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  1. Nov 19, 2011
    This game is Awesome. The story is incredible and unpredictable. The aiming system could be better but you get used to it eventually. They changed Drakes movements to be more realistic. And the graphics well they went above and beyond its phenomenal. And the multiplayer is a great addition for replay ability. Naughty Dog all i got to say is. WHERE THE HELL IS JAK AND DAKTER!!!!
  2. Nov 20, 2011
    After waiting for one of my most anticipated games of 2011, and finally (FINALLY) getting to play it, I'm very pleased to say that Uncharted 3 is a huge step ahead of its predecessor. The graphics are yet again jaw-dropping (the cargo plane may be epic, but the desert is, for lack of a better word, beautiful). I firmly believe that the plot is miles ahead of previous iterations. And the multiplayer was extremely impressive.

    In fact, after playing both the July Beta and the Subway Promo, I don't think there's one other aspect in the Uncharted 3 experience that amazed me than what they did to the multiplayer. One of the biggest complaints found in the previous betas was the staggering amount of blindfiring, particularly because of how easy it was to rack up kills by doing it, and just for experimentation, I tried blindfiring myself multiple times in the full game. Now it doesn't feel like an tactic--it feels downright risky to use, and I don't think I earned a single kill from using it. The multiplayer, thus, feels very balanced and offers a much more rich experience than Uncharted 2 ever did. One of my most favorite inclusions is a new feature called Missions, where you have to complete a certain objective in a certain amount of time. There are around 150 of these missions, and if you plan to complete them all (and I do), it's going to take an insane amount of time to do it. These missions are so great because activating them gives the player (in my personal experience) so much incentive to play and win; no longer is the multiplayer just a rank-up and unlock system--though there's plenty of that here--it becomes a much more personal experience of accomplishment that I only ever found in a single-player game. Along with the handful of multiplayer packs soon to be released, I find this game to have insane reply value. It makes up a lot for what I find to be disappointing in this game.

    The biggest fault in UC3 stems not from its multiplayer, its graphics, or its story. In fact, I find it hard to place my finger on exactly what seems wrong with it. Apart from the few bugs I found during gameplay--which is excusable seeing how large this game is--nothing seems entirely lackluster in the experience that I had, and what an experience it is. Yet as the game came to a close and the credits began to roll, I couldn't help but find myself in a bit of disappointment. No spoilers, I promise, but the last few hours of gameplay did feel a bit rushed compared to how amazing the first half of the game is, for me anyway. It seems to suffer from some of the same faults that Uncharted 2 did; that is, where Sully was absent, Elena and Chloe made up for, and it seems to be the other way around this time. Likewise, the last few hours doesn't impressive nearly as much as what the beginning sets the game up for. Uncharted 3 is not a disappointment by any means, but it suffers a bit from some of the issues found in its predecessor, and the fact that they arrive yet again is a bit saddening. Yet I find it hard to believe that there will be anything out there as incredible as Uncharted 3 was, at least for a while. Is it the best game on PS3? Maybe. It holds a vast amount of polish, save for a few bugs, but the single-player suffers from meeting player expectations without going over-the-top with them, and I can't say it was as impactful as Uncharted 2 was. Maybe it's my own fault for holding expectations too high, and that's why I'm not going to bash the game. It's still an excellent experience that anyone can hope to enjoy. The experience is blast all the way to the end; it's when you get to the end that you find yourself wanting a little more.

    I'll stop there I suppose. Stop reading this and go buy this game, because its pros more than make up for its cons. The single-player is a unique experience that, while not perfect, certainly excels in many of the places that Uncharted 2 fell a little short. The multiplayer is a completely different ball game, giving players what I personally believe to be "the go-to multiplayer experience". The package as a whole is something that PS3 players must not miss out on. In everyone's eyes, it may not be as great as Uncharted 2, but it sure comes pretty darn close.
  3. Feb 8, 2012
    This games is great. However, it parellels Uncharted 2 to much for my liking. I won't ruining the story but I will tell you it's familar ground if you've played uncharted 2, but if you've played Uncharted 2 you'll know that thats not a bad thing. It does feel a bit short and I whish they had spent more time in the desert because it was graphically stunning in the desert, there was one point in the desert section where I actually thought it was real life, thats quite an achievement. All the characters from two return but apart from sully they all feel like cameos, in fact theres only two new character (good not bad) one who's a bit steretypically british but works well and contrasts Nate's American beliefs and behaviour and another who you never really get to know which feels like a bit of a waste. The AI seem to charge you alot more in this game which when in large numbers and with shotguns can create horrible difficulty that aren't fun and draw you from the experience. However, the charging enemies allows you gasp at the incredibally cool looking and fun hand to hand combat , in fact you'll probably being doing most of the charging which is a good thing. There are stealth sections, I think because when ever I try and do them I always end up shooting. Also you learn about Nates history but your never really told much just hinted which is a good thing because that means there is going to be another Uncharted and I can't wait. There is an online but I really don't like it the guns have major recoil which wouldn't be a bad thing if it didn't take so much bullets to kill someone. You've probably played the beta which was very succsessfull so you'll know if you like the online or not but the co-op missions are great fun and theres an onslaught mode similar to uncharted 2 which is great to play with friends. Expand
  4. Nov 20, 2011
    Have to say I don't really get the "I loved Uncharted 1/2 but this one sucks" reviews on here, talking about not enough of this too much of that bad controls n all the rest of it, the jumping controls/shooting seem exactly the same as the previous titles melee is an improvement IMO, story-wise its no better or worse than 1 or 2 just different, linear and fairly short but no one is claiming it as a 50+ hr RPG, an improvement on U2? I think so if only for not having ridiculous enemies, well mostly. Expand
  5. Nov 25, 2011
    I just finished the game and I feel that I just played a very good game, with an amazing story (ok, the end is not so good) and an impressive graphic. For me it's not a 10 for 2 reason: too short (that doesn' t mean just"few hours"; things just flew too fast, giving a strange sensation) and too similar to uncharted 2. I little bit of courage is highly recommended for u4! Despite these two points, is a great game. Expand
  6. Dec 10, 2011
    Uncharted 3 does pretty much everything right, and is my game of the year. The game looks great, is very immersive due to great storytelling, voice acting and motion capture, has a great story, fun campaign, excellent score, and most importantly, it's fun to play. The shooting and cover system work perfectly, and there have been some additions to melee fighting, but surprisingly (not so surprising if you've played Uncharted before) where the game really shines is during cutscenes. What's even more surprising is that this doesn't feel wrong. It doesn't feel wrong that a game's cutscenes are better than it's gameplay yet it's still critically universally acclaimed. Few games can immerse you in the way Uncharted does. It's quite simple, playing the campaign will be some of the most enjoyable nine hours you've spent with video games. The multiplayer isn't as good as the campaign but still very enjoyable. It's functional, very competitive and can be addictive. It's much more rewarding than Uncharted 3's multiplayer, with the new levelling system, loadouts, boosters and kickbacks. While the campaign is quite short at 9 hours, you should play through it more than once to find all the treasures, complete it on crushing, or just to experience it again, and the multiplayer should keep you playing for tens of hours longer. If you have a PS3, not having this game is out of the question, because this is as good as video games get. Expand
  7. Nov 20, 2011
    Far from perfect, IMO UC2 is better overall but it is still fun anad worth a buy. especially the underrated co-op which is a game in itself. Still has many issues and while the story and acting was great the pacing was really off in this game ruining the experience when a fade to black and page wipe leads you to a new country as if this were some 12 year old's video project for school. Graphics are amazing though and gameplay is fun but it has many issues in terms of repetitiveness due to low amount of check points. It's either way too easy or simply annoying due to having to replay the same part over and over again to not get shot by a certain person. Worth a buy though. Expand
  8. Nov 20, 2011
    This game has satisfying gun fights with good level of difficulty with bigger set pieces, but i am missing the tweaks which was present in uncharted 2.
  9. Nov 20, 2011
    A friend of mine turned me onto this series when I first picked up my playstation about a year ago. I've been In love ever since! This game is all about story progression & character development. A lot of time has been spent ensuring the consumer gets wrapped up in "what happens next". Yet, the developer didn't alienate those who enjoy collecting, puzzle solving, or shooting.

    The story,
    character development & voice acting are all top-notch & really make the game what it is, an experience. It seems that all of the members of the original cast made the effort to return for this sequel which really speaks to the regard for which the actors & the developer hold for the franchise & really helps to provide a sense of continuity. I found the shooting as frustrating as the past two iterations, assigning the same button for dodging/rolling as grabbing/throwing an assailant was a poor choice of control scheme & sometimes the camera would move @ the wrong time which in turn would cause Drake to move in the wrong direction or "miss the mark" which prove frustrating from time to time, but this was not a common occurance.

    The puzzles were moderately challenging & provided the needed breaks from the action/shooting sequences.

    Multiplayer is fun & the leveling progression a la modern warfare gives the player something to shoot for & provides a lot of replay value.

    I loved the game, I thought it looked as good or better than most top-tier games for the playstation & the score, beautifully mastered & orchestrated.

