• Publisher: SCEA
  • Release Date: Oct 13, 2009

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  1. 100
    Whether or not the multiplayer sticks, however, is arguably a footnote, because at the core of Uncharted 2 is an action-adventure masterpiece whose minor flaws are washed away on a tide of rhythm and spectacle - one that would still be an essential experience even without the option to pull your friends off cliffs and play capture-the-heirloom.
  2. 95
    It's very, very good. It's easily one of the best games on the system, blending fantastic presentation and visuals with gameplay that is practically second to none. And then there's the stellar multiplayer which you'll probably be playing until Uncharted 3 ships. No, Uncharted 2 is not perfect, but it's closer than pretty much any other game out there these days.
  3. Among Thieves is all about constant movement. And even movement on top of movement. It grabbed me from the beginning and didn't let go for twelve hours. Once I finished, all I could think about was playing it again. More than a defining game for the PS3, Uncharted 2 is a defining game of this console generation.
  4. 100
    It's truly an adventure from start to finish, and something that every gamer should experience.
  5. 100
    Uncharted 2 is an exemplary title and one that smacks of a developer at the peak of its game. From every piece of cover and set-piece thrown in fiendishly to catch you unaware, to the expertly crafted multiplayer maps and top quality cut scenes, it is clear that a innumerable amount of dedication and painstaking precision has been squeezed out of the team to help make this the PS3's crowning moment.
  6. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. It looks amazing, plays like a dream and the voice-acting/story-telling will hook you in right from the off. PS3 officially has it's a killer-app and a million tears are shed by 360 fanboys.
  7. 100
    No game is perfect. But Among Thieves does so many things incredibly well, that any miniscule faults that may have crept in the final game don't matter at all. Gamers that buy Uncharted 2 will be breathless after playing through one of the most incredible and intense adventures ever. The dialogue and the humour are the icing on the cake.
  8. 100
    The sequel to the masterfully crafted Uncharted: Drake's Fortune manages to up the notch to a whole new level, the result being the best adventure we've seen on this generation of console hardware. Praise be infinite when looking at the different aspects of the Uncharted 2 experience: fantastic graphics, great cast of characters, superb level design, masterfully directed movie sequences, fun combat and a well told story all make up what is undoubtedly a landmark of game design. Add to this a great online co-op mode as well as fun multiplayer modes and you get a game that by itself is a reason to buy a PS3.
  9. Naughty Dog have created an amazing movie adventure on the PS3 with unparalleled graphics, fantastic dialogue and amazing platforming elements. There is no need to wait for the film version of this game, as it's already arrived in everyone's living room. Unmissable.
  10. 100
    Uncharted 2 is one of the most memorable video games ever created. Not because it is particularly innovative, but because the mixture of shooting, climbing, creeping, thinking, laughing and simple astonishment works perfectly.
  11. Could use many words to describe Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, but I will just use one. Too beautiful.
  12. 100
    Among Thieves is not a reinvention of the genre, more a definition. A sumptuous adventure that enthrals from start to finish, a cast that you'll fall in love with and a tale that's better scripted, directed and paced than most Hollywood blockbusters. It is a testament to the extraordinary talent at Naughty Dog and a glorious celebration of what video games can be when they play to their enviable strengths.
  13. Uncharted 2 does not reinvent the gaming language, but pushes this genre to new limits. If you don't have a PS3, buy one to play this game.
  14. Uncharted 2 is not innovative. But everything in it is better than in the first chapter. And everything seems nearly perfect. It is simply the new standard for the action adventure genre. A perfect mix between single player and multiplayer and something that will pave a new way for videogames. Any other production in the future will have to look at it. As we said at the beginning: the perfect game doesn't exist...but Naughty Dog seems really interested in finding a way to bring it to us.
  15. Ultimately, no one will disagree that Uncharted 2 is one hell of a ride, and the best PS3 action game to date.
  16. The game's story and dialogue, while full of plenty of macho nonsense, is humorous and never takes itself quite seriously - giving great credibility to the engaging characters.
