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Generally unfavorable reviews- based on 34 Ratings

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  2. Negative: 16 out of 34

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  1. Sep 29, 2011
    I cannot believe for the life of me there are actual users giving this crapfest 9's & 10's LOL My god the gaming industry is in trouble with robots like this. You have to be a serious Marvel, X-men, or Silicon Knights fanboy to believe this game to be any good. The story sucks, The gameplay sucks, The dialogue sucks, The characters suck. The Jock doesn't hesistate to tell you how he's a jock in every sentence. Despite it already being clear by him randomly wearing a jock shirt and tossing a football at a rally. Don't even get me started on the bipolar Adrian "I'm not a mutant! oh wait yeah i am! no i'm not again! im betraying my father!" What little RPG elements it has sucks. Basicaly this game was a good idea. Wrong developer to execute it. The game shouldve been canceled. I'm amazed that they actualy published this as a full retail game. Steer clear from this atrocity. Its worse than Prototype FAR WORSE. As for the gamers giving it 9's.....raise your standards.....much much higher. Expand
  2. Sep 30, 2011
    This game is such an egregious insult to the X-Men franchise. Please avoid at all costs. The 3 stock characters are awful stereotypes who add nothing to the storyline as you play through. The convoluted plot, mashing together comic ideas with well-established characters is ludicrous with an even more unbelievable resolution. The AI is flat-out retarded, running through fire to get to you. The camera is garbage, especially when you disappear and flicker during attacks. The whole entire game is literally a series of "beat X number of enemies in this alotted time". The only platforming is laughable and god forbid you hold any direction when jumping up a wall or you will fall off of it. The checkpoints are illogical and every single boss battle, with multiple parts, has to be restarted should you die. The difference in difficulty between Easy and Normal is the difference between an enemy taking 100 hits to 1 hit and you losing 1/4 of your life or 1/32 for every hit. The collectibles and challenges are hidden around so ridiculously, you won't want to go back to find them. The x-genes you pick up during the game are random, so you have no way of knowing where one you missed might be so you can go back and get it. The "replayability" is a joke, allowing you to replay 1 of 7 missions or 1 of 15 challenges for the simple purpose of trophies. The "kill X number of this enemy type" trophies require at least 4 playthroughs and are a joke. If you must play an X-men game, just play X-Men Legends 2 again. Avoid at all costs. Expand
  3. Jun 3, 2012
    X-Men: Destiny is the latest X-Men game by Silicon Knights, the creators of Too Human. Destiny takes place in San Francisco after the death of Professor Xavier. The game opens at peace rally for Human/Mutant relations which is attacked by what appears to be the Brotherhood of Mutants.

    Story: 4/10
    Destiny's storyline is written by Mike Carrey the acclaimed Marvel writer of X-Men: Legacy.
    However it follows suite of countless X-Men storylines of mutant hating organisations trying to capture mutants. Not only is the story dismal but it takes a mere 5-6 hours to complete even when taking your time.
    Destiny includes a good amount of classic X-Men characters such as Wolverine, Cyclops and Emma Frost but none of them get enough screentime to carry the story. The game brings 3 new playable characters to the X-Men universe who are very unimaginative and forgettable.

    Gameplay: 5/10
    Destiny's gameplay is very similar to the classic PS2 & Xbox title X-Men: Legends. X-Men destiny is a button masher with RPG elements offering a choice of 3 unique abilties such as Density Control and Energy Projection. These abilties can be upgraded several times during the game giving the player unique attacks to deal with enemies. The gameplay for this game isnt one of its strong suits as the game quickly becomes repetitive.

    Graphics: 5/10
    This game continues with the cliche of superhero games which try to transfer the feel of comics to video games and failing miserably. It introduces the characters with comic titles while they could have simply introduced the character through dialog like other games. Aside from comic book design the graphics are descent but could be much better if it was developed by a larger developer.

    Extras & Multiplayer: 3/10
    Destiny only has 6-8 hour campaign avaliable making it an obvious game made for rental. As I mentioned earlier the campaign is very linear and boring so you couldnt possibly play this game more than twice.

    Enjoyment: 4/10
    Aside from the obvious problems this game is still worth renting for anybody who is a fan of X-Men or early 2000s beat em ups. Is it so difficult to make a good superhero game, how many good ones can you name, Spider-Man 2, Arkham Asylum anymore?

