• Publisher: SCEA
  • Release Date: Jun 14, 2013
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  1. Jun 24, 2013
    I have finished the game earlier this week, since then I had some time to reflect about it.

    After getting over my „fanboism“, cause I have been awaiting this game for quite a while, to look at it from a more neutral perspective, I must say that “The Last Of Us” is OVERRATED!

    Now bear with me, I'm not saying by any means it’s a bad game, it’s a piece of art, a masterpiece even, very
    beautiful, especially visually. But hearing “the best game of this generation” or “the best game EVER made” is very false to me. Let me try and help you to understand where I'm coming from:

    Once I have looked past the eye candy, I noticed the gameplay is very shallow and repetitive, the infected lack variety with only 4 types and the humans have a very flawed AI which is very exploitable (also doesn’t help that you keep on killing the same 5 guys cause there aren’t that many enemy skins). The Puzzles, if you could even call them that, are no challenge at all, and only require you to push a ladder from point A to point B or drag a dumpster around for a little while so you can climb on it. The game is far too forgiving, even on the hard setting, keeps on holding your hand, treating you like a little child, generating checkpoints after every minute and even giving you more ammo and med packs out of nowhere when you run out. It just seems overall like it was designed for the casual gamer, so parents and infants could easily beat it. In short, it offers almost no interesting challenges or compelling gameplay surprises.

    Now lets get to the story (which most people claim to be the strongest part of the game), its full of clichés from previous post apocalyptic zombie scenarios, and even at its best moments it never reaches the depth and feel a good movie could provide. It feels more like a budget tv-series with a very limited cast, so I really don’t understand when people claim to have cried while playing it.

    That all being said it still was a very enjoyable experience, which I’m glad I had the pleasure to go through. The best part about it truly where the visuals, some of the best I have ever witnessed in a video game, and the 2 main characters Ellie and Joel (even a later Villain) where some truly detailed and interesting characters which made out the main charm of the game.

    Video games where always about the gameplay to me, and I find The Last of Us has a lot of problems there. I think the whole “Let’s try to be a movie” approach of video games is really getting old.

    I still highly recommend it to anybody who likes video games, or art in general, I didn’t mean to sound too negative about it I just wanted to express why I think game sites giving it 10 out of 10s is complete ****

    But hey, its just my opinion.
  2. Jul 10, 2013
    I created an account for the sole purpose of attempting to save a few people some money; this game, while decent as an entire package, comes across to me as a venture into gaming redundancy. I will not be discussing the particulars of the story or game mechanics, both to avoid spoilers and to prevent this from turning into a term paper. While TLOU does manage to incorporate an average level of quality in each aspect, the game overall comes across as a dud, mainly because as I played this game I couldn't get rid of the overbearing sensation that I had already played this game's prequels and that each of these, either in their own way or as a whole, were much much better than this latest release:

    If you've played stealth-focused games such as Dishonored, Metal Gear, or Deus Ex you've already experienced far more advanced and enjoyable stealth mechanics.

    If you've played adventure-based games such as Far Cry or Bioshock you've once again enjoyed better battle and combat interface mechanics.

    If you've played puzzle-based games such as Prince of Persia or any other game that incorporates more than a ladder/plank combo...enough said.

    And by far the worst and most over-hyped category, the carbon copy mix of Zombie-Survival, Coming-Of-Age, with a dash of familial bonding, was the greatest disappointment for me, as most games I am willing to forgive almost all assuming the story can bridge the gap between a lack of mechanics and my enjoyment. In this case, for me, the gap was only widened.