    A must have, as well as the first two iterations!
  10. Nov 20, 2011
    NOW EVERY SCORE INSTEAD TO BE ANYTHING /10 SHOULD BE ANYTHING/UNCHARTED..... uncharted 3 has one of the best stories i've ever seen and the changes since uncharted 2 mutiplayer and uc3 beta are great, and this game deserves to break the score record ;)
  11. Nov 20, 2011
    With a breathtaking campaign, beyond amazing graphics, and expanded multiplayer options, Uncharted 3 brings back everything we loved from Uncharted 2, with all the things that kept Uncharted 2 from perfection: expanded melee attacks, SPLIT SCREEN FOR GOODNESS SAKE, and a host of other smaller improvements. Trust me, you can't go wrong with this one. It gets a 9.9/10 for me!
  12. Nov 20, 2011
    I really enjoyed this game. The gamplay leans more toward hand to hand brawls. Its makes it more of an old school action movie feeling. The story is enjoyable and you will lose yourself in it. The online is terrific. Nuff said. Just buy it.
  13. Nov 20, 2011
    One of the best games I've played. Felt like I was in a movie. Improvement over the second with the multiplayer. Waiting for Uncharted 4 now. Can't wait!
  14. Nov 20, 2011
    I despise the U3 multiplayer, so I rented the game for the fantastic single player and it didn't disapoint. I finished it in two days, it's a blast game once again. I really enjoyed Chloe as a character in U2, but she was barely in U3. It was more about Sully, Drake, Elena. U1 is still my favorite, but that because it was the first one and it was so shockingly good. U2 & U3, tough to say which is better between those two for second place. Honestly I loved Crysis 2 & Rage more this year than U3, but they were so fresh and new. I really think they should scrap the multiplayer and make the single player campaign longer. In the end I was really hoping what's his name died so they could move on. That's the danger of this series it's so popular and beloved they are afraid to do anything big with the story or the characters; 9/10. Expand
  15. Nov 20, 2011
    Uncharted 3 had so much potential just like Uncharted 2, but it fell just short. One thing I remember about Uncharted 2 was how I felt at the end of the game. It was the first game I had ever finished where I just sat there and smiled. I felt so satisfied from the entire game I couldn't wait to continue the adventure. Now Uncharted 3 is not a bad game, it is a very good game, but It isn't the masterpiece Uncharted 2 was. The gameplay is pretty much the same, it is the overall story that just seemed to lack. We didn't have the cross character interactions we had in the first two. Especially the two female characters. Overall it is still a good game, but not perfect like the second one was. A must though for anyone who owns a ps3! Expand
  16. Nov 20, 2011
    Hello. In this review, I will discuss another Naughty Dog creation, Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception.

    First off, Iâ
  17. Nov 21, 2011
    Finished this game with a huge **** eating grin on my face sure there's some gameplay issues(like not being able to pick up a wepon while carrying a silenced one) but the experience it gives me gives it a 10
  18. Nov 21, 2011
    Absolutely stunning game, with the best console graphics to date and a gripping singleplayer experience. Although it isn't the incredible jump in quality that we saw with Uncharted 2, Drakes Deception is a near-perfect game that should live up to player's expectations. Naughty Dog improves on the multiplayer, offering incredible competitive and cooperative action across spectacularly designed maps. Expand
  19. Nov 21, 2011
    I feel like the gameplay was a step up from the last as well as the multiplayer. The story on the other hand, has taken a hit. It felt like it was a bit rushed (the last quarter of the game showcased this). As always, the visuals were very impressive except for a few of the cutscenes which looked washed out. Overall all, a pretty solid game with multiplayer that will keep you busy for a week.
  20. Nov 21, 2011
    Amazing and beuatiful landscape along with solid gameplay and clever funny dialogue a total blast of a game experiance, in the same league as uncharted 2, the new great series in gameing
  21. Nov 23, 2011
    Let me just start by saying that this game has the best graphics ever, and its competitor has no chance of ever matching this. The game itself is as you would expect, good. Though I must point out some poor points. The campaign is too short, I managed to complete it on normal in 7 hours, where as uncharted 2 took me around 12 hours. I did love this campaign but then again uncharted 2's I felt was better. Also the controls fell a little sloppy in places and cause many funerals on Nathan Drakes behalf. Also the online feels like it was just tacked on, i really cant say i enjoyed it. I would advise renting this game over buying it, as after your done with the campaign there is little point in returning, unless you like the multiplayer, or like to boss collectables Expand
  22. Dec 3, 2011
    For many years Naughty Dog has produced some rather great quality titles but it is honestly Uncharted 3 that they show what they can do. This 3rd chapter not only has improved graphics, but also tells a rather better story as well. Characters are much very well developed and the set pieces are overall much better and topple Among Thieves .Saying that I did have some issues with the game and that is itâ Expand
  23. Nov 26, 2011
    Uncharted 3 is pure brilliance and a true landmark in the action adventure genre. Its already been said enough that the game is like a Hollywood blockbuster but in my opinion it exceeds that. From escaping a burning mansion to dangling out of a plane, the amount of excitement will have you dripping sweat. The game-play is the same as Uncharted 2 with some tweaks, the main one being the difficulty. The enemy's are more ruthless and some trial and error in certain set pieces which will test your skill and your patience. The graphics are slightly better now with some very beautiful areas. Now that all the characters are established from the last 2 games there's a bit more focus on the villains, who are more complex then the cliché Russian war-criminal from the last game. Overall this game is pure brilliance in the single-player department combining fast paced action and plat-forming with confusing puzzles. The multi-player will suit most people but it gave me frustration, so if Modern Warfare multi-player makes you tear your hair out most of the same is here. Co-op however is a blast, with its own storyline its good fun with friends. All around its a very good game with some minor flaws with repetition, if you liked the first two you'll love this and its a nice surprise for new people who haven't played the others Expand
  24. Nov 26, 2011
    The game is a masterpiece easily one of, if not the best game of the year. The graphics, voice acting, twisting and compelling story give a package to the player I was expecting but not in the form of delivery. I cannot praise this game enough, without going to the extent of being a fanboy. If you have a ps3 join the party, if not buy a ps3 and get this game its that good. Besides the previous installment uncharted 3 has the best campaign I have ever experienced. Characters you actually cared about return and new ones are brought about, this not pushing the game to feel like you meet people you do not want to. A new melee system and improved multiplayer system make the game even better. Staring down an enemy below, jumping on to him for a take down, rolling over and ripping the ping of a grenade off another enemy, running away tossing your gun at a different enemy and sneaking in a quick knock-out super punch as you hear the final scream of a man as he explodes, and finishing it all off with a nut shot to a brute pirate while yelling "oh kitty got wet" was a thing of pure beauty. If you're the kind of person that does not crap your pants when just reading that, well then you're the kind of person i do not want to know. Just get the game. Expand
  25. Nov 27, 2011
    GREATEST GAME EVER MADE !! Amazing Graphic & Music But it is much BETTER if there's more feature in Campaign mode :(
    And the story itself isnt very good enough through.
  26. Nov 29, 2011
    Campaign: The campaign itself is every entertaining at it will keep on the edge of your seat. It feels like you are watching a movie when the cutscenes come in. The game play itself can be challenging at times. Especially when you have 20+ guys attacking and all you have at your disposal is a pistol. However overall the campaign is not too hard, the story is amazing, the graphics are top notch that set the bar for all games across all platforms.

    Multiplayer: The multiplayer is okay, id give it a 7/10. They have made a lot of improvements and added new things, but uncharted truly excells in its campaign, The multiplayer is fun for awhile, but you wont be playing the multiplayer consistently like you would with other games.
  27. Nov 27, 2011
    hello sir , its was amazing game ever made i woud say wow wow wow wow wow it was great experience but pls dont stop working on this game pls make 4 part 5,6,7,8,9,10 go on sir
  28. Nov 28, 2011
    Uncharted 3 is an amazing game that improves on the sequel in almost every way, the acting is sublime, the set pieces are breathtaking and the game play mechanics have been refined to near perfection. On top of all that there is an amazing multiplayer that has improved on it's predecessor in every way, as well as the brilliant and fun co op that is a blast to play provided you have friends to join you. The only complaint i can make is that it didn't quite have the impact and drastic improvements that uncharted 2 had, however those are incredibly large shoes to fill Expand
  29. Nov 28, 2011
    No doubt Uncharted 3 deserves a Game of the Year Award,its a perfect game from a great developer.
    multiplayer is fun, better than a lot First personal Shooters out there.
  30. Nov 28, 2011
    beautiful graphics perfected in everyway and when in 3D its mind blowing. the game play was great difficult level was right on. they exceled on making the puzzles and also improoved controls and the ability to climb, tey also added alot more action shooting crashing banging
    stuff. with all of uncharteds trophies tat involve secret treasures and also getting kills in diffrent ways leaving you with much more to do than just beat the story. uncharted also will keep you hooked with there awesome incredible online features. the sound blow my mind also the sound was not making the guns seam way to strong like in mw3 it just matched the guns perfectly. Expand
  31. Nov 29, 2011
    Jogo video-game há 20 anos, mas poucos games me fizeram sentir a emoção que eu senti jogando UC3.Os gráficos, o som, a história, tudo esta melhor que o já excelente UC2.Se você tem que escolher apenas um título para comprar esse ano, na minha opinião, escolha UC3 sem medo!
    Abraço pessoal e fiquem com Deus!
  32. Nov 29, 2011
    A complete masterpiece, a must-have in your collection Uncharted 3 is just a new way to demonstrate that graphics, sound, multiplayer, action, story and even more things could be in a single blu-ray disc.

