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  • Summary: UEFA EURO 2008 captures the look and feel of the journey from qualification to the finals with rain and mud dynamics that impact playing conditions, real-time player ratings that change based on player performance, and a penalty kick mode that re-creates the elation and agony of a penalty shoot-out as if you were on the pitch. Experience the thrill of scoring the goal that sends your country through to the next round and then choose how to celebrate it with all-new interactive user-controlled celebrations. Captain your country, play alongside your heroes, and inspire them to championship glory in the official videogame of UEFA EURO 2008. A new game mode called Captain Your Country enables gamers to customize them on the pitch and wear the shirt of their national team. Work through eight status levels to earn the captaincy of your team and then lead your country into battle for championship glory against your rivals. Go online in Battle of the Nations to earn status points for yourself and your country in a competition for global supremacy. Go for the biggest upsets to earn the most points and then watch you and your country move up the leader boards. Face the challenge and pressure of competing in the championship rounds in the EURO Online Knockout Draw to test your skills against the world's best. [Electronic Arts] Collapse
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  1. Representing this summer's European tourney, UEFA impresses in many ways: shimmering presentation, engaging game modes, and tweaks to problems that hurt "FIFA 08". [June 2008, p.78]
  2. Euro 2008 is yet another superb soccer game from EA Sports. It picks up where FIFA 08 left off, and adds improvements to the overall experience.
  3. The player likenesses are fantastic and the overall presentation is wonderful.
  4. The normal match modes and multiplayer are a step up from Fifa 08, with player movement and ball control even more realistic than what has come before.
  5. UEFA Euro 2008 plays a better game of football than anything else on the market, but only just.
  6. 79
    Although there is nothing wrong with the gameplay (which is rock-solid), it's as good as FIFA 2008 - if not ever so slightly more fined tuned. My only concern is why any football fan would want a version that is not as complete as other versions already on the market.
  7. 62
    Does 50 teams for the price of 570 sound like a good deal to you? If it doesn't, then you don't need UEFA Euro 2008. If it does, you also don't need UEFA Euro 2008, you need professional help. [Issue#165, p.90]

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