    While I understand that all creations, particularly in the entertainment industry, rely and build upon previous ventures, the lack of creativity or any sign of originality in this game, to me, is unforgivable and undeserving of the seemingly fanboyish reviews it has received. This game is worth playing to kill some time or as an introduction to the genre if you are just entering the gaming scene, but in no way was it worth $60; wait for the GoTY edition it is almost certain to be developed into or borrow it from one of the multiple friends you have who have almost certainly already picked this up.
  3. Jun 20, 2013
    Now, I don't really buy games as much as I used to now that I'm older, though I do follow the gaming industry closely and tend to buy only the "best" games that come out. When I do play a game though, I take it seriously, and want something that hooks me with a good balance of challenge and reward, and great gameplay. Well with the hype this game had behind it and the scores how could I have been ripped off by another game like bioshock infinite (which blatantly dumbed down and removed gameplay)? Welp I was, and I've officially lost complete faith in gaming. This game is living proof that gaming is dead. It's been more than 8 years since the release of resident evil 4, yet this game doesn't even attempt to outdo gameplay standards set in the survival genre this game is (laughably) trying to claim it belongs to. In fact, it's gameplay should be completely unacceptable in the year 2013, but the unwashed masses who bought into the console craze "because of duh grafix!" will throw their hands in the air and claim this and every other overhyped game like it is "duh best game evarrr!!!". I'm sorry but if you only play games for the graphics, blood, and story, and you don't value gameplay you are not a gamer, and I am now convinced the mainstream console audience and the audience these games are aimed at are not gamers. This game is nothing different than the same old handholdy LCD shooter we've been seeing all generation long, cover based shooting, simplistic gameplay leading you from cutscene to cutscene, checkpoints every few steps, dull brown and grey graphics, ect. The only reason this game is getting so much praise is because of the hype behind it, people are like sheep and go right along with the hype, afraid to say anything that conflicts with common opinion. If the game wasn't made by naughty dog and had no hype behind it, it wouldn't be getting anywhere near the praise. Want proof? Look at all the good reviews, all they say is "best game evarrrrr", they won't give reasons though, and if they do they're related to graphics or some other element irrelevant to the game itself or how it plays. The game is also awfully glitchy considering it's made by "The best developer of this generation", what a joke, can't even get the save system right, me and my friend had to play it all in 1 sitting, not like it matters because games today are so short and simple. I seriously wonder how long it will be until they phase gameplay out all together and just go back to making FMV games, or QTE driven games, because mark my word, that's the direction these amateur developers who run the industry are setting gaming up to be headed in. R.I.P. gaming. Expand
  4. Jun 16, 2013
    This game is not as good as some may say. if you like a slow game that is stealth based then maybe. dont buy this game if you want action or a fast pace. the graphics are better than uncharted but the rest of the game is worse. the controls suck and are sluggish. the combat is so bad that you almost have to play the game stealthy. not worth $60. maybe worth $30 for a used copy if you really want to play it. dont buy this game expecting alot other than good graphics and keep you hopes low so maybe you wont be disappointed. just my opinion but this game is WAY over rated. Expand
  5. Jun 19, 2013
    The Last of Us. Extremely favorable reviews seem to follow this game everywhere. But I cannot seem to figure out why. Graphics are OK. Nothing special, nothing new. I myself found FarCry 3's graphics much better. I am a huge fan of survival horror games but this is neither. It's just a stealth game with limited ammo, and the gameplay is clunky and repetitive. The story is boring and predictable and never really shines. The characters are drab and I forgot about them as soon as I finished the game. I had to force myself to finish it by the way. I am appalled at the good reviews this game has been getting. Do yourself a huge favor, Rent first! One of the WORST games I have ever played. Shame on you developers and critics alike. Expand
  6. Jul 3, 2013
    What happens when you create a game where stealth is absolutely dreadful and combine it with retarded crafting system? The most OVERHYPED game of the year 2013. I've had my share of these games earlier and im just about sick of playing these "games" where you watch cut scenes every 5 minutes.

    First of all, how come you make medic pack from a rag and alcohol? That's right, you shouldn't
    be able to do it. Instead of putting lots of tiny details into the game or hiding looting items to smart places they have to throw items into our faces. Somehow i don't see how its possible to find everything so easily in police controlled state. Without forgetting there is some kinda virus lurking around and people are going crazy.

    Graphics aren't top class either and there just doesn't seem to be enough freedom of exploring in the game. This leaves the game dumbed down and ultimately a very boring experience.

    [Remember that by thumbing all opinions down you are supporting game makers and developers to make more cash in games for casuals, like this one.]
  7. Jun 18, 2013
    First 15 minutes are great, after that the games has its moments (especially in the beginning) but then it starts to lose its charm. gameplay average third person shooting, solid brawling (good feel), kinda plagued with "gimme a hand" moments, graphic and sound are great, lot of really nice touches in the environment and animations of Joel and Ellie, good dialogues and not so great story (few WTF moments and taking the way too much risky road for the sake of actiony gameplay). Giving it a lower score to balance out other overhyped reviews. (imo it is 6-7/10) Expand
  8. Jun 23, 2013
    God damn it, The Last of Us™ is not only criminally overrated, but an actively bad game. The plot is bereft of any innovation, and is advanced only by long, LONG cutscenes which lead to MASSIVE 'cinematic' walking/running from point A to point B, stopping only to shift the occasional ladder or mash buttons in unfun quicktime events. This part of the gameplay (which essentially amounts to poorly rendered cutscenes and is obvious filler) is only broken up by further cutscenes or sudden outbreaks of chest-high walls, which precipitate another tedious bout of the game's stiff, unresponsive and awkward third-person shooter aspect.

    Do you see all the perfect scores this overblown, poorly designed travesty got? RIP gaming journalism. If you know anyone that considers this game more than a 5 out of 10, put them down. The infection has already taken their mind, and you're doing them a mercy they don't deserve.
  9. Jun 20, 2013
    Oh boy, where do I get started with such a game? I'm going to be completely honest I really don't understand the hype that was created with this game. It's basically like they took Uncharted, took the worst part from the game (the really useless stealth mechanics), and then made a whole game from it. Why is this game so hyped? I want to say that the hype was created for ONE SOLE REASON, zombies... but that's not really true (see War Z for proof that zombies aren't that a guaranteed success). The real reason Is the fact that they are Naughty Dog and they can do whatever the hell they want and sell and game. No on to the topic of the actual game. First off, the characters, which some people I'm sure find "deep" are actually extremely cliché, stereotypical and basically reprinted versions of characters from about a million other films/games. Seriously the characters' "bonds" between are about as deep as a dried up puddle. Second of all, the game itself is really lacking in the actual mechanical department. All you do is walk around slowly and be an edgy goober with your little prick girl sidekick who can't stop swearing. I mean seriously? Is it that fun to strangle a million zombies? If you think so then good for you, but honestly I got tired of seeing that animation after about the 300th time. Third and finally, the games graphics look they came out of the rear of a donkey, relatively of course, it's nice for a console, but seriously? Have you guys ever played a pc game fully maxed out? It's nothing like the BEST GRAPHICS IN WORLD HURR DURRR stuff I have been hearing, it's honestly pretty mediocre and just over filtered (to make the world seem EDGY). Well this is my rant, it's a generic, boring zombie game, with addition of some lame characters, what more could you want? Expand
  10. Aug 20, 2013
    Boring, linear. Just another scripted action game. No challenges. I expected much more from a game with such high praises. Once again it's clear that the review industry has no clue about what the gamer really wants.
  11. Jun 29, 2013
    I give this game a 1 because I haven't been able to finish it due to the fact that it's been released broken. I've bought two copies of this game & both get stuck at the same point. I've gone to the forums & have seen I'm not the only one. Naughty Dog needs to patch this game.

