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  1. Sep 15, 2011
    I am getting sick of hearing games get qualified as "JRPG" or "Western Developed" or "Old-School." Role-playing elements exist in every genre now, from third-person action games to first-person shooters. Coming from someone who has been devoted to role-playing for more than 25 years of video gaming, I still love to see companies try new things, but too often critics categorize games and belittle their finer points by forcing them into unecessary stereotypes. Japanese programmers often have a hand in developing Western titles, and likewise, American and European programmers are often brought in to assist on Eastern projects to make a game more appealing to the international market. Too much synergy and genre crossover occur in today's gaming market to call anything old-school or refer to them by national origin.

    That being said, White Knight Chronicles II (along with the previous WKCs on PS3 and PSP) attempts to appeal to both Japanese and Western markets, with robust single-player and online multiplayer options that allow gamers to approach the game in whichever way they prefer. This effort does not succeed on all points - story sequences feel shallow and incoherent at times, with sub-par English voiceovers doing little to elevate the game's presentation, and MMO features sometimes feel tacked on. Still, the accomplishments that WKCII gets right serve as redeeming factors overall.

    For years, I have looked for an RPG that brought many existing features together under one title - character creation, open-world exploration, a full day-night cycle, dynamic weather systems, seasonal changes, player housing, town construction, solo and multiplayer features, social elements, and branching storylines. While Mass Effect and Dragon Age do all of this except multiplayer, and Persona 3&4 contain their unique and refreshing take on many of these systems, practically no other games come close to completing this wish list of role-playing features. White Knight Chronicles II does not successfully integrate all of them either, but as you explore the massive world the game offers, it becomes evident that (despite shortcomings) the creators acknowledged all of the desires of RPG gamers and tried to deliver.

    The graphics in WKCII are clean and at times gorgeous. Like the first game, GeoRama features allow you to build a custom town and recruit residents to improve its functionality, though the whole thing feels like a glorified online multiplayer lobby. Customization is extensive, from creating a player character and changing out equipment to creating your own combo attacks. Combat itself is improved over the first game, though it still needs work. Exploration is also well-rewarded, and the game world is fairly enormous. But my favorite tweek to the whole package is the day-night, weather, and seasonal changes. This is an immersive quality that is largely overlooked by developers (or simply left out for programming, budgeting, or deadline restraints), but seeing trees sway in the wind, hearing ambient noise, or having environmental shifts affect combat are really valuable for drawing a player into the game world. Also, since you often backtrack in RPGs, these environmental factors allow you to see familiar locales in unfamiliar states upon revisiting them, which adds to variety and replayability.

    Overall, WKCII is worth the purchase, and in case you haven't played the first game, it's included in the North American release, complete with tweeks from the sequel retrofitted into the original. You can even carry your stats and equipment from one game to the other, which the online players will most definitely appreciate. I'm not claiming that this is the answer to all of your RPG dreams, but it is another step in Level-5's quest to bring all of the best RPG features into a single game. That's not an easy pursuit, but it is a process that I want to be a part of... and a goal that makes me respect any developer who tries for it.
  2. Sep 13, 2011
    this game is really GOOD!! if you liked the first game you will like this game too, the graphics are better the updates in the gameplay Definitely make correct the mistakes made in the first game,the same good amount of time of gameplay and do everything in the game,now you raise you guild rank level much more quickly and dont saty behind of others playing,new weapons( now the weapons dont have penallity on VIT =) everything really good i just think that they could have change the chances to get some hard iten...they still whit itens that have 1 percent drop..that could be frustate sometines..and the history still practicly the same...anyway it dont stop the game to be one of the best choices of JRPG if you have the one you MUST have this one Expand
  3. Sep 15, 2011
    awesome jrpg i loved the first one n the second is even better online n offline if you love jrpgs def a must buy n must play and dnt get stupid this is a jrpg thru n thru it doesnt try to appeal to western audiences lke ff13 did if u love jrpg pick it up now
  4. Sep 13, 2011
    Firstly, I am very tired of games being scored down for being Japanese. Some of the negative comments about this title are really cynical and misplaced. This is a pure JRPG that has obviously taken a huge amount of work to create. The graphics are very nice, the customisation is interesting and varied and the game is huge. As an added bonus, and one that deserves massive praise, they have included the complete first game on the same disc, remastered and looking great. This represents great value for money as you get the whole story, well over 100 hours of play for the price of one game.