    Single Player mode leaves a great story from start to end, also you need to repeat it to find all 101 treasures and beat the game on crushing, so there is a great replay value here.

    Multiplayer disappoints a little with players that uses blindfiring with KAL-7, but if you are experienced you can evade this things that affect your gaming experience. Locations are incredible and don't forget the retro maps (apparently more are coming soon), the maps that i like so much were Airport, Yemen, Facility. New modes like Hardcore, deathmach with 3 teams (2 players each team) are a new way to enjoy this game. Ah but Old modes are coming back and Coop too. You will have a lot of entertainment so you will not leave this game for hours, even weeks or months is up to you.

    About the Gameplay aiming and shooting a weapon is a little different to Uncharted 2, because it looks more realistic (so for people that said aim sucks are completely noobs that includes the 146 guy reviewing the game negatively, also i respect the beginners so they need to learn to get used to it, its not difficult to dominate it), the weapon will not be like Unhcarted 2 so we need to accept those changes to have a more realistic game. (all indicates that update 1.02 modifies a little the precision of the weapon, i'm not sure it looks the same). Also grenade system is a little slow compared to U2, but it does not mean that you can not do the same as its predecessor and could be modified with an update.

    And what about DLC, maybe at the beginning you will find no content, but as time passes you will find new content and retro maps pack, so the game will not be useless for a long time. Oh i almost forgot the updates that will make the experience even better.

    Uncharted is a great experience that everyone needs to try, those cons are not taken into account for me and you will find that special editions are totally worth it to have.

    So is up to you if you liked the game or not this is a point of view that i don't care negative rates (that's for guys that still think aiming sucks and maybe are ones that uses blindfire a lot too bad :( ) , good rates are welcome (No comments over here lol you liked the game and also you know how to play) :)

    Enjoy your game (if you already have it, if not what are you waiting buy it!)

    See you on multiplayer
    PSN ID: SpartanChief25
  33. Nov 29, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I have told myself that Uncharted 2 was my second favorite game of all time. When I heard that Uncharted 3 was coming out, I was excited at first but then got scared as I wondered can this game topple the second game...YES! YES IT CAN...but it's not a breath of fresh air though.

    -This is an experience. One Minute your watching a cutscene then suddenly you are controlling Drake as he walks through the desert. Only moment, I am going to spoil. Other moments you got to see for yourself. Let's not mention that a lot of the gameplay is dynamic therefore the world constantly moves around you even if it is a set path. Hopefully game designer will take notes from this making more similar experiences in the future.
    -Naughty Dog once agains pushes the PS3 even further, with better looking character models, and photo-realistic locales.
    -Melee Combat has provided more of a challenge to the game.
    -It's Uncharted.

    -The plot while still good loses focus and in retrospect is the same exact set up as U2. U2: Drake finds the lost city of Shamballa. U3: Drake finds the lost Atlantis of the Sands.
    -Action moments while still a blast once again draw simliar to U2. Hell at one point, a character even says Deja Vu, huh?
    -Some Multiplayer changes are unneeded.
    -There are bugs, but none that are obnoxious.

    Overall, Uncharted 3 takes the franchise a step further even if this game is not as refreshing as Uncharted 2 was compared to to the first one. There is no doubt that you will not go wrong with Uncharted 3. WHAT ARE YOU DOING GO BUY IT NOW!
  34. Nov 29, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I'm a great fan of the series. So I was really excited about this game and read many of the reviews. So when I played the game, some of the comments in those reviews did go through my head. Many people felt that this game was good but that it did not live up to the hype, as it was evolutionary, as opposed to revolutionary as was Uncharted 2. I will have to agree with them.

    I did enjoy the fighting mechanics, but feel there is a little more that can be done there. I haven't really played any of the Batman games, but hear the fighting mechanics are pretty good. I think ultimately, Naughty dog's team could improve this aspect even further for the next game. I also think, it could be cool to have some fighting using different weapons that Nate could pick up (like blunt objects or swords).

    The shooting dynamic of the game was not very different from Uncharted 2, but somehow the aiming was a bit harder this time. I got better at it at the end of the game, but it did need getting used to. PLATFORMING
    The platforming aspect is still enjoyable but sometimes the hints of where to jump next are a bit too easy. I would not mind being able to figure out without such visual cues where I should go next.

    The graphics, music and acting are top notch as ever. I really did enjoy the story with all the twists and turns and love this kind of adventure story. I wonder if there will be a next game, but I really do hope so.

    I felt the set pieces were not quite as stunning as Uncharted 2. Perhaps it was just that Tibet was such an alien setting to me, that it made it very charming. I thought though that they could have used the desert theme a bit more. There was not much fighting in the desert, which i thought was a shame. I realize there isn't much "cover" there, but I think they could have managed something.

    I loved the chapters with the pirates and the cruise ship and also liked the bit with the plane, but thought it was much too short... i was excited when i saw it in the trailers, but it felt it was over very quickly.
    In general, I did feel the game was shorter than Uncharted 2 and was a bit let down by the ending (the last levels were not as interesting somehow).

    All in all, it's still a fantastic game. One that I plan on playing through again really soon. I am also looking forward to discovering the co-op mode and multiplayer more as well.

    I still highly recommend it to anyone who loves the series. However, I think everyone's expectations were set very high, which of course leads to a bit of disappointment.