    Also what I have played while decent I must say the AI in this game is the worse AI I have ever seen in my life
    in gaming, Expand
  12. Sep 19, 2013
    Nothing new to see here, just a rehash, you will notice this the first time you wander into a room with appropriately placed cover boxes. You get your canned little girl sidekick and I guess you are supposed to feel attached to her but she is a walking swearing stereotype.
    This game makes very little sense overall. It plays like resident evil but the zombies are fast and can instantly
    kill you. I understand this is meant to create tension but it ends up being tedious. Navigating the environments is a chore as you wander around with no apparent direction and the only open path leads you to your destination. It feels very artificial. You are given maps and hints that would suggest depth but they are of little use in the muddy darkness.
    Overall it is a disappointment, same recycled plot and characters you have seen in every game or movie in this setting.
  13. Jun 22, 2013
    Instead of laying out a long summary of the game let's stick to Pros and Cons Pros: Good Graphics Good voice acting Cons: Generic Gameplay & Copy (Identical to Uncharted) Short Predictable Story (Also less immersive than others like The Walking Dead) A lesser copy of Cormac McCarthy's 'The Road' (Lacking Originality) Poor tacked on multiplayer This is one of the many games that critics have wrongfully rated because of hype (Think GTA IV). Expand
  14. Jun 24, 2013
    This game is pretty. That's the best part. Story is ok for modern story telling and especially anything zombie related. Those are the best parts of the game. First disappointing thing I came across was how limiting, linear and predictable environments are. There are no alternative paths. The largest freedom you get is how you stealth around a small room to dispose all the zombies. Since some of the zombies one shot you (which is good), there is no way to just gun through them (maybe i am just a terrible gamer). Another disappointing thing is your little girl buddy. She is not detected by the enemies, so while you are painfully stealthing around she just runs around with the flash light on... right through the zombies. Breaks any submersion. I love zombies, I loved Dishonored, Thief, Deus Ex, Hitman, but this doesn't even come close. I wish this game gave you ability to scope out the area from the distance, gave you a chance to plan your attack (stealth or brute force) and then execute it using available resources or your favorite way, this game has none of that. Expand
  15. Jun 26, 2013
    Meta scores for critic reviews doesn't mean anything, but when 90% of the people here are saying o its great its the best game ever, its revolutionary. I have a few words for you, its none of the above. I have been playing games since i was 4(NES days) and I have played a lot of games, this is not one of the best its un original, and gets monotonous fast.

    Let's go over the negatives
    since there are clearly more negatives:(positives mixed in since there aren't a lot of them)
    1) this game took bits and pieces of many games, including tomb raider, of course uncharted, zelda, and mainly survival horror, and mainly RE(resident evil). So how do you take a mesh of those games and make something terrible out of it.

    1) gameplay the gameplay feels very stiff, and unorganized, why should i have to hit 3 different buttons just to heal and switch weapons. On top of that if you dont upgrade your holster it virutally makes it impossible toward the end to be a good shot, not like you shoot much anyways because you'll die.
    Which brings me to the next point why do you even have a gun system if the rules of the game penalize you for it unless you're playing on easy. As being a developer myself this completely boggled my mind, why is it on normal you really don't take that much more damage from enemies, than playing on hard especially snipers and clickers. I think the sense system is weak, especially towards the end of the game where theres enemies everywhere and then you run into them because you can't see them even at level 3 maxed out.
    The worst part about the gameplay altogether has no replay value unlike crash bandicoot and uncharted series, just a complete let down gameplay wise. The final note here would be theres absolutely no character development until about halfway through the game, and even still the characters have no personality, there just swearing the whole time

    2) Sound there nothing i can say except it had the most unbalanced sfx ever. You shoot your gun or throw a nail grenade, or molotov the sounds is sooooo loud, yet you can't hear the characters talking, thats flat out obnoxious and annoying. my biggest crack down on the sound is if you're not near a conversation and hunting down parts to upgrade Joel never responds to the questions askled by the other cast of characters, which helps develop character.

    3) Final results: this game failed to incorporate the other ideas it took from other games to make it there own, you can't live vicariously through any of the characters. The sound efffects are just flat out annoying, they didnt develop a new shooting system even though they call it original and amazing. I t was good for uncharted but not for this game. The idea of the game is good, the world is decaying and there might be hope left(thumbs up there)

    for these reasons, i cant comprehend why people love this game,, especially since a lot of the perfect 10 scores basically all same the thing as the critics do, who don't criticize games the way they use to. Because we live in a society where we don't want confrontation anymore because we are afraid to get burned. This is a perfect example, the most overhyped terrible game I have ever played in the last 13 years
    Also everyone is like its a perfect game, if you think there is such thing is a perfect game/application you're sorely mistaken. I personally disliked this game so much that i hope Gta V wins Goty, thats how bad i think this game was. I t had an original idea they just weren't implemented correctly, like most modern games. One final note everyone says the cut scenes are amazing, If you have played any Final Fantasy game in the last 13 years, it blows last of us out of the water.. very disappointing game.
  16. Jul 5, 2013
    This game is not as good as Sony wants us to believe.

