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  • Summary: UFC 2009 Undisputed is an explosive fighting game that details the action, intensity and attitude of a UFC live event. Players explore a deep roster of more than 80 top fighters in UFC competition across all five weight classes. In addition, they enter the Octagon surrounded by the sport’s popular commentators, announcers, referees, trainers, Octagon girls and more. Photorealistic models are at the forefront, as players view amazing ripple effects across the faces and bodies of their fighters from the impact of devastating punches and kicks. A brand new fighting game engine designed specifically for next generation systems delivers innovative, responsive and easy-to-play controls that give unparalleled command of fighters, as players take down opponents with a variety of mixed martial arts disciplines like Muay Thai, Kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. In addition, the game’s Create-A-Fighter system jumpstarts the careers of future champions through character customization and training management, while a robust Career Mode develops a fighter's attributes and skill sets while fighting to enter the UFC Hall of Fame through a series of dynamic storylines. Furthermore, players can enhance their UFC 2009 Undisputed gameplay experience through online support, including downloadable content. [THQ] Expand
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  1. 100
    This is easily the most satisfying and wildly entertaining one-on-one brawler I’ve played on a console.
  2. I am not a big fan of the UFC. Sure, I’ve seen a few matches here and there, but I don’t really follow the sport devoutly. I guess wrestling is more my cup of tea. Now, that said, I have to admit I love this game. UFC 2009 Undisputed takes all the things that makes the UFC sport electrifying for fans, and puts it into a cohesive and realistic game experience.
  3. UFC 2009 is a solid game with plenty of gameplay hours in it. Slide in your gum guard and get ready to meet your maker.
  4. The game's core is deep enough to keep gamers entertained for some time, and the game mechanics are realistic, while simultaneously feeling exciting. On top of that, the Classic Fights and the online keep the entertainment going, which helps make Undisputed worth the coin.
  5. And the multiplayer? It works very well.
  6. A rock-solid simulation and recreation of the real thing. Perhaps a little too real out of the ring. [June 2009, p.64]
  7. A good start to what is likely to be one of gaming's most important new sports franchises.

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Score distribution:
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  1. rudolpht
    May 20, 2009
    This game is the realist and most complete fighting game that has hit the stores. most people that play this game says it is to hard to do a submission, in real mma it is hard to pull off a submission. this is the realist fighting game made. Expand
  2. codyB
    May 20, 2009
    If I could give this game a 20 I would. I admit I was hesitant to buy it after the demo. The demo was so so, but now that I have had a chance to play online and the career mode, I must say that it has been a loooong time since a game this deep has hooked me so fast. Expand
  3. joeb
    May 22, 2009
    So many people claim the ground game doesn't make sense. The ground game is incredibly easy, but you need to take the time to learn the 3 disiplines and how to counter. Most reviews sound like they were written in a day, you need to spend at least 20 hours with the game to be good online. After that though, the game is incredible and fun. Expand
  4. RafaelD
    May 22, 2009
    For any UFC fan this is a must have , but overrall is good fighting game. nice controls , graphics and nice moves from more than 80 fighters.
  5. Nov 11, 2011
    I highly enjoyed this game. The knockouts in this game made me want to keep playing it. The graphics were very good. My favorite part was the replays of the knockouts. Whether it was a kick to the face or the chest. The controls were a bit hard to figure out but eventually when I did the game became alot easier to play Collapse
  6. RobertJ
    Aug 27, 2009
    Good game that is alot of fun playing with friends.The Game looks absolutely awesome, great graphics and the animations are extremely good, you never see a bodypart go through your opponent like you do in alot of games (WWE SD vs Raw for example). Over 80 fighters to choose from is really awesome allthough I miss Clay Guida And Randy Couture. The worst thing about the game i by far the horrible choice of music, good thing can turn that off though. Other then that theres just some minor things that annoy. I'm a bit dissapointed with the ground game. when you hold back on the right analog stick you block your opponent when he tries to pass from sidecontrol to mount for example. And when you do that your character holds his arms wide open instead of holding on to your opponent. Looks extremly wierd and makes no sence. I would also like to see different types of mount(like a really high mount when you sit on the chest). When yo mount now it's pretty mutch like this, you hit one punch and your opponent tries to roll out, but you block the transition, you hit one punch and your opponent tries to roll out, but you block the transition, and the same thing over and over again. It just takes away alot of the feel of you beeing in a real match cuz I personally have never seen that in a real MMA-fight. The Career mode is okay not more, you create a fighter and fight about 40 - 50 fights and then retire, And its pretty stupid that your ceated fighter does'nt age. Soo your fighter is for example 18y and goes 40+ fights in the ufc and retires at the age of 18. Another thing that tha wold be nice would be create your own Event and after a match in Exhibition Mode it would be nice to be able to choose another figter instead of just Rematch and Quit(wich takes you back to the star meny and you have to choose sides everything again) But well no game is perfect and other then some minor thing here and there THQ has done a awesome job, after all it's their first try to make a MMA game on a next gen console. Buy it if your a MMA fan! Expand
  7. BobB
    May 19, 2009
    Grapples are impossible to use and transitions are too difficult. Tutorial is not nearly adequate, leaving you floundering with convoluted controls long after you struggle with the tutorial for an hour. I've been playing games for all of my life both casual and hardcore, and I've never had so much trouble playing a game. I played on beginner and was not able to accomplish anything after a few rounds into career mode. Match turnouts feel scripted and instant KOs are cheap and unsatisfying. Visuals are merely average. Not recommended. Frat boys who would like to disagree with me due to their awesome skills would best be served by running into oncoming traffic to show the world how hardcore their entrails are. Expand

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