    Overall Rating: 4 Xs Out Of 10
  4. Apr 18, 2012
    This game could have been so awesome. The concept is fantastic: An action RPG where you take control of a new mutant, choose his powers and make your own story as you explore a San Fransisco caught up in a mutant-on-mutant war. But somehow everything went completely wrong. Its almost like the developers came up with all these awesome ideas one day, and then came in to work the next day and they were all too bored to actually do something with them. As a result, I'm not exaggerating when i say that this game looks and plays like a PS2 game, and whatever good story ideas show up in the beginning are completely lost in the end when the plot becomes so unnecessarily convoluted that you will probably just give up on it and mindlessly go from one boring fight to the next with no interest in what is happening. This game has no redeeming factors whatsoever aside from its short length of 3-4 hours, it doesn't play well, it doesn't look good, it doesn't sound good, it's not even worth a rental. But perhaps the worst thing about this game is that while you're playing it you can easily tell that with the right developer and the same concept this game could have been so much more... Expand
  5. Oct 3, 2011
    Disgusted. Utterly Disgusted. I am a true X-Men fan, have been all my life. I know that there have been some bad games for the franchise; but this one is by far the worst. Which is surprising, because the X-Men lend themselves so wonderfully to a video game; solid heroes and villains, great powers and perfect blend of new characters with old favorites. And X-Men: Destiny has one of the best premises I have ever heard of. You are a young teenager, who discovers you have mutant powers and now have to fight a humanity that you are also trying to protect! That has been one of my secrete dreams since I was 5 and ran around the yard like I was Wolverine! (Okay, I actually was pretending I was Iceman, because, let's face it, he's so much cooler.) Anyway, this game lets us down at every point. The graphics are pathetic most of the time. The sound is painful, half the time you can't understand what a character is saying, because a sound effect is accompanying a graphic on the screen. (I had to turn on subtitles just to know what was going on.) The controls were clunky, with almost exclusive button mashing. The leveling up was confusing with no tips on how to control your powers. The only reason i am giving this game any points at all is because it's original premise is great, and the new Shadow Matter power is cool (in concept, not execution.) and my true love for the X-Men. I am honestly just disappointed. Expand
  6. Oct 13, 2011
    Crappy textures + crappy framerate...obviously something went wrong during the development process of this game. 3 points for having the hot asian chick from Donkey Punch though.
  7. Feb 29, 2012
    I was really looking forward to this i love X men and although the Idea of the Game was good I got through the game in about 2 Hours and could not be bothered to play it again! So sad as they could have made a gr8 game :(
  8. Aug 2, 2012
    This by far is the stupidest game i have ever played they make certain battles so hard that you cant beat them i have fought this one battle at least 100 times and still cant beat it so i threw the controller and three the stupid game away. If you beat the first two parts of this battle and lose the third part you have to start all over again. STUPID. This gets a zero from me!!!! I have never been so frustrated from a game before!!!! Expand
  9. Sep 12, 2014
    Such a boring game, I bought this game because I'm a huge X men fan and have been all my life and I wanted to see what it was like. I thought I'd like the game even if it was mediocre because I'm a sucker for beat em ups and there seems to be a lot of character fan service thrown in. However there are far to many things that you back from having any interest in the characters or even the story. First is the frame rate, its terrible, it begins to lag when you start fighting four enemies on the screen and it becomes almost unplayable when a crowd of enemies attack you and keep in mind these crowds show up a lot. The enemy types are a joke as well, seriously you spend the whole game fighting mutant purifiers, some have guns, some have shields, blah blah blah. The enemy variety is so uninspired and you'll be beating down on them mindlessly the entire game with the exception of some boss fights which are ridiculously formulaic and on top of that there's only like three! All of your favourite characters X men or Brotherhood are limited to boring cameos with the exception of a few characters, I never thought that I would say that the X men and Brotherhood are boring but thats the sort of effect that this game has on me. The choice system although one of the games key selling points is awful, the choices you make have no real impact on the story, only the final choices at the end matter as they allow you to pick which unsatisfying ending you want. There is a nice upgrade system however but it doesn't matter anyway when the game is so boring. Stay away from this mess. Expand

Mixed or average reviews - based on 33 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 0 out of 33
  2. Negative: 14 out of 33
  1. After surprisingly decent superhero games like X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, it's a major disappointment that Silicon Knights can't do better than this rubbish. We're amazed that Marvel and Activision let this one through. [Nov 2011, p.37]
  2. Silicon Knights just forgot to give us anything fun to do with our powers, making it hard to recommend Destiny to even diehard fans. [Holiday 2011, p.84]
  3. Nov 22, 2011
    The new adventure of the X-Men is poor and simple. Although the story looked interesting, the result is an average action game, without anything remarkable, that only hardcore X-Men fans will enjoy.