    It starts good, but it's formula wears out pretty fast. The dialogs looks like if were made by someone that can't articulate five words in a sentence, and comparing it to Uncharted 1, I find it Uncharted quite superior.
  17. Jul 11, 2013
    This game promises a lot and delivers little. Shallow gameplay, linear experience, boring and repetitive combats, poor exploration, and disappointing story. It is extremely overrated over the media, and it's a sign of our times. The gaming industry took a road of expensive and gorgeous games with poor gameplay and/or lack of exploration. This game is a result. The gaming-journalism took a road of hyping ad infinitum games before their release, and giving incredibly inflated scores once they're barely out. These reviews are the result. Where the monkey goes the ass- follows: Blind gamers will praise this. Don't be fooled: it's bad. Expand
  18. Jan 18, 2014
    The Last of Us has a good story but that's all that's good about it. The stealth mechanics were poorly executed and the fact that you must often kill enemies and their near sightedness renders them obsolete. The overly common checkpoints take away most of the challenge and tension and that mixed with the fact you must often kill enemies to progress makes it feel less like a survival game. The enemy AI is rather bad and the companion AI is never helpful. The plot is cliché and uninteresting and the supporting characters are annoying. There is a few bugs most notably one that deletes your saved game. The multiplayer is low on content with only the standard deathmatch and team deathmatch. Deathmatch can easily turn into hide and seek and team deathmatch is decent but nothing noteworthy. Naughty Dog needs to learn that a game needs more than story. Expand
  19. Sep 13, 2013
    As a PC Gamer with a PS3 I had heard of the Reviews of The Last of Us, But In reality the Controls are poor and the game attempted to make you feel emotions for the character but with me it simply didn't work and i just felt like it had a good idea with some good story but it wanted it to bad and failed.
  20. Dec 4, 2013
    The last (game for me). Disappointing at the point do need to kill David, he had a teletransporter impossible to knife the third time. Graphically is beautiful the best for the ps3 but the gameplay is boring, I kill 90% guys 10% infected. A splinter cell whit sometime zombies (a don't like this game to).
  21. Jul 16, 2013
    I'm sorry, but this game was incredibly boring. Yes, the intro was lively & interesting, but that doesn't justify the rest of the game being a snoozefest. As "open world" as this game had the potential to be and seems like it should be, it isn't. Even if you explore every nook & cranny that's available, there isn't anything for you to find past duct tape or maybe a couple of bullets. Even the crafting options leave much to be desired.

    If this game had music past the intro, I didn't notice it.
  22. Aug 19, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This game really does not deserve these ridiculous high scores and reviews. I have purposely created this account just to review this game. I have never reviewed anything on here before. I was really excited for this game I decided to buy it for £31 on the PlayStation Store, not bad really. It starts off good with a strong storyline and decent characters (for a video game anyway) There are a lot of long cut scenes in the beginning which did annoy me. The game play starts off interesting for quite a while and makes you want to keep playing. It was around the time when I had to start transporting Ellie back from Marlene I noticed the game was getting repetitive and slow. The gun control is pretty shocking, the stealth that you need to us in almost every situation is almost non-existent and just doesn't work. I found myself literally replaying the same part more than 30 times and it seemed actually impossible at one point. The game starts getting really slow and just flat-out boring. Walk through all these random walkways/doors/stairs for 2 hours, get to your destination, repeat over and over.I would say the graphics are the best part of this game. Please do try before you buy people. Expand
  23. Sep 30, 2013
    First of all, I acknowledge the production values of Last of Us (LoU). Great graphics, check. Emotion-ladden story, check. Excellent voice acting, check. State of the art game mechanics, check. LoU has all that.

    But just as with Kane&Lynch, Uncharted, the new Tomb Raider or Bioshock Infinite, there’s a lot of fluff and eye candy around the edges but in essence the game mechanics require
    you to become a serial killer and pretend it’s no big deal at all. Unfortunately, this stereotype largely applies here too even though TLoU hides it a little better by pretending serious issues are at play.

    Even though gunning down droves of enemies has been kind of a standard in action games for a long time, the most recent ones, TLoU included, try very hard to make it look very realistic on the surface while insisting on cheap ambushes, predictable plot twists, and hordes of faceless foes just waiting to be slaughtered by the protagonists with very little option to prevent or avoid the conflict.

    I’m no longer sure what’s more absurd that as a playing character you kill dozens of people in a row without getting killed yourself or losing your sanity or that your enemies keep piling up despite your track record. If you really want to play a game where all these things are addressed in a truly serious way and with a very strong point delivered, try Spec Ops: the Line.

    And if you want to appreciate the production values and story of games such as TLoU without being bogged down by stereotypical and almost dehumanizing gameplay, I suggest watching movie walkthroughs that are becoming popular and contain only minimal gameplay while delivering the plot.

