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  1. Nov 12, 2013
    You'd have to really love wrestling to enjoy this game.

    It's selling point it basically The Streak mode and 30 Years of wrestlemania mode. Other than that you've played this game before. The gameplay is still as average as ever and the online world is still full of people with no interest in playing a fun game, but just winning by the most boring move spamming ways possible. Why you
    want to be ranked highly in a game that sports about 30 people online at once at it's peak is beyond me.

    Wrestling fans will continue to have to wait for a decent competitive game, this is not it.

    7 out of 10 for me, but I'd imagine if you're a lot younger and have no nostalgia from the early wrestle manias, you're probably not going to enjoy this all that much.

    WWE 13's Attidtude Era stuff was a lot more fun, WWE 12's gameplay was a lot better (i think that was the one where you could easily counter running moves)

    One good thing is the servers seem to be a lot better. They're still complete and utter rubbish compared to most games, but I managed to download about 40 wrestlers in an hour, last year that would have taken me months of pain and fury.
  2. Oct 29, 2013
    What everyone must remember is that this game has been partly developed by the now defunct THQ meaning that the core game is still very similar to its previous iteration WWE 13. This means that anyone looking for a major overhaul of the games mechanics is going to be disappointed. However what is here is sure to please all wrestling fans and if you enjoy WWE 13 a lot then this game will be a no brainer for you. For everyone else it may be better waiting for WWE 2K15 as this will be the game that shows us where 2K games is going to take the series from here on out. Expand
  3. Nov 1, 2013
    I'm a massive wrestling fan and I have been ever since I can remember so from a wrestling fans point of view, this game is everything you could possibly want! The roster is massive and it has something for everyone, from the likes of Hogan and Andre to Austin and The Rock, right up to guys like CM Punk and Daniel Bryan.The game itself is very similar to WWE'13, the people about this game clearly can't comprehend the fact that this is still a THQ game with the 2K logo plastered all over it, you cannot expect to see 2Ks input until next years title at the very least. However, the game modes such as WWE Universe and 30 Years of WrestleMania make this game very entertaining, with a lot of archive footage being used to tell the stories of each match. As for the creative side of things, I'd say this years game is the best ever, there have been numerous improvements to the CAW mode, players allowed to now use in-game wrestlers like Jericho and Punk as a template, Create-A-Finisher and Create-an-Arena are still as strong as they were in the previous titles so there's a lot to offer for those people that are into the creative side of things.

    Overall I'd say this game is great! I'd recommend it to anyone who is a hardcore wrestling fan or even someone who is just a casual fan, it's very entertaining and worth the £35 price tag.
  4. Oct 29, 2013
    You guys who reviewed this game are not fans of wrestling. You hate it so you wanna bury this game. Shame on you. Not everybody is as cool as the call it dooty obsessers. This game plays exactly like last years and the new 30 Year...mode is great for the nostalgic fan. This game is a great wrestling game and if you disagree your doing it just to be hateful. Ign gave it a 9. They may know more than you guys. I meant the ones who trashed reviewed it not everyone. Expand
  5. Oct 30, 2013
    This game is rather similar to WWE 13 in game mechanics. You get the best roster, to date, tweaks to every mode from last year and the awesome, new 30 years of Wrestlemania mode that is a beefed up version of Attitude Era from 13.

    The "good": Legend roster that is incredible (Some glaring omissions like Piper, aside). More moves. 30 years mode is a blast. NWO!!! Better Universe
    mode (rivalries easier to set up). Tweaked gameplay to make striking and reversals better. Hard mode is MUCH harder than WWE 13 hard mode. Tons of unlockables. Same online components. Fink!!

    The "bad": same stupid issues not fixed like: Game may have moveset for a legend CAW but leave out entrance animations and vice versa (STUPID!)! Piper is in videos and is a special ref but not a character even though you can half-ass create him (although they don't add his name for announcers). There really are no new features or modes worth mentioning outside of 30 Years of WM. The AI still stinks, at times, as they still shuffle around awkwardly. Audio commentary continues to be awful with JR, Lawler and Cole repetitive, wrong and awful at times. Can't edit existing roster outfits (or I haven't figured it out) so Daniel Bryan can have his Yes! Entrance but wears the No jacket. Also, no create a PPV mode.

