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  1. May 29, 2014
    Car chases aside, Watch Dogs would be a great and memorable open-world action game if not for persistent performance problems.
  2. May 27, 2014
    The Watch_Dogs experience on PS3 is good but it does not match our expectations from a technical perspective. The definitive version is definitively on Next Gen platforms.
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  1. May 27, 2014
    Not at all a good game. Well Ubisoft in some way trying to make it like their own GTA kind of game. But its a disappointment. The car driving mechanism isn't that great .The graphics looks buggy & the audio too. When you play, your mind will certainly compare it with GTA & you will find this game ain't worth its price. In fact you won't even play it after 1 or 2 hours of gameplay. Hugely disappointed. I did wait a long for this title & i am hugely disappointed. Full Review »
  2. May 27, 2014
    Watch Dogs - a major disappointment in 2014 . However hello.

    Game like tomorrow goes on the shelves . And I can tell you one thing - your
    money is not worth it at all.

    The fact that Ubisoft , looking at the success of the GTA series , decided to make your GTA , not whores , but with smartphones . Especially that the engine team and the concept is - benefit yubiki make very pribilny game series about Asasinchikov that impinge on all living things .

    But one thing to come up with crazy story about the evil Templars, there PARKUUUUR add a little historical events spice this thing the free world and beautiful locations , beautiful stuff in a box and sell every year by 49.99 per copy .

    Another thing is to make a project from scratch. And here the problems begin the game . Let's start with the fact that the physics of the game a little more miserable than full. People behave like a sack of potatoes , destructible cars at ... GTA 3! To **** , I have not seen such a long time. You like it crashed , but the machine does not appear dents, no chips, no scratches (as in GTA 5 , where physics and destructible cars on top) and just fall off the doors, hood , trunk and so on. It's ... it's ... it's just ****ed up ! 2014 in the yard.

    Physics cars like iron. Such as in GTA 5 is not here. You crashed into an SUV on a sports car , and he flies to a dozen meters. Stupid cops impassable . They will stand in place, will not you try to go around the flanks (like GTA ), and so on. And along the way they sobyut everyone they see , demolish all the posts and fences , and even a couple of times will get in an accident .

    The plot, good old tradition - crazy and just like the students , whose mothers abused in DotA . SG with a single tap on the ip calculates villains , hacks urban services , uchinyaet apocalypse and so on. In general, the whole plot revolves around revenge to all and sundry. Follow him bored and he needed here more for show .

    And part of the game when you are hacked urban services just did not bad. You switch between cameras , switching between various devices exploding transformers . But NOT to do such feature around the whole game. It rolled in the 90th , but in 2014, not a ride . You can not make a game , for example, around the time dilation.

    And in the best traditions Yubisofty here clocked up a bunch of unnecessary svistelok - perdelok . Kraft any useless **** , TONS of unnecessary weapons , which is not very different from each other. Pumping , shifted to the Left ups , and lots and lots and lots of things that , in principle, you do not need .

    In GTA 5 was an awesome character animation . Zingy videos, interesting and colorful characters . There is nothing like that . Character animation during cutscenes standard and blows the roof (as in the same GTA 5) , interesting characters here especially and not. All of them ... well, whether that standard . And you've seen them a hundred other game series .

    And yes, for some reason, here are tightened bunch of unnecessary missions , such as gathering , damn , 16 bit coins, or shooting svetoponosom . What, why , why? Why not GTA5 plot tasks sometimes better than the plot , and then decided to fake and do **** like that ?

    Game lacks class plot, interesting fichey memorable characters , whether that balance . Lacks some of its concepts . Game sulfur, boring and not interesting. You can not simply take the concept Asasina , cram a bunch of svistelok perdelok and hopes that the player skhvataet this **** (well he skhavataet anyway) . GTA 5 smartphones failed.

    Do not buy in any case . Swing or not to swing ... your business. I would not .
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  3. May 27, 2014
    Almost unplayable on the PS3! The framerate often drops to almost single-digits. I am surprised they didn´t cancel the PS3-version before release. Really shortsighted by Ubisoft. The gameplay still looks interesting. Far from the high expectation I had, after E3 two years ago, but still looks pretty fun. Will probably get this on PS4 when the sour taste, of my disappointment over the PS3-version, has gone away. Full Review »