Mixed or average reviews - based on 10 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 4 out of 10
  2. Negative: 1 out of 10
  1. Wakeboarding HD is of those games that's easy to pick-up and play, but this time the easy part also means that it's very good, with great controls and excellent graphics. The only thing bad is the price, which is a tad too steep.
  2. For fans of extreme sports it’s a confident, expansive game with lots of potential and if the developers can push out some DLC down the line the multiplayer side of things will be more than an afterthought.
  3. It’s sensitive enough to annoy the uninitiated and the diverse objectives are challenging enough to force you to play one area many, many times.
  4. Wakeboarding HD is a fun title with a simple control system that’s easy to learn but will take some dedication to master, and provides some entertaining enjoyment without getting heavy or serious.
  5. With some obvious adjustments and a price cut, it might be better suited for the iPhone. It’s a decent title to play for 10 minutes while waiting in line or on the bus but it’s not something you’re going to turn on your PS3 to play.
  6. 50
    With so many issues to speak of (stiff controls, problematic multiplayer, load times, etc.), it might be hard to imagine that any fun could be had from Wakeboarding HD.
  7. There's just so much missing that would have made this a must buy game. Customisation is nowhere to be seen, and the multiplayer modes may as well be non-existent. Loading times slow things down, often hitting the 30 second mark, a time frame that is often longer than your actual run on the water.
  8. Wonky controls, a lackluster presentation and generally confusing core gameplay mechanics are just a few of Wakeboarding HD's many issues.
  9. A pretty and smooth game about wakeboarding. It’s pure arcade, so no Tony Hawk -skillz are needed. It's a bit pricey considering the anemic multiplayer experience. [June 2010]
  10. 65
    Doesn't offer decent value for money compared to most other PSN games. [Issue#192, p.97]

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