    In summary TLoU has great production values but gameplay is sloppy and repetitive, thinly veiled by emotions, graphics, and voice acting. I don't recommend it to play but watching it as a few hours long movie might be a way to get the best out of it.
  24. Oct 26, 2013
    I'm sorry man I cannot give this game the solid score everyone thinks it deserves. The stealth mechanics are obviously, blantantly bad. The enemies follow very scripted paths, respond to the exact same decibel levels of noise their friends currently were making seconds ago as an alarm, and will just plain know you're behind them even while sneaking. Scenery great, game play not.
  25. Jul 1, 2013
    I went into this game thinking that it was going to be at the very least pretty good given all the slobbering reviews and perfect scores from "professional reviewers" and the general public. But after playing it for a number of hours, I still haven't figured out what it is about this game that makes people think it deserves the accolades it's being given.

    It's not a bad game, it's a
    good game. It's far from perfect, and it's FAR from the "game of the year" love fest that has been heaped upon it.

    It took several hours of playing before I even started to care what happened to any of the characters, and was even glad one of them died so early. The repetitiveness of the game play was enough to bore me so much that I actually had to make myself continue to play it, just so I could try and get my $60 worth.

    The AI is at times non existent. Many times my character would be hiding from an enemy, but the NPC character with me would be running around bumping into the enemies, but they wouldn't notice?!?

    This is what I like to call a "rinse and repeat" game. You enter a "level", look for ammo, nuts and bolts, maybe a new weapon or a health kit, fight off a swarm of the same enemies, and then move on to the next level and do it all over again. And in between you are subjected to the emotional issues of each character and how they are trying not to get too close to each other for fear of losing someone they care about again. *Snore*

    Like I said, not a bad game, it's a "good" game, but not even close to a game of the year candidate.
  26. Aug 9, 2013
    What makes this not a great game The controls are very unintuitive any time I want to run, or use a medical kit, or just stop the character from crouching (which he seems to want to do all the time), I basically have to consult the manual. This is frustrating since the game is very focused on lots of action. Too much action, and too many enemies. Something like Silent Hill would have been great, just exploring creepy places, but this feels like I'm battling through a Die Hard movie.
    These kinds of games, with lots of difficult action where you have to replay the same scene 10+ times, were fine for the 80s, but I had hoped we left those masochistic days behind us. Occasionally I get a rude reminder like this, when all Im looking for is a few hours on a horror movie set.
  27. Feb 27, 2014
    The game is well done: graphics, animations, sounds and music - 10, but game mechanics - 2.
    In 2 words I would describe the genre like 'walking game', because 95% of the game you walk, walk, climb over fences, walk, solve 'ultratricky' puzzles, like to move a box or a board to climb over a fence or move forward. You solve these puzzles so many times, sssssooooo repetitive. In addition the
    game is absolutely linear and has 0 replayability. I wonder why it's a top ps3 game here. Expand
  28. Oct 15, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I bought a PS3 for this game. I watched the E3 video and a gameplay video of the intro. Such immersive beauty! Just before the titles, I pressed pause and went to buy a console.
    I expected a mature game of explorations, ingaging strategic combat, an original and fullfilling storyline all tied together with a smart gameplay. I was very disappointed and that's why:
    - The story is not well written, but i don't want to spoiler this in case someone will play the game anyway.
    - The intro is misleading, the rest of the game will not see the plot develop while you're playing. It goes like this: you enter an area, you kill the dumb enemies, reach a certain point cutscene next area. Every area has a patethic excuse to reach the next (like, "hey i need a car, so let's walk across a block full of infected to find a car battery"), after a while you wont even remember why you're escorting a little brat and where.
    - Exploration is absolutely linear (non existent). You cross a lot of cities, but every gate, every stair ramp, every door is closed but the ones you have to take. If a room is open it means that that's your path or a little decoy to refill your ammo/health/powerups. This is not well hided, there are no tricks to make the world seem continuous. You WILL see a door just closed as any other and no way to try to open it or you will climb a ramp of stairs to find a wall of junk that doesn't let you pass. Sometimes you simply wander like an idiot trying to find the hole you have to climb in. Sometimes you will have to push a little cart, move a stairs or push your friend over an edge to reach the next area. But there's no brainer here, you just have to push a button and the trick is always the same.
    - This is a combat game, don't be fooled. You enter an area, there will always be obvious placed repairs to hide, the enemies will ALWAYS be alert and patroling (no immersion here, every zone is a tactical zone) you can cross them while they're talking but after some useless dialogue lines they will patrol again, even in some remote zone of the world (this to make you understand that there's ZERO immersion in this fictional world, every level is a tactical level). It doesn't matter if you've mastered every FPS, military tactical or stealth game since doom: you will die, a lot. The patrol will always walk towards you, even if you're in the dark behind a counter, they will take 3 gunshots from a little distance and still have the strenght to hit you with a crowbar and god the zombies are dumb. Ammo should be rare but they will drop from enemies proportionally to your usage and your partner will refill you (with med kits too). The glorious animations that made us tremble in hype from the E3 trailer will quickly become boring.

