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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 2 out of 39
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  1. Play UK
    Surprisingly polished and genuinely challenging. [Issue#189, p.77]
  2. Vancouver 2010 is a decent enough attempt at replicating the Winter Olympics, although its only getting a bronze medal from us.
  3. 73
    If only this game had some semblance of a career mode or anything that felt slightly like the real Olympics, then perhaps SEGA would have had a real winner on its hands.
  4. Pelit (Finland)
    A decent enough collection on winter sports themed minigames. The sense of speed is very good. Too bad the selection of sports is way too small. [Feb 2010]
  5. Although Vancouver 2010 doesn’t excel in any real way, it proves to be a good game, superior to any other Olympic simulation out there. In other words, if you’re looking for the ultimate Olympic experience, look no further.
  6. Vancouver 2010 is a decent sports game which lacks some of the Olympic disciplines.
  7. A solid effort that lacks excitement and star names.
  8. The core foundation of what they built is excellent, but after you run the events a few times, Vancouver 2010 lack of variety and depth will put this one on the shelf.
  9. 63
    The Olympic Games are starting again and a game can’t be missed. SEGA delivers the game again and just like the first time the game isn’t great. The game is basically 14 minigames and that’s all. The games you play in this game could also be released on the PlayStation Network for a few euro’s or dollars. If you are a great, great fan of the Olympic Games, maybe you like this game. If you don’t care about the Olympic Games, there are a lot better games out there.
  10. Eurocom did make significant strides with Vancouver 2010. But they’ve got to make a few more before we can recommend a purchase of a game based on the Olympics.; not surprisingly, it really is more fun to watch on TV.
  11. Despite decent graphics and some funny game modes, Vancouver 2010 suffers from the complete lack of a career mode, which makes it feel like a mere succession of events, without any progression to be had. Fans of this kind of production will find some good gameplay elements, while players used to bigger and better game dedicated to the single sports should stick to those.
  12. This is a game recommended for those who feel passion for the genre and enjoy going downhill at top speed, alone or through the Internet.
  13. If you’re a big fan of snow-based sports and don’t mind the dip-in and out feel, then give this a shot.
  14. Overall, Vancouver 2010 is an okay game, but it's very shallow. It borders on just being a collection of mini-games in some regards, but it is more than that -- just not a lot more. Good for a weekend rental, but very hard to recommend, even at $50.
  15. There aren't that many events to play, but at least they're fun. However, the lack of modes and sports puts this game at a disadvantage.
  16. 60
    The redeeming features are fun to carry the game so far but, unlike the Olympics, this isn't memorable in the least bit.
  17. Playstation: The Official Magazine (US)
    Occasionally, the gameplay is as good as the graphics. [Mar 2010, p.72]
  18. A noble attempt at bringing the Winter Olympics to our lounge in video game form, however as with previous attempts it seems to fall short of being entirely satisfying.
  19. Playstation Official Magazine Australia
    The handful of events last for about one afternoon. [Mar 2010, p.77]
  20. A challenging game that's easy to control, but Vancouver 2010 should have more events, a better single player mode and more settings options. Overall it feels more of a half-decent Olympic clone then something that deserves those rings on the cover.
  21. Vancouver 2010 is not a horrible game by any means, it's just the sum of the parts add together to present a lessen than desirable package.
  22. The limited selection of events leaves these Olympic Games out in the cold.
  23. In the end, like Salt Lake, Athens, Torino and Beijing before it, Vancouver 2010 fails to reach the podium.
  24. You like sports? Practice them in real life and keep your hands off this game – it is not worth the effort.
  25. The gameplay needs to be reviewed, as well as game modes. This makes the game very short, compromising the game experience.
  26. Vancouver 2010 has the same problems as most other Olympic Games. There isn’t enough variation, the gameplay elements are boring and there isn’t a big overall competition.
  27. Eurocom's latest game lacks ambition. It has nice graphics, but the sports are incredibly simple when you play them.
  28. Bottom-line: This is a game for completionists, leaderboard junkies, and glory hounds, though it should be noted that there are much simpler ways to proclaim one's video game superiority.
  29. Overall, the lack of variety in terms of events and lack of any single player modes apart from the challenge mode makes this a well presented package but ultimately a disappointing one!
  30. 50
    But even if you are in the game's target demographic, you should avoid this lackluster effort as it just isn't a faithful representation of the upcoming Games; instead, expend that energy on following the actual action and look for the title in a bargain bin once the Olympics have concluded.
  31. Playstation Official Magazine UK
    An avalanche of mediocrity that you'd be insane to buy. [Mar 2010, p.116]
  32. 48
    Vancouver 2010 is frustrating hard and offers to less for 60 euro. However, fans of the Olympic Games have a game to add to their collection.
  33. Eurocom fails even on the snow.
  34. Even with the courses meticulously pieced together from the real thing, I'm just struck that, again, this is a full-price purchase for what is essentially a collection of two-button games that have been around since the earliest video games.
  35. Some thought has clearly gone into making this an entertaining game, but sadly not enough money or time.
  36. We're all for multiplayer sports games that follow the Track and Field mould, but Vancouver 2010 offers none of the classic game's gratifying gameplay. Stick to watching this year's Winter Olympics on the TV.
  37. Vancouver 2010 fails to impress on many levels; whilst the events covered are not implemented badly, they are shallow and tedious, saved only by the simple controls and impressive visuals.
  38. A cynical, sterile attempt to ? og cash out of Ski Sunday fans.
  39. There's very little to love in Vancouver 2010, Sega's half-assed attempt to make a must-own game out of the 2010 Winter Olympics. This dud features confusing controls, lackluster events and only a couple of hours of gameplay.
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  1. May 15, 2016
    Limited number of events, which also have a limited number of computer opponents in Olympic mode you only have 3 rivals which is beyond aLimited number of events, which also have a limited number of computer opponents in Olympic mode you only have 3 rivals which is beyond a joke, controls are fiddly and some of the animation are poor the speed skating looks like some kind of mutant.

    A real lack of effort seems to have been put into this game
    Full Review »
  2. Oct 17, 2010
    Decent game for anyone but not one to keep you play hours in a row, it's not very addictive but it might be if you're obsessed with winterDecent game for anyone but not one to keep you play hours in a row, it's not very addictive but it might be if you're obsessed with winter sports. I think the people who made this game tryed as hard as they could to make this a good game because i can't think of a way that i could improve it. Full Review »
  3. normannormal
    Jan 20, 2010
    What's in there is very good, good sense of speed, nice online leaderboards and the challenge mode is a nice touch. The problem is, What's in there is very good, good sense of speed, nice online leaderboards and the challenge mode is a nice touch. The problem is, there's not enough in there. Full Review »