an entertaining experience.
  5. At just $9.99 anyone who loves zombies, weird Japanese games, arcade games or even giant eyeball alien games owes it to themselves to check out The Last Guy.
  6. The Last Guy is a fun and quirky title that took me by total surprise. It has the look of a next-gen title with all of the gameplay and audio elements of something you might have played on your Atari 2600.
  7. 85
    The last guy's sum is far greater than its rather simplistic parts, offering up yet another fun and entirely unique game for the PSN service.
  8. As the name The Last Guy suggests, saving mankind is a one person job, so there’s no multiplayer. That means that once you’ve completed the game, the only reason to run around on these real-life aerial playgrounds is to increase your score and, in turn, your position on the game’s online world ranking list.
  9. The Last Guy is worthy of everybody's attention and especially of those who appreciate difficult, original and quality games.
  10. The Last Guy is a nice little game, which bears the charm of the late 80ties. And it rocks!
  11. This creative revival of an ancient format proves that zombies aren't the only ones who rise from the dead.
  12. The addicting, classic arcade gameplay and pseudo-retro stylings make it different enough than nearly anything else out there.
  13. The Last Guy is certainly one of those quirky, simple games that don’t look fun at all until you get your hands on the game and see it for yourself.
  14. 80
    The Last Guy has a definite personality and style that almost completely overcomes the fact that it doesn't exactly make use of "the power of the Cell". It may not pack a graphical whollup, but it is more than just a novel idea. With truly addicting gameplay and a healthy portion of silliness, saving major cities from zombies is hours of fun.
  15. Small, but perfectly formed arcade action for a bargain price. [Nov 2008, p.84]
  16. Overall, The Last Guy is a highly entertaining yet short-lived outing that comes highly recommended for those of you wanting to inject something a little different into your gaming calendar.
  17. 80
    With fun 15 levels to play through, The Last Guy is certainly worth a look.However, the downside is that the game has a very short life span.
  18. Definitely not your typical zombie game..
  19. It's a fun game that takes what you know about zombie games, bends it on its ear, kicks it in the shin and then pours malt-o-meal on its head as it laying there on the ground, good times.
  20. The Last Guy is an excellent videogame that re-invents the PacMan style to take it to a much more up-to date design. Despite of its short duration - it can be finished in little more than 3 hours- is a challenging and funny game, and its proposal to use satellite images of real-world locations as maps is certainly innovative.
  21. The Last Guy's another decent example of a simple, slightly risky game perfect for PSN, even if it seldom feels particularly essential.
  22. Miss the golden age of retro? You’ll have a blast with The Last Guy, and while it’s easy enough for most people to get through if you’re dedicated enough, getting the top grade in any level is enough of a challenge to keep the hardcore working on it for days.
  23. The Last Guy is in no way a bad game. It is just too much of a love it or hate it title to recommend to all, and the best way to decide is to play the demo.
  24. If the idea of Pac-man surviving a monster invasion sounds good, add this to your growing PSN collection.
  25. Imagine that your humanity's last hope and your sole task is to run around the city helping other people to get away from the zombies. In The Last Guy your are just that, and for a more than a reasonable price you get a game that's fun to play. The game uses satellite images from different big cities so you'll even get a change to save your own neighbour.
  26. The Last Guy is certainly a unique game. Unfortunately, it's hampered by repetitiveness and a few issues which are sure to lead to frustration in most gamers.
  27. If you end up buying The Last Guy you’ll probably end up liking it to some extent, and if you can try and pace yourself, and don’t rush through the game, you’ll enjoy it even more.
  28. Not terribly long-lasting, but worth checking out for some off-the-wall entertainment.
  29. A whimsical top-down return to arcade classics of yore, complete with suitable sound effects and clever integration of satellite imagery. A nice distraction, but unlikely to hold your attention for long.
  30. The evasive gameplay may not be sophisticated, but the original concept will keep you entertained for a few hours, and the sound effects and music provide a real sense of charm. [Nov 2008, p.111]
  31. Visually it’s all a bit browser, but it’s not an ugly game. Sure, it’s flat sprites throughout, the animation is clunky and as we’ve said, some of the levels aren’t as nice as others, but the whole thing is consistent and not without a certain sense of charm.
  32. While you could say that there's nothing quite like The Last Guy--well, beyond the Work Time Fun minigame that the whole thing was based on--its unique feel doesn't make it a great purchase at $9.99.
  33. 58
    It's weird...very weird. And whatever your expectations are, they're likely wrong. I enjoyed playing it, surely -- I just wish that it were as frustration-free as it is unique.
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  1. Mar 2, 2012
    This game is really bad,it does not deserve to be on a PS3.Don't waste your time and money on this.I got it for free and I'm really happy thatThis game is really bad,it does not deserve to be on a PS3.Don't waste your time and money on this.I got it for free and I'm really happy that I didn't have to pay for this crap. Full Review »
  2. Nov 16, 2010
    this game caught me in the right mood. its short yes, but absolutely fun, a few beers in im the last dude ducking in and outta streets tothis game caught me in the right mood. its short yes, but absolutely fun, a few beers in im the last dude ducking in and outta streets to save people wonderful premise and concept....luv it 9 Full Review »