    This is a truly overrated game. I can't understand why people are praising it, every aspect is mediocre (graphics are good, but not THAT good). There are tons of masterpieces waiting to be played out there, i'm playing games since 1990 and this title will be forgotten very soon.
  29. Sep 13, 2014
    An above average story with below average gameplay. If I knew that this "game" was going to be this bad, I would've wasted my $70 on some worthless charity.
  30. Apr 15, 2014
    the initial hype I had for this game was thwarted after seeing it wasn't going to be on the xbox but my buddy hyped it back up for me and talked me into a play through. I fell asleep. the first 4 hours is a bore fest of picking up items, walking really slow, helping a girl swim in a repetitive manner of grab this go here come back and then you can continue. the dialogue between the characters wasn't interesting to me and the story's pace was to slow to keep me interested. the 3rd person shooting is straight out of the 90's. graphics are alright. Expand
  31. Dec 10, 2013
    To be perfectly honest, I do not understand the rave about the game. i will start by saying yes it does have a decent story line with few plot holes, nothing good or bad about it, pretty average. However, the game play is God-awful, I feel as though the game play is focused on stealth except all the focused on was the shooting aspect, the shooting works great, but will kill you instantly if you ever use it with zombies. One major thing that annoyed me was different types of zombies, no explanation behind how they came to be, just put in there in an attempt to make extra game play. However in the end, special zombies are what ruined the game for me and I'm sure many others, what makes them stronger? I don't know, no one knows. And one last thing, people say the infection is realistic, it isn't possible for the virus to infect humans that way, Dead Island had it right with the mutated strand of Kuru. 4/10 Expand
  32. Mar 12, 2014
    I dont know what it was, maybe cause i started to play it just after finishing beyond.
    The graphics in TLOU well, in comparsion to beyond they r not that good as everyone says.
    Also the stroy in TLOU isnt the greatest of all time. The game starts to get boring realy fast.
    After TLOU was getting high reviews it was obsvious for me to play. But after beating the game. I feel not how i
    imagined i would. True - while playing you feel that u r constantly alone and can depend only on each other but putting that aside; I just wanted to play uncharted 2 and 3 again.

    If uncharted 2 and 3 ar a 10/10 for me. TLOS is a 3/10
    the game is that bad.
  33. Nov 8, 2013
    Was disappointing. The game had so much great talk on how mazing it was said to be but I just don't see it the gameplay was okay the graphics were decent and the characters were good I just don't see the game as so good.
  34. Dec 1, 2013
    The last of us is not just a game, it is also a masterpiece. Few producers can make a game with this graphics capability and great gamely. However, I found the story weak point of the game. The story is almost the same as most stories of zombie games. While there zombie games with similar stories, I never will evaluate the game with a score of 10.
  35. PWG
    Dec 26, 2013
    Overrated and overhyped. Hear me out, first. When you think of a game, what's the first thing you think of? If what you said was any of the following, you probably don't know what a game is: Graphics, soundtrack, acting, story, any type of rating All of those are nice little features, but the correct answer is game-play. That isn't an opinion (maybe in the context of my question), but game-play is the most important thing when it comes to a GAME. Everything else can combine to make a MOVIE. There's a difference between the two.

    Now onto The Last of Us.
    *NONE* of them talk about game-play. Everything but that, actually. This is less a game and more of an experience, which isn't bad, but when the game-play actually is seen, it's incredibly repetitive, either boring or tedious, and the AI is horrendous. I have played this game to the end. Because, again, it's more of an experience the other elements want you to continue. But it's nothing to go back for, and honestly doesn't deserve "Game of the Year" or all these 10's and 100's. This is... an interactive movie, with your "choices" not affecting much at all. There were so many better games this year, yet so many people say this is the best game ever, or of the last decade, and so on. They are wrong. How can their opinion be wrong, you ask? Because when they talk about why they like it, just about EVERY TIME they don't talk about the gameplay, just how it looked pretty and sounded nice. That is not the game they like. They like it for being art, and less a game. Video games are art, yes, but on the list of things that make it art, gameplay is definitely near the bottom, if not at it entirely.

    But I suppose I will get many... dislikes, I guess they are, for saying this. Even though it's true. If you liked the gameplay, fine by me, but I thought it was horrendous and is most certainly what everyone overlooks. And that last part is a fact, not an opinion.
  36. Feb 16, 2014
    I got fooled by the reviews on this site... What could I expect? Im an idiot... these are the same people who AAA companies are catering to... the main reason we have FF13, FF13-2,FF lightning returns, RE5, RE6.... lol

    I've been playing for 7 hours so far and i'm STILL waiting for something epic to happen. The gameplay is very boring. All it consists of is running from one place to
    another by climbing holes in walls or avoiding monsters. There was absolutely nothing rewarding me to keep doing this over and over. (I wouldn't mind if it actually had some nostalgic value or stunning reward/story).

    Basically, nothing happens unless you "finish the game" which is a complete joke. The game should be EPIC throughout the gameplay.

    Instead, it's just a game where you die and repeat a "sneaking" scenario or use limited weapons to kill everything.... then you run through a desert and reach a new boring environment with different buildings and repeat it again. (then you're rewarded with a scene where everyone is relieved for surviving...but nothing else).

    This was definitely a disappointment. I refuse to give this game more than a 6/10, which was given based on the graphics and game's intro (which makes you believe you're in for something fun...but it's just a empty).

    Whoever says this game has an atmosphere... yeah it does for the first 2 hours... then you realize it was all in your head and you're just performing a Job... it gets boring real quick and suddenly you don't "feel it" anymore.
    Go play RE2. Now that game has a real atmosphere.