    If you like JRPGs, then really do pick this up. Reviews of Japanese games cannot be trusted anymore as too many sites rely on advertising revenue from American companies. I can only assume there are strings attached to this income as American games can be utterly dire yet still score well.
  5. Sep 20, 2011
    Yes, it IS true that WKC got a few clean-up passes and remastered and then lumped with the conclusion of the tale as WKCII. As an RPG trek, the game will likely last dozens of hours, some of it fantastical and fun, others a royal PITA for a variety of recurring reasons and oddities that have made it into the final-cut of the WHITE KNIGHT CHRONICLES compendium.
    Sometimes gorgeous,
    compelling, and stellar, WKCII is the COMPLETE version with all chapters of the story included, remastered with better FPS, smoother animation, additional items, armor, and weapons.
    However, for every nuance that LEVEL 5 got right; other, glaring issues mar what could have been a superb journey from start to finish. As it remains, WKCII represents an older game design that runs afoul of its own aspirations. From the camera getting stuck in the scenery at times, to members of your party blocking a doorway or hallway, WKCII forces the player into some frustrating and controller-hurling moments with banal gameplay devices such as switch-hunting, frequently respawing enemies and not permitting saves in-between a series of 4 boss fights at the conclusion of chapter 4. With fairly large maps replete with many reused elements, whether textures, identical hallways or mirror-images of previous terrain or hallways, WKCII creates a seemingly large world with not-much of a story to fill it.
    To be sure, JRPG mainstays are clearly present with stereotypical characterizations and sophomoric dialogue, often repeated ad nauseum by the party while meandering through the countryside. Story-laden angst is overwrought or over-written and delivered by a voice-cast of moderate skill for minimal effect. By turns hilarious or grating, WKCII dialogue in cutscenes is often little more than adolescent banter dressed-up as artifice or a bridge between areas. Aside from story elements, quests are presented and segregated as "errands" or "bounties" including guild quests. These activities provide fodder for grinding, loot, in-game money, etc. All in all, WKCII is sometimes tedious, frustrating; yet, still fun and interesting, although many, other, better RPGs do exist. For a game that can run into 100+ hours with 6 member online party-runs, mucho solo content, village-building and more, WKCII often tries to do too much. The story, while silly and delivered-as-gospel is slow to build; but, certainly, pacing is hard to maintain over a lengthy game. A flashy barn-burner told in 6 hours could not be stretched for the dozens of hours that WKCII entails.
  6. Sep 20, 2011
    This is a really good RPG. I was a fan of the first and this one has just gotten better. Must buy for any RPG fans. The amount of content in the game is very nice, and it does for sure have replay-ability. Combat is better then the first game with more options. This is a solid JRPG, and one of the few we have seen come to the states in the past few years.
  7. Dec 8, 2012
    I just don't get, this game isn't even popular and some people still feel the need to troll it, this game isn't perfect by any means, but a 0? that is just absured, i give this game a 8/10, i had to score 10 though to counters all those negative trolls.
  8. Dec 5, 2011
    let's be clear.. there is no White Knight Chronicles I & II, only White Knight Chronicles - a single game, and it can be played in its entirety here. while each individual game scores low on review aggregaters, when viewed as one whole game it's a solid JRPG, though it's not too innovative, other than the MMO-lite monster hunts. it'll take you at least 100+ hours to work through story and quests and is a must for any JRPG fan. i don't want to give it an 8 but 7 seems too low, so 7.8 seems fairer.. Expand
  9. Nov 19, 2011
    This a amazing sequel for one the best JRPG on the market. All thing has incredible details, and the story and the music are very beautiful. It is not soooo inovative, but definitaly does its job well
  10. Sep 15, 2011
    The campaign in this game can't hold a candle to final fantasy and some of the other classic JRPGs but it's serviceable even though I would like to see a few more areas than rehashing WK 1 areas. COOP guild quests are by far the reason to purchase this title I probably wouldn't even play the campaign if I didn't have too. Wish I could trade with other players or some sort of Auction House. Liking town hubs and the community this game has to offer can always find a room but lacking lower level and intimidiate level players. Best played with PSN friends rather than strangers. Mutliplayer makes this game unique a 7. Auction house and trading hint hint Level 5 Expand
  11. Oct 8, 2011
    The original White Knight Chronicles was an average-at-best affair, a game that gained notice pretty much solely on the reputation of it's developer. Now, I love Level 5, and while White Knight 1 wasn't a great game, it was still an enjoyable one. White Knight Chronicles 2 is a large improvement over the first game. The graphics look better, the combat speed has increased, there's a great deal of new abilities and customization options, and the entire first game is packaged with it, making it a great value. Overall, I would recommend this game to JRPG fans such as myself, who can put up with a few flaws (low difficulty, repetitive enemies, weak story) and enjoy a game for what it is. Expand
  12. Oct 12, 2011
    Very enjoyable game, a lot of things to do (especially if you start with wkc 1. I'm about 65 hours into the game now and I have the feeling I'm not even halfway yet.). Interesting story, though some cutscenes don't really add anything to the story (luckily you can skip those). Downside is that the A.I. is absolutely retarded. They know when to heal, but they have a habit for using the most powerful ones when not necessary (and by that draining your mp retardedly fast), offensive spells are used completely random. I've had a character whacking away at a monster using her weapon while she had to use magic and used magic when there wasn't any point to. Also despite the fact there are only 3 types of attack, and most monsters are vurnerable to 1 type, and my computergenerated friends can't figure out which one to use, not after the 1st monster, nor the 1000th one, which gets on my nerves from time to time. You do have to love the concept of RPGs and stories though, since the battle system aswell as the environments are very repetitive. If you don't care about the storyline, you won't get far. Expand
  13. Dec 3, 2011
    Not because it has so little note ... the truth is that this game has a soundtrack impressive. History a bit bland. But not to put a 70. This very well and is entertaining. Maps a bit labyrinthine, but very pretty. The 1 was tremendous. 2 is the cane.
  14. Nov 22, 2011
    This is an enjoyable JRPG that has quite a few flaws that are overcome by its over all production values, content, and story. Coming from Level-5 I expected more but that is only because their previous games have been so stellar. Still even a lesser Level-5 game is a good time. Plus you get the original game here as well as the sequel so its a great great value.
  15. Dec 21, 2011
    White Knight Chronicles (and WKC II) as a story falls rather flat on it's face. WKC's story is so bad takes a three point hit its score because of it. It's a very cliche "Save the princess!" love story with the youthful hero chasing after the princess and time after time the bad guy pulls her away at the last moment. Not a big fan of that. However; in terms of game play I actually enjoyed this game a lot. The AI used for the companions is smart about attacking and using magic. The enemies are reused quite often but are difficult enough while not being too hard. You get to design your Avatar player's appearance right from the get-go. There is a well thought out system for crafting new armor and weapons called Binding and even a mini-game where you design a town (called your Georama). Expand
  16. Jun 22, 2012
    I do love a heroic catastrophe, and in White Knight Chronicles II we have just that. A flimsy, playing to the market, narrative with some frankly stupid and bold game design choices to hold the whole thing together. The game is designed around letting you enjoy it, without necessarily trying to impress you. The first game, bundled in with the sequel at no added cost, boasted at least forty hours of things to do. The second, at least twice that. Playing through both you'll catch what I mean by designed to let you enjoy it. In the first game the so called mystical and rare knights of power are limited to four, and you only get to control two of them. Then in the sequel, everyone and your original (customisable) character can have one but for the cost of a side quest and a peculiar NPC. Take it or leave it, the single player will not be the making of this franchise. The online, however, will. Much like an MMO, the online lets you take your original character out of the world and out to vistas unknown. You can socialise, build and construct your own town, and embark on quests with up to six other players in later missions. (Possibly more, I haven't sank in that much time yet.) It's a spirited and thorough take on an RPG's online component, and one that is the shining star amongst the murk. So if you can tolerate the longest tutorial in gaming history and some rather obvious market decisions, this could be the find of the year for you. Expand
  17. Apr 13, 2012
    Great! if you haven't play wkc1 before~
    Good! if you play wkc1 with this remaster version... that realise they are using the same map for wkc2
    this isn't wkc2, its just a wkc1.5
    AWESOME! if you can play online without d/c issue T.T
    and thanks to the online pass bind to the PSN account, i need to create another PSN account....
  18. Sep 21, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. while this game gets an improvement on the battles, everything else is just the same and worse;
    Yes, WKC is fun, beautiful and extensive Voice overs sure catches an eye, plus the story is competent, in WKC2, there are NO new characters, the plot is THE SAME, no change in graphics, Online content is limited to Per-account online pass, which ruined my experience since i gave my pass code to my wife who also plays.