    Sitll, the story, the music, the gameplay and the beautiful settings will just sweep you into this adventure all the same!
  35. Nov 30, 2011
    Uncharted 3 is the best game of the trilogy and one of the best games launched in the current console generation. It's epic, amazing, cinematic, fun and breathtaking! The graphics will let you looking at each corner. The only problem is when the game finish. You want more!
  36. Mar 2, 2013
    Drakes deception...I can't help but feel deceived by this game...don't get me wrong but this game leaves MUCH to be desired but fails to answer some questions it asks so as usual the good: Great voice acting from the entire cast. The graphics makes me wonder why anyone possess another console instead of a ps3 because the graphics are simply amazing even now. The sound is worthy of a multi-million dollar movie and has drake and co fight against an interesting opponent who seems to be immortal and has some weird mind controlling technique up there sleeve. So why not score it a 9 or 10? Because despite it being better than uncharted 2 the flaws keep it from being a rare gem it was aiming to be! This game is great right up to the middle part of the game by which I mean.......THE COMBAT!! Now the bad: as I said its the combat and while I enjoyed the combat of the previous two uncharted its almost unbearable here! It go s like this: your fighting your standard enemies then here come a heavy(or two) who take NUMEROUS head shots then when he(or gasp....both) gets close your forced into melee mode where it becomes insanely difficult to survive because as you are forced to go hand to hand your getting shot and by the time your out of melee mode you die trying to run for cover! There's also MANY area's that include the "screw you gamer" enemy combinations that or two heavies....two or more snipers and about three grenade launcher enemies that result in multiple deaths....I'm sorry I meant CHEAP deaths because when grenades explode near you....your stunned right out of cover and exposed to a hail storm of bullets! the story(usually a high point) fails to explore Nathan drakes past as the female antagonist mentions how drake wasn't his real name. I was interested about who he really was and why he was so obsessed with drake(Francis drake) and besides that...the small things like his age...where was he born and who were his parents...all left unexplained in the last installment...? Why was the guy seemingly immortal but dies with one shot in the end!? He was shot plenty of times during the game but still managed to live but one bullet kills him in the end? This same guy poisons your friend with a mind control drug that induces fear but magically disappears in an ally? Then both antagonist seem hell bent on attaining a powerful artifact that can grip the word in fear thats hidden in a chest but strangely they use this same drug that has the same effect as the artifact that they are searching for...!? Why not just mass produce the drug they were already using if fear was their ultimate goal? I'm also curious as to what their OVERALL plan/goal domination? The ending was anti-climactic and what was the male antagonist relationship to the female antagonist? He took it pretty hard that she died in quick sand even though drake tried to save her! Was she his Despite these issues the combat really hurts the game as it throws what seems to be an ENDLESS AMOUNT OF ENEMIES at you. Once you finish a wave of enemies you might want to just sit behind cover because atleast twenty more enemies are on the way which isnt bad but the game forces you into cheap deaths every chance it gets with the dreaded heavy/rocket launcher/sniper combo with regular bad guys thats instantly frustrating. 7/10 Expand
  37. Dec 3, 2011
    this is the BEST game i have ever played. to all those who say its too much of a movie, you need to realize that its SUPPOSED to be like that. if you don't like it, don't play it. The emotions between characters are AMAZING and the level layout is fantastic. GOTY for sure. i honestly don't understand how people can not like this game. YES it didn't do much different from the 2nd game, but if it a'int broke don't fix it. Its a DIFFERENT plot with DIFFERENT situations and DIFFERENT twists. also they patched the poor aiming by adding more options. so if you want to make your aiming better than go into the options and play with it a little bit. The cut-scenes are FLAWLESS, and voice acting is top notch. I love how you never really know much about the enemy until the end. you don't realize what your up against until it smacks you across the face and the end result is fantastic. some say the ending was rushed, but i disagree, the ending was very good, and the game was SHORT it was just FAST PACED, making it seem shorter. if a fast paced game goes over 12 hours (like U2) it just gets boring after a while (Which was the ONLY problem with U2) the melee system is great and every enemy encounter feels natural. Expand
  38. Dec 29, 2011
    Of all the action/adventure games that have surfaced over the years, none have been as compelling and well done as the Uncharted Series. With Nathan Drake's third outing, Drake's Deception aims to create the greatest Uncharted experience, besting it's near-flawless predecessor in every way. In the end, Uncharted 3 falls short of the target, but that doesn't keep it from being one of the years best titles. The campaign is yet again the game's highlight. Here's the good: The cinematics and voice-acting are superb. The characters are lifelike. The graphics are instant eye-candy from start to finish- once you behold them, no game will look better. The sound effects impress, and the soundtrack provides some of the best music in gaming. The pacing is well done: gun combat, platforming, and puzzle-solving all intertwine perfectly. The set pieces are epic, ones that Hollywood could only dream of. However, with a campaign this amazing, it still has its letdowns. To begin, the story isn't as compelling as Uncharted 2's. Don't get me wrong, its a great story, but there are several elements that are not well told. In addition, the AI are not as smart as the ones in Uncharted 2. They may sometimes run passed you and never bother to attack, and when you shoot them, they don't react to the bullet in a realistic way. Either way, the game is still equally as hard as Uncharted 2. Also, the campaigns re-playability isn't as strong: It clocks in at a mere 8 hours compared to Uncharted 2's 12 hour epicness. Collecting treasures return, but thats it. In Uncharted 2, you could switch your weapon, character skins, and cheats(fast motion, infinite ammo, one-shot kills, no gravity). These features are non-existent in Uncharted 3, a big disappointment. Regardless of all these flaws, the campaign is still worthy of endless re-playability. But Uncharted 3 also has multiplayer. The multiplayer has much, much more to offer than Uncharted 2. A deep level of persistence, new game modes, and things like power plays and treasure drops make this multiplayer stand out from the competition. You'll find it to be similar to Call of Duty's persistence and fast-paced gameplay, and while it may upset some, it really isn't all that bad. It's insanely fun, actually. I will say that sometimes i'll play Uncharted 2's multiplayer over Uncharted 3's because it plays a lot different and can be as equally as fun. Character models are not as beautiful as Uncharted 2's, and there are still some balance issues, but its a great experience nevertheless. Overall, Uncharted 3 is an incredible game: it may not be better than Uncharted 2, but that shouldn't stop you from buying it, let alone getting a PS3. Expand
  39. Jun 3, 2012
    Uncharted 3 is a masterpiece. Think about uncharted 2 only better in every way. Even though the story seems all too similar a great strength of uncharted 3 is its unpredictability. First of all it totally focuses on the relationship between drake and sully and that is surely a first. Secondly the game play itself revolves around melee attacks and its so well paced that it gives a whole experience. This is now my brand new favorite game and that's not an overstatement. The story is so fleshed out that back stories are being covered and new grounds are covered in the characters that we love. Its so much more than a game in every little detail that it has. The multiplayer is also an experience in itself. Even when you have a terrible game you can always say that the game wasn't a waste of time. Everything together makes multiplayer fresh every time. Although don't think that as a newbie you're going to strut in and start winning its still a difficult experience. Naughty dog thanks that was great! Expand
  40. Jul 17, 2012
    Uncharted has always been about big action set pieces and Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception does not disappoint. The story takes place a few years after Uncharted 2 with Nathan Drake (our protagonist) searching for the fabled "Atlantis of the Sands". The story also focuses on the relationship of Nate and Sully, I found the story to be a perfect mix of action and storytelling. The action set pieces push the PS3 to it's limit and the graphics are something of note. The sound design is amazing and the music played is a great compilation to the game. However, I did find problems in the gameplay department. Some firefights are amazingly infuriating, even on easy. Multiplayer is a nice addition to this game and kept me busy for a while. All in all, this is a great game. Despite the frustrating combat situations and some minor plot-holes is a great experience that every proud PS3 owner should enjoy.
  41. Jan 16, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Amazing Cinematic game. Although the camera was confusing at times, and there were moments were it was not obvious whether the ledge or wall you were taking cover near was climbable. Its frustrating to get into a firefight online or off, you notice a wall and try to jump over it or grab a ledge, only to realize that particular area of the game is not interactive, the jumping animation, and your character is show down. Otherwise amazing game. I'm all for adventure, history and travel in real life. The concept and story of this game is right up my alley. Although I like my protagonists to struggle. It seems Drake is somewhat of a superman, able to survive several nights without water and to get into more firefights. It also seams everwhere he ends up, the floor he's jumping on, or standing upon tends to give way. Great game regardless. If there was a movie based on Drake, I'd watch it. Expand
  42. Dec 6, 2011
    awesome game is awesome as simply as that :)

    Everything is phenomenal.. the pacing the characters the story the set pieces...

    Its just one hell of a ride and you shoundt miss it! :)
  43. Dec 6, 2011
    Game is simply amazing, manages to top itself and its predecessor in ways I never imagined. Definitely Game of the Year. Everyone who has a PS3 must try this game.
  44. Doz
    Dec 6, 2011
    The first Uncharted left me with a giddy feeling after completion, the third instalment gives me just the same feeling 6 years later. When you want to be part of a grand, globe-trotting experience this is the game to buy, switch off the outside world and play like your there. Oh and its still visually amazing.
  45. Dec 8, 2011
    This along with uncharted 2 are the best examples of games of this gen! Story, characters are sublimely told! Cinematics, set pieces and graphics are quite simply stunning and the best in any video game, combat is superbly ramped up! MP is really engaging and enlarged over U2! Another great reason to own a ps3, thankyou Naughty Dog!!
  46. Jun 21, 2012
    Drakes Deception is actually very apt as although this is the 3rd uncharted game it is actually the worst of the three, uncharted one and two maintained game-play, Drakes deception felt like a movie imitating a game. The story was lame compared to the previous games and although enjoyable it was spoilt in parts with bad new combat design choices. the tight cover and shooting system from uncharted has been removed and was replaced with an inferior one were when you are in cover and take aim it was almost always over the wrong shoulder view. why they just did not add a central gun-scope view i dont know. the new updated fighting system works in places and fails badly in others, (point of fact the final fight can turn into an endless never ending fight .if you do not press the correct buttons so it is not a free fight but a scripted one. i like many others thought this was a glitch but no really its just a bug with a badly thought out ending. the graphics are okay but there are too many indoor areas and not enough jungles or outdoor vistas. even the desert dune fails as you have no idea which direction to go in then when you finally work it out there is nothing in the level you just walk to the next area. the puzzles and level design and jewel collection were all inferior and weaker to the previous games. jewels are much easier to find in uc3. Deceptions saving grace is the once again excellent multi-player and co op modes they are still great and if you loved the multi-player it is still worth picking up. Game of the year version will be available this year with all dlc content included if its at platinum game price its still a bargain. Over-all a dissapointing story for drakes return Expand
  47. Jan 4, 2012
    A fantastic game, probably best of 2011 just not as good as the second one. Gameplay wise it's perfect, the ability to throw grenades back is great, and the hand to hand is better than its ever been just a little glitchy. Story wise, however, this game takes a slight dip compared to the second one. A lot of the moments just feel like excuses to throw Drake at something crazy, and I was a little disappointed with the very end(I don't want to ruin the end, so only small spoilers) were there is a dramatic moment and it appears to have all been fake the next second. But all in all a fantastic game! 9.5 Expand
  48. Dec 11, 2011
    I love the series as a whole and Naughty Dog, but the third entry just seems to lack the polish and impact as the first two game. With all the gripes aside, this game still delivers and action-packed cinematic experience that doesn't disappoint. The set pieces are over the top(which is a good thing) and this game goes big, throwing you into an adventure with excellent narrative, with enjoyable and believable characters, that complete the immersion. Expand
  49. Dec 12, 2011
    Great game lots of adventure fast moving great fun! Buy 1, 2 and 3 you will love em all! This one tells how Drake and Scully met, brings in a new character and the girls from the previous 2 games are back. Its not has hard as 2 was really enjoyed playing it.
  50. Dec 13, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The single player campaign is shorter than Uncharted 2 by some way but contains some utterly jaw dropping environments and set pieces. I was able to clock it in just over 10 hours but loved every minute of it. This is graphically, one of the most astonishing looking games I've ever played and a fine testament to Naughty Dog's ability to wring the best out of the PS3. The voice acting again is superb as are the performances from Nolan North and the rest of the crew. My only gripe is that the finale lacks punch and the plot as a whole plays it rather safe with one moment towards the end where a main character gets killed only to turn up safe and well moments later. The multiplayer experience is a considerable improvement over UC2 and I've already sank dozens of hours into it. There are a wealth of new perks, upgrades and other goodies that compel you to keep playing. I can't wait for the forthcoming DLC map packs. The games as standard has 12 maps, some new and some old and they're all great and very varied. This is easily one of the greatest multiplayer experiences I've ever had. All in all this is an astonishing game and a worthy sequel and gets my firm vote for best game of 2011. Expand
  51. Dec 14, 2011
    I'll start by saying i am a big fan of U1 n U2, and i was really looking forward for this game. The game, graphically, is a masterpiece, but other than that, i was disappointed. This game is certainly not a 10, The game is too short, I, personally think is a great game to rent for a weekend. The story is not that good, to be honest with you i'm not sure what drake is after or why is he trying to stop the bad guys. The final boss is a joke when i was done with the game, i was like really, is that it. The shooting like everyone here already said is not perfect, i had trouble to aim properly, most of the time i would shoot numerous bullets that wouldn't hit my enemies, it can get annoying especially when there's a bunch enemies running at u, while there's sniper n one guy shooting grenade at u.