    Sorry guys, I know my tone is annoying but Im not trying to offend anybody... don't judge my rating by how annoying I sound. Just accept my message, you don't have to agree with it... Try to understand what I mean instead
  37. Apr 25, 2014
    Why this game got the ratings it got baffles me. Graphics are good. Music is good. Generic backstory, glitchy gameplay, cliche characters, uninteresting dialog, OK voice acting (except for the girl, which is painfully bad). Heavily developer-planned combat scenes mean you either do it their way or you die. No exploration, no deviation from doing exactly what the developers intended.

    Just where the heck are all these 10s coming from??
  38. Jun 28, 2013
    Metacritic deleted my previous review, because I jokingly pretended to review this game as Uncharted 4 with Zombies --Well, I guess cheekiness isn't allowed in reviews. So, I'll be blunt; this game is just Uncharted with zombies. If you like Uncharted, then enjoy your expansion pack. If you wanted a new game, well...don't be cheeky in your review.
  39. Feb 14, 2014
    This game combines all of the worst elements of the 1980 zombie movies with the more irritating aspects of Uncharted. In terms of cinema, it is stunning (here the score not being zero.) In terms of game play, this is not a game for those not versed in run-and-gun tripe. The combat, even at easier levels totally gets in the way of the story line (what there is of it) and thereby discourages all but the most hard core combat fanatics.

    All I can say is: "NAUGHTY, NAUGHTY DOG!"

    I bought this on PSN and sure wish I had my money back so I could use it to search for something else as pleasurable as the Uncharted series. Those I enjoyed. This, however, marks my split from the Naugthy Dog family. They are going to have to do something unbelievable to ever get another dime out of me.
  40. Jun 4, 2014
    Cons : Great graphic for PS3 hardware, Interesting characters, interesting background story. Lots of cut scenes, Great first 20 mins of the gameplay.

    Pros: Plain and easily predicable plot, flat characters, it is a pretty bad TPS game if you love TPS games, annoyingly bad AI.

    My score is 6,5 out of 10. But i gave it 1 out of 10 because i think it is overrated and i want to make the
    score lower.
    I strongly disagree that this game is rated higher than Red dead redemption, GTA5, The walking dead, Mass effect, Uncharted, some of Final fantasy series and many other PS3 games.
  41. Jun 2, 2014
    This game is way to hyped. I've played through it, and there are tons of glitches. It might just be that I got the download version. I liked the characters, and there were moments when I felt emotional, but some, my game ended up glitching. It wouldn't even allow me to play, and it's way to over-hyped. It was OK, but not the best.
  42. Jun 16, 2014
    Was this rubbish really made in 2013 ? It feels 20 years older with its clunky inventory system and poor mechanics, not to mention the tired old "post apocalypse" storyline. A couple of the voice actors are very good, (Joel, Bill) but by and large, this is a very ordinary game. Perhaps the people at the developers should take a look at Dead Space, Bioshock, Crysis et al to see how a modern game should look and feel. Expand
  43. Jun 30, 2014
    I ended up playing Last of Us after all of the hype said it was an amazing game. When I started to play TLOU I was highly disappointed. All the review sites went on about the emotion and how that made the game. I felt no emotion from the boring lifeless, robotic characters.

    I played through the first level which is so dull and boring. You just walk around and run a way from the infected
    people. Nothing amazing what so ever which a clunky character.

    As you progress you get to an area where you have to move around some planks. I was already bored up till this point and then that just intensified the boredom.

    The character models in Last of Us look nice but the land scape and the cities look dated. Have a look at the grass around the cities. It has no texture.

    The combat is just boring basic third person shooting with dumb enemies. The clickers make it a bit tougher but when you figure out that you should kill the ones that kill you with one attack first. The game becomes very easy.