    Your Avatar still is silent and oblivious of the world, the game forces you to clear already visited dungeons at least 3 times each, and the new option of Creating your own Knight, it's just an extra option, that has ZERO story value, ZERO plot impact and ZERO interactivity with other party members.

    The las battle is ridiculously hard if you didin't played online and the ending gets hacked off to force you go online to finally end the game properly.

    WKC2 feels far more like a overpriced DLC than a new brand game that adds new content.
    Also, the last 2 dungeons and it's hours and hours of gameplay are boring as hell
  19. Feb 21, 2013
    Most modern gamers don't like any game with a turn-based element. Maybe it's the thought of thinking that scares them. White Knight Chronicles is one of the 5 best computer RPG's of all time and WKC2 is just as good. Typical rpg elements present in sequels are missing (most characters return from the original), but it does feel bigger and better. The gameplay is brilliant and designed to make the player who just wants to kill or destroy everything quit and play something much that requires much less thought. Expand
  20. Oct 19, 2013
    The game was good but the story is lacking not enough dept the characters are mid core the game play is good most of the score is from game play!!!!!

Mixed or average reviews - based on 45 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 10 out of 45
  2. Negative: 7 out of 45
  1. Jul 23, 2012
    If you didn't play the first and you don't mind grinding, you can have fun with White Knight Chronicles 2, but I'd strongly advise that you play its predecessor if you're interested in knowing what's going on.
  2. Apr 9, 2012
    Hardcore WKC fans may be willing to pour hundreds of additional hours into this sequel, nay - expansion - but most will likely be turned off by the confusing story, niggling flaws and generally repetitive nature of the combat and questing.
  3. The single-player story is cheesy fantasy schlock, and while the online mode has an array of decently designed multiplayer quests, it could stand some more structured goals and a stronger emphasis on cooperation. [Dec 2011, p.81]