    Nonetheless, the game is still fun, and graphically is stunning but i cant give it a ten because the story is awful, the shooting , i felt, got worse. but everything else is pretty good so i think 8 is fair enough. I would also said i think U2 was better. This game is not U3 it was more like U2.5
  52. Dec 21, 2011
    Nice graphics, good storyline (I think). But useless multiplayer (with access code), and I don't like the gameplay. I also thought it was plagiarized on tomb raider. But buy it with your eyes closed, it is worth it!
  53. Dec 23, 2011
    When the first Uncharted 3 trailer surfaced up,i wasn't impressed as i did to U2 and i thought that U3 was not going to be better than U2.That is until i bought it on the 3rd day it came,and i have to tell you that i literally spent 20 hours playing this game non-stop,except for a couple of bathroom breaks,and in those 20 hours spent playing i couldn't let go of the controller.With that said,i could tell you that i regret not picking up this game the day it came out.From the very first moment that you start the game it's a roller-coaster ride,The story is so captivating and well-telled that it makes you care about the characters and develop a bond with them even after you go to sleep.I could clearly remember that at certain moments in the game that i felt exactly the same way as Nathan Drake ( Main character) feels.For example when he was stranded and lost in the vast desert;i felt scared for his life and wanted to help him in any way possible,although the fact is he's still a virtual character.It's these kind of bonds that you don't see in other games.The gameplay is far more better than it's previous predecessors by miles! EVERYTHING is improved,aiming,fighting,climbing,jumping,and even running is improved.Now you could fight enemies simultaneously at the same time.There are ALOT of new combat moves both aerial and land-based.And you even have the OPTION to enter a room and kill everyone with stealth,or you could rain hell on them by using big guns;it's up to you. The music score is simply beautiful and astounding.You could go on playing the game just listening to the music without progressing and you won't feel bored.The music changes as the mood and intensity of the game is changing...The characters in this game are so vibrant and full of life as if they still have their own lives and places to go after the game finishes.Every character has his own story...The animations of U3 are out of this world and in a good way.Every thing you do the game reacts accordingly;if you walk down or up a stair Nathan grabs the handles along the way or if you move closely near a wall Nathan reaches out his hands to touch it...The movements of the characters are very fluid,smooth,and realistic that it makes you wonder if the characters are modeled after real people...The multiplayer has come back looking better than ever,every aspect of the multiplayer is improved in every way possible,and a whole lot of stuff has been included.If you ever managed before to get your hands on the beta then i rest you assure that the multiplayer is much much better than the beta.The most important upgrades in the multiplayer are the NEW competitive and co-operative modes,character,weapon,and emblem (logo) customization,machinimas,co-ops,and last but not least VIDEOS where you could record a match you recently had,edit it and share it with your friends,store it on your Playstation,or even upload it to the internet for the whole world to see...Overall,Uncharted 3 is a game that you'll never get bored of.And it is one of the best games this decade,and if you don't have it,then you're missing on a masterpiece,it is very much worth the $60...See you online! Expand
  54. Dec 26, 2011
    Awsome game, beautiful graphics, fun multiplayer, but it felt just not enough for a "10". Why? Short campaign and the game felt just too much as more of Uncharted 2. Still one of the best games I played this year, and best exclusive for PS3.
  55. Jan 5, 2012
    uncharted 3 is officialy 2011 goty. it improves on uncharted 2 in everyway the story is brilliant and online is better then favourite levels are the sinking ship and the plane mission and the desert missions towards the end are all awesome.a great game that i recommend to all.
  56. Dec 28, 2011
    If you talk about history, I give you Skyrim. If you talk about gameplay, I'll give Arkham City. But if you want them, I give Uncharted 3. Uncharted 3 is as epic as the Uncharted 2, but makes some errors in your script, as characters who disappear from the plot, however, develops very well the relationship of master and apprentice (much like father and son) Drake, Sully. At the end of the game, you understand why he deserves the title of one of the best of 2011, however Uncharted 2 is better. Expand
  57. Dec 29, 2011
    This is just.....a MASTERPIECE.This game have everything from the single player campaign to the multiplayer.The gameplay is fluid,the storyline it's unpredictable and the graphics are just ,,WOW''.If you have a PS3 you should buy this game.
  58. Dec 29, 2011
    I just finished it and thought it was one of the best games I have ever played. Beautiful cinematics, great voice acting, believable and intriguing storyline, Uncharted 3 is definitely better than its predecessor. There was memorable moments and the different environments were exciting to play in, from the old streets of England to the hot sands of Arabia, a must play game.
  59. Dec 29, 2011
    Having played both 1 and 2, i have to say i started deception with high anticipation and v high expectations. On a positive note, the cinematography was amazing, i loved the water, the ship, airplane fighting and the sand. The story flew well and I just love Sully also. The end where the hallucinations pan out was also unique to play. However, there is nothing neaw abt the storyline. Drakes goes to open every gate and do everything, then the bad guys come to get the stuff away, the drake has to stop the bad guy and then they have to escape. It is the same thing again and again. Abit cliche really. Still, one of the best games, easily wins over other games but extremely hard to get better than uncharted 2, which I consider was the best! Expand
  60. Dec 29, 2011
    It's still awesome, but not as good as uncharted 2. It's just not new anymore, nothing really fresh in it... But it's still a great game.
  61. Dec 29, 2011
    This is one of the greatest games of this year and one of the best on the PS3 but sadly not as memorable as its predecessor. It combines the best action set pieces of any game with great hand to hand combat and a now tuned gun play with excellent puzzles and climbing, along with the best graphics of a video game in history for now and dialogue which feels like your actually talking to the characters themselves. But I was disappointed with the ending which felt familiar and same old same old run and gun and when I sore that there was 22 chapters I knew that we weren't going to explore much of this amazing city that they designed. And the only other criticism is I thought that the main character was going to play a much bigger role and use mind trickery a lot more. But putting that all to one side I congratulate Naughty Dog at trying to beat its predecessor and nearly succeeded. Maybe not everyones effort was in on this game because of the new title The Last of Us on its way and in development when they were still putting the final touches on uncharted 3. But hats off to the developers at Naughty Dog they have created another beautiful masterpiece. Expand
  62. Dec 30, 2011
    Com certeza o melhor jogo do ano, gráficos perfeitos e uma história interessante que prende você no jogo . Já zerei ele duas vezes e agora estou no multiplayer. A Naughty Dog está de parabéns ao fazer esse jogo
  63. Dec 31, 2011
    While rough around the edges, Naughty dog once again pushes the envelope when it comes to creating a gorgeous cinematic experience with decent interactive gameplay. The inclusion of online multiplayer was smart and gives added value for the dollar. I expect this is a sign of things to come as naughty dog evolves as a developer. The character animations, character development, and backdrops throughout the game deserve mention as standout aspects of the game. The story of Nathan Drake borrows from Bond, Indiana Jones, and many of the best hiest, action/adventure, and mystery/conspiracy movies of the past 30 years and yet still manages to feel fresh and original because ND is truly invested in the franchise. Expand
  64. Dec 31, 2011
    Uncharted 3 suffers in many ways, but the main reason for this is not, as some may think, it's spectacular predecessor Among Thieves, but rather too little production time. One of the biggest problems of this game is the story, which at first seems even better than the one of the first two entries, but the clumsy inclusion of the cruise ship and the fact that the game ends in very anticlimactic way makes the story seem rushed, unfinished and not thought-out. Overall the graphics improved greatly, but backgrounds look poorly animated and sadly, texture popping returned after being nearly absent from Uncharted 2's single player. Something that also bothered me alot about the graphics was the often advertised sand. Because when I first reached chapter 18, I was disappointed to find out that the at first glance spectacular lokking sand wasn't more than a flat texture, only creating the illusion of sand. The level design was yet another thing I was pretty disappointed with, since tracking back the exact same rout as I entered a level wasn't exactly what I expected from linear single player campaign as short as this one. The cinematic moments from the last game were taken several steps further in this one, maybe a few steps too far, instead of having full control as it was in Among Thieves, the player now has hardly any control in those moments and seems to be only pushing Nate forward for the scene to continue.
    The amazing soundtrack , which seems to show us what some scenes maybe should have made us feel, isn't enough to take away the bitter feeling that makes me think what this game could've been with more time.
  65. Jan 1, 2012
    I must say the gap between that of Uncharted 2 and Uncharted 3 is not as much a bottomless abyss but that of a something a world record long jumper can probably traverse with relative ease. But that does not detract from the absolute joy I had from playing this game start to finish multiple times. Graphics:
    One thing that is improved is the graphical quality of the entire games, the
    character models, the textures, some of the effects like the water, have all be vastly tweaked to an almost photo realistic standard. Although the overall effect does not look as flabbergastingly brilliant as some of the set pieces of Uncharted 2 (mind you that is down more to the choice of set piece rather than execution). Secondly, the sound: The one thing that Uncharted has done better than most games is voice acting, and Nathan Drake's latest outing is no different. Nolan North is again on form with some top notch acting really adding layers to his character as he goes. The same can be said for Victor Sullivan, his character as well is really brought out and you get a real sense of how deep Nate's and Sully's friendship really is. Although as for the main bad guys, I've scoured the internet and most people feel that the main character should have been voice by Helen Mirren and I'm inclined to agree, definitely feels like a missed opportunity! The sound track is something else in this game, it is definitely one of the corner stones for the cinematic experience and this corner stone is a granite base! Very well orchestrated soundtrack always fits the mood perfectly. Another thing I have noticed is that the weapons don't sound quite so cheap anymore, and that adds to the feel of the game play too, a nice parallel is the transition from Gears of War and Gears of War 2, the weapons sounded so much meaner and it really added to the feel of each weapon. Single player game play: I see Uncharted becoming formulaic, much in the way The Legend of Zelda is, but that is not a bad thing at all if done properly, I'd say Uncharted 3 hits it right! The thing I liked about Uncharted's story modes up to this point was the fact that they would last about 8 hours, which is twice the length of most shooter campaigns these days AND you are pretty much glued to your seat for the duration. Not many games can boast of this trait but Uncharted 3 can. So Uncharted 3's story pans out similarly to the other two, like an Indiana Jones film on steroids! A lot of complaints have circulated about the "sluggish" aiming system and I though I ought to offer a positive opinion on this so here goes...