    Avoid TLOU like the plague, I seriously couldn't take any more after three hours in.
  44. Jul 19, 2014
    The last of us is a game about how normal society can be reduced to smoldering pile of anarchy chaos and how humans can be changed into savage beasts with selfish motives and ruthless behavior. Let me tell you something about The last of us, it is a **** of overrated crap. it's plot, story, voice acting, characters, and themes are so unoriginal and has been repeated in various games, movies, t.v. shows, and novels. The whole emotional sequences and hopeless reality is so mediocre, can you imagine how much this has been featured in so many stories. The last of us is a game that is so insignificant and all those critics who give it a perfect score are either half or no brained at all. I would also like to say that I respect everyone else's opinion but ultimately it fails to make a fan of me and fails at being called one of the greatest games. For all those people who were mindlessly indoctrinated, I feel sorry for you but I am not those kinds of people who are pulled into the horde of zombie fans and critics. The only good thing about the game is its graphics which are kind of remarkable, however the rest of it is more or less **** to me. So that is my review of the highly overrated game that dares to call itself The Last of Us Expand
  45. Jul 20, 2014
    I got this game on Christmas and Played it for one night got stuck and never picked it back up until recently, and I regret it. THIS IS THE AMAZING SURVIVAL EXPERIENCE EVERYONE IS FAWNING OVER! It pisses me off even more that Metro Last Light came out this year and yet this piece of instant kill **** is the one that got all the attention. The game relies on the Instant killing clickers for Its difficulty, because those are the only enemy that you cant beat the **** out of. Your resources are always low not because you are constantly using them to fend of your enemies, they're limited because the world is so stupidly empty that you never had them to begin with. their is no tension about resource conservation when you NEVER GET THEM, human enemies almost never drop ammo, (which is just stupid, like I just manage to kill them when they had just used their last bullet) and guns just suck so why even use them, especially when you can LITERALLY BEAT ZOMBIES TO DEATH WITH YOUR BARE HANDS AND WIN. The game is a joke when clickers aren't around and then its only hard because they **** instant kill. Stealth is boring and has no tension because clickers are so damn easy to sneak by, (just move slow and hold still when the start to throw a hissy fit) and any other foe can just be beat to death. for a comparison lets look at Metro Last Light a far superior survival game that gets it right. supplies litter maps if you just know where to look, and the world is so detailed you'll always find new things you have to SCAVENGE and doing so is always rewarding encouraging you to do it more, while the last of us barley ever has **** anywhere, and if it is something it will always be something you don't need, like empty **** bottles. In Metro Last Light the threat comes from the enemies themselves, In the harder modes you can be quickly killed, but if your skilled enough you can avoid it, your not getting killed by a Animation is what I am saying. When you get into combat it requires the use of resources that will deplete the more YOU fail, the game gives you enough to thrive if you have the skill and if YOU **** up then YOU have to pay the price, not just get insta-killed and restart again or just punch the world to death. Metro Last Lights combat is fun, interesting, responsive, and satisfying while the last of Us has generic combat that's hard because its clunky, and I despise clunky controls because you end up fighting them more than the enemy. the stealth is where the last of us wins right? I disagree, while the stealth in Last Light is simplistic, that simplicity honestly makes it unique, whereas The Last Of Us has stealth that is just like the stealth in pretty much every other stealth game made recently, I MEAN YOU EVEN HAVE DETECTIVE VISION COME ON! But aside from that its also just annoying, there is no satisfaction and it far too often breaks and I get seen through objects or when I shouldn't, Where in Last Light I only get spotted when I made a mistake or when I should encouraging me to try harder at it and look forward to a chance to prove my skill rather than dread the next stealth section. The best way to express my dislike for this game is the simple fact that the only time I had any fun is when nothing was happening and I was constantly dreading when the game would come back. that's not the sign of a good time. Also yes the characters and voice acting are good but Im too annoyed or bored to give a **** The game part of the game has to be bearable for the story to matter and this is honestly one of the worst third person shooter OR stealth games I've played in my life. The best description I could give of this game is if someone took dead space and uncharted taped them together and striped all the aspects that made those games good out only to have a bull come in and **** all over them to fill in the gaps. This game sucks, and I will NEVER understand why people praise this "game" like the patron saint. **** this game for wasting my day and **** everyone who would call it superior to Metro Last Light, or Dead Space 3 for that matter, It would be a blasphemy to say that Last Light compares to the Worst of the Dead Space games, let alone overshadow one of the best survival games made. Expand
  46. Aug 18, 2014
    The content of this game is great 10 out of 10. The gameplay is challenging and you have to use your brain for good strategy. The only problem is I beat it in about 25hrs or 1 weekend. I was not able to max out any of my weapon upgrades or health upgrades. I spent a lot of time searching rooms and drawers too. I would say I probably searched at least 90% or the areas so its not like I just ran through it. I spent about $40 on it so I am a little disappointed. These types of games are fun but they are not made to repeat over and over. So basically I am done with it. Expand
  47. Aug 31, 2014
    Good movie with a bad and unnecessary gameplay inside. Multiplayer - not fun. Stealth is made pretty bad. History has a hole and does not disclose the characters up to the end. This is not a game of the year.
  48. Sep 9, 2014
    I do not see what is so good about this game. It as Uncharted all over again, not saying Uncharted was bad but it is just another Uncharted with Zombies. Very very linear. You have no choices what so ever and you have to do exactly what the game tells you to do. Even in combat that is. You have very little ammo, you have to shot 4 guys with 1 bullet or try to sneak. But sneak is impossible if you do not do it exactly as the game wants you to sneak. The story is nothing special. It is like the story on Uncharted, perhaps a bit exiting for some, not for me. I liked Uncharted at the end. Did not like the first one and do not like Last of us. They are far to linear and just "Go to the next room and kill the enemy and hide behind the dedicated stuff" again and again and again... Expand
  49. Nov 3, 2014
    It was an average movie which a stereotypical Booker Dewitt hero and typical B grade cinema storyline that I've seen multiple times before, most of all there was nothing extraordinary about the gameplay. I think this team was embarrassed to make a video game.

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  1. Sep 16, 2013
    Flawless in its ambition and almost perfect in its execution. A brave and remarkable game quite unlike any other.
  2. Sep 10, 2013
    The Last of Us is a great action-adventure game that manages to capture the feeling of post-apocalypse and survival. The story is alright but way too manipulative and borrows heavily from other, better, material. Still the segmented survival gameplay and the amazing audiovisual production makes the game an experience everybody should check out.
  3. Despite the breakneck pace of the prologue, it takes quite a while for The Last of Us to pick up some speed again. However, once the cold harsh winter arrives, the action (and story) ramps up. So much so, it puts most Hollywood productions to shame. [July 2013, p.76]