    Overall, it is worth a look if you are an old school fan. Roster is great, AI tweaks make matches more enjoyable so far. But, lots of core problems still need addressed.
  6. Nov 20, 2013
    I was feeling a bit skeptical about WWE 2K14 because since their former company (THQ) closed last February, I thought this would be a perfect time to relieve Wrestlemania all over again, right? Well, no. WWE will continue its worst kind of ways in the world of crappy family entertainment. See, WWE 2K14 feels a bit too shallow and not so stellar since the Smackdown vs. RAW series that dominated video games over the past decade. The "30 Years of WrestleMania" mode is okay, but I wanted to see more. Seriously, nobody can't beat The Undertaker's streak because the "Streak" mode is too hard to tell when or where The Undertaker will be defeated. And why would the Ultimate Warrior be in a DLC? He's way much older than Hulk Hogan and it's way past his time. Anyway, it's a little good but a lot of clunky controls really cost them. So there's nothing new in WWE 2K14. It's just one of the big disappointments of 2013 for me. Expand
  7. Nov 4, 2013
    WWE 2k14 has a lot of content, huge roster, tons of unlockables, and DLC. This a wrestling fans wet dream, until that fan actually plays it. The AI consistently reverses every attack, performs miraculous comebacks (even in critical health), 3o years of wrestlemania is plagued with QTE's which sacrifices fun for authenticity and several of the matches require you to perform mystery tasks to get the unlockables. The controls are simple and intuitive so anyone can be playing like a pro in ten minutes, the graphics are improved everywhere except the created characters, they still don't look anywhere near as good as the game characters. The announcers seem to be a few seconds behind of the action and at times a few seconds ahead. They also repeat the same phrases constantly, in all fairness I'm sure that getting commentary to synch up with action is a daunting task. I read one of the professional reviews and it said "tone down the AI with the sliders in settings and play the game on easy" I agree with that sentiment, otherwise this is a huge aggravation. The streak mode is pure punishment as the game ramps up the difficulty to extreme levels (regardless of your settings). In short, this game is awesome if you liked WWE 2013, or if your a pro-wrestling fan. If your not a fan then this game is not for you.
    The Creation modes are freaking huge, you can create just about everything even how many monitors you have during your entrance and what is shown on each monitor.
    The online is fast and fluent, I haven't had any problems yet. I waited for months to buy this game and even though I mostly do online and play with the creation modes (which are both good) I still feel the game could've been better, maybe some of the issues will be addressed with a future patch.
  8. Dec 1, 2013
    The game is good, addicting and generally a lot of fun to play. A lot of improvements has been made since the last game even though this game has a few glitches it is still a good game with the wrestlemania mode which was good and Universe mode which I spend most my time doing after I completed 30 years of wrestlemania the roster is good however they're missing some crucial wrestlers that should of been added in but it is still a great game. Expand
  9. Nov 2, 2013
    More of the same but that's no bad thing, The most fun I have had so far is inviting a friend over to play in a tornado tag (my friend has never played a WWE wrestling game before) and the results were highly entertaining along with some harsh language.
    The ideal after pub game
  10. Nov 5, 2013
    I think that this game is fantastic and has pretty good game play. The graphics are like last year's game but, made it more different to play. They have changed the reversal system a lot and it won't take forever to attack. The AI has improved very well. The AI stands out mostly in the Defeat the Streak and Defend the Streak. It is more difficult and gives players more of a challenge to play. The story mode is still short but, the Streak mode is making it longer. This game is amazing and now I can't wait until next year's game. I think that they should spend a few years on the game instead of one because the game would be the best. This game was really good and I enjoyed it a lot. Even when you beat the story mode like me, there are other modes to play. Expand
  11. Nov 19, 2013
    Graphic: A graphical improvement from WWE13 some wrestlers look more realistic while others look like clay figures. Still an advancement in the engine, and everything else looks believable. 9.

    Sound: Similar to WWE13's attitude era, the 30 years of Wrestlemania mode has voices clips used from the show. They sync in just fine and it makes the game feel more like a WWE game. The
    soundtrack is once again entrance music, and some of the music cuts, but finally this game allows for custom soundtracks on the PS3. 8.5.

