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  1. You'd need a very thick pair of rose-tinted glasses to appreciate this frustrating retro 2D shooter.
  2. 67
    While pretty much the same game on either system, the PS3 version of Thexder Neo has a couple of advantages over the PSP version, namely an online multiplayer mode where you can complete stages with several other players (though it's somewhat useless, since you still have to finding fellow players of what is, to be honest, a niche game), and the inclusion of the original 8-bit version of Thexder, which is a nice touch for retro game fans.
  3. Thexder Neo is a boring remake of a very outdated game that did not reach Europe in any larger scale. I can't find any reason whatsoever to want to p(l)ay this platform based robo-shooter and had to struggle just to find the will to play again after my first death.