    The way I see the new aiming system is that it is coupled with the new melee system where you can engage an enemy or a group of enemies Assassin's Creed stylee for some fisticuff action rather than just mashing the square button and then the triangle when prompted. So I believe that Naughty Dog toned down the aiming speed in order to encourage players to engage at close quarters and get the most out of that combat system. To be honest if you really find the aiming that sluggish just turn the darn sensitivity, that or utilise the new patch that Naughty Dog have provided... From my experience the combat has been considerably tense through out, with a killer cover and shoot mechanic that can almost rival the Gears of War series. The weapons all feel much improved and much more heavy duty, what also startles me is the variety of weapons, such as weapons for extreme close range like a sawed off shotgun and weapons for extreme long range such as the bolt action sniper rifle! Another good feature about the single player is the pacing, rather than just being at 11 all of the time, the game often slows down to get you to solve puzzles, which I found in this instalment to be more challenging than the other two, a little bit more time is spent actually thing rather than just looking at Drake's Journal where an imaginary wealth of knowledge just sort of ends up in there. Also some key moments of the story slow down the pace of the game but in a good way, but I shan't elaborate as it would contain spoilers, but I think players will appreciate the slow down of pace and can take some time to observe a bit of character development and plot thickening. Multi player: Multi player is on form again, it takes the fun from the formula that was present in Uncharted 2 and adds LOADS of new features to it, including a lot of customisation options for your online avatar. Like most good multi player experiences, it is very rewarding extends the longevity of the game infinitely. It doesn't matter whether you are competitive or cooperative, Naughty Dog have catered for both tweaked co-op missions from campaign set pieces but also some great competitive game modes set in original maps (which I feel is a bit of a dying art, making original maps). Overall Uncharted 3 is a fantastic experience but also has enough pull to it to revisit months after your purchase!
  66. Jan 2, 2012
    My game of the year without question. The rollercoaster of emotions UC3 took me on was incredible. I've spent a lot of money on a 3D tv and UC3 made me not regret a single penny. The locations you visit are incredible and the senario's your placed in are different class! The relationship you build with the characters are incredible and grow stronger with each instalement of these ground breaking games. If I had to add one critism is that the aiming system is awful and what the hell have naughty dog done to Elena's beautiful face? google music, pandora, limewire Expand
  67. Jan 3, 2012
    I was extremely excited for Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception and I had really high expectations. This game certainly lived up to those and delivered one of the most fun, addictive, beautiful and interesting games that I have ever played. This game has INCREDIBLE visuals and in chapter 6 the tree leaves in the jungle look a bit bad, especially when compared to the jaw- dropping visuals of the Rub' al Khali desert. There are certainly parts of the game which look better than the other, and the game starts to really look incredible around the end of the game. The gameplay is fantastic. It has solid shooting mechanics, incredibly fun stealth (which I feel needs to be in the game more) and fun puzzles. Searching for treasures is as addicting as ever and the treasures are more cleverly hidden. I won't give it away, but the one treasure in chapter 18 was so well hidden, that it took a walkthrough for me to be able to find it. Of course no game is perfect and Uncharted 3 is certainly no exception. The story had quite a few holes. There were some moments I was left scratching my head at some of the things in the story. Also I felt that the multiplayer (while fun for a bit) was unneeded. I've barely played the multiplayer, and it is quite fun but it has nothing on the incredible singleplayer. But I do really like the co-op multiplayer because it is a lot of fun. In the end Uncharted 3 was not a perfect game, but it was an absolutely masterful game with a great story, fantastic characters, great gameplay, incredible visuals and great SFX. Uncharted 3 is an absolute must buy for all PS3 owners, I promise you that your money will be well spent. Expand
  68. May 28, 2012
    The Uncharted franchise defiantly increases the scope through each new instalment with its brilliant set pieces, clever structure, flawless graphics and an engrossing narrative starring Nathan Drake who will soon be one of the most beloved videogame characters of all time. Some of these qualities sound like they belong in a summer blockbuster but no this is a videogame and damn good one at that! 9/10 Expand
  69. Jan 8, 2012
    Uncharted 3 was a great game, but i didn't like it nearly as much as Uncharted 2. In Uncharted 3 I felt that the developers wanted it to be like a movie, which would be fine if it wasn't EXACTLY LIKE ONE. The entire game felt out of my control and the throughout the story i asked questions that weren't even answered. Such as How did they meet Cutter? What makes Nathan and Elaina get divorced? The ending seemed to rushed as well, with a lousy final boss battle that wasn't even the least bit difficult and everything happening so fast I was stunned. Although i don't like this game as much as its prequel i still enjoy its core gameplay and multiplayer. Expand
  70. Feb 16, 2012
    This game show the evolution of the Uncharted franchise, gaming visuals, and the art of story telling. This is the best Uncharted game yet. The thing is, it does everything right. Great platforming, awesome shooting, and everything else you love. The visuals are the best out of any game ever. You cannot tell the difference between cutscenes and gameplay. The storytelling in this game is also top notch. They tell it amazingly. The story sticks to the story of Nathan Drake unlike Uncharted 2. Must-have for any PS3 owner. Expand
  71. Jan 12, 2012
    Good - Absolutely stunning graphical detail, quite frankly one of the most beautiful games to look at. The voice acting is superb making every character completely believable. Wonderful set pieces that are very exciting to behold. Some fun and intense gunplay. Multiplayer is fun, quick and easy to get into. The new customizations in multiplayer are very much welcome too, adding much more depth to the gameplay. The co-op story is great addition too, this time receiving a loose story to connect each level. Bad - Apart from the graphics, this is a step back from Uncharted 2. The gunplay, however fun, is now quite inaccurate and irritatingly slow in comparison to Uncharted 2. This makes the game feel extremely clunky at times. The story is really quite weak with little character development (apart from Nate and Sully, I was quite impressed by their backstory). The result of this is a very anticlimactic ending, where it's difficult to care about antagonists that you know nothing about. The game is also really quite short and the linearity of the series is getting to be absurd. For example, without adding too much of a spoiler, there is a whole chapter of the game where you simply have to hold forward to progress as the rest of the game plays itself for you. I found this chapter torturous and it actually added nothing to the story. This perfectly highlighted the pacing issues this game has. You might spend a whole 3 chapters doing nothing but shooting with the occasional set piece, and then have a chapter where you simply walk around aimlessly. It make for some seriously disjointed gameplay. Uncharted 2 had much better pacing, never making anything feel like a slog. The main issue with this game is removal of the player from the gaming experience. I am aware that Uncharted games are supposed to be deeply cinematic but Uncharted 3 has taken it too far and often crosses the line between movie and video game. Uncharted 2 got this just right, but Uncharted 3 has no happy balance, which makes for some deeply unsatisfying gameplay. Also, because the game has so much cinematics injected into it, there is actually very little to do at times, which makes the game quite boring at times and also very easy (even on crushing difficulty). Overall - I feel bad that I have focused much of my attention on what Uncharted 3 is doing wrong. But I only do so because with all the 10/10 reviews it is receiving I am worried that this series is going to become progressively more and more 'cinematic' and the gameplay less and less interesting. At first I was bedazzled by the beautiful graphics of Uncharted 3, but after that had worn off I was left with realisation that this is quite a hollow game. I did enjoy Uncharted 3, but it feels like such a step back from the brilliance that is Uncharted 2. Expand
  72. Jan 19, 2012
    The Uncharted series is no doubt the best series for the PS3, possibly in all of gaming right now. Though this game continues Nathan Drake's journey, it seems to miss out on those perfectly epic moments that Uncharted 2 had. That's not to say that there aren't epic moments, it's just it doesn't feel the same. But the cinematics, voice acting, and graphics are second to none, and the multiplayer and co-op are truly a blast to play. The online multiplayer won't take down Modern Warfare or Battlefield, but it has lots of fun and varied moments. Expand
  73. Jan 19, 2012
    I'm a really big fan of the Uncharted series and Naughty Dog, and i'm glad to say that this game is a major improvement over uncharted 2, each game Naughty Dog pushes what the PlayStation 3 can do. This game has amazing graphics, very fun, Action/Puzzle/Platformer/Adventure gameplay. The melee combat is vastly improved over the first two games, the Multiplayer is refined from Uncharted 2, also completely new Co-op gameplay. There are 6 chapters, each last 20-30 minutes. This is a must buy for PlayStation 3 owners and fans of the series. Expand
  74. Jan 23, 2012
    This was a great game-as expected and it was not a disappointment at all. The multiplayer is flawed-in that its very easy to cheat on it (something ND may need to consider fixing), but otherwise still quite good. Though I admit there was something missing from this game. A certain charm that was present in the second game; it could be the setting of the second game was better or even that the characters and story where better in Uncharted 2, not sure. Great visuals and its enjoyed its good humour, but I wouldn't call it the greatest game ever made. Far from it. It does not deserve the 10/10 score I've seen it getting, but it does step it up quite a bit. Expand
  75. May 1, 2013
    This game is breathtaking. The amount of action scenes and running scenes in this game just blow my mind. I felt like I was watching something like a more bad-ass version of Indiana Jones. But this is so much better than that. The gameplay is amazing, the graphics are spectacular and the story is just epic. At first, I didn't really like the shooting mechanics, however I pretty much got used to them. I'm not an avid gamer, but this is literally the best game I have ever played by far. Expand
  76. Feb 1, 2012
    This game is simply 1 of the best games ive played and the graphics are great, i'd like to call this the Indiana Jones of the PS3. Great voice acting by Nolan North, and the story is awesome. Great job Naughty Dog! :D
  77. Feb 2, 2012
    Quick summary:
    Graphics are awesome
    Story is awesome
    Gameplay is awesome
    Online is awesome
    Nathan Drake is awesome