    Gameplay: The gameplay mechanics from WWE13 return and are definitely improved. The pinning is improved and simpler. The in game WWE history events are much more interesting, and the wrestling moves are as realistic as the show. The reversing still annoys me because sometimes the timing says I'm off but I know I hit it on time, online it doesn't help when there's lag. The game still needs dedicated servers, but other than that this truly is a superb wrestling game. 9.

    Story: 30 years of Wrestlemania, and new modes such as defeat/defend the streak. This game is an improvement from last years Attitude Era. Although more Wrestling footage would have been appreciated especially at the last few matches. Every match in my opinion should show a hype up trailer of real footage, such as the rivalry between the wrestlers. 8.

    Replay Value: While the Wrestlmania mode is short, the game has a lot of replay value for a local party game. Also, multiplayer never gets old, I would recommend this game to any wrestling fan. Definitely one of the best rosters in any wrestling game to date. 10.

    Overall Score: 8.9 out of 10.
  12. Nov 24, 2013
    Not the best wrestling game I've played, but, the improved mechanics and the 30 years of wrestlemania mode makes up for the negatives. Don't buy unless you're a diehard wrestling fan. Graphics could have been better, lets see what 2k has in store for us next year.
  13. Dec 22, 2013
    People were promised a patch for WWE 13 and they got it in the form of WWE2k14. They fixed some of the problems but created a couple of more bugs like in create an arena when you make your own arena on ppv the action that spills out side the ring went blurry. Universe is basically untouched except for rivalries which make no sense since at times heel will vs heel and tag partner will face their own tag partner in a 9 week rivalry. SO you will definitely have to do your own booking. I really wish we had the power to select our own cut scenes maybe next year then again I am getting tired of maybe next year. In other sports titles you have the power of control the same thing should happen here too especially in universe. People are expecting a patch for this game. Please do not hold your breath it is not going to happen while the 30 years of mania are nice this is another example of a $30 game being charged as a $60. If companies keep this type of thing up we will have another game crash and it will be games like this that will cause it. If you are a wrestling fan you will enjoy this like I have but it really just is not worth the price of admission for ring side where you would get more bang for your buck in the cheap seats Expand
  14. Feb 24, 2014
    Same **** different game. 've long been a fan of the WWE games, I've owned every single WWE game dating back to 1997 but in recent years product has declined and I have ultimately stopped buying these games. Hoping to regain the love I once had for WWE and these games I rented this title and was again disappointed by a beautifully animated but clunky and downright unenjoyable game with the same gameplay but in a different game. Expand
  15. Jan 17, 2014
    As a long-time player of wrestling games, WWE 2k14 offers very little in the way of something new due to time constraints and thus it's a real shame to buy this game at full-price just for a modified roster and a few bells and whistles. By no means is this a bad game but it is in essence WWE '13 which, if you played to death already, you will tire of. However, The Streak and Wrestlemania-based career mode does provide a great look at the legends and stories of old even if it does stay in the same sort of vein as the previous entry in terms of presentation. Expand
  16. Jan 18, 2014
    This game is overall is very good. Being a young WWE fan (I've only been a fan since 2010), the "30 Years of WrestleMania" mode is a very great historical part of the game, if you're a new fan, or just need a refresher, like I said, it's a very great historical part of the game. Now aside from that, the creative suite I think is fantastic! The only thing I wish the game had is the custom entrance videos from '12 and '13. But other than that, the creative suite is my favorite part. The graphics are terrific, the commentary could use some more work, the gameplay itself is smoother than past games, and the overall game experience is just great fun! 2K Games did a very good job and I can't wait to see what's going to come in WWE 2K15! Expand

Mixed or average reviews - based on 22 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 15 out of 22
  2. Negative: 1 out of 22
  1. Apr 13, 2014
    Content-wise, the works of Yuke's are always great and this year the Japanese developers have outdone themselves. This games features some of the most spectacular events in WWE history.
  2. Dec 13, 2013
    A poorly animated, unbalanced game that I didn’t enjoy at all. Although it does offer a lot of different punches, kicks and throws, its gameplay resembles a long, boring QTE. [13/2013, p.74]
  3. Dec 12, 2013
    WWE '13 was a very successful game and had something new to offer, WWE 2K14 does not.