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  • Summary: Playing as the mischievous Max, players explore the Wild Things' mysterious island, journeying over dangerous terrain, battling fierce creatures and interacting with the fearsome but loveable Wild Things. Through your adventure, you'll befriend and team up with the Wild Things - each with their own unique skills or special talents - learning valuable new abilities, working together to solve action puzzles, overcoming obstacles and have a rumpus of a good time! Following a unique storyline inspired by Where the Wild Things Are, the game take players on a journey beyond the movie to explore the mysterious island of the Wild Things on an adventurey that you'll never forget. Run, jump, climb and swing your way across the island's dangerous terrain while battling fierce creatures with your trusty scepter. Collect a variety of special items and "power-ups" to gain new abilities and overcome obstacles. On your journey you'll team up with the fearsome but loveable Wild Things discovering their unique personalities and abilities. At any time return to the Wild Things Village to play through a variety of mini games, start dirt-clog fights and have a rumpus good time. Journey across the hostile of the Wild Things filled with fierce creatures and hazardous obstacles around every corner. Go beyond the movie to explore a unique storyline inspired by the book and movie. [Warner Bros.] Expand
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  1. Although it is in every way a simplistic take on often-recycled game concepts and mechanics, Where the Wild Things Are is still an enjoyable platform adventure that will keep many players - children and adults alike - interested until the end.
  2. The whole thing just feels bare. Oh, and that plot is a little over the top and just plain zany, although that’s more of a subjective thing. I guess it just needed more in the way of substance, you know?
  3. Although the platforming isn't bad, the lack of replay value and small visual problems take away from the overall adventure. However, if you've got kids or you're a fan of Spike Jonze's film, you might be up for some Rumpus.
  4. 56
    Not terrible, but it's pretty boring and short. [Issue#188, p.83]
  5. 47
    Considering the fact that Where the Wild Things Are offers nothing in the way of exciting platforming or combat, and it doesn't even run all that well, I'd avoid this one altogether.
  6. There is just so little content and the levels are so repetitive that Wild Things spends its cache of charm in the first few minutes, and once its gone, you'll be left asking yourself one question: When did the Wild Rumpus get so boring?
  7. Where the Wild Things Are is a great book and movie, but it's also a dull video game. The people at Griptonite Games do not seem to put much effort in making our childhood hero Max’ adventure an epic one. This is all kinds of ugly, repetitive and boring.

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  1. Jul 25, 2011
    I'm sorry to disagree with everyone, but this is actually a pretty fun experience. The mechanics are inventive, the atmosphere is memorable, and the level design is actually something I would expect from a top-notch developer. THIS is how you make a licensed game when you have no time or money. Take the game for what it is, people. I'm twenty-two and I actually enjoyed my weekend with this game. :) Expand
  2. Sep 20, 2010
    Very very bad!
    Please spare your money and time, and avoid this game.
    The gameplay is boring, youll end up hearing the same 4-6 tracks/songs
    over and over again, and dont get me started how stupid the wild things are!
    "Help were stuck in the goo" that is almost the only thing they can say! And they get stuck in the goo... alot!