    The Uncharted series.... IS AWESOME!
  78. Feb 3, 2012
    This guy is a **** and thinks Skyrim is the Game of the Century. I bought SKYRIM and it Sucked, was great for the first few hours than my PS3 commited Suicide and freezes and Lag issues in Heavy Polygon Towns brought this game back after 2 days playing. I preordered the game so I was pissed when the game was unplayable and when Bethesda never bothered to fix the damn thing.
    Uncharted Hands down is the best game series ever. It's such a genius of a game. I can't rate this game a 11 but it deserves it. Even better the company offered a Decent Beta Mutiplayer Experiences which I can always appreciate good freebies. It's the reason why I got a PS3 in the first place cause PSN is just Epic. I didn't play Uncharted 1 but I played 2 another preorder and beat it. Was one of the best challenging games I played ever. I think the Story and Gamplay Mechanics are Top Notch. And yeah I'm a Gaming Expert and I tend to play Mutiplayer Shooters alot. If I could make money playing games against other people I would be a Billionaire. Well At Least a Millionaire. At least pay my rent every Month. Well maybe enough money to feed my Pet Dog. XD I mean come on their is like Girls who play Videogames that could murder all of us. How degrading that is to my Sex. XD SKYRIM should be called RIMJOB. Cause that is exactly what they did to us gamers who fell under the spell of this crappy illuminati infested gaming company. Yeah I said the I word...Illuminati you dare challenge me? Sign of the Ritual is the Eye of Horus. You think Skyrim has anything to do with the Egyptians? Hell no the Illuminati has taken over the Gaming Industry that is why all the new games suck. Little Big Planet is a Zionist Illuminati Game as well. Another Fail on my part for trusting it to be good after owning the first one. Serious Lag Issues on Mutiplayer. SKYRIM should have been a Mutiplayer Coop game that would have made it a epic game, It should have also been designed to load after so many miles of polygons so it doesn't crash our PS3s or have Gamebreaking Lag Issues. SKYRIM is completely Unplayable and damn near unbeatable with the lag issue it's possessed by. Avoid the Illuminati Games. Young Jet-I. Expand
  79. Feb 5, 2012
    El describir que tan bueno es Uncharted, seria adecuado preguntarte primero, que tan buenas son las peliculas de Indiana Jones?, asi de bueno es el guion/trama de este juego de Naughty Dog, desde el principio hace que te adentres tanto en los personajes como en la trama del juego, visitar bastantes lugares para redondear tanto las capacidades de la PS3 como de los desarrolladores, mezclando elementos de Covering con Shooter y Puzzles con buena historia es una buena combinacion, el primer juego que adquiri de la saga fue este, y me hizo comprarme las primeras dos partes, podria asegurar que esta tercera entrega es la perfeccion de la saga Uncharted, si Naughty Dog decide terminarlo aqui, seria un acierto, ya que la competencia tendria que trabajar horas extras para siquiera llegarle al 20% de diversion del juego. Expand
  80. Feb 7, 2012
    Just got a new ps3 and it came with uncharted 3 that was a good investment the game is awesome I haven't been able to put my controller down good game
  81. Feb 14, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Uncharted 3 is a good game, and as with most sequels it has many similarities with it's predecessor yet enough to make it feel new. The only problem I have with the game is with the aiming/shooting mechanism (it constantly raises the more you shoot), and the lame ending. Expand
  82. Feb 17, 2012
    Drake has never failed to entertain the players. This game is no exception. The story is still very original, the gun fights are interesting, and there are really no flaws except one - the ending. Throughout the entire game, the scenes vary and the stories are hooking, but there has really been nothing new since Among Thieves. Uncharted fans expect much more than a story in pretty cities and climbing difficult structures: the game elements stay pretty much the same. After the pinnacle of the 2nd game, Drake deceits us to conclude a great franchise (Mass Effect 3, I'm talking about you). Expand
  83. Feb 18, 2012
    It is commonly said that Uncharted 3 just evolves on what Uncharted 2 did. But, to me, they have changed the concentration of the game in ways that it feels fresh. I should have known better than to think that it would be all in the desert. But the exotic locations are absolutely stunning, crammed with people. The first thing that you notice in the game is that, occasionally, there are brawl scenes where you are only allowed to use your fists. Don't worry- they are satisfying sections. You may also notice that Chloe (who had a slight touch of the uncanny valley in Uncharted 2) looks better now. The game also features a nice line in leather jacket animations, lighting created by fire and stonework. The next thing is the puzzles- they seem more natural than ever rather than just huge obstacle courses. Coupled with the sometimes scholarly interiors, it gives the game more of a true Indiana Jones feel. The next thing- the enemies. When you first see them, you might ask 'what are they doing?' They don't just take cover any more- they will run around all over the place and it looks menacing when they are in suits. Gunfights start off in a small way but become increasingly lengthier and more difficult as the game progresses in a way more reminscent of the first game than the second. The next thing- this game features some amazing parkour sequences, running in and across buildings, much lengthier than those in the second game- it's reminiscent of those trailers that we saw for Beyond Good and Evil 2. which now has its work cut out for it. The game does include a lot of cut scenes but when the in game looks just as good as those it's alright. To say that it's like playing the best Indiana Jones / Bond film never made would be to do the series a disservice- those films never gave you all this, except more vehicular action, something curiously that the first game in the series was most memorable for me with the jetskis sections, too stop and start presumably for Naughty Dog to replicate in some way in the later games. Uncharted 3 has some HUGE gameplay sequences such as the boatyard (like a nice next-gen equivalent of Banjo Kazooie's Rusty Bucket Bay I felt) - I didn't expect it to rival Rage for fraughtness but it sometimes did. The game also features a dream-like sequence, a nice touch for me whilst I wait for Max Payne 3. I haven't actually finished the game yet but it the most convincingly 'filmic' so far, with challenging spikes, even if it sometimes contrives to patronise you by telling you how you are going to go about a puzzle a minute or so after you first spotted it. Whatvever- it seems about as great a game as could have been made. Very good game Naughty Dog- some lovely music too. Expand
  84. Feb 21, 2012
    It's a very good game! I recomend it! ololololololol! If you never played this game before you must try it! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I LIKE THIS GAME and I don't want to write review for 150 characters! I'm just want to rate this awesome game! Do you anderstand that?
  85. Feb 22, 2012
    a good game with stunning graphics and great cinematic moments but i think the story let it down! a shame really but UC2 was always a hard act to follow!
  86. Nov 6, 2012
    The best game i have ever played . all the things are just fantastic & naughty dog did great job again with uncharted 3 . graphic is just unbelievable ! the best graphic in this generation consoles , gameplay is great & better than ever , story & dialog is awesome , soundtrack is just superb & multiplayer is so fun & great . in the end i have to say that YES ... this is the game that we have to play , this is game of the year 2011 & best game of this generation Expand
  87. Feb 24, 2012
    I really, really enjoyed this game. The action sequences were well paced as was the game overall. What kept me from rating this a perfect 10 was that I found some of the camera angles were weird and caused me to die more often than normal. The story was great too. During most games, I usually just skip the "movie" sequences, but I have always found the Uncharted games to have above average writing and casting. The characters are well fleshed out and the scripts are excellent and engrossing. I also like the fact that the relationship between Nathan Drake and Elena Fisher doesn't get in the way of the game or storyline. The Uncharted series has never fallen into the "boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy must spend the rest of the game chasing said girl". I think that Victor Sullivan is my favorite character, though. I love his dry sense of humor and the way he and Nathan play off of each other. However, I feel that Sully wasn't as funny in Uncharted 3 as he was in the first 2 games in the series. I kind of missed that. Overall, though, great job Naughty Dog. I really hope this isn't the end of the Uncharted series. Expand
  88. Feb 27, 2012
    Wow!!!!! so much better than Uncharted 2. Very close to the best game I've played, and I've played a heap! They've really captured that action movie style. Great Story! Excellent Graphics! All around good fun! Highly recommended.
  89. Mar 6, 2012
    Games which required advanced technical skills, or an advanced level of concentration and planning, can only really be judged by those gamers who have those skill sets. Not all people do. On the flip side, games which do not require those skills are best not reviewed by gamers with advanced skills because they will miss what the game is offering and bemoan the ease of the game. Uncharted 3 is game which does not require a great deal of technical skill to play through because the developers want to take you on an adventure rather than have you replaying the same level several hundred times in a row because you arenâ Expand
  90. Mar 13, 2012
    As a Christian, I did not care at all for the profuse use of God's name in vain in this game. My score would have reflected closer to the Critics' scores than those of the users if not for the excessive bad language, which I personally felt should have earned the game an "M" rating instead of "T". But you are welcome to check out my video review of the game here:

    Please enjoy! And have a blessed day! :D
  91. Mar 13, 2012
    Uncharted 3 is an awesome game. It may be short but is well worth the money I spent. I can still spend so much more time with it to. The multi-player and co-op game modes add so much more to it as well. This is a game anyone with a PS3 should play. IGN gave this game a 10 but thats too much simple because no game is perfect and this game isn't but, is sure close.
  92. Mar 16, 2012
    What a game. I loved the first two Uncharteds, Drakes Fortune was great fun and had some brilliant moments, Among Thieves was absolutely fantastic and Drakes Deception is a masterpiece. Everything feels so elegantly put together, the cut scenes are brilliantly written and acted and everything just feels alive thanks to some of the best graphics and animation of this generation. Sure it has those big epic moments like the cargo plane set piece or the boat level but Naughty Dog has also given just as much attention to the more subtle moments such as following enemies without being seen or wondering through the desert (which is probably the most stunning part of the game). The game isn't perfect, it doesnt look stunning 100% of the time and I do feel that the ending sequence could have been a bit longer but I still rate this game a 10 because of how brilliantly executed it is. It tries so many different things and pulls them off either perfectly or near perfectly, whether its the incredible single player or its well improved multiplayer. If you are even remotely interested in this series then don't think twice about getting into it :) Expand
  93. Mar 16, 2012
    Beautifully realized game. Third game in a tremendous series, all of which are must-owns for any PS3 owner! Deep characters, a beautiful story, and surprisingly intuitive controls make this a gaming experience of a lifetime.
  94. Mar 17, 2012
    Im a fan of the series and this final entry was great but had minor flaws that really stood out throughout the game (including a part in the ending). The graphics and presentation were top-notch. The plot and gameplay were good as well. The character developments were amazing. If you have a ps3, this is a great game to consider.
  95. Apr 22, 2012
    Best game on the ps3. There isn't even a contest when it comes to which series or game dominates the ps3 and Uncharted showcased there power with the most recent game. The story line of the game is the best of any game and Naughty dog had a lot of work to do being that Uncharted 2 was the undisputed game of the year. And they delivered, the beauty of the game is unbelievable and the storyline is the best that it has been. The gameplay is smooth yet difficult at times towards the end, but good games have challenges. The ship scene as well as the desert levels are absolutely beautiful. The story line will capture you and pull emotion out of you which is difficult to do sometimes. The multiplayer is a unique one and its always nice to play it since most of the games anymore are just first person shooters. In conclusion, Uncharted's possible final game on the ps3 captured fans and delivered one of the best gaming experiences ps3 users have had. Expand
  96. May 16, 2012
    single player: nowhere near as good as the second installment,the pacing is slow.the level design is also bad and frustrating,i mean you shoot a number of enemies and move on and do the same thing again.friendly and enemy AI is stupid,and the shooting mechanics are crappy.the singleplayer isn't completely bad and is fun at certain points.
    multiplayer is fun but still has many my
    opinion you should rent this game, not by it. Expand
  97. Jul 2, 2012
    It's a VERY great game....for about 3/4 of the way through. After that point the game feels rushed and underproduced. The gameplay mechanics are perfected to an even greater extent than they were in the second release, however the story is very underdeveloped and is ridden with plot holes and unresolved questions. Uncharted 2 had a better story, but Uncharted 3 has better gameplay and graphics. Both are masterpieces in my opinion and deserve to be recognized as such. I just wish they'd release some DLC or SOMETHING to answer these unresolved issues and patch the plot holes that are ever so prevalent. Collapse
  98. Sep 3, 2012
    Amazing game. Don't let any Xbox fanboy tell you this is just an interactive movie. Yes, the story is actually focused on unlike most games and the characters are developed and extremely likable, but this game's not a one-trick pony. I can see how people might feel this way about a game like Heavy Rain, but Uncharted's story doesn't impede on it's gameplay at all. It's some of the best third-person shooting I've ever played. It has the most responsive and tight cover system of any game I've ever played and the characters all feel the correct weight. When you make Drake jump from one cliff to another or vault over some cover there's a force that makes it feel as if you're actually controlling a 150 Lbs man. In a lot of other games it feels as if the character is floating or weightless, but Uncharted gets this down perfect. It doesn't seem like a deciding factor but it makes both combat and platforming a blast. Then there are the small details like the character's animations, the story, the witty dialogue, the top-notch graphics, addicting multiplayer. It all adds up to be one of the best games I've ever played. I completely agree with Greg Miller of IGN "This is the reason I play video games." Expand
  99. Aug 11, 2012
    Bear in mind, that i rarely give out perfect scores. I can usually pick out problems in a game very easily. But Uncharted 3 made me think what i didn't like. And my only complaint would be that the game could have a problem with explaining itself. Such as the fact that Elena knew Charley. But it all flies by your head when you look at what a spectacle Uncharted 3 is. Visually, the game is phenomenal. Little things like the way your shirt gets wet or the fire will really blow you away. The game play hasn't improved much, but they added some small touches here and there. Such as throwing back grenades and a much improved melee system. It also feels much smoother. The story itself is what the game aims it to be. It's a great story that will really get you involved with the characters. I felt for Elena, Drake, Sully and a couple others. Because they were all so well put together. I haven't even touched on the online. It's by far much better than the second's games online mode. You can customize your character and embark on a plethora of modes such as team deathmatch and free for all. You can add perks to your gun and collect treasures to get rewards. It all works perfectly, just as the game does. Uncharted 3 is my favorite game of 2011 and believe it or not, my favorite game of this current generation of gaming. Expand
  100. Jul 2, 2012
    It's a VERY great game....for about 3/4 of the way through. After that point the game feels rushed and underproduced. The gameplay mechanics are perfected to an even greater extent than they were in the second release, however the story is very underdeveloped and is ridden with plot holes and unresolved questions. Uncharted 2 had a better story, but Uncharted 3 has better gameplay and graphics. Both are masterpieces in my opinion and deserve to be recognized as such. I just wish they'd release some DLC or SOMETHING to answer these unresolved issues and patch the plot holes that are ever so prevalent. Collapse

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  1. The characterisations by the actors is second to none and even though this tall-tale takes you to fantastical places and events, the script is never once unbelievable. You never feel like an outsider. If anything, you'll feel right at home, ensconced in the constant drama of this loveable cast of returning reprobates and reprehensible villains. [Dec 2011, p60]
  2. Feb 5, 2012
    It's more than just the best entry in an outstanding series though - it epitomises the very reason many of us play video games. And that's its greatest achievement.
  3. 90
    Only a few camera troubles stopped us from giving Drake's Deception the highest rating. Uncharted 3 is without doubt the best PS3 exclusive game of this year. [Dec 2011]