  17. Among Thieves is unquestionably one of the most alluring and exciting titles to have ever graced a gaming platform.
  18. Uncharted 2 does so many things right, that its problems (a less than perfect cover system, some frustrating combat and unfortunate glitches) are easy to overlook. The single-player adventure packs in so many incredible moments that you'll be talking about it with friends for months, the multiplayer functionality is superb and rammed with content, and the whole game looks beyond anything you'll have seen before.
  19. If any game in 2009 deserves a purchase, it is undoubtedly Uncharted 2. But taking a very close look, it isn't perfect.
  20. For anyone that enjoys third person adventures Uncharted 2 represents a thrilling experience with some breathtaking set pieces and enough challenge to retain your interest far longer than most console games this generation, and it's almost worth buying just for the graphics which I don't think will be bettered for a good couple of years.
  21. The best exclusive on the PS3 is also one of this gen's greatest (and most attractive) action adventures.
  22. A rollicking adventure without a dull moment. The engaging cast of characters, rock-solid gameplay and stunning visuals make for a game that's pure joy from the beginning to the end.
  23. 80
    The developers have played it safe to some degree and because of this Uncharted 2 doesn’t feel like it has an identity of its own.
  24. Every element has been finely crafted, from sound to graphics to cut-scenes to gameplay. All of this thrusts the player in to a tumultuous thrill ride that has no bounds. And as for the multiplayer, it is a well implemented feature too.
  25. Uncharted 2 is a magnificent example of how this generation can infuse movie production quality with enjoyable gameplay and maintain a sense of fluidity throughout the feature presentation. The sheer craft on display throughout every single moment deserves every accolade it receives; truly Naughty Dog has delivered a generation-defining experience that is worthy of buying/borrowing/stealing a PS3.
  26. Uncharted 2 is a ringing testament to the power of both games and storytelling. It pulls you in, keeps you engaged, and concludes with a thunderous bang.
  27. This isn't just the best game released this year, or even the best Playstation 3 game yet, it's one of the best games released during this generation of consoles.
  28. Among Thieves is not only one of the best games of the year, it's also the benchmark for action games to come.
  29. It takes elements from a lot of games - the exploration of Tomb Raider, climbing of Prince of Persia/Assassin's Creed, combat from Gears of War and stealth from Splinter Cell, yet it amalgamates all of these elements perfectly into one package. You can't compare it to any other game.
  30. 100
    Uncharted 2 can't come with enough rave recommendations. This game has something for everybody, no questions asked.
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  1. Mar 6, 2011
    Can't believe all these 360 fanboys giving this game 0 out of ten, its a perfect ten from me and the best game of this gen so far, everything about this game is first class, graphics, gameplay, story and sound, they even added a fun multiplayer, while not as addictive as call of duty, its a good first attempt.
    Bottom line, if you own a PS3, get this game, Naughty Dog have a huge task beating this with the sequel but if anyone can do it its Naughty Dog 10/10
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  2. Sep 3, 2010
    I rarely get time away from the Internet but one game that has caught my attention is Uncharted 2. I get a lot of access to review promotional freebies such as movies, games and music, so full disclosure that this was not paid for. However, that said, its not often I'll go the extra mile and beyond mandatory review sheets and I'll blog about it. Without a doubt and no word of a lie, THE finest cut scenes, and opening sequence I think I have ever played on a game. Period. There have been serious long nights and major effort put in here to make this slick, enjoyable and play really well. The talented team at naughty dog have pulled out a lot of stops for this and it shows off the PS3 beautifully.

    Playing like a far superior Tomb Raider, the quality just jumps out across the script, playability and this has seriously been play tested well and money spent. Not quiet sure about the Twitter feature inbuilt where you can tweet your progress and updates but then others who aren't so info overloaded as I am may enjoy this. The opening sequence (see it on YouTube) doesn't do it justice unless in high definition on a PS3 but should hopefully give an idea of what's in store if you buy this. Highly, highly recommended.
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  3. Aug 18, 2010
    This game is totally awesome!!!! Graphics, Story, Cut scenes and Game play are off the rockers.... I couldn't wait more for the third edition of the legendary drake's series. Seriously, buy ps3 just to play this mind